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What Your Astrologer Never Mentioned Kindle Edition by Maxine Taylor



A fun-filled guide to your astrological sun sign and your characteristics. This book answers many common questions related to astrology that help clarify your traits and what’s “in the stars” for you!

After picking up this book, you probably turned immediately to your own sign and read it before Doing. However, if you have decided to read this part of the book, you are probably interested in knowing more about astrology.

An accurate horoscope, one cast for the exact minute, month, day, year and place of birth, gives a complete picture of your potential your strengths and weaknesses, your parental programming, and your talents and abilities. It is a cosmic picture of your game plan for this lifetime.

It is very rare for two people to be born at the same time in the exact location. That is why no two people born under the same sign are alike. They will have similar characteristics, though, so by knowing their Sun sign, you will gain great insight into their basic nature.

An accurate horoscope includes all 12 signs and all 10 planets, not just the Sun. If you would like to getan idea of which signs are prominent in your own chart, as you go through this book, make a note of the enlightening.

If you happen to know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure and read that sign as well because, often, the rising sign is stronger than the Sun sign!


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