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The Keepers : An Alien Message for the Human Race (Paperback) by Jim Sparks



New expanded second edition of Jim Sparks’s account of 19 years of encounters with intelligent alien beings. In this new edition Sparks provides details of interactions since the first edition was published, as well as updates on the creation of a PAC intended to protect the rain forests and pass an ET-requested amnesty bill for those who can reveal hidden information about the ET presence, history and suppressed technology. The PAC also organizes contactees and abductees into a potent political force.
The Keepers provides one of the richest and most detailed documentations of all abduction history. His recall is altogether conscious, without the benefit of hypnosis, relaxation exercises, or any other use of non-ordinary states of consciousness for the exploration of buried memories. Nor are his memories contaminated by the popular literature, which he has steadfastly avoided reading. He has the passion, curiosity and self-doubt of an authentic, truthful voice. He has been told by the Visitors that they are concentrating their contact now upon ordinary people like Jim, because agreements with Earth’s leaders regarding the timely release of information about their presence here have been violated. His first-hand reports of sperm extraction, breeding programs, shape-shifting and thought-activated transport are astonishing, as is his personal journey from anger at the invasion to gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of saving the Earth from self-destruction. This book is a keeper.


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