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The cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is one of the jewels of Paris and one of Europe’s masterpieces of Gothic architecture. This lavishly illustrated book on the cathedral aims to evoke the awe-inspiring monument that attracts countless visitors around the world.
If you’re going to Paris, chances are you’ll drop by Notre-Dame. And if you’re going to Notre-Dame, your experience can be significantly enriched by spending a while with Alain Erlande-Brandenburg’s Notre-Dame de Paris and Caroline Rose’s photography. Get comfortable, pour yourself a glass of wine, and settle into the history, design, and interior of one of man’s greatest monuments to God. From the 4th-century cathedral to the exquisite iconography of the western facade’s portrayal of the Last Judgment, it’s a structure deeply deserving of the loving treatment Erlande- Brandenburg and Rose bestow. And when you’re there in the flesh, you’ll appreciate the flying buttresses and stained-glass windows better for every picture detail and insightful note you studied before you left. –Stephanie Gold


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