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Innocence Turned Deadly Paperback – December 24, 2011 by Robert Duncan O’Finioan



He is ridding the world of corruption and drugs, one operation at a time, but who does he really work for? And will the answer endanger his teammates , who include both his best friend and the woman he loves? A young man is quietly invited to join the Unicorns, a shadowy paramilitary group claiming to work for the Department of Justice. Between the nighttime raids, takedowns, and targeted assassinations he performs, Duncan soon realizes the corruption lies not only on the street, but beneath the veil of the law and justice itself. In this semi-autobiographical journey, he exposes the secret dealings that permeated every level of the government in Kentucky at the time. Torn between the damning information he learns from the lips of his love and the shady objectives of the invisible group he works for, he struggles to come to terms with the role they have given him — a role that is difficult, dangerous, and deadly. Much like Sally Denton’s The Bluegrass Conspiracy, this book explores the real-life corruption in Kentucky from a behind the scenes perspective at a time when many knew what was going on, but were afraid to talk.


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