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ESP Induction Through Forms of Self-Hypnosis By Richard Alan Miller



This is a “how to” book intended to increase a person’s intuition and extra sensory perception (ESP) or sixth sense. The protocols identified here have been tested and found reliable in increasing a person’s intuition or guessing ability by up to 400% above an individuals beginning levels. The book introduces basic information on self-hypnosis as a tool for enhancing our latent human potentials or, as they are referred to in some military literature these days our anomalous human potentials previously called ESP.

The book contains basic testing methods both before and after following the techniques described in these pages so a measure of progress can be determined. The approach is simple and effective as a beginning point for those individuals with a true desire to recognize and develop their higher states of awareness.

The system uses one’s own voice, ideas and thoughts in developing potential and places the seeker in control of their own path to awaking to our higher potentials.

Enhance individual intuition by up to 400%.

Create an environment that changes the way we see the world by enhancing our ESP potentials.

Step into your own possibilities by following a simple set of exercises.

Stimulate the latent anomalous potentials we all have.


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