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Coup D’etat in Slow Motion – Vol. 2



For almost 30 years, Ole Dammegård has spent a lot of his awake time searching for the truth behind some of the worst conspiracies in the history of world – such as the murders of president John F. Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King Jr, and John Lennon. His investigations have led him into a world of violent death arms smuggling, terrorist attacks, networks of pedophiles & Free Masonic rituals. In Volume II Ole continues his deep investigation of the killing of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and discloses how the so-called Police Connection, the South African Connection and the Bofors Connections not only do not exclude one another, but are in fact interconnected. He even presents the murderer’s own hand-written account of the assassination as well as evidence so manipulated that it can make anyone catch his breath. The final chapter exposes the scandal connected to the blowing up of the ferry M/S Estonia as well as unbelievable but proven links all the way back to Dallas 1963 all the way up to September 11 and the false War on Terror. Let this book’s incredible content speak for itself, but do not accept it uncritically. Read it – make up your own mind – then spread it.


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