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Bearth: The Gathering L’Olam

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The Grand Division is nearly complete, and both forms of Earth are gathering the people together. The Nephilim have corrupted the race of man many times throughout history. Their treacherous genetic manipulation, wars, and economic corruption pale in comparison to their creation of religion. Now, at the end of the age, planet Earth is coming apart in the final volume of the Bearth Trilogy.

The final battle between the seed of Lucifer and the seed of Adam reaches its conclusion. The Nephilim taught the bankers, the generals, and politicians how to capture the entire race of man. The corruption is now so powerful that it no longer hides in the shadows. There is no withstanding the economic and technological war against the children of men. Or is there?

President Riker’s unlikely team of misfits has been hammered by adversity and forged in the furnace of evil. The Earth is rapidly coming apart. Humans are changing, but can they stop the Nephilim’s army from sending the higher Earth barren, and back through the Milky Way?

The scope and reality of this final volume in the Bearth Trilogy is happening around you right now in the daily news. The wars, the religious genocide, the economic and political corruption are all real. The story is true. The cataclysms are possible. The places are real. None of the names have been changed, because they are all guilty. Only the characters of the story are created to carry you through the events at the ground level. When you finish this final volume of the trilogy, you will never look at life or death the same again. Are you ready for the change?


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