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Alienated Nation: The New Quest for Liberty

$14.95 (as of February 8, 2018, 8:52 pm)



80 years ago, America the beautiful was led down a dark alley by an Agency-Government that has consumed everything, and produces nothing. Finally, she has decided this abuse must come to an end. We already fought our bloodiest war over this once. We know what to do this time. 40 States have already passed some form of Sovereignty Act, more than enough to ratify any repeal or pass new amendments. It is time we gave the President’s Ministers their pink slips and set the People free. We are one nation under surveillance, and we are ready to recover our liberty right now. You’ll learn what is being done about it and where you can help. There is some major house cleaning to do. Grab a broom. This might take some work. It cannot happen without you. We can step back from the precipice, or we can run over the edge. You have already made part of the choice by reading this introduction. Read the book and grow, friend. We need you.


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