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2012 Wisdom of The Elohim: The Complete Virtual Serenity 12-Part Teaching Series Transcript By Rebecca Jernigan



“Chance favors the prepared mind.”-Louis Pasteur A few possess the courage to harvest what they can, and this series of teachings was created especially for them. To help enable them to harvest that which they already know and can feel within the grasp of their own spiritual senses. To you beloved seekers of light, herein is knowledge to help you to understand the purpose of your own psychic gifts. Use it for the greater good, and your sixth sense will guide you to harvests where all may share in the bounty, in a spirit of love and charity. If you have not yet awakened your own natural gifts, the knowledge presented here will help you understand those who have. Work with them for the common good, and shower them with love and compassion.  In return, you too will awaken your own gifts. Regardless of your natural abilities, be prepared to challenge your beliefs of the world today, for the world of tomorrow shall be unimaginable.  A passing world so horrifying that the gift of seeing beyond the horizon must, as it always has for the ancients, become humanity�s saving grace once again. There is much to survive for, as this dark future is only a brief, transitional phase within a further-reaching transformation of humanity.  Beyond it will come a day when all shall enjoy the magnificent harvests of a new and more enlightened future. Table of Contents Part 1 � Our Prophetic Dreams Part 2 � We are The Elohim Part 3 � Survival Awareness Part 4 � Preparedness and Intuition Part 5 � Knowledge and Meaning Part 6 � Responsibility and Courage Part 7 � Integrity and Self-Love Part 8 � Fear and Love Part 9 � Detachment and Loss Part 10 � Duality and The Sexes Part 11 � The Gift of Choice Part 12 � 2012 and Beyond Appendices All 12 programs in this teaching series can be freely downloaded via the Internet, in both audio and video formats from virtualserenity.com.


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