Kerry is David’s guest as they ponder whether the elusive Juan O Savin is indeed JFK Jr.





Kerry – I listened to your interview with Nino and would love for you to share this info with him. Juan O Savin is my favorite person right next to President Trump and Melania. I knew he was someone special the first time I listened to him over a year ago. There is no doubt in my mind that he is JFK Jr in disguise. I ordered two of Juan’s book “Kid By the Side of the Road” last month and they arrived last week. I didn’t have time to open and start reading until tonight. I noticed it was the Election Edition 2020 though I thought I ordered the newer edition. Doesn’t matter. What I noticed on the BACK cover is very interesting.

My mom grew up in Boston so I know the area well. There is a “stamp” on the back cover that says “11/4 2020 Savin Hill, Boston MA”.

Savin Hill is a small neighborhood within the waterfront town of Dorchester which is just outside of Boston. It is also the location of the JFK Library. THAT is why Juan picked that name. ?

JFK Library:



sent in by a viewer:
JFK is in the name Juan O Savin and I will tell you how. Is this a coincidence, or what? You decide… Also…, Juan ONE Savin SEVEN, 17 + “Q”?
Here we go, the number of the letter in the alphabet:
J = 10
U = 21
A = 1
N = 14
O =15
S = 19
A = 1
V = 22
I = 9
N = 14
10 + 21 + 1 + 14 = 46 = 10
15 = 6
19 + 1 + 22 + 9 + 14 = 65 = 11
10 is the letter “J”
6 is the letter “F”
11 is the letter “K”
What do you think, coincidence?  — from a viewer

The Called – Makings for a Perfect Day – with Juan O Savin (a 74 minute film)





see youtube.


FROM A VIEWER:…”I ordered “Kid by the Side of the Road” when it first came out, only for download. You had to go on Jennifer Mack’s website to download it, then print it off. In one of the correspondences from her, talking about Juan’s book, she wrote, “Juan O Savin (JFK Jr).”– A VIEWER



Just listening to your talk with Rodriguez on JFK Jr !!  I want to add a couple more things that John Jr referred too!! He said that his friend Donald had a child with Diana!! In fact theres two children Baron and Sarah!! They are both now with Diana in England in a secure location!! He also said that there would be a Celebration Day in our country and England when everyone who has been hidden would come out to celebrate!! He named some people!! Michael Jackson Princess Diana  Elvis Presley  John Denver Marilyn Monroe and his mother!! And Rush Limbaugh who really is the lead singer of the famous Doors in disguise!!  By the way he also added that his father was alive up to the beginning of this year as well as Robert!! His father was given a medal of some kind from President Trump and he showed a picture of this !! Robert just passed away recently!! He made reference to it!! Something else I wanted to add to your investigation into Juan!! JohnJr showed a picture of himself with this very interesting tatoo on the side of his arm!! It has a significant meaning to it!! 
Just thought you might like to know what he conveyed!! –UNDISCLOSED VIEWER

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