Finally made it out of Washington, D.C. and back to Los Angeles,
California after spending 1-week in Tucson, Arizona where I was told I
would get a roof over my head. Unfortunately, a place to live did not
happen for me in Tucson. Hence, I returned to Southern California
where I now remain ‘vehicular homeless’ once again. ?

Upon arriving in Los Angeles, my van’s brakes suddenly malfunctioned
forcing me to replace the van’s brake system master cylinder as well
as the front brakes and rotors ( $900 ).

Now I am flat broke and desperately need a donation so, I can pay my
vehicle annual registration renewal and smog certification ( $247 ),
insurance ( $70 ), gasoline ( $90 ), engine oil and filter ( $40 ),
and food ( $100 ).

PLEASE HELP me with a PayPal donation, at:


Bank-to-Bank Money Transfer into my Bank Account, at:

Thank you for your continued support.

Sincerely your’s,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy at Project Camelot



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