Hi Kerry,

Thanks for your, and everyone at Project Camelot, time in reviewing,
analyzing and supporting the fruit of my hard volunteer research,
analysis, writings and publishings over the past 8-years.

I am only a one ( 1 ) man band ( volunteer ) doing what I can as a
69-year old handicapped vehicular homeless war veteran issuing my
independent production reports for ‘only what I believe is important’
for everyone ‘to at-least be aware-of’ however, being online ( since
1998 / 23-years to-date ) does not automatically make me ‘Mr.

One of my latest productions ( The UPI NewsLetter ) is now reviewable online:


Now, since coming onboard Project Camelot in 2013 as one ( 1 ) of its
Guest Blog columnists, I have become better able to expand my overall

Reference –


Surviving life in-general is challenging enough.

Now, I am in even i-more desperate and urgent need of immediate help.

Currently, without any funds, needed to replace my old broken-down van
( $3000 ), which I have been ‘freezing inside’ during these Winter
months here ( near Washington D.C. ) where it will become worse soon,
is very desperately needed by me ASAP.

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Keep up your great work, Kerry, my prayers and support are with you
and all of Project Camelot for continued safe, happy and prosperous
well-being blessings always.

Very sincerely your’s,

Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( The UPI Guy at
Project Camelot )
E-MAIL: UnwantedPublicity@GMAIL.com
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