Hi Kerry,

I’ve included some pictures of me 19-yrs. old ( military ) to 69-yrs.
old you may choose from or as a collage ( See Attachments ) should you

Life has been an exciting adventure, seeing hardships from around the
world, makes me want to do more rather than give up in the wake of so
much circulating these days.

Now? Just a current brief status and ‘links only’ from me on my recent
research update reports and briefs ( below ).

Some suggested I reach out to churches for help so, to let folks know,
I have reached out to so many ‘churches’ – those few that ‘were open’
but closed due to CoVid-19 fears shutting most all down – and ‘not 1’
tried to help me so, that’s where ‘that ended’.

My van I continue living in is so covered with ice and snow that now (daily ) it takes me 1-hour to chisel my way to just get out-of my van from being stuck inside with my doors frozen shut.

Doing takes almost all my energy left within me out of me. I’m
69-years old, handicapped with 4 different problems, none of which
nets me so much as 1 thin dime. Hence, I continue begging for
donations, which rarely I see now after so much was taken from me by
forced mechanical repairs; several, one right after others – now my
van is fixed but I haven’t enough (need $1,500 ) just to drive out-of
here to a warm climate in Arizona where I may be able to survive
better without freezing to death out here near Washington, D.C.

I am not a quitter so, my recent research and report publishings,
throughout all of the aforementioned, only a few of which I believe
are very important for some to be aware-of are listed ( below ):

31JAN21 – CoronaVirus Mutants And The One Vaccines Might Stop By 2022
– Report Update, now at:
mobile.twitter.com/UPIguy/status/1356024093016006668 &

31JAN21 – CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Best Facial Mask –
CoVid19 Mutant Variants Killed By Cupron EPA registered copper-oxide
technology embedded ( e.g. Cupon ‘washable mask retains protection’ )
within fiber textiles, surface solids and other polymeric materials.
Details ( How / Where ):
mobile.twitter.com/UPIguy/status/1355942754770149378 &

28JAN21: CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – CoVid N501Y Mutant
Unstoppable Against Current Vaccines. DoD recently claimed likely
development of a CoVid19 anti-mutant vaccine by 2022. New Far-UV
222-nm Excimer Sterilray systems, unharmful to human and pet health,
selectively addresses Community Spread of all airborne mutant virus
aerosols indoor on exposed area environments to lengthen our future
today. Smart preventative Sterilray today or waiting for 2022 and
beyond is such a simple life choice:
mobile.twitter.com/UPIguy/status/1354923902183612426 &

22JAN21 – CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – COVID19 – Rise Of
The Mutants – New and Improved Vaccines – Certain major vehicle
manufacturers reviewed ( 2020 ) Far-UV Sterilray™ 222-nm excimer lamps
for vehicle interior ‘prototype dome light systems’ spell issues (
CoVid19, et. al. ) continuing amongst developed national populations
for several years may see virulent festering globally.:
mobile.twitter.com/UPIguy/status/1352744590089084928 &

16JAN21 –  Officials Warn New Virus Vaccines And Facilities Not For
Certain People:
mobile.twitter.com/UPIguy/status/1350484922948087808 &

16JAN21 – Before Re-Thinking Democracy. Supreme Being Genetic
Intelligence Finger Trap? In 2015, scientific researchers employed
certain molecular technologies to reverse genetics producing de novo
recombinant viruses from cloned cDNA, deep sequencing, and targeted
viral genome modification with interfering RNA and associated
bacterial CRISPR ( gene editing tool ) protein-9 nuclease to benefit
knowledgeability at extreme risk witnessing mutant virulent influenza
and CoronaVirus strains become pandemics encircling Earth. Today’s
temporary fix vaccines do not extinguish what was allowed to occur.
Such sees an almighty powerful finger upon us for only days remaining
unto each. Gene Editing: Are Humans Playing God? Berggruen Institute
plus, More, at:

… More …

The UPI Guy Reports and Briefs, can be found on LinkedIn via Twitter, here:

twitter.com/UPIguy &

The UPI Guy Reports Limited, can be found on Project Camelot, here:


Donations are indeed gratefully accepted directly, here:


Thank you !

I pray many blessings upon you and your’s for a safe and happy life always.


Paul Collin
The UPI Guy
E-Mail: [email protected]
WWW: projectcamelotportal.com/category/guest-blogs/unwanted-publicity-guy/




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