Hi Kerry,

This new Winter storm nicknamed ‘Gail’ nearly did me in ( death ):


To exit the Eastcoast, I calculated it will cost nearly $1500 for this
gasoline guzzling van that weighs 11,000 pounds to reach Tucson,
Arizona and I would have to take a very Southern route to avoid being
socked-in by snow and deathly freezing temperatures.

Currently, the van is operating normally with no mechanical faults
because I winterized the coolant fluid and heater that only barely
works because I just don’t have $500 to get the ‘heater core’ and HVAC
control panel repaired.

This emergency is all my dumb luck I’ve come to realize, which makes
this very cold Holiday season a matter of life and death for me being
vehicular homeless as I’ve remained.

I wish some donations would come in to me but none appear able to get
me to a warmer climate so, for now I’m forced to remain stranded here
in my van parked on a street near Washington D.C. in Virginia.

If you can donate anything to help me, I could really use your help now.


Thank you.

I wish you, and all those closest your heart, the joyest of Holiday.





On 11/26/20, Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]> wrote:

You are welcome!  Thank you for all your good work.

Happy Thanksgiving!



On Nov 26, 2020, at 10:11 AM, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence
<[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Kerry, ?

Wow !!! ? Thank you so very much for your wonderful $100 Zelle
transfer donation successfully received this Thanksgiving Thursday
morning ( November 26, 2020 ) by me. ?

Please know I am extremely grateful for your thoughtfulness. You truly
are a great spirit-filled soul. You have uplifted my spirit. Thank

I pray ? you experience many wonderful blessings and for all those
closest to your heart. ❤

If there is anything I can do for you, please let me know. Again,
thank you, for being so wonderfully considerate of me.

Very sincerely your’s,






  1. Hans Kjellerup on

    Thanks you are great the info are wonderfull but THIS NEWS Terrify me.
    I always listing to you, Simon Parkes and Out of This World Radio with Ted Mahr

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