IMPORTANT: Numericized ( below ) are bullet points for your publishing consideration.

– #1.: Based upon what I’ve personally witnessed throughout my arduous
journey all across America, I am now of the opinion that what folks
are ‘witnessing but not fully recognizing’ ( yet ), is, a: ‘Global
Clandestine Systematic Population Reduction’ scheme, that I am unable
to locate its ‘means of origin’ of except to say, “It’s Bigger Than
GM” ( a movie actor’s line from the film ‘The Godfather’ ).

– #2.: Here ( immediately below ) is a single ( 1 ) link to a ‘Summary
List of my Reports & Briefs for The UPI Guy Update ( for publishing
consideration at the Project Camelot Guest Blog for The UPI Guy Column
there ) now temporarily located, at:

– #3.: The UPI Guy individual reports and briefs of interest, are:

– A ( Brief – August 31, 2020 ):

– B ( Report – August 30, 2020 ):

– C ( Report – August 24, 2020 ):

That’s all for now.

September 2020 may likely see my demise because I did not receive
enough donations to sustain myself through numerous emergencies,
here’s why:

About two ( 2 ) weeks ago, I attempted to return to Los Angeles, broke
down in my van, and was forced to return to the  Washington D.C.
Metropolitan Area where I have been continually denied any help from
all public and private organized resources.

Now, I do not envision my living for much longer than 1-week, without:

– Food;
– Multiple Antibiotic Medicines;
– Fuel;
– Vehicle Registration Renewal;
– Vehicle Insurance Renewal;
– Personal Identification Renewal, plus,

– No money for any type of residential address; and,
– No 24-hour open restroom.

Without any exaggeration, if donations do not start coming in soon for
me to be able to survive life, I will be left barely able to walk but
a few feet on my cane and on the street here to die.

Please help if you can and perhaps, by some type of published plea for
help on my behalf some donations may come in for me, here ( below ):

Thank you Kerry, and please keep up all your good work!

All the best.






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