SUMMARY: CoronaVirus Vaccine Trial Extends 2 Years While Moderna Clinical Study Stops All Participant Sexual Intercourse Up To 120 Days

by, Paul Collin

WASHINGTON D.C. – August 25, 2020 – Full factual details are not included anywhere within America’s nationwide mainstream news media broadcasts or print media surrounding President Trump trying to see arranged Anti-CoronaVirus vaccine(s) released sooner rather than too late after even more American deaths occur.

Full Study Vaccine Trials Extended 2-Years –

U.S. Food and Drug Administration ( FDA ) regulations over pharmaceutical company ‘clinical trial testing’ sees ‘MODERNA full test trial duration’ of expected 30,000 participants during Phase 3 extended up-to 759-days ( 2-years ) likely in many more American deaths waiting for FDA approval.

CoronaVirus Vaccine Trials Forbid Sexual Intercourse For All Participants During And After Testing –

Where MODERNA expects to find 30,000 people ready, willing and able to practice celibacy by refraining from sexual intercourse ‘during their 29-day test trial’ and ‘beyond their 90-day observance’ serves to extend critical timing necessary to inoculate an entire nation of hundreds of millions of?people now facing death from CoronaVirus pandemic infections.




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