by, Paul Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

SUMMARY: CoronaVirus Vaccine Wars From Secret Military Epidemic Outbreaks

by, Collin, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – August 22, 2020 – The U.S. federal government continues cautioning foreign nation populations, that “Russia moved too fast” – albeit overlooking a necessary key-critical element or process – creating an otherwise unsafe Anti-CoronaVirus vaccine named “SPUTNIK-V” is being acclaimed by America and others as possibly hazardous or injurious to human health.

While Russia boasted of learning about a “1971 U.S. Army vaccine” created to treat an “Acute Respiratory Disease ( ARD )” illness, which Russia then propagandized to the world was somehow incorporated within Russia’s version of its own Anti-CoronaVirus vaccine nick-named ‘SPUTNIK-V’, both America and England claimed during May 2020 that its computer databases had been hacked by both Russia and China.



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