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UPDATE – ( the delayed ‘Full Report’ ( SEE ATTACHMENT – FOR INSERTION


I am still stuck in the ‘Washington D.C. Metroplex Area’ where I’ve been awaiting a confidential financial intelligence ( FININT ) ‘part-time consulting assignment’ ( pertinent to one of my old talent) for a privately-funded clandestine oversight organization assisting government on its so-called “emminent” financial reset project to begin July 1, 2020.

In the meantime, I’ve been left here ( Washington, D.C. ) languishing on the streets in starvation without food and beverage and being pushed and shoved on my cane while being told by Police ( and other similar types of officials ) to “Move along now, you can’t stay here.”

Now I am in such a physically weakened state, no food, no beverage without my multiple antibiotic medicines ( used for fighting my lung disease ), nearly out of gasoline ( fuel to be able to transport myself anywhere ), surrounded by protesting vandals desecrating public and private property ( including what few personal possessions I have stored in my vehicle ); my van, I’ve been living and volunteering out-of over the past 14-years – is only a few examples of what kinds of serious depression I’m trying my best to deal with.

All of the aforementioned while trying to research and write reports has been so significant that even basic ‘Stay Alive Money ( SAM ) donations have dropped-off so minimally, and all because of a long bad run of no luck helping my personal situational difficulties has become a monumental task for me as a 68-year old handicapped veteran of foreign war.

Personal issues involving my relative-recently ( 90-day old in Nevada on a previous assignment ) rebuilt transmission having broken-down where I just don’t have $1,850 ( USD ) to fix that nor am I in Nevada anymore, where it was warranteed.

Being stick here ( in Washington, D.C. ) without any means of support translates into the fact I am really stranded plus, I am growing weaker physically ( from the heat and humidity ) making it even-more difficult to breathe while my lung disease grows out-of-control without the multiple antibiotics I desperately need, which I wrote about in my January 2020 report, here:

In an effort to pull myself up by the bootstraps financially, environmentally, physically and emotionally, I unintentionally and unwittingly ended-up turning myself away-from any possible way of helping myself out of the current set of multiple emergencies.

Praying to see these assaults stop is one thing while keeping alive the people’s messenger is foremostly viewed logically with reality exercising intelligence from those who would like helping but for whatever reason don’t step up to the plate and take a good healthy sporting swing for The Champion Messengers we try our very best to be.

Thanks for reviewing this aforementioned ‘UPDATE’ with its ‘Full

Report’ ( below ).





WASHINGTON DC – June 7, 2020 – What the U.S.Department of Defense ( DoD ) military, U.S. National Guard Bureau ( NGB ) military plus twelve ( 12 ) other over-lapping U.S. federal and local law enforcement organizations were told by Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. expected to take place according to her intelligence insider information with AntiFa plus a whole cornucopia of other radicalized groups of protesters that fizzled, costing hard working U.S. taxpayers a fortune spent on U.S. national emergency preparedness combined with local government too..

Muriel Bowser’s early warning ‘sky is falling’ wolf-cry – although consistently rhetorical ( June 1, 2020 was the most violent day of protests during the past 30-years for Washington, D.C. ) – howled across several mainstream news media organizations coast to coast anyway yet only to end-up fizzling, which simultaneously called into question her decisionmaking leadership felt by her voters whom will remember during their next election.

Provided were, identified Northern ‘Washington D.C. Area Protester Support Locations’ she saw detailed on a map ( below ):


Exemplification of the aforementioned is provided within the following news excerpts ( below ):

– – – –

SOURCE: WTOP News ( Washington, D.C. ), an Edward R. Murrow Award winning news organization

DC Officials Expect City’s Largest Demonstration Against Police Brutality Since Floyd’s Death

by, Matt Small & Zeke Hartner

June 6, 2020, 5:30 AM ( EST )

Authorities in D.C. expect Saturday [ June 7, 2020 ] to be the largest demonstration against police brutality in the city since the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The District [ District of Columbia ] has featured daily protests for the past week and they have largely been peaceful, with people marching back and forth from The White House to The Capitol and The Lincoln Memorial.

Those numbers are expected to swell Saturday [ June 6, 2020 ].

[ U.S. ] Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy told reporters Friday [ June 5, 2020 ] that ‘local [ Washington, D.C. ] officials [ government ]’ were projecting between ‘100,000 and 200,000 protesters’.

D.C. police Chief Peter Newsham wouldn’t commit to a number but predicted it would be smaller than the 1,000,000 ( million ) people who attended the Women’s March in 2017.

D.C. police announced Friday [ June 5, 2020 ] that a large swath of roads would be closed to make room for protesters.

The demonstration comes as authorities have sought to reduce tensions by having National Guard troops not carry weapons.

There were no arrests during demonstrations on Thursday [ June 4, 2020 ] and Friday [ June 5, 2020 ] and D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser canceled the curfew; that, had been in place since Monday [ June 1, 2020 ]. Bowser said she will decide on Saturday [ June 6, 2020 ] morning if it [ curfew ] will be reinstated.

[ … More … ( see ‘Reference’ – immediately below ) ]

Reference –


SOURCE: WTOP News ( Washington, D.C. ), an Edward R. Murrow Award winning news organization

Road Closures For Saturday Protest in DC

by, Will Vitka ( @WillVitka )

June 5, 2020 / 5:32 PM

A slew of roads will be closed Saturday in downtown D.C. as demonstrators take to the streets to protest.

D.C. police announced Friday that the following streets would be closed to traffic from 6 a.m. to midnight:

[ … More … ( see ‘Reference’ – further below ) ]

Emergency no-parking will be in effect for the following streets from 5 a.m. to Midnight:

[ … More … ]

Reference –

– – – –

Identified were, only ‘NorthEastern Capitol Area street closures’ ( Photo Image Map – immediately below ): ]

Vehicular traffic areas surrounding the Southern area of Washington D.C. Capitol area monuments however, appeared relatively open with the exception of a few limited traffic areas, which remained barricaded with ‘concrete T-rails’, U.S. military armored HUM-V’s, troop transport trucks, military jeeps, snow plow trucks, police vehicles, FBI and U.S. Secret Service undercover vehicles and personnel.

Moreoverly odd were the additional presences of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ) undercover vehicles, ‘armed DEA agents dressed in black uniforms’, U.S. National Guard Bureau ( NGB ) military police plus, well-seasoned ( older age ) military uniformed with bullet-proof vest uniformed police.

Rolling mobile photographic Images were captured during the early morning hours of Saturday June 6, 2020 ( below ):

[ INSERT IMAGES ( here below ) ]

Washington D.C. Non-Climax –

In all, what the Washington D.C. mayor expected to be a 100,000 to 200,000 protester march on America’s capitol city of Washington, D.C. essentially fizzled with only a few thousand appearing for a non-violent protest that never neared that of a riot.

Washington D.C.’s Saturday hoop-la sky-is-falling’ vent turned out to be more more like an extremely small, semi-sober ‘Woodstock’ people gathering event where in the Capitol ‘everybody kept their clothes on’, ‘no rock bands’ were heard but church bells at noon and only very few ‘peace symbols’ were evident.

Reference –

We were all glad that the small protest fizzled as it did where needed, and was non-violent overall.

In Conclusion –

It is only to the credit of this Nation’s unswervingly strong and wise decision-making leadership bringing to bear well-measured military and law enforcement responsiveness with limited visual presence yet exercising joint undercover preparedness and readiness so, the Washington, D.C. Capitol area remained peaceful allowing for the exercise of ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘public protest’ without violence.

These inalienable rights, although few named ( herein ) of many more rights and liberties, makes our very understanding of freedom within this Country great again – and again – because of who we are as a nation of people comprised of many races, creeds, religions and cultural backgrounds speaking of our beliefs, at of life, unafraid of fighting wars to protect people, and where we are headed while guiding our children under liberty and justice for all is why this Land is so important.

Other nations around the world look upon America as a guiding light symbolizing freedom to exercise human rights without fear of retaliation so, it is moreover important for us to exercise ‘good Citizenship’ while demonstrating to the rest of the world just exactly what Americans are all about.

Un-Americans demonstrate thuggery, thievery, brutality, mayhem and murder.

Stand as a symbol for what you believe in, fought and fight to protect, hold dearest in your heart, engraved wisdom in your mind, and with reverence worship through your soul always as ‘His ( Supreme Being ) child of life’.




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