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LOS ANGELES – April 28, 2020 – In 1971, I was in a U.S. federal government intelligence operations school learning fifty-two ( 52 ) skill-sets, one ( 1 ) of which initially included exactly how-to both dissect and create the Central Intelligence Agency ‘C.I.A. Weekly Bulletin’ and the Defense Intelligence Agency ‘D.I.A. Daily Bulletin’, two ( 2 ) classified publications during the U.S. war in Viet Nam.

Although I remain bound – over a certain period of time – to a Sensitive Compartmented Information ( SCI ) ‘Top Secret’ category level security clearance given unto me under my Oath, I’m prevented from publicly disclosing details on any matters I learned from my past full-time work for the U.S. federal government and relative earlier intelligence operations specialist training I received.

In order for me to continue public reporting, my ‘creative writing’ is exercised with a special formulation skill, other than what can normally be publicly reviewed elsewhere from other reporters and broadcasters exercising normal conveyances, because ‘what I know still remains classified and unrevealable under penalty of U.S. federal laws’.

Over the past 22-years I have voluntarily and painstakingly researched and then very carefully conveyed creatively certain ‘Unevaluated Intelligence’ ( UI ) ‘read between the lines’ of both my written and verbal reports where all those somewhat hidden avenues to secrets have always existed since my aforementioned training.

That aforementioned preface conveyed now brings to the forefront only ‘one ( 1 ) case’ beneath the topic of this ‘Cyber-Mob Intelligence’ report where unrevealables surfaced, and were allowed to fester in the public eye.

Alternative News Media Cyber-Mob Versus Mainstream News Media CNN First Draft George Soros –

My first week in a U.S. intelligence school saw our class taught about “The Bay Of Pigs” ( a U.S. clandestine attempt to invade Cuba ) claimed to us ( as students in 1971 ) as the worst C.I.A. intelligence operations fiasco, a tale marvelled-at by some however, now there’s more room in the annals of U.S. history where this time CNN (Cable News Network) tripped-up, not once, but at-least ‘twice on the same topic of both its publicly reported stories’ surrounding the ‘CoronaVirus’.

Cable News  Network ( also known as ) ‘CNN’ initially revealed their published report about a People’s Republic of China ( PRC ) Foreign Ministry official spokesperson Zhao Lijian supporting what CNN called a “conspiracy theory” alleging that somehow during the October 2019 ‘World Military Games’ event ‘America may have clandestinely seeded the CoronaVirus ( i.e., SARS CoV 2 interalia CoVid 19 ) at a public open-air marketplace in Wuhan, China’.

After having researched that CNN published and broadcasted report, I began preliminary research at what surrounded that CNN report and others noting a few discoveries within one ( 1 ) of my ‘CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces’ briefs’ ( immediately below ):

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: The 7th International Military Sports Council saw former C.I.A. Deputy Director Avril Haines – who earlier acted as a ‘fictional play character’ in a Global Pandemic Outbreak Exercise – attend with top U.S. Military athlete participants in the October 2019 ‘Military World Games’ in Wuhan, China where only 300 feet away from the Wuhan Marketplace these same U.S. military troops slept in their hotel rooms there; Ground Zero of the CoronaVirus Outbreak. RESEARCH REFERENCES: & & & & & THEORETICAL OPERATIONS BACKGROUND RESEARCH:

Research Reference –

CNN, now-recently, publicly returned to elaborate even-more details within their current “Exclusive” naming a U.S. federal government ‘husband and wife team’, one ( the ‘wife’ ) as having been a U.S. military participant at the World Military Games during October 2019 in Wuhan, China.

CNN’s ‘Exclusive’ intentionally skyrocketed both victim’s details with a photo opportunity and report revelations on how she and her husband became ‘targeted victims of misinformation’ and ‘what they both did to combat free speech on YouTube against people voicing their own opinions plus loss of revenue income dollars for independent public commentary channels generating money based upon advertisement clients of YouTube, which CNN’s reporting did nothing more than place even-more targets on both the backs of those two ( 2 ) people, adding a full color face identity of the man’s ‘wife’ too.

All that CNN initially reported and broadcasted publicly, later went viral on social media platforms ( i.e. YouTube.Com, Twitter, and others ) seeing many-many people voice their own opinions that CNN labels “misinformation.”

CNN is now publicly pointing its mainstream news media reporting and broadcasting fingers specifically targeting ‘someone else’ ( i.e., George Webb ) instead of itself ( i.e., CNN / Cable News Network ).

Below, by my using direct quoted excerpts, additional information [ insertions ( within brackets ) ] provisions for more concise reading comprehension, plus research reference links supports my own report ( herein ), which continues ( below ):


Section: Business

‘Exclusive: She’s Been Falsely Accused Of Starting The CoronaVirus. Her Life Has Been Turned Upside Down’

by, Donie O’Sullivan

April 27, 2020 / 06:30 ( PST )


“… [ Mrs. ] Maatje Benassi, a U.S. Army reservist and mother of two [ 2 children ], has become the target of conspiracy theorists – who falsely place her at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic – saying she brought the disease to China…”

“… Maatje [ Benassi ] and her husband Matt [ Benassi ] are still active in their [ U.S. federal ] government jobs. Maatje [ Mrs. Maatje Benassi ] is a [ U.S. federal government ] civilian employee at the U.S. Army Fort Belvoir, in Virginia, where she works as a ‘security officer’…”

“… [ Mr. ] Matt, a retired [ U.S. ] Air Force officer, is a [ U.S. federal government ] civilian employee with the [ U.S. ] Air Force at The Pentagon…”

“… [ Mr. ] Matt [ Benassi ] has tried to get the videos taken down from YouTube [ YouTube.Com ], and to prevent their [ videos ] spread online…”

“… Later one member of the Chinese [ China ] government [ People’s Republic of China / PRC ] publicly promoted the notion [ SOURCE: CNN news media publicly promoted by publishing the initial report, at: ] that the U.S. military brought the virus to China…”

“… her [ Mrs. Maatje Benassi ] participation in October [ 2019 ] in the ‘Military World Games’, essentially the military Olympics, which was hosted by Wuhan, the Chinese [ China ] city where the CoronaVirus [ CoVid 19 / SARS CoV 2 ] Outbreak began last year [ 2019 ]…”

“… [ Mrs. ] Maatje Benassi competed in the cycling competition there,…”

“… While the allegations about the Benassis ‘may be wildly untrue’, the threats they face and the fear they feel are very real…”

“… Matt Benassi said he has complained to YouTube, but even when the company does take videos down, it can take days for it to do so. By that time, a video can go viral, and the damage is done.

Worse still: videos Webb has posted to YouTube that are removed are often re-uploaded to the platform.

In China, the YouTube videos attacking the Benassis are uploaded to popular platforms there such as WeChat, Weibo, and Xigua Video and are translated into Chinese, according to an analysis by Keenan Chen, a researcher at FIRST DRAFT * [ ], a non-profit that researches disinformation…”



CNN Exclusive Mention Promotes ‘First Draft’ Funded By ‘George Soros’ –

Within the aforementioned CNN Exclusive article, near its conclusion, sees CNN mention and promote by website references company named “FIRST DRAFT,” which I decided to cursorily research, and discovered it secretly funded by someone considered a ‘national threat’ ( according to the President, of Turkey, recently ); Hungarian born, now U.S. citizen, global elitist George Soros who financially supports the U.S. Democrat Party.

– FIRST DRAFT audience primary targets, are: Journalists and Academics.

– In 2019, FIRST DRAFT funding, came from the following organizations, listed below:


– Google News Initiative;

– Facebook Journalism Project;

– Twitter;

– Craig Newmark Philanthropies;

– News Integrity Initiative at the Craig;

– Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY;

– Ford Foundation; and,

– Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.

– FIRST DRAFT ‘claims it is independent’, ‘claims no political bias’, ‘claims only truthful reporting’, ‘claims adversity toward misinformation’ however, nothing could be further away-from any such claims according to ‘facts’ once hidden from public review until now.

Based upon all FIRST DRAFT funding network of organizations, including one [ OPEN SOCIETY FOUNDATIONS – owned by George Soros ] they additionally fund the U.S. Democrat Party, Democrat Party politicians and political candidates for the Democrat Party, and finally FIRST DRAFT promotion of THE NEW YORK TIMES February 2, 2020 article entitled, ‘What Happens When QAnon Seeps From the Web to the Offline World ( The New York Time s)’, here: ]











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