by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy columnist at Project Camelot )

LOS ANGELES – April 27, 2020 – The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( The UPI Guy ) predictive intelligence briefs known as “Bits ‘N Pieces” seen within Twitter and LinkedIn.Com profile feed posts translate to specially selected bits and pieces of information as his posted alert predictives that most people are unaware-of.

And, while some predictions may not have yet come to pass, the fact is some have occurred, which is all dwarfed by the specific quality of intelligence bits and pieces The UPU Guy reports; especially certain information many people are unaware of surrounding the CoronaVirus.

The UPI Guy flavor of information uniquely vacillates between columns of his report writings for the past 7-years at Project Camelot to his 9-years on LinkedIn.Com profile Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI ) post feed briefs [

], then there’s the Twitter UPI Guy ( @UPIguy ) [

] Tweet ( posts ), plus an internet archive collection of his myriad legacy of websites and reports online over the course of nearly 22-years when he began as an internet of sorts.

Espousing ‘conservative intelligence’ viewpoints supported by research references, including topics from ‘the sky is falling’ ( asteroids, gamma-ray bursts, etc. ) to tinfoil-hat UFO and alien abduction theories from outer-space to flat-earth, emerging technology and defense projects in other reports.

After reading his columns it’s easy to detect his penchant and distaste for any authoritarian government driving people like slaves walking around in a daze with lost liberties believing their government will take care of everything in their best interests and for that of their loved ones, he professes people seek inner truth through even-better ‘knowledgeability’ so, they can take joy in participating in creating a less stressful better humanity making life easier by comprehending hidden information.

The UPI Guy, Government-Afouled Former Asset, Homeless Disabled Foreign War Veteran Turned Volunteer –

And, he’s a bum; literally, living for the past 14-years out-of his old van, after being cast out-of U.S. government intelligence on August 29, 1972, then became a U.S. government global intelligence freelancer in 1974, 1986, 2002 thru 2007, and 2010 – 2011 after working since in U.S. aerospace industries, all of which causes people confusion as-to whether he’s an intelligence academic, just plum too ornery, stupid or, all three ( 3 ) rolled into a one ( 1 ) man whose colleagues called him an “odd bird” of sorts because he worked alone and labeled later by at least one C.I.A. Deputy Chief as their “Non-Team Player.”

Where Does One Go Once Down And Out With Nothing?

The UPI Guy even wrote a “Homeless Intelligence” report uncovering California financial secrets as-to why their homeless population skyrocketed creating a deadly disease Outbreak originating from homeless homeless piling of trash attracting rodents with diseased fleas spreading a Medieval disease ( i.e. The Bubonic Plague plus Tuberculosis, etc. ) sending numerous public officials ( i.e. Los Angeles, California area staff, workers and law enforcement ) into hospital emergency rooms for treatments.


The UPI Guy comes across as being somewhat witty, at-times a bit braggadocios, a very creative planner, applying a variety of techniques and skillsets tenaciously protected ( like a dog with a bone in its mouth ), and doesn’t give-up until assignments are completely finished. He’s fairly ingenious and quite adept at digging-up rare ( if ever ) publicized information, and he does it all while still down in the trenches fighting for what’s right for people’s need-to-know.

The UPI Guy exercises his over 40-years of global intelligence operations training and experiences, experiences including research, war planning, plus more from behind a desk ( or from within his van ) to out in the field work, creating and maintaining a global private intelligence network on his own.

Some “bum,” huh? He can do all that but like some uncoordinated bug landing upside-down, he can’t seem to bring himself to flip over and walk-away from being stuck in his position of homeless with only his old van and limited clothes on his back, and that’s why he needs donations just to stay alive.

Besides The UPI Guy Full Reports At Project Camelot – His Short Brief Updates List ( Below )

You decide on The UPI Guy by reviewing his current list of short exemplaries from out-of his routine public informational ‘tips’ he calls intelligence ( that which he’s already tracked or following through another arena ) “Bits ‘N Pieces” ( below ):

– –

April 26, 2020 ( Sunday ) –

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces Daily Brief Update: Pestilential Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome CoronaVirus 2 ( SARS CoV 2 ) virus causes CoVid 19; 2nd Wave October 2020 Targeting Mid-West Per U.S. FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research; Plus, 3rd Wave Could Warrant Mandatory Protective Mask Wearing, And – Per U.S. HHS Director Fauci – Carrying Form Of Officially Issued CoronaVirus Certificate Of Immunity ( e.g. Seal Stamped ID, Passport, Or RFid Chip By 2021 }. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: & & &

– –

April 25, 2020 ( 19-Hours Ago ) –

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Pharmacenticals – Medicine – Vaccines – CoronaVirus ( also known as ) Covid 19 ( aka ) SARS CoV 2 – MODERNA INC. – mRNA 1273 – MODERNA INC., a clinical stage biotechnology company pioneering messenger RNA ( mRNA ) therapeutics and vaccines to create a new generation of transformative medicines for medical patients ), candidate vaccine known as mRNA-1273 against SARS-CoV-2 ( aka ) CoronaVirus is underway with up to $483,000,000 ( USD ) from the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority ( BARDA ), a division of the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response ( ASPR ) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services ( HHS ). MODERNA INC. later Phase 3 study could begin in Fall 2020, and now with BARDA funding to support late-stage accelerated clinical development programs, the scale-up of mRNA-1273 manufacture in 2020 may now enable a U.S. potential response to the CoronaVirus pandemic. REFERENCE:

April 25, 2020 –

Social Security Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Combined Trust Funds Official Report ( 2020 ) – Not Reflecting CoronaVirus Pandemic Effects – Social Security Board of Trustees Annual Report on Long-Term Financial Status of Old-Age and Survivors Insurance ( OASI ) and Disability Insurance ( DI ) Trust Funds. Combined, these trust funds are projected to become depleted in 2035, with 79% of benefits ‘still due and payable after that’. The DI Trust Fund is estimated to become depleted in 2065, with 92% of benefits still due and payable after that. Decades ago, the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) was rumored to have ‘secrety borrowed U.S. Social Security Trust Fund monies’ to pay for clandestine ‘Special Access Programs’ ( SAP ), creating public speculation the U.S. Social Security Administration would run out of U.S. citizen retiree money and for disability disbursements too. REFERENCE:

April 24, 2020 –

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Medicine – Advanced Interferon Techniques – CoronaVirus AntiViral Drug – BIOCUBAFARMA – CHANGCHUN HEBER BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY – Scientific joint ( China – Cuba ) development of the ‘Wonder Drug’ known as “InterFeron Alpha-2B Recombinant” ( also known as ) “IFNrec” ( aka ) Recombinant Human Interferon Alpha 2B appears to work however, the U.S. federal government has ‘not approved’ it for U.S. citizens; at-least, ‘not yet’. To-date, there is no veritable vaccine or cure for CoronaVirus ( aka ) Covid 19 however, ‘IFNrec prevents aggravation and complications in CoronaVirus patients whom reach a severity level that can ultimately result in their death. interferons are molecules that the body itself produces in response to viral attacks, making them the first organic response of the immune system to combat disease. In previous outbreaks of CoronaVirus, i.e. SARS ( in 2002 ) and MERS ( in 2012 ), interferons were used for care and treatment of infected people. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Public Access Restrictions – Food Markets – Gasoline Stations ( Fuel Pump Handles ) Restricted Access Next ? REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: World Health Organization ( WHO ) Director Tedros Adhanom Links To Terrorist Group Plus More Causes People To Revisit CoronaVirus Pandemic Edicts From W.H.O. Now. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus Pandemic Outbreak – The Venerable ‘When Date’ Plus, More. REFERENCE:

INTELLIGENCE Bits ‘N Pieces: Joint Task Force National Capital Region ( JTF-NCR ) was designed to evacuate / move ( to undisclosed locations ) The White House plus other ‘key-critical’ Washington D.C. Metro Area U.S. federal offices ) was ‘SCI Activated’ ( 16MAR20 ) [ OCIWH DHS NGB ] in ‘securing’ America’s Continuity Of Operations Government / COOG when facing any ‘foreign or domestic’, ‘man-made’ or ‘natural’, ‘imminent attack’. “No one wants to talk evacuation, especially when there’s nowhere to go,” publicly reported a senior military officer [ U.S. Army Major General Omar J. Jones, IV ] familiar with U.S. Army Companies of the 106th Aviation Battalion in-too Fort Belvoir, Virginia ( an intelligence military center ) missioning an initial wave working alongside ‘Continuity Of Operations Planning / COOP’ [ by Executive Order, in July 2012 began DHS-NGB occupying underground bunkers for ‘Continuity Of Government / COG’ ], according to a 45-year government intelligence research predictive analytics academic using ‘The UPI Guy’ public alias on Project Camelot. REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Transparency – Official Use Language And Numbering Proclivities – Publicly Prefacing Cleverly Worded Phraseologies – Categorically Identifying Then Realizing Actual Meanings Within ‘Numbering Assigned Types To People Of A Pandemic Outbreak – Comprending Infected Totals – Delineating ‘Presumable’ Versus ‘Probable’ Versus ‘Actual’ Plus ‘Infected’ Versus ‘Cured’ People Numbering Totals By Official Authorities Today ( April 15, 2020 ) the World Health Organization ( WHO ) CoronaVirus map and text content add-ons thereto indicated that the conglomerate of multiple nations within “PanAmerica” ( i.e. North America, Central America And South America ) indicated ‘select category type numbers’ of only ‘Presumptive Positive CoronaVirus Cases ( Of Infected People ) Total 673,361’ While Only ‘Probable Positive CoronaVirus Cases’ ( Of Infected People ) Total 17′. What’s ‘your assigned type’ and how many of your group exist today and tomorrow ? Transparency exists in a Land where all official babble of ‘doublespeak’ ( See, e.g. ‘1984’ by, ‘George Orwell’, ‘published 1948’ ) designed for populaces of ‘sheeple’ ( sheep-people ) are no longer confusingly led by bureaucratic magicians. RESEARCH REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Close Encounters Of The Fifth Kind – CoronaVirus Demonstrates Alien Like Intelligence War Planning Technologies Of Fully Autonomous Target Acquisition, Fixated / Attachment, Penetration Weapon Delivery, And Escape Behavior Characteristics – Influenced Man-Made NanoBioEngineered Hybrid Variant Mutant Virulent – Extinction Level Event Threat If CoronaVirus Resurfaces In Waves On Planet Earth. REFERENCE ( VIDEO ):

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: MAUDE – Not So Fast With All Those Masks ( 3M N95 Cool Flow knock-off / counterfeits from China? Research this USFDA respirator data too. RESEARCH REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Chest X-rays show ‘lung damage’ with ‘white patches’ called “ground-glass opacities” common in CoronaVirus / COVID-19 medical case findings. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – ‘Business Spread’ – Commercial, Vendor, Wholesale And Retail Merchandise Returns Activate Second ( 2nd ) Wave CoronaVirus Infections To minimize Coronavirus ‘spread’, many retail market chain stores in America are now either ‘not accepting returns’, ‘not providing exchanges’, ‘suspending returns’, ‘not issuing rainchecks’ and / or ‘not giving refunds’ to shopper’s purchases. CVS pharmacies were the first, implementing their ‘No Return Policy’ followed by Walmart and other stores too. REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: The 7th International Military Sports Council saw former C.I.A. Deputy Director Avril Haines – who earlier acted as a ‘fictional play character’ in a Global Pandemic Outbreak Exercise – attend with top U.S. Military athlete participants in the October 2019 Military World Games in Wuhan, China where only 300 feet away from the Wuhan Marketplace these same U.S. troops slept in their hotel rooms there; Ground Zero of the CoronaVirus Outbreak. REFERENCES: & & RESEARCH: & & &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Military Hospital Ships – CoronaVirus Infected People Routed Incorrectly Onto Military Hospital Ships ( 2 )Where First Ship Named “COMFORT” In New York. Days Later, On Another Military Hospital Ship Named “MERCY” In Los Angeles. Were any medical databases hacked or hijacked to create such unbelievable errors as these, one military hospital ship after another during this global CoronaVirus pandemic ? If so, by ‘whom’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ ? Passengers and others questioned levels of ‘comfort’ and ‘mercy’ after errors placed non-infected patients on both military hospital ships in danger of CoronaVirus. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Current National Emergency Under War Powers Act Presidential Measures Countering Any ‘Man-Made’ Or ‘Natural’ Threats ( including, Virulent Outbreaks i.e. CoronaVirus, et. al. ), Additionally Provides: Any Time Suspension Of Any National Communication Broadcasting Means ( TeleCom Long-Lines Cable, Satellite, Radio, TV, Internet, Etc. ) Of Previously Open Public Speech Suggestive Of: misleading information, seditious or treasonous remarks, and / or promoting or supporting insurrection ) Contrary-To Or Against Any Presidential Speech or Directives During Any Such National Wartime Emergency Effortings. REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Seven ( 7 ) CoronaVirus Virulent Variant Mutating Deviants Already. Will additional other strains come from one ( 1 ) Outbreak seeing other ‘virus type bridgecrossings’? It happened before ( 2015 ) in Africa with Ebola, and recently thereafter in America with The Bubonic Plague too; the latter of which was not widely broadcasted bt mainstream news media. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: &

CoronaVirus Intelligence – Bits ‘N Pieces – Virus Outbreak Contagen Backgrounds – Deviant Strains Of Mutating Variant Viruses And Diseases – Weaponization Mutant Hybrid Viruses ? Backgrounding research for your even-better knowledgeability as-to what’s to come ! RESEARCH REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Faulty Detection Perceptions – CoronaVirus / CoViD-19 sees a 5-Day incubation period [ ] followed by mild cold symptoms ‘while still highly communicable [ ] creating a dangerous deception in faulty early detection lag of up-to 2-Weeks’ allowing ‘Community Spread’ ( Outbreak ) where only a handful of people first appear infected but have unknowingly already spread it to hundreds whom spread it to thousands of people. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Global Pandemic Level Event Forecasts Death Numbers – #1: CDC disease modelers suggested between 160,000,000 million to 214,000,000 million Americans could be infected [ i.e. CoronaVirus / CoVid-19 ], and about 1,700,000 million [ people ] could die. #2. According to a panel of infectious disease experts, at the University of California at San Francisco ( UCSF ), the Outbreak [ CoronaVirus ] on U.S. soil is only going to get worse. Panelists predicted between 40% to 70% of Americans would become [ CoronaVirus ] infected within the next 12 months to 18 months, reported [ Thursday, March 19, 2020 ] Jordan Shlain, a [ San Francisco ] Bay Area internist in-attendance. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence – Bits ‘N Pieces – Beforehand Knowledge Plans And Exercise – From my studies and observations to my reports suspecting ‘They Knew’ as far back to ‘before’ “STARTEX” ( Arizona California border exercise ) during May 2019 I wrote about, “Event 201,” and last but not least ‘China Ghost Cities Built Worldwide’ where it all points to a ‘secretly known beforehand Extinction Level Event albeit Outbreak, Invasion or Otherwise’. I would not entirely dismiss an ‘E.T. Alien Cooperative With Government’ or ‘SuperPowers Doomsday Using CoronaVirus Cover’ or ‘GeoAstroPhysical Event’. In the instant case, it could be called ‘Population Reduction Slow Death Via Outbreak’ whereupon “They Lie ‘Til We Die.” REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Prior Predictives – Antarctica Safe-Haven When Russia Saw China Build New Ghost ( Anti-Pandemic ) Cities, Plus Russia Closed ( January 30, 2020 ) Its 2,600 Mile Border Against China, Enacting Early Quarantine Zones, Spells Secret Foreknowledge ( Important ‘Research Links’ – Below ). REFERENCE: & RESEARCH LINKS: & &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – America Shuts Down – Retailers shutting doors, Several Cities Ordered Restaurants and Second-Hand Clothes Stores ( Goodwill, Salvation Army, Savers, etc. ) Closed – Last-Ditch Efforts To Stem CoronaVirus Surge / Spread. REFERENCE: PLEASE HELP ASAP: How-To Donate: It’s like living a science-fiction movie; now, reality. ?

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Spurred ‘CoronaVirus ( COVID-19 ) Surge’ Into ‘CoronaVirus Community Spread’ Orders Businesses To Begin Limiting Certain Numbers Of Humans Within Public Gathering Places Throughout America. REFERENCE:

Financial Intelligence Bits ‘ N Pieces – Coming U.S. Treasury Balance Of Power War With Federal Reserve Board System ( FED ), SWIFT, And New Currency System – National Government Bitcoin Investment Spike. Review, this: RESEARCH: REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – CoronaVirus ‘Surge’ Leads To ‘Community Spread’ Leads To ‘Interstate Transportation Travel Restriction Planning’ ( See, e.g. U.S. CDC&P ) Implementation Mitigation Warned About Earlier. March 18, 2020 Wednesday was the date my intelligence source provided for this to begin. Be Advised. RESEARCH: REFERENCE: & &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Transportation Travel Restriction Planning For America – U.S. National Emergency Address Today ( Friday the 13th of March 2020 ) By President Trump Will Likely See ‘Interstate Travel Restrictions’ Soon. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – GeoPolitical Mainstream Media Fake News Inferring President Trump Has CoronaVirus – Brazil Official ( President ) Tested ‘Negative’ For CoronaVirus ‘NOT Positive’ As News Reported. REFERENCE:

Financial Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – FED Death-Rattle – U.S. Treasury Eclipsing Federal Reserve System ( FED ). A new type of currency system understood to rise in America. Will ‘this’ be akin to the rumored ‘Currency Reset’? Is this attributable to America’s stock-market volatility / instability? SCI Secret-Sensitive details have not been released. Whatever is afoot will take a lot of people by surprise soon. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Interstate Border Travel Restriction Exercise – CDC, FEMA, DHS, AZDEMA Drilled On Virus Outbreak Californians Flee To Arizona ( Published: February 28, 2020 ) mentions the 2019 STARTEX exercise on an ‘Outbreak’ – such as CoronaVirus – where California panicked population flees across Arizona border. RESEARCH REFERENCE: REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Major Media News Broadcast Network Forced Closed – CBS Broadcast Center ( In New York ) Sent COVID-19 Infected Employees Home Until Further Notice – Details. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – U.S. National Guard Bureau ( NGB ) Mobilizing Military Troop Personnel In New York, USA. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Predictives Indicate Two-Thirds ( 2/3rds ) Of America Population Possibly Infected With CoronaVirus – Now Germany Prime Minister Infected With CoronaVirus. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Medical Nursing Home ( LIFE CARE CENTER of Kirkland, WA, USA ) – For Elderly Patients / Care Givers Spread COVID-19 Infection First – Official CoronaVirus Testing Delayed For COVID-19 Infected people. CoronaVirus testing delays worsened “COVID-19 Community Spread” as warned earlier. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: &&

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Business – APPLE Co-Founder Steve Wozniak says he and his wife ( Janet ) could have been “patient zero” for the spread of the deadly CoronaVirus in America after their January ( 2020 ) trip to Southeast Asia when they fell ill. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Business MICROSOFT Employees ( ‘2’, from: Puget Sound, WA, USA ) Infected With CoronaVirus. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Ship ( Public Cruiser / Passenger Liner ) – Carrying 21 CoronaVirus Infected Passengers Are Quarantined Onboard Just Offshore City Of San Francisco California. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Business – Social Media – TWITTER ( Seattle, Washington ) – Employee Infected ( March 6, 2020 ) With CoronaVirus – TWITTER Closed Office For “Deep Clean.”

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Business Alternative Media PROJECT CAMELOT Producer And Host Kerry Cassidy Alerted Public Audience To CoronaVirus “Insider” ( WhistleBlower ) Revelation That Current CoronaVirus Has A ‘Second ( 2ND ) Strain’ ( Virulent Deviant Mutant Virus ) Existing Long Before Mainstream News Just Reported About That Today ( March 6, 2020 ). REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – Business – Petroleum – Chemicals — Petro-Chemical industries saw Federal U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Publicly Issue ( March 3, 2020 ) A ‘Disinfectant List’ For People To Combat CoronaVirus With At Official U.S. EPA Website ( Download ADOBE Acrobat Reader electronic file format .PDF ). See Important Research Link ( Further Below ). Official U.S. EPA Download Link, Here: REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

Financial Intelligence – U.S. Federal Reserve Bank ( FED ) Unexpectedly Cut ( March 5, 2020 ) Its Benchmark Interest Rate By 50 Basis Points, Citing ‘CoronaVirus’ “Poses ‘Evolving Risks’ [ Growing Dangers ] To Economic Activity;” America’s Central Bank First ( 1ST ) ‘Emergency Cut’ Since 2008 During The Global Economic Financial Meltdown. REFERENCE:


Watch CoronaVirus WestCoast America ‘Community Spread’ Nine ( 9 ) now dead in State of Washington: Real-Time Info, here. REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Global Tracking Real-time Intelligence – Select America Westcoast versus Eastcoast – Johns Hopkins University CoronaVirus Tracking initial online tool used, here. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus America School Closings Plus America Grocery Shortages. Schools: Groceries:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus – ‘Community Spread’ – California CoverUp. RESEARCH REFERENCES: &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Anti-CoronaVirus – Vaccines – Remdesivir ( China ) included however, China wants America’s new anti-CoVid-19 vaccine from GILEAD SCIENCES INC. WATCH: 


CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus – First ( 1st ) case in America of this ‘community spread’ deadly virus now. Be alert to precautions you should take:RESEARCH REFERENCES ( VIDEO ): & ( ARTICLE ):

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus Recurrence – Covid-19 returns inside patients whom tested ‘negative for CoronaVirus’, now confusing doctors worldwide. REFERENCE ( VIDEO ):

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Intelligence predictive analytics indicates that in Africa, Australia, China and elsewhere worldwide China built huge modern ‘Ghost Cities’, that remain vacant speculating ‘China government employee CoronaVirus survivors, with greater than 64,000,000 million condominiums currently ‘unoccupied’ existing ‘vacant’ for several years now. WATCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: U.S. CDC Warns CoronaVirus To Spread Through America. RESEARCH REFERENCES: &

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus – Multiple Strains – Seven ( 7 ) different types of CoronaVirus that infect humans. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CDC, FEMA, DHS, AZDEMA Drilled On Virus Outbreak Californians Flee To Arizona Report. REFERENCE:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: Pharmaceuticals – MODERNA INC. – MODEENA ships mRNA-1273 vaccine against novel CoronaVirus ( nCoV ) to the NIH for use in the planned April 2020 Phase 1 study in America where CoronaVirus patient testing will begin in the State of Nebraska: REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus ( nCoV ) – Vaccine – Therapeutic Development – MODERNA INC. has shipped its first ( 1st ) batch of rapidly developed CoronaVirus ( nCoV ) vaccine to United States of America government researchers whom will launch its first ( 1st ) human tests of whether the shot could help suppress the CoronaVirus epidemic ( originating in China ) works. If the vaccine trial starts, as planned in April 2020, it would be about three ( 3 ) months time – from vaccine design to human anti-virus vaccine testing; whereby comparison ‘after the earlier outbreak of the old CoronaVirus ( SARS / Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome in China in 2002 )’ it took about 20- months for the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases ( NIAID – Bethesda, MD, USA ) to get a vaccine into first ( 1st ) stage human testing, according to NIAID director Dr. Anthony Fauci. MODERNA INC. turn-around time in producing the first ( 1st ) batch of the new CoronaVirus vaccine ( co-designed with NIAID ) after learning in January 2020 the new CoronaVirus ( nCoV ) genetic sequence; a shockingly faster response to this current emerging new CoronaVirus ( nCoV ) Outbreak. and

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus is virulent already, and without an anti-virus vaccine since, nothing’s stopping it, people really need to buckle-up because we are all in for this socio-economic dead-end ride: REFERENCE: RESEARCH:

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces – China Government Issued Wartime Order on February 13, 2020 citing Covid-19 β type mutant II variant virulent CoronaVirus, now a global hazardous to human health disease, according to China intelligence where its Full Report with the best English language translation appeared recently in a public post. RESEARCH REFERENCES: & ( CHINESE ): & ( ENGLISH ):

CoronaVirus Intelligence Bits ‘N Pieces: CoronaVirus – SARS CoV 2, Covid 19 – Pre-Screening – Patients – Human Rights – On November10,  2019, although ‘only once officially a respiratory virus suspect’, after weeks of emotional turmoil, bed-ridden fear plus, too many to name financial setbacks, I never had a ‘legitimately quarantinable disease. There was a point in time during early 2020 when I was forbidden from seeing my ‘assigned pulmonary doctor’ without a ‘COVID-19 mandatory prescreen’, and because I have a ‘different respiratory lung problem’, I feared being dumped into a mix of Rhino virus, MERS, SARS, SARS CoV 2 ( CoronaVirus ) and more virus patients with ‘me’ becoming ‘their CoronaVirus poster / bill-board suspect’ and quarantined until death. I was called ‘again’ and ‘again’ and ‘three ( 3 ) times within 1-day’ by Healthcare Partners advising me that my CEDARS-SINAI affiliate microbiology laboratory hospital emergency room referral appointment to see their selected ‘pulmonary doctor’ was having all his office patients CoronaVirus screened ‘outside his office in the parking lot’ so, I cancelled my doctor appointment because all his ‘respiratory patients’ were being lined-up ( without ‘social distancing guidelines’ and ‘without protective masks’ for undergoing ‘mandatory CoronaVirus pre-screening’ but ‘prior to any mandatory COVID-19 tests whatsoever’; in other words, the doctor’s’s office wanted me to participate in that type of unsafe and unhealthy huddle with their other patients so, that ‘Corporate Policy’ dictated whether patients could even see their doctors for medical treatment back then. I was not going to cooperate myself into death. REFERENCE: RESEARCH: & &

Enhancing intelligence via TMHT ( Tele-Mental Health Therapy ) networking feeds to data fusion centers expanding the scope of ‘background checks’ for weapon purchases, CCW permits, employment, contractors, subcontractors, et. al. ) bolsters public safety reliance while stabilizing security risk mitigation interests with ‘near real time predictive analytics for any situational crisis management’.

It’s already here, ready to be plugged-in; a relativistic measure for national population security reliances.

Currently, unbriefed, considerations understand geo-political and socio-economic blow-back.

While peddling such will not be easy, prior to any situational interruption(s), such must be taught, that:

“It’s now a matter of everyone’s national security interest today!”

People understand their alternative:

Continued headlines of isolated incidents too late to be interdicted.

Folks need to ‘feel safer’, when shopping, while children are at school, and in the workplace.

Sociologically and economically it makes perfect sense today and for our future. REFERENCES: PLUS, An Interprofessional Framework for Telebehavioral Health Competencies, at: RESEARCH ( Appendix-1 Pages – VIEW ):

China Lake Naval Air Weapons Center ( NAWC ) Coso Volcano Horn Uplift Lava Plume Dynamics …

In July 2019 I wrote a research report surrounding the 7.2 M and 6.4 magnitude earthquakes of July 4th & 5th, 2019 in China Lake, which I felt near the beach in the South Bay area of Los Angeles.

Recently, I became aware of both a sub-crustal Earth lava plume dynamics plus a conical ground uplift extending in 4 directions out from the area surrounding China Lake; in particularly, the Coso Volcanic Field Range.

Below, are my recent research reference findings surrounding what I believe deserves a far more closer review by academics to determine whether my novice threat perception bares any further attention.

17SEP19 ( Terral Croft – China Lake & Earth Lava ‘Horn’ Plume Dynamics ) RESEARCH: 05DEC19 ( ’60 Mile Radius Uplift’ / ‘Horn’ ): and 17OCT19 ( NASA – ‘Ground Deformation’ ): and 15JUL19 ( The UPI Guy activity report on Coso and China Lake ):

Project Thor by, BOEING, a little more on space-based kinetic energy deep ground penetrator tungsten core projectiles nicknamed ‘Rods from God’ ( 1945 – 1990 ). RESEARCH REFERENCES ( VIDEO ): &

Secret Space Program intelligence on ‘Project Career Return’ ( aka ) ‘Twenty and Back Program’ presented by USA 2nd lieutenant Jason Rice and Tony Rodrigues. Watch and listen carefully. REFERENCE ( VIDEO ):

Secret intelligence manipulation ( George Soros company ) and counter-manipulation ( N.S.A. ) of America election processing, spurring bloodless coup of President Donald Trump. What you were led to believe was not what actually happened behind the scenes, according to Dr. Richard Davis. REFERENCE ( VIDEO ):

TicTac aerial submergible spacecraft, from off-of the southeast coast of Santa Catalina Island ( Southern California ) aerial interactions with the U.S. Navy northwest offshore San Diego, gravity displacement anomalies, unreferenceable ( UFO / USO / UAP ) aerial / submergible ‘object motion up to 64 times faster than lightspeed ( 64C )’, gravimetric Directed High-Energy beam theory findings, plus Harold ( ” Hal ” ) E. Putoff ( formerly of the C.I.A. ‘Weird Desk’ ) mentioned plus more. REFERENCE ( VIDEO ):

TicTac fka NRO / IRO nka UAP aka UFO traversed Pacific sea / air space, in formation with other objects, off southeast coastal tip of Santa Catalina island ( Avalon, California ) with southern heading to offshore San Diego County. Watch navigation tracking map carefully in this VIDEO:

“Read Euler, read Euler, for he is master of all” … The Eulerian Wobble and Dzhanibekov ( aka ) Janibekov effects RESEARCH REFERENCES: & &

Pentagon CRADA documents investigation promotional with TTSA UFO confirmation perpetuating government UFO PsyOps rather than releasing classified technologies material. Official ‘Disclosure’ sought by tinfoil hats will indeed get their wish; only to the degree it remains within the bounds – and interest of National Security. A dramatic comedy, if ever there was one to behold, is unfolding before the eyes of the world. Enjoy the entertainment so, now you’ll know the rest of the story. BACKGROUND RESEARCH REFERENCES: ‘OFFICIAL’ GAMEPLAY: & BITS ‘N PIECES:

Secret ‘Seven Society’ member Frank Gardiner Wisner led the Office of Strategic Services (OSS ) Office of Policy Coordination ( OPC ), a clandestine intelligence unit, from 1948 until 1950 assimilated by the Central Intelligence Group ( CIG ) and later renamed Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) wherein 1951 ‘OPC’ was then secretly renamed ‘Directorate of Plans’ ( DOP ) with Frank Wisner as its Deputy Director over all covert activities until September 1958 when ( according to the C.I.A. ) Wisner underwent a ‘psychological breakdown lasting 2-years while remaining on CIA payroll into retirement in 1962 until 1965 when committing suicide’. For a credibly interesting historical perspective of America’s Intelligence Community by the now-late Chief of Special Operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff ( under U.S. President John F. Kennedy ) Retired USAF Colonel Leroy Fletcher Prouty outlines plenty. SPECIAL RESEARCH REFERENCES: &

In Conclusion –

We encounter challenges facing uncertain times with multiple dangers in-common requiring an ‘all hands on deck’ attitude; a ‘call to duty’, for our family of Fathers, Mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, neighbors, colleagues, comrades in arms and others whose life-stake steadfastly toils on behalf of our Savior protecting humanity in-lieu-of our frailties against harm we eventually realize our Almighty’s instilling purpose within us conveying His goodness for life as only He provides. God Blesses ( + ) us doing all we can do, no matter how or where we are situated. Never give up in the big things or the small ones; NEVER, ever! ( abridged, – Sir Winston Churchill )

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