by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

LOS ANGELES – April 11, 2020 – Be sure to watch some unique perspectives conveyed within a recent public broadcast that many are claiming may have you intelligently reconsider all the CoronaVirus ( COVID-19 ) alerts, warnings, various tests, symptoms, instructions and – soon enough – ‘innoculation shots’ you should be expecting to see next.

While Sweeden has it’s theory as-to how CoronaVirus can be done-away-with, which the Trump Administration does ‘not agree on’, there are yet other points of view.

Some anti-CaronaVirus theories might be as simple as a ‘Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Medicine Go Away’ to hazardously over-doing it by gulps of colloidal silver, etcetra, etc.

Then there are more complex theorums speculated upon by doctors, scientists and even a few indian chiefs too.

There are however, complex theory’s publicly shared that are never carried onto public air-waves my the mainstream news media.

CoronaVirus New Theory –

There is a work-horse of many colors poised in a position before a huge global cart, which may have been purposely hidden within something few ever heard-of before.

The ‘Russia 2045 Plan’ consists of an international Forum of developing nations and SuperPowers – including, America, Russia, China and others – planning on Earth’s progression toward ‘Transhumanism’.

Reference –

The Russia 2045 Plan may be coinciding with what an educated Southen California investigative journalist turned independent broadcaster, now producer, who hosts her own shows. I call her a ‘unique type-of galloping the world reporter, somewhat like Barbara Walters, but by-far more intuitive with a ‘Sixth Sense’.

Kerry Cassidy, host of her Project Camelot Productions shows recently explored various aspects of all this and much more within her growing popular published ( April 7, 2020 ) article entitled, “Is This An Invasion ?” ( “ARTICLE” – see link below ) until she video broadcasted something that’s now beginning to go viral.

Within just the past 24-hrs. ( less than 1-day ) Kerry Cassidy’s broadcast gained greater than 20,000 now at over 36,000 viewers on YouTube plus elsewhere too – worldwide. (“BROADCAST” – see link – further below ).

It was only upon her recent CoronaVirus theorized article, which really caught my eye ( plus a few others I know ), and before I could catch my breath she released a video broadcast that appears just beginning to go viral.

Sheep-People ( Sheeple ) Led Off Cliffs Now Being Saved By Project Camelot Knightlies –

Begin comprehending complexities within what’s really going-on, and ‘ahead of time’, by reviewing Project Camelot Articles, Reports, Video Interviews and Video Broadcast Updates that are more than just entertaining because they contain educationally creative content so, even theoreticians and academics as well as people just like you can enjoy them too.

It’s comfortable for folks, either you, an acquaintance or loved-one being saved a lot of confusion, wasted time and misgivings fed-from mainstream news media outlets to general public audiences.

By actually realizing more inside information, quickly beforehand, and for what’s to come in the not too distant future for all concerned Project Camelot serves people personally and in your own private best interests so, it’s important to be able to access greater knowledgeability rather than being bored to death watching ‘talking-head news pundits’ having their mouth-strings controlled by fake-rated network’s ‘puppet master profiteer elite’.

Articles, Reports, Video Interviews and Broadcast Updates all over Project Camelot are so fascinatingly captive that more than 65,000,000 viewers with more than 250,000 subscribers are receiving all they wish; without mainstream government-led big business storylines being crammed into everyone’s head.

Where The UPI Guy Is Coming From –

For 7-years now, I’ve volunteered full-time as a special assistant, researcher, and freelance writer of columnar reports exclusively for Project Camelot covering a myriad of topics ranging from Emerging Aerospace Materials Engineering Demonstrations And Operations to NonRefrenceable Objects ( NRO ), Unidentified Submergeable Objects ( USO ), Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ), Secret Locations, Time Warp Rifts, Archeo-Archaic Technology Artifacts, GeoAstroPhysical ExtraGalactic Anomalies, and Other Matters of the Unexplained.

After more than 45 years working in the field of global intelligence where I began in 1971 as an official U.S. Department of Defense Central Intelligence Agency Attache in the U.S. Air Force, I gravitated into the private-sector as a U.S. government global field intelligence asset for various missions of both the clandestine foreign missionings of a Top Secret government entity known as ‘Squad Six’ ( a U.S. Department Of Justice CounterIntelligence Squad led by one certain C.I.A. Deputy Chief ), and the U.S. DHS ICE OSI

Eventually, I had to quit working under ‘official dunderheads’ – at the top – who fowled too many missions of their Supervisory Special Agents whom I worked under as a global freelance government intelligence foreign nationale asset for America from 2002 through 2011.

People whom do the high-risk work I did as a freelancer – over the course of nearly one half century – are lucky to out-live publicly unwritten-about dedicated privatized specialty careers so, we’re not listed in the Yellow Pages telephone directories and typically ‘go to ground’ by remaining out-of any limelight publicity. I’m uniquely different in many ways, and so my colleagues call me an “odd bird.”

Who better than Kerry Cassidy, of Project Camelot, could understand the work within murky world areas so many of her WhistleBlowers have endured? That’s why I volunteer my 45-year career’s skillsets only for the betterment of humankind by still doing what I do best in any given case situation I come upon.

That is why when I first read Kerry Cassidy’s report, “Is This An Invasion ?” I had to go on record ( within the report, herein ) to openly support her article brandishing such unique schools of thought applicably pointing to such oddities circulating about all the nuances of the multi-faceted CoronaVirus topic, which she pointed-out so eloquently in her article.

Besides people who commented on her article ( ‘Is This An Invasion ?’ ), what attracted me so much was what all she described within her written article because it happened to coincide with not only the “Russia 2045 Plan” but also my own ‘logical assessments and suspicions’ leaving me with ‘nothing else fitting the pattern’ I studied that happened to uniquely coincided in a lot of areas with what she described.

Now, I would have let it pass as just coincidental except for one ( 1 ) thing; others, began saying the same thing to me – about her article ( “Is This An Invasion” ) – and ‘their suspicions’. Most interesting was the fact that all those others are neither academics in the world on intelligence matters and not all were highly educated so, that either demonstrates either a ‘Sixth Sense’ showing of the power of truth within human genetic sensing or, its something else I specialize in – ‘Other Matters of the Unexplained’.

Virulent Logic Studies By An Intelligence Academic –

So, to back-check my own knowledgeability coupled with observations, analysis and predictives, I began re-reading specific reports I had written and seen published from 2013 through 2020 on topics of deadly infectious contagions, plus a bioengineered weapon in 1991 that I wrote, published and republished several times since 2005. I would not leave any related studies of mine untouched in this process to discern fiction from facts I understood altogether too well over ‘only the recent past 15-years’ surrounding such subject.

I began with a personal close encounter with an event in my life that happened on November 10, 2019 when I personally developed harmful to human health symptoms negatively impacting myself and my volunteer work for Project Camelot, and by ‘my not knowing the reason for my ill health’ was reason enough to drive myself to a certain hospital Emergency Room E.R. ).

Once admitted in-to that specific E.R. I noticed increasing flurries of doctors and their staff rushing many multiple tests on me where 1-day later I found myself saddled with a personal bout; a fight within my own sanity.

A non-specialist E.R. doctor developed his suspicion ( contrary to 3 other senior attending doctors of mine ) – prior to any test results revealing what was medically wrong with me – I was clinically instructed – in the vaguest of terminology – that I ‘might have somehow become exposed to a highly contagious virus or infectious disease warranting a “temporary quarantine.”

I was moved, up away-from the ground floor Emergency Room to the 5th floor; a special patients quarantine floor within this Cedars – Senai affiliate hospital, for “further observation.”

The following very early morning, the Registered Nurse informed me that this one ( lone ) renegade non-specialist physician ( doctor ) took my medical matters into his own hands – contrary to 3 other senior physicians who conveyed their logical diagnosis – whereby further steps revealed his attempt to obtain a U.S. federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC & P ) “Hold Order” placing me into a ‘confined quarantine setting for up-to 60-days’ until ‘my sputum culture could be grown by engineers’ at this particular hospital medical center’s ‘microbiology engineering laboratory’.

On January 14, 2020 I wrote a detailed report that I saw to having published about my aforementioned experience, which ‘occured just a few weeks before the CoronaVirus became public news’ for the very first time.

In February 2020, what really scared me was the CoronaVirus was supposedly first discovered in ‘December 2019’ however, my further research found that the ‘first CoronaVirus case’ was secretly made sometime during the month of ‘November 2019’; the same month and year I wrote about my own personal experience of the curious doctor attempting to have his invidious “CDC Hold Order” placed on me; contrary to my other doctors who were all ‘his senior medical practitioners’.

Reference –

“Paul Collin: Caught A New Disease Secretly Rising Against Women by, Paul Collin ( January 14, 2020 ) [ ]

I began studying and analyzing virulent Outbreaks of ‘Epidemics’ and ‘Pandemics’ since 2013 having personally committed to exercising hundreds of my own hours researching, analyzing, and forecasting intelligence predictives on certain topics.

I was by no means an unfamiliar novice or paranoid conspiracy theorist because I always leaned toward verifiable facts from colleagues; not rumors from the mill of all hot air opinionated diatribes coming from armchair general barn owls and moon bat wanna-be experts who are ‘not’.

Where no concrete evidence exists, I retain trusted contacts in certain circles who provide my creative writing by aligning comparative technical content referenced by specially gathered other sources worldwide from trusted open public information domains where most do not search, and if government and institutional research references become unavailable; not limited to, and including ‘internet archives’ – if required – I simply do not write what I cannot prove-up without ‘logic’.

First, I wrote and saw to having published my first series of reports on a major ‘Tuberculosis’ ( TB ) outbreak amongst the homeless population in Los Angeles, California entitled, “Tuberculosis Outbreak U.S. Civil Detention Plan No Longer Secret” by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence / Paul Collin ( May 3, 2013 ) [ ];

Second, my report published on the ‘Ebola’ outbreak in Africa entitled, “Variant Viruses, Symptoms, Deviants And Solutions” by, Paul Collin ( October 31, 2014 ) [ ];


Third, ‘The Black Plague’ resurrection of ‘Bubonic Plague’ in America with my report entitled, “Ebola Or Bubonic Plague Hits USA” by, Paul Collin ( April 9, 2015 ) [ ];


Fourth, was my ‘initial Series of Briefs’ on ‘CoronaVirus’ I wrote and published at my LinkedIn.Com profile (Unwanted Publicity Intelligence) webpage feed describing ‘bats’ being eaten as an oriental world of delicacies plus a whole lot more within my other briefs too.

Reference –

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( at LinkedIn.Com ) [ ]


Fifth, was my ‘initial Full-Report’ on CoronaVirus entitled, “Global ‘Social Distancing’ Is ‘Self-Quarantine’ Human Cocooning ?” by, Paul Collin ( February 20, 2020 ) [ ];


Sixth, was my report published about U.S. government operational planning for a ‘virus Outbreak’ entitled, “CDC, FEMA, DHS, AZDEMA Drilled On Virus Outbreak Californians Flee To Arizona by Paul Collin ( February 28, 2020 ) [ ];


Seventh, was my report published about seven ( 7 ) deadly variant CoronaVirus mutated strains entitled, “How Many CoronaViruses Exist Today ?” by Paul Collin ( February 28, 2020 ) [ ]

In conclusion, coupling all my government intelligence skillsets training, operational field experiences, research, studies and observations, analysis and predictives I can intelligently recommend Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot ‘written article’ “Is This An Invasion'” primarily because of its ‘logical intuitiveness’ coupling what we both are aware-of, and I highly suggest following up her article by watching her ‘video broadcast’ too, all of which tells ‘The Rest Of The Story’.

References –






Until We Meet Again –

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