My guest is Benjamin, expert remote viewer and manager of Crypto Agenda.

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Benjamin grew up in a family of holistic/medical doctors, having been exposed to alternative and natural practices for well over 20 years, including iridology, kinesiology, muscle testing, Qi gong, and chiropractics.

Benjamin studied to become a doctor himself, dropping out just before completion. He has recently gone back to finish his education where he will be a fully qualified practitioner by the end of 2020, as well as setting up his Private Membership Association in order to provide an alternative private healthcare membership.

Benjamin is an expert in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, having created a handful of blockchain tokens himself. He has helped patent many blockchain inventions.

Above all, Benjamin has special abilities in that he can see future events. He is classed as an expert remote viewer. He has had thousands of documented and time-stamped forecasts which he received through his remote viewing, including, but not limited to the cryptocurrency movement and news, economic and political events, earth changes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, as well as a recent health crisis and much more

Benjamin gives forecast accuracy on his predictions, with well over 60% – something that should be taken notice of.

Benjamin helps to manage a private cryptocurrency group through Patreon/Telegram, where he keeps his subscribers up to date on everything cryptocurrency-related, such as the coins that will survive and thrive, and the timing of such coins. He also shares with his subscribers what he sees coming regarding world events. He keeps his members up-to-date daily but also puts out a monthly report covering the major events.

Benjamin’s Crypto Currency group is called The Crypto Agenda, and can be found at .