by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – February 20, 2020 – The word / term “Quarantine” has already been politically corrected to “Social Distancing” so, no matter what people wish to call ‘human cocooning’, the fact-is that the “COVID-19” ( also known as ) “2019nCoV”or “CoronaVirus” has expanded to far more countries and populations totaling at-least 150,000 infected people currently identified.

Mayo Clinic Vaccine Research Group ( Rochester, Minnesota ) director Dr. Gregory Poland said – of the COVID-19 type II mutant virulent Corona Virus – “It’s like Swiss cheese [ e.g. multiple perforation holes ]. It’s going to leak out. You’re just trying to prevent the tidal waves [ multiple gigantic volumes of contagious disease unleashed at once ].”

Too Many Quarantine Mistakes Already Occurred & Conflicting Officially Reported Numbers Of Infected People –

It’s difficult ( at best ) for members of the general public to know what to do to even attempt to protect themselves. And, it’s not getting easier to trust doctors and other medical professionals who secretly follow government agenda storyline preventatives to try and quell any widespread chaos from breaking out. So, what else can people do to become proactive for preserving their own health and those of their loved ones and friends?

In America thirty ( 30 ) people, infected with COVID-19 corona-virus cases, saw fifteen (15) onboard the Diamond Princess cruise ship where passengers were ineffectively quarantined because both sick and healthy people were not separated sufficiently, according to experts from the U.S. Center for Disease and Control Prevention ( Atlanta, Georgia ).

Unofficially, an ‘independent medical professional ( one doctor, in China ), already secretly reported greater than 100,000 people were already infected with this same new Corona-Virus Beta ( Type II mutant ) virulent strain. And, despite lock-downs on movement inside China plus worldwide restrictions on travel to and from China, plus a variety of quarantine measures, the World Health Organization ( WHO ) on February 19, 2020 only officially reported that in addition to about 1858 – according to China ( PRC ) – there are 1,000 people located in twenty-five ( 25 ) more countries now infected with the COVID-19 Beta Type II mutant Corona-Virus virulent strain communicable disease.

America Lists Even More Contagious Infections, within several states where numbers of infected people continue spreading nationwide in less than the past 30-days.

New York ( Department of Health ) officials having just identified at-least 575 people as “Medium Risk” ‘potentially infecteds because of recent travel’.

California (Department of Public Health) officials identified greater than 5,400 individuals.

Washington officials identified 745 people asked to self-quarantine.

Georgia health officials identified about 200 travelers.

Michigan ( Department of Health and Human Services ) said 300 + people were officially referred for COVID-19 CoronaVirus monitoring.

Virginia, 138 people are monitored.

In Iowa, 27 people are voluntarily self-quarantined plus,10 people in North Dakota are too.

Infectious disease experts now indicate that, while quarantines can help slow the spread of a virus, they cannot stop the COVID-19 Corona-Virus disease from spreading entirely (global).

Wake Up Without A Vaccine And Soon Nothing Is Under Control –

This outbreak is by no means anywhere near being over so, ‘do not get too relaxed’ because the way matters currently are being forecasted by experts, you or someone you know may yet become infected.

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