by, Paul Collin, The UPI Guy

LOS ANGELES – January 20, 2020 – Suppose many recently heard about my terminal medical condition, which I researched and wrote about here ( link below ) for primarily ‘women’, ‘children’ and the few ‘men’ it affects, and to make you all aware of this ‘relatively new ( 2011 ) environmentally caught lung disease’ that has ‘absolutely nothing to do with smoking’, plus the sad fact it’s ‘not being publicly broadcasted anywhere’ – at-least ‘not yet’ – so, once again you’re hearing about this ‘first’ on Project Camelot within The UPI Guy column report, here:


If you were unaware, now you know more upon reading the aforementioned report about what’s going on behind the scenes, and you might want to tell a friend about what’s going on too since ‘mainstream news media is not broadcasting public health alerts’ about it.

An “environmental disease,” supposedly contracted from ‘fresh water’, ‘soil’ and ‘animals’, according to the U.S. Center for Disease Control Studies and Prevention ( CDC ) is alarming because I do not know of anyone who does ‘not come in contact with fresh water, soil and animals’, and what makes this so unique / rare is the human body’s inability to combat the new strains of what is generally described as a “Non-Tuberculosis Mycobacteria” ( NTM ), of-which I have contracted the ‘non-communicable’ lung disease identified as “Mycobacteria Avian Complex” ( MAC ) that has yet to have any clinical treatment guidelines whatsoever established for any absolute cure.

If it really is a relatively new ‘environmental lung disease on the rise in women’ why isn’t everyone walking around with these NTM strains such as MAC, MAI, etc.? Something tells me that, ‘the public is not being told the ‘whole truth’ about this.

Has it come from ‘Chem Trails’? E.T. Aliens? Or perhaps, an an enemy nation or Third World State Actor terrorist group? If neither, ‘what’ then, and from ‘where’ did this come from?

Is there any way people can be proactive by protection (s) against this?

I researched long and hard before writing the aforementioned report, and even ‘I’ could not find the answers to ‘what’ and ‘where’ it originated.

So, now back to my report …

Few knew, it was already hard enough for me as-to the likelihood of my ending-up losing my van I’ve lived in for the past 13-years because I couldn’t pay a loan-shark his $1,010 bucks ( to fix my van, which it did ) but to repay that $1,010 ‘before the end of this month’ ( January 31, 2020 ) nears that crucial deadline, and now I’ve got some ‘new rare environmental lung disease’ that doctors are clueless as-to how to treat with any defined guidelines whatsoever plus, I’m still trying to muster up enough donations for the $1,000 mobile heating system just to keep me alive, which doctors told me would save my life.

Then, there is dying and trying to pass my Howard Hughes files and all the other millions of pages of secret files on for the good of humanity knowing what else is out-there that they need to be watchful about, and I’ll revisit this secret files dilemma further down  ( below ) within this same report and ask for your assistance too because maybe there is something you can do.

How all the aforementioned dilemmas could befall me at once is truly a nightmare out-of-control, and yet I struggle to maintain my psyche and physical self in one piece through my final journey of life on this planet where I’ve resided for the past 68-years, the last 13-years of which I lived as a vehicular homeless person, volunteering my research, writing and special services for information delivery to members of the Project Camelot audience for the past 7-years, and all this came to conclude my purpose in life.

I still need food, multiple antibiotic medicines, medical inhalers, money for personal hygiene ( coin operated laundry, soap, etc.), plus gasoline for transportation ( medical office visits, hospital emergencies, etc. ) while vehicular homeless in my van on the streets of Los Angeles where I am additionally staving-off street gang thug vandalisms on my van at night when I should be sleeping peacefully but cannot, making additional challenges too much drama.

It has been one thing after another, with me, and with no relief in sight I sometimes think it would be better to step off a curb in front of a cement-mixer truck to stop the pain, suffering, anguish, stress, and pangs of hunger as I reach the end of my life.

It was suggested a couple of days ago I should consider perhaps, ‘selling – to the highest bidder – all my secret files I’ve stored for many years since I am now near the end of my life’, a thought that initially did not set well internally with me for I have held on-to a high degree of integrity in monitoring proportional releases of my nearly 16,000,000 electronic document image page files covering a plethora of global intelligence information that ‘still required a certain amount of security oversight’ that I felt compelled to hang-on to even ‘after death’.

How does one come to a point of relinquishing what has become for decades as a de facto or de jure intelligence family of secrets of that which has a code of honor and loyalty for humankind?

So, near the end of my trek, I now realize I’ve become a commissar or ‘gatekeeper’ of-sorts.

The Howard Hughes files, of which I possess thousands of pages of, came to me through a cut-out (middle-man) of that Mormon family who founded a city in the State of Nevada.

Reference –


Quite frankly, I may be down and out and going into the final countdown but I still cling to the integrity my folks raised me with: to never ‘sell out’ just for the sake of a few bucks – even to make my last few months on Earth a little more pleasant.

Not a snakeoil salesman nor do I want to go out looking like a fast-buck artist who’ll sell his life’s files to just anyone so, how do I pass what all I have, including the Howard Hughes vault file copies of to someone that will take the time to understand and then maintain security over the timed releases of such intelligence?

Have always tried to be of ‘genuine service’ to humankind by releasing certain information without injuring people during the decades long service I have devoted to the world.

Am exhausted, out-of breath all the time, have moments of serious difficulty breathing, coughing, and in overall ill-health placing me in a physically weakened state however, I am not mentally diminished; at-least not ‘yet’.

Making a decision to unload my secret files onto someone else involves a great deal of consideration, and I trust that the right decision will come to see this last mission of mine through, properly and without any mental reservations whatsoever.

Don’t have the energy nor the inclination to mount a money campaign for myself. Years ago, I tried a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign to garner enough money to professionally produce a public documentary series. My goal was $500,000 of which I netted $50 so, I know I’m no good at fund raising.

Suppose this appears today as-to how my vehicular homeless saga ends.

Many blessings to you and your’s aa you have always been of great morale support for me for quite some time now.

I very much welcome your spirit of support, especially ideas and comments as-to my dilemma and how you see any positive solution for me.

My dying wish is to leave my files to a competent person who will disseminate them all properly and eventually publicly as I do not intend on taking all this information I’ve worked decades to collect to my grave. And, I do not wish to put my files up for sale to the highest bidder because my integrity has never been a marketable item for anyone to purchase. It is my intent to donate my file collection.

I’m calling out to the good people of Project Camelot for an intelligent solution to my dilemma by contacting me at your earliest convenience for a wholesome solution to.preserve this for the sake of humankind.

Thank you.



God bless you all and God bless America.

Very appreciatively your’s,

Paul Collin

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