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EMERGENCY SUPPORT NEEDED: Perscription antibiotic medicine for multiple infections ( $94 ), Food ( $80 ), Blankets ( $60 ), Laundry machine and laundry soap money ( $30 ), petrol ( gasoline ) for medical appointments, vehicle repairs for 2 severely damaged tires ( $100 ) and electrical computer circuit board relay boxes ( $348 ). Any help is welcome for my basic survivability needs.

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LOS ANGELES – December 16, 2019 – Special research and reporting on the plight of homeless people was begun in California for Project Camelot Productions during a high-risk field assignment for 7-years designed to enlighten skeptics shining a spotlight on greater than $10,000,000,000 Billion dollars in monies earmarked to manage the socio-economic crisis was absconded away-from what it was supposed to be used for, and just turned how and why homelessness and medieval diseases have been on the rise while business secrets fueled official corruption steering taxpayers and property owners to believe one altruistic thing while secretly allowing it to grow out of control for over the past 10-years.

In 2012, what began as an unfortunate financial downturn for one person who went from being a former U.S. government war-time foreign intelligence operations specialist to a budding high-technology businessman in southern California sprung him back into U.S. foreign intelligence operations as a Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) operative for 4-years overseas until returning to America where he oddly landed as a ‘homeless’ person on the streets of Los Angeles. How could this happen?

Properly Identifying Homelessness And The Untold Greater Evils –

After struggling for 6-years ( 2006 – 2012 ) across several states from coast-to-coast, he returned homeless on the streets of America from where he began to research a myriad of different subjects and report on them while in the field as a homeless person preyed upon all the while by street gang thugs in Los Angeles so, in 2012 he decided to begin writing about his homeless environment hoping to uncover how and why this plight was growing in greater proportions in California while spreading across America like a disease. Was it ‘mental illness’? Was it in the water supply? How then, could such be happening to 55,000,000 people in America? Someone needed to let people know. But, who?

To Slay A Dragon After Living In It For 13-years –

Who more qualified, than someone holding unbiased opinions experienced with many global cultural, social, business and government perspectives on multiple situations who more interestingly is really stuck in the trenches; deep down in the belly of the beast of this homeless monster that from multiple different directions secretly threatens millions of people in America where the rampage is at its worse.

Research References –




What puzzled me within the County of Los Angeles was why the vast number of homeless population is secretly racial-driven because what has yet to be publicly reported is California’s “Pay To Play” ‘alien employment schemes’ operated rampantly from within the depths of most all local businesses, and here’s how it has been working behind the scenes for decades:

One or more employee acts quietly as an ‘alien employment coyote’ referring certain individual undocumented or fraudulently documented aliens to obtain jobs under-the-table whereupon those new hires pay up to 1/3rd of their hard earned wages to that ‘alien employment coyote’ for having gotten them hired even though most do not speak nor comprehend the English language whatsoever.

Typically, such new hires are placed into low-skilled job areas mostly filling-up all ‘service related industry and retail business jobs’; in particular, fast-food restaurant chain jobs.

How was the aforementioned information obtained? First-hand, after 13-years living in-field as a ‘vehicular homeless person’ throughout The Greater Los Angeles Area of Southern California where I have been able to personally become acquainted with retailers, churches, homeless and gang members on the streets from where I mixed in for greater than one decade.

Racial disparities in California workplaces immediately recognize an overburdensome vast number of displaced homeless individuals, more-so because they simply do not statistically appear within any local, county or state record-keeping as-to who’s homeless and who isn’t homeless because there still remains no way of accurizing such statistics. One only need look at what is occurring in California to immediately recognize such disparities that screams, “Something’s not right in California!”

You’d have to witness this first-hand to believe, that from the intermodal transportation trucking businesses to fast food enterprises, there is a “Pay To Play” for job assignments that secretly exists, which has rampantly undermined U.S. Citizen’s rights to follow their occupational calling rather than succumb to homelessness, which is only one of the dirty little untold secrets coursing throughout America over the past 40-years, and nothing’s being planned for any course correction either. But, ‘why’? Well this situation report reveals some inside shocking perspectives you probably were unaware of.

Welcome to my world where upon returning to America from several years on assignment in Eastern Europe, I was shocked to find I could not obtain employment even at a fast food corporate giant like McDonald’s because of ‘language prejudice’; I did not speak Spanish.

For 4-years I went in search of work, and was denied employment because of my language and age where prospective employers all said I was either ‘overqualified’ or ‘did not speak Spanish’.

Today, as an elderly, handicapped, Viet Nam War era disabled veteran, I have accepted the fact that I lost my Country to non-uniformed invaders whom took even menial jobs that I could work even today.

Churches And Food Banks Selective Homeless Discriminations –

From the halls of St. Mary’s catholic church in Lomita, California where I was issued 2 cans of dog food and a freezer burned ham sandwich to eat, and told that as a ‘homeless person’ I did not qualify to get the better food that the ‘poor people’ receive because I don’t have cooking or refrigeration facilities.

I was encouraged to travel to the Los Angeles Food Bank in Long Beach, California to pick up a box of food whereupon arrival I noticed a group of small trucks operated by ‘food coyotes’ having boxes of food hurriedly loaded off the dock so, I asked for a box of food and was told the price was $8 or I could go to Alameda Street in South Los Angeles and pay $6 per box.

Shrugging my shoulders at boxes of food that were supposed to be ‘free’ at the L.A. Food Bank, I entered the front office where I was refused a free box of food and told all these food boxes are free only to churches.

I informed this Food Bank I had driven around to twenty-two ( 22 ) churches claiming they had ‘no food in their pantry’ and was almost out of gasoline fuel so, I asked for the ‘nearest church’ where I could get a ‘free box of food’.

I was told, “That list is confidential. If you want free food, drive to downtown Los Angeles at the Union Rescue Mission for the homeless.”

With tears in my eyes I explained my van didn’t have enough gas to drive an additional 23-miles and back, and was told if I didn’t leave the premises immediately the Police would be called to remove me.

Further research discovered a priest had just been arrested by Police for feeding the homeless because he was authorized by the L.A. Department of Public Health to distribute cooked meals to the homeless.

Reference –


Day and night dodging roving street gang members, vandals, theives violence and beggars whom are homeless is not conducive to society representing good citizenship in the California caustic environment of outrage boiling over.

Reference –


Unlike Los Angeles Police Department street cops whom treat the homeless with respect, the County of Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department needles, harass and roughs-up homeless told they ‘cannot sleep at night’ forcing them to walk the streets and shopping centers like zombies where they’re only permitted to sleep during daylight hours.

Within most all ‘unincorporated areas’ of The Greater Los Angeles Area, this type of shoddy inhumane law enforcing upsets applecarts ( and shopping carts carrying the personal belongings ) of homeless people left with no other humane alternatives.

Poking the evergrowing hornet nests of thousands of homeless forced to roam the streets becomes frightening for all concerned.

San Francisco Homeless Problem: Where’s The Money Going?

The fact, is: Officials want to ‘regulate people whom do not want to be officially regulated into a meat-grinder system’. Hence, money is being wasted on ‘homeless programs that have no mandate to get the job done to everyone’s mutual satisfaction’.

No matter how mainstream media news wishes to spin that a ‘new day is coming to solve homeless issues’, residents are unfortunately being lulled into FantasyLand; just as the following 2016 CBS news broadcast proves where now – only 3-years later ( 2019 ) it’s worse than ever before.

Reference –


Corrupt Officials And How They Get Over On Their Constituent Voters –

Today, because of cleverly operated forms of sophisticated but subtle corrupt practices within ‘The System’, the whole system in California where ‘new concepts are easily hatched by bird brains’ reeling out-of-control.

What is being witnessed is a progressive societal breakdown spreading like California plagues across this Nation.

Exemplifying Official High Finance Corruption –

Whether official ‘City Finance Managers’ – behind the scenes – could be having their pockets lined with money, property or businesses by private contractors ( China ? ) managing Funds through High-Yield Investment Programs ( HYIP ) providing secret high rates of return on monies that ‘remain in schemes rather than being spent on solving homeless housing issues’, remains to be investigated.

In other words, big money can and usually is being made behind the scenes, a fraction of which goes to officials via kickbacks out-of contractors collecting big money from their fees to manage public Funds that yield big interest on billions of dollars, which were only ‘earmarked to cure the homeless crisis’.

California officials are even bringing lawsuits, preventing expenditures of billions, claiming the manner by which curing homeless issues do not fit how officials think billions ought to be spent, and while such plausible deniability and disavowments of any wrongdoing persist, I am keenly familiar with just how officials and governments get-by with financial crimes on a global scale; one of my intelligence specialties ( 2001 – 2011 ) – not everything I’ve practiced since 1971.

Secrets Of Certificate Of Participation ( COP ) Notes, Social Impact Bonds, Funds, Trusts And Other Measures Of Official Investment Corruption –

State of California politicians history of secrets behind revenue generators and expenditures kept out of sight from voter constituents is not an uncommon legal way for official frauds being perpetrated on the public as exemplified by the following revelation years ago:


Today, official names for such have changed in addition to the level of sophistication behind official graft, corruption, fraud, and more that are absolutely chilling to public consciousness once exposed.

From 1974 – 1983, I worked for nearly one decade in high-risk field operations with up to eight ( 8 ) law enforcement organizations simultaneously as an undercover ‘political intelligence operative’ throughout southern California where within local cities, county, state and several federal law enforcement groups my entire family was nearly killed on several occasions in addition to myself who eventually walked away with only a ruined reputation. See, e.g. First Edition, ‘The Twisted Badge’, Chapter 8, The College Professor.

References –

Labrynth Of Official Financial Corruptions –

The longer politicians can keep billions earning interest in secret foreign investment markets, some re-routed back into E*Trade accounts and elsewhere, many are actually placed in-to ‘foreign investment arenas’ too where more money and other things continue to flow through clandestine kickback channels received under the table by multiple officials without any public knowledge.

How Terrorists Received Clandestine U.S. Political Funding –

A classic case example on how such schemes can work surrounds a 1996 – 1997 federal case involving a former City Finance Manager ( Terry G. McCully ) of Clovis, New Mexico ( USA ) on a school Bond program investment where monies were clandestinely used in a HYIP that funded a rebel group ( Lord’s Resistance Army / LRA ) out-of Uganda ( sent through Sudan ) with C.I.A. backing to overthrow Libya decades ago.

A group of individuals connected with school funding ( HYIP ) investment issues in Clovis, New Mexico, were:

– Gabriel MacEnroe ( St. Gallen, Switzerland and Egham, Sussex, UK – C.I.A.-DOJ Squad Six NOC contractor );

– Geoff MacEnroe ( Dublin, Republic of Ireland; European Union Steering Committee Programs );

– Ralph King ( California, USA ); and,

– U.S. Senator Montoya ( New Mexico ).

[ NOTE: See, e.g. U.S. District Court Southern District of California ( San Diego, CA ), a federal civil case, for more details. ]

U.S. Attorney John Kelly ( U.S. District Court, Albuquerque, New Mexico ) handled the aforementioned U.S. District Court case involving Terry McCully in USA vs. Powell Onen P’Ojwong.

References –

Where such Private Placement Fund broker’s fees are a customary 3% of the total amount being invested, when it comes to ‘billions’ we’re talking about a lot of kickback value; enough to go around to multiple officials – especially where HYIP interest rates of return can easily run 50% per year or greater so, there ‘is’ money worth following in such case instances where ‘billions are not being spent for over 10-years’.

In the predominantly Democrat State of California it would perhaps, be a stretch to suppose monies funneled into Ukraine over several years might provide certain political favoritism insurance policies.

In addition to the aforementioned issues, the following list of various types of incident reports ( below ) serve to document serious threats to life facing most all California residences, businesses, law enforcement officials, medical professionals, public health investigators, homeless and many other individuals today.


Billions Of Dollars To Help California’s Homeless Population Are Piling Up And Going Unspent –

Don’t Blame California’s Poop Crisis On Capitalism –


Union: LA Officer Gets Typhoid Fever, 5 Others Show Symptoms –

Typhoid Fever, Typhus & Tuberculosis: Are L.A.’s Medieval Diseases Coming To Your City? –

Medieval Diseases Are Infecting California’s Homeless –

Homelessness And The Los Angeles “Disease Renaissance”: Typhoid And Typhus Make A Comeback –

California Department Of Public Health – Typhus ( Flea-Borne ) –

Tuberculosis Outbreak In Downtown L.A. Sparks Federal Effort –

LA County’s Sales Tax Increases Sunday To Help The Homeless. Here’s How Much –

Empty Apartments In L.A. Would Be Taxed Under Plan To Help Homeless –

Businesses Groups Administrative Office Tax And Payroll Tax – Homelessness Gross Receipts Tax ( HGR ) –

Property Owners Can Do Basically Whatever They Want to Homeless People Now –

Big Tech Isn’t The Problem With Homelessness. It’s All Of Us –

California Ballots Get Creative On Homelessness And Affordable Housing –

Homelessness Grows In California Despite New Government Spending –

Doctor’s Notes: Children Shouldn’t Have To Endure Homelessness –

Opinion: Why California Is Failing To Put A Dent In Homelessness –

A Haven For The Homeless –

Los Angeles Shows The State How Not To Address Homelessness –

Tech Billionaires’ Obligation To The Cities Around Them –

This Columnist Thinks California Is In Big Trouble. The Fix ? Kill Prop 13 ! –

To-date, I have been vehicular homeless in Los Angeles since 2006, and after living homeless for the past 13-years on the streets of California, Oregon and Washington, as a former Intelligence Community professional over the past 43-years you just might want to listen to what I have to say.

I am not proud of my unfortunate case situation. Had it not been for every chance and circumstance encountered along life’s path I would have never come to know more about humanity’s inhumanity toward ourselves today.

The problem is ‘houselessness’ from where all disadvantage people in America need to become great again.

After the Viet Nam war I did not easily slide back into society. I jaggedly carved my own high-tech niche in the workplace, assisted several federal agencies, travelled the world, performed high-risk research as a non-official cover international asset, and ended-up homeless. The only thing that kept me free of alcohol and drug abuse was my refusal to give up by exercising a lot of tennacity and voicing a lot of my piss ‘n vinegar attitude toward being of service to my fellow man.

Never skipping my evening prayers nor lost my belief in God and Country, I learned one thing. Compassion.

This concludes my research and analyis situation report on official corruption applicable to financial fraud under color of authority, public safety and socio-economic impacts surrounding the State of California homeless crisis overburdening hard working taxpaying U.S. citizen voters today.

Happy Holiday Giving –

If you found my report enlightening, here on Project Camelot, please consider sharing it with someone you know during the holidays.

EMERGENCY SUPPORT NEEDED: Perscription antibiotic medicine for multiple infections ( $94 ), Food ( $80 ), Blankets ( $60 ), Laundry machine and laundry soap money ( $30 ), petrol ( gasoline ) for medical appointments, vehicle repairs for 2 severely damaged tires ( $100 ) and electrical computer circuit board relay boxes ( $348 ). Any help is welcome for my basic survivability needs.

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Thank you.

Happy Holiday to You and Your’s.

Respectfully submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin ( U.S. Congressional Lobbyist Fed. Reg. No. 09537000 / 1983 – 1988 )

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

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