by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy, at Project Camelot )

LOS ANGELES – October 9, 2019 – Often times obscured amidst humanity are beings of the ‘human’ race versus beings of the ‘humane’ race where more than just the character letter ‘e’ distinguish what caliber of beings are comprised within homo sapien beings.

Specifically, those ‘inhumane’ versus ‘humane’, where differences boil-down to those walking amongst us whom either ‘have compassion for their fellow beings’ and those having little to no compassion for anyone other than themself or whatever they consider to be “their’s.”

Unswerving dedication toward helping humankind is altogether too rare a commodity toay where predominantly the self-absorbed remain content serving themself without regard for any of the fallen amongst us.

It is by-far more self-rewarding to give rather than to over-indulge one’s self in-to receipt of reclusiveness by abandoning compassion for one’s fellow human beings.

It is by far more internally self-enriching to give of one’s self to others and be fortunate enough to receive one ( lone ) ‘genuine’ “thank you” or ‘donation’ from someone whose life was positively touched from the fruits of all our hard labor, and to experience ‘that’ feeling of accomplishment really makes all our hard work worthwhile.

To step out on a limb and take a stanse on an issue or supposition is often times an incredibly scary proposition we come face-to-face with internally. And, where we reach that ‘Y’ in the road and chose the path we do, our heart, soul and mind ‘knows the correct choice’ and we also ‘making that choice public can sometimes wreak havoc amongst our peers bringing dissension amongst the ranks and even ruination to our life-long unself-lish commitments for the sake of conveying knowledgeability benefits to others to be beneficial albeit in ‘this life’ then ‘the next’.

The mark of courage is not found by towing the party line around audiences. Daring to go where no others journey is ‘the most challenging adventure’ of a lifetime where such ventures demand we remain true to our self so others experience our inner being of light demonstrating belief in what they have come to know, trust and never be disappointed with. This, is our life of genuine love for the well-being of other’s benefit.

And now for Project Camelot Productions Kerry Cassidy, I thank, for bringing everyone – within the scope of her global audience – into the bigger picture set forth before her awareness table of enlightenment where she keeps a myriad of people up-to-date surrounding a cornucopia of pertinent humanity issues on Earth to beyond the stars.

Undoubtedly, a herculean task she performs for so many that even-more should be supporting her production infrastructure improvement requirements, without which she cannot sustain shining even-more light on very real additionally serious issues facing the world where everyone has a ‘need to know’ more about what’s coming next.

We as a race of beings would otherwise be left in the dark remaining clueless according to what’s only being spewed from the mouths of government-embedded journalists and broadcasters via mainstream news media diatribes keeping people muddled in confusion with uncertainties rising up at the most inopportune times to disturb pur very way of life.

By Kerry keeping her eye on a myriad of global bouncing balls of new information together with her global cadre of contacts, everyone benefits from her providing a well-rounded ‘Heads Up’ throughout Project Camelot productions informative interviews with very unique people offering her audience members-only exclusive global reports.

Speaking of what’s on information tables …

I only periodically write a report about once a week for Project Camelot where I volunteer research and provide only a little extra content, it is important to note that Kerry Cassidy carries the weight of the world while producing Project Camelot.

Now, even I’ve noticed a drastic increase in requests coming to me from the Project Camelot audience asking for even-more reports on the subject of ‘other beings’ ( E.T., et. al. ), ’emerging and otherwise unreferenceable systems of transportation and teleportation’, and more. Rarely am I requested to address ‘humane interests’.

While many members of the overall general public remain oblivious as-to what’s ‘really going on behind the scenes’, to even-better enhance their own individual knowledgeability on even wider types of alternative media news items requiring in-depth research for detailed content and production, I must gently explain that in order for my capacities to be expanded to that level, my infrastructure would have to be improved seeing weekly or monthly donations in order to obtain a more stable base of operations from where research and reportings could drastically improve both content and delivery to a wider public audience for Project Camelot.

I’m surprised to see one ( 1 ) or two ( 2 ) donations per month and am very grateful for anything to just keep me alive so I can continue for the Project Camelot audience.

In my particular case instance, I would require being taken off the streets of Los Angeles from where I have been conducting all my research and reporting in the field where I have used my van for both living, sleeping plus, volunteer accommodations to effort my full-time and attention exclusively for Project Camelot over these past 7-years.

You and I do the best we can, given our individually separate circumstances, to provide as many people as we possibly can with information based only upon donations because we’re not being funded by large corporate advertising interests. In essence, we are ‘humane volunteers researching information conveyed for the enlightenment of people.

More donations are needed, not for personal enrichment, because we cannot even afford to pay ourselves any type of decent salary for the seemingly endless hours we work for all members of general public audiences.

In essence, as a collective team we are ‘volunteers on behalf of the faceless many whom depend on us’ so, helpful reminders go out to audience members hoping that someone will step up to the plate and go to bat for us once in a while; and, for ‘me’ ( anyway ) such comes more as a surprise than anything else – I remain extremely appreciative of when a donation eeks its way to me.

What the audience does ‘not see’ is our ‘daily and nightly struggles’ on behalf of ‘them’, and that we’ve come to appreciatively accept on our own, and were it not for those rare occasions of support and feedback personally received I would have died in despair due to ‘no humanity extended’ so, everyone needs to know just how truly grateful I am to still be alive today.

Television used to air “Telethons” filled with ‘entertainment’ where audiences could view donation goals coming in during a fundraising show ‘give-away’ to unfortunately situated people, such as Jerry Lewis and his Telethon drive for children stricken with polio ( “Jerry’s Kids” ).

Project Camelot audience members are predominantly ‘adults’ and yet they recognize having been previously stricken by government embedded mainstream news media broadcasts for decades so, the relief that Project Camelot brings to audiences comes from reviewing more knowledgeable in-depth information.

Your audience are essentially defacto or dejure “Kerry’s Kids” who are being treated to ‘alternative news’ and enriched by entertaining notions presented nowhere else, and with that exclusivity, they personally share with people they meet, friends, associates, loved ones and family members.

While you remain very considerate of your audience, Kerry, so-as not to request they donate Telethon quantities of donations to provide the infrastructure mainstream news media channels operate with, your pleas for donations come in moderation; and, for those who know you well – such requests are only issued when you ‘really need audience donations’ to keep Project Camelot operating.

Project Camelot has bills for infrastructure maintenance, operations and production costs so you require a lot more in donations for considerably more.

I, on the other hand, volunteer full-time and only require staying ‘alive’; and, since I have remained ‘vehicular homeless’ for the past 13-years, only 7-years have I done so as a volunteer exclusively for the Project Camelot audience.

The purpose of my communique to you, Kerry, prefaces a rare glimpse of one ( 1 ) lone item that came across my desk ( so-to-speak, because I have no space in my van ) from one of Project Camelot’s long-time members who live overseas.

This retired individual stays profitably occupied but took time out of their busy day to share an article with me because he recalled my having researched in-depth this subject and written at-least six ( 6 ) in-depth reports on it; four ( 4 ) reports of which, made it into The UPI Guy column on Project Camelot.

My reply ( see below ), to this audience member of Project Camelot, lashes out at the situation presented within the story because it touches upon a very sensitive nerve concerning humanity and how government officials are allowed to get away with allowing people to die, become infected with disease, promote such tragedies spread to other people, and unlawfully retain hard-earned tax monies that were taken to prevent these tragedies from spreading – an untold horror.

– –


Thanks for writing and sharing the article link:

As an aside to that aforesaid news story …

A normal basic single ( 1 ) room for rent: $800 per month.

A dangerous gang-infested slum area basic single ( 1 ) room for rent: $600 per month.

I have remained on-top-of all the ‘official thievery’ these politicians are committing with over $1,000,000,000 billion stolen out-of-state tax paid coffers, which is ‘why’ President Trump told California it will no longer subsidize ‘federal monies’ already squandered several times under past Administrations that continuously threw hard-earned taxpayer monies at such problems hoping such would simply vanish; but,.only the ‘tax monies’ “vanished” instead – while the ‘problem’ remained.

The humanity issues are of zero ( 0 ) concern to ‘officials’ with their hand crammed into the ‘local Treasury chest’. They should experience what the now-late Philippines President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos always did to ‘corrupt officials caught stealing from the people’; he would have them lynched by the neck and left dangling from the top of light poles until the birds removed their flesh – whereby such was left for ‘all people to witness’ precisely ‘what will happen to anyone who steals from the people’.

Saudi Arabia has its policies too for thieves. Get caught once, and the left hand is chopped off. Twice? The right-hand gets chopped off. Three times? The.head is chopped off.

Amazing crime reductions in many lands; except, America. ? The article link you sent is moreover a ‘national disgrace of utter inhumanity’, and should have been ‘appropriately handled’ and done-so ‘swiftly’.

Too, ‘public complicity by turning a blind-eye toward humanity’, in such instances, should be dealt-with by ‘loss of citizenship’ for not having practiced ‘good citizenship’ by ‘instantly ousting official leadership’.

Therefore, there can be no Nation without a fabric of citizenry practicing good citizenship for the protection of all’.

Such diligent oversight binds people of nations together with other like-minded nations where respect of humanity is demonstrated, for that singular core principle was the catalyst binding tribes together since time began on Earth. Without it, many societies of today are doomed, and its people have been so misled off the track of humanity that they are oblivious as-to where they’re headed. Like sheep led off a cliff, so-too they shall fall.

Hope you’re well, Sir, and I enjoyed being able to share my thoughts with someone because it appears to me so often that most are more-so unwilling than unable to step up to the plate and take a swing at problems for humanity.

We are of the same kind, a family of folks born with enough brains to figure out what needs doing.

Ironic that cave dwellers knew when to shun those harmful elements away-from their tribes because the risk of allowing a rotten apple to remain in the barrel poisons unto ruination the lot.

Today officials tell us to allow rotten apples to be in our midst, not to shun them, but to welcome poisons into our societal structure where the State tells us that ‘they’ ( tax paid officials ) can no longer afford ( not enough tax dollars in Treasury coffers ) to ‘hospitalize, convalesce and care for mentally ill people’; to which, I say:

Officials, in the State of California ( alone ), over the last 30-years have continued to empty 600 – 700 mentally ill people per day onto the streets so, it is not surprising why a significant portion of homeless on the streets live and die there sooner as a cruel means of population reduction in such flushings of humanity rather than maintaining people placed into rehabilitation programs where they too can become of service to their fellow humans.

Again, some see the blind-eye condemning lots of humanity to ‘deadheadedness’ led by official dunderheads.

Amazing that we, as members of a race of so-called intelligent beings of humanity, are actually not yet ‘outcasts’ ourselves.

Or, are we? Not yet realizing just how far we’ve slipped off another cliff – one of indifference.

Sincerely your’s,




– –

Kerry, keep up your excellent work at Project Camelot for everyone in the World as you’ve been doing over these past 20-years.

My hat is off to you and those supporting human life.

All we can do as a people is help each other for good.

Very appreciatively your’s,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( The UPI Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]









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