by, Paul Collin ( Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy / UPI Guy at Project Camelot )

August 30, 2019 ( Original: January 22, 2011 )

LOS ANGELES – August 30, 2019 – During the Winter of 2010 in Southern California, I was privately contracted to conduct an independent research study into background affairs surrounding the now-late L. Ron Hubbard.

My private client studied in the greater Boston, Massachusetts area and later become intimately familiar with an especially trusted personal associate of L. Ron Hubbard for many years.

My review of the L. Ron Hubbard affair, began shortly after this same client personally handed me for review what later became infamously known as the MJ-12 documents, and although his set contained more pages, I conducted and completed a forensic review as a freelance global information asset of the Intelligence Community where I secretly specialized in, amongst other things, as a legacy document examiner whereupon I applied my skillsets those on all that I had  been presented and returned those documents along with my preliminary research report.

He said, “Paul, before performing the next task on a U.S. government listening post station near Perth, Australia I have in mind for you, I need a personal favor from you regarding someone I was engaged to be married to; she’s an executive involved with the L. Ron Hubbard organizational empire. Can you do this personal favor for me?”

The following information ( below ) contains my preliminary research notes without the satellite and aerial photos, real estate property diagrammatics, surveillance installation information drawings, and Final Report I presented to my client.

I was leery about accepting my client’s personal request for a variety of reasons, especially subsequent to what I discovered about the Majestic 12 documents containing eight ( 8 ) significant tell-tale markings deeming them to having been manufactured instruments designed to mislead anyone, nevertheless I agreed to take on my client’s assignment surrounding the L. Ron Hubbard affair.



CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY central belief is that humans possess an ‘immortal soul’ or ‘Thetan’ that passes through a process of reincarnation process from one body to the next, living trillions of years, whereupon as humans “drop their body” ( die ) the ‘Thetan’ goes to a ‘landing station’ on planet Venus where misleading information premises about the Thetan’s ‘past life’ and ‘next life’ returned to planet Earth where it supposedly is placed into a newborn baby but instead these Thetans are encapsulated and dumped into the lower sea Gulf of California.

More than 6,500,000 million like-minded members, of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY, are located in over 200 countries worldwide.

CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY founder Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (aka) L. Ron Hubbard was believed born in 1911 ( near Tilden, Nebraska, USA ), was believed to have “dropped his body” ( died ) on January 24, 1986 and is now believed buried at his ranch in California.

Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (aka) L. Ron Hubbard estranged son was named Ron DeWolf.

Elites, Gold, Advanced Technology Materials, and NEW OT Levels

Historical Chronology & Details –

1947 – Believed to be the date ( December 1, 1947 ) was when Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (aka) L. Ron Hubbard began his doctrine for the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY;

1950 – The book entitled “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health” was believed written by L. Ron Hubbard;

1952 – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where L. Ron Hubbard doctorate courses included tapes ( tape number 20, dated December 6, 1952 ), and during a lecture L. Ron Hubbard described British author ( The Book Of Law ) Aleister Crowley, and Satanist, as “my very good friend.”;

1953 – Believed the official year when the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY was begun by L. Ron Hubbard;

1966 – SEA ORGANIZATION (aka) SEA ORG is a ‘sect of elite members’ ( of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY ) whom sign 1,000,000,000 ‘billion-year future lifetime contracts’ with their motto “We come back,” also saw a fleet venture of ships ( organized by L. Ron Hubbard ), to:

– Rhodesia ( now known as Zimbabwe ), Africa where L. Ron Hubbard searched for gold treasure believed buried there by Cecil Rhodes.

– Sardinia was where L. Ron Hubbard claimed liaisons with a ‘priestess’ of some ‘temple’ believed located underwater.

1968 – Mediterranean where L. Ron Hubbard, aboard his private sailing yacht ( The Enchanter ), claimed headed – with a select few ‘chosen’ ( including Hana Eltringham ) – on a ‘mission into time’ to find treasure buried during ‘previous lives’ on Earth.

1981 – LENSKE LENSKE AND ABRAMSON ( formerly known as ) LENSKE LENSKE HELLER AND MAGASIN law firm attorney Sherman Lenske was the ‘principal architect’ for the L. Ron Hubbard estate plan and overall L. Ron Hubbard ‘intellectual property’ documents – as part of that plan – from April 1981 as the estate planner, estate executor and probate attorney until the San Luis Obispo, California Probate Court concluded during January 1989.

1982 – RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER ( RTC ) was incorporated on January 1, 1982, for the ‘purpose of owning’ CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY trademarks, service marks, exclusive copyrights and Advanced Technology through an “Advanced Technology Assignment” ( ATA ) designed to ‘protect intellectual properties’ associated with the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY. On January 19, 1982 existence of CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY ‘new Advanced Technology levels’ ( then known as ) “NEW OT VIII” through “NEW OT XI” were announced. The Advanced Technology Assignment ( ATA ) document was prepared by attorney Sherman D. Lenske ( Woodland Hills, California ) on behalf of L. Ron Hubbard whose signature appeared thereon dated May 10, 1982, and later verified by one of the U.S. foremost forensic handwriting experts William Bowman of the Los Angeles Police Department. The Advanced Technology Assignment ( ATA ) document was eventually executed on May 16, 1982 by the signatures of Glen Marlowe ( president ) and Laura Marlowe ( secretary ) for the RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER ( RTC ) to become the ‘primary beneficiary’ of the estate of L. Ron Hubbard ( before he died ) and designated to purchase properties for vaults, amongst other things. During June 1982 or July 1982 an addendum ( “Addenda” ) to the Advanced Technology Assignment ( ATA ) document – ‘adding’ additional ‘Advanced technology materials’ – was signed. On November 12, 1995, Sherman Lenske took credit for the ‘creation of the L. Ron Hubbard estate plan’ and ‘documents effectuating that plan’. There was also a separate Trademarks Assignment, Will ( January 23, 1986 ), and Trust;

1983 – L. Ron Hubbard had a ‘handwritten’ letter and declaration documents contained a ‘unique time dated ink’ that was ‘specially prepared’ and ‘formulated’ by the ‘U.S. Treasury Department Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms ( BATF )’ forensic chemist Richard L. Brunelle. Those documents contained the fingerprints of L. Ron Hubbard who arranged those documents for delivery to a California County of Riverside Probate Court judge;

1983 – Mt. Diablo County of San Joaquin, California 5,000-acre Triple Jay Ranch was purchased by the CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST ) [ Los Angeles, California ] on August 24, 1983 but 4-years later sold it for $1,500,000 million to the Roy E. Naftzeger Jr. Trust on November 20, 1987;

CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST ) [ Los Angeles, California ] registered ‘trademark’ are ‘double diamond circles’ – symbols viewed as far above Earth by even aeronautical spacecraft, atop ‘both’ their real estate properties, at the:

– Creston Ranch, California facility [ GPS GeoRef coordinates: 35.4530843N 120.5014481W 35.4530843N 120.5014481W ]; and,

– Trementina, New Mexico facility vault.

1984 – Trementina, New Mexico in San Miguel County ( 40-acres ) facility was purchased on February 3, 1984, and later equipped with ‘nuclear weapon blast-resistant’ doors ‘maintenance free for 1,000 years’ and two ( 2 ) V-shaped tunnels 350-foot long. INTERNATIONAL GROUND SUPPORT SYSTEMS ( IGSS ) of Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA built these facilities. In 1992, CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY leader David Miscavige claimed ‘nickel-plated record technology’ used as a preservation technique – required revamping – for L. Ron Hubbard writings buried inside the Trementina, New Mexico vault.

U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ) topographic quadrants location, for the Trementina, New Mexico vault facility is technically located, in: Canon Olguin, Cerro De Corazon, New Mexico, USA.

Global Positioning Satellite ( GPS ) geographic reference coordinates of vault, is: 35º3058.20N 104º3437.92 W ( Source: Google Earth )

Architecture, by: MAZRIA ASSOCIATES ( Santa Fe, New Mexico ) [ Ed Mazria ];

Tunnel Construction, by: DENMAN & ASSOCIATES ( Burke Denman );

Engineering, by: UNDERGROUND SUPPORT ASSISTANCE ( Santa Fe, New Mexico ) [ John Pye ].

Chuck Dunigan, the caretaker, was active in the County of San Miguel government.

CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST ) – following a land swap in 1992 plus another acquisition in 1995 – owns approximately 3,000 acres in the County of San Miguel, New Mexico.

U.S. Land Patents:

Patent #30-92-0118 – 400-acres in T15N, R22E, Sections 14, 22, 23, 27 ). Followed a “land exchange,” for adjacent sensitive ecological property acquired by CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST )  from Sedillos. In the acquisition, the U.S. government retained mineral rights and mineral access. APN 1-131-087-066-330 ( Section 23 value $22,000 ), APN 1-131-088-460-330 ( Section 14 ), APN 1-130-087-330-460 ( Section 22, value $7,333 ), APN 1-131-088-460-330 ( Section 14, value $22,000 ) in 1992; and,

Patent #30-95-0010 – 40-acres in T15N, R22E, Section 27 – APN 1-130-086-132-440 in 1995.

San Miguel County, New Mexico deeds:

Book 229, Page 6527 ( 2/3/1984 ) Original Grant Deed ( Grantor: Simona Padilla Estate, died 6/21/1983, Probate Case No. 83-22 PB )

Book 234, Page 2510 ( 8/24/1992 ) U.S. Land Patent #30-92-0118

Book 236, Page 6 ( 1/3/1995 ) U.S. Land Patent #30-95-0010

San Miguel County

Tax Assessor Book 2-A under C

Parcel Numbers and ID Numbers:

1-132-088-060-445 ( ID #610890 )

1-131-087-200-310 ( ID #600280 ) 640-acres transferred to #658864, Section 23 Tax Exempt Status per #SM12-0029-94. Improvements and Value over $2,925,000 million.

1-131-086-400-350 ( ID #658864 ) Section 26 + Others,

1-131-088-132-320 ( ID #610885 ) Section 14, value $37,500.

1-130-088-340-132 ( ID #610846 ) Section 15, value $37,500.

1-131-086-110-445 ( ID #610884 ) Section 26, value $124,690. Transferred 43-acres to 1-131-087-200-310.

1-132-089-264-132 ( ID #610868 ) Section 12, balue $37,500.

1-130-087-132-132 ( ID #610847 ) Section 22 & Section 23, value $37,500.

1-130-087-330-330 ( ID #610845 ) Section 23, value $37,500.

1-131-089-390-132 ( ID #610844 ) Section 11, value $37,500. ( includes 1-132-088-364-030 and 1-131-089-390-132 )

1-133-089-060-130 ( Township 15N Range 23E Section 7 ) East part, ID #650651.

1985 – Operation Paper Chase, during the spring, L. Ron Hubbard had:

– Steven Fishman reposition Church of Scientology holdings by converting ‘derivative trading profits’ into ‘gold bullion’.

– Steven Fishman was also dispatched to “South Korea” for signing a “North Korea” ‘gold bullion shipment’.

1986 – L. Ron Hubbard was believed to have “dropped his body” ( died ) at his California ranch.

On January 22, 1986, the Last Will & Testament of L. Ron Hubbard indicated that, amongst other things, $35,000,000 million dollars was to be spent on ‘constructing one ( 1 ) vault’ where the L. Ron Hubbard ‘intellectual property’ research writings were to be etched into ‘gold bullion plates’ and ‘stainless steel plates’ buried within the 1982 Trementina, New Mexico vault facility that had already been built, which in 1998 was publicly revealed as being the vault where that was all held. Subsequent to 1986, however, other vaults were additionally built.

1988 – Topaz, California in the County of Alpine, California ( 43.9 acres ) is the nearest city near where the CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( Los Angeles, California ) originally purchased the Lady Washington Mine consisting of 26.23-acres, however the CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( Los Angeles, California ) acquired an approximate total of 43.9-acres ( 23.8-acres and 20.1-acres ) of property here. Geographic reference coordinates of that mine are Latitude / Longitude: 383608N 38.60222 1194546W -119.76278 ( degrees, minutes, seconds, and decimal degrees ), according to the U.S. Geographical Survey ( USGS ) map EBBETTS PASS quad.

1988 – RELIGIOUS TECHNOLOGY CENTER ( RTC ) on November 30, 1988, was assigned the remainder of rights ‘other than copyrights’ to the Advanced Technology by the L. Ron Hubbard Will Executor Norman F. Starkey;

1989 – L. Ron Hubbard Estate was believed settled into two ( 2 ) divisions:



Far beyond L. Ron Hubbard Will planning ‘only one ( 1 ) vault’ for $35,000,000 million dollars adequately holding his own ‘intellectual property’ writings and research material, the CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST ) [ Los Angeles, California ] nevertheless continued, buying:

1. ‘Even more remote real estate properties’;

2. ‘Even more construction’ for ‘even more lavish residences’ as ‘caretaker houses’ thereon; plus,

3. ‘Even more exotic vaults’.

1990 – Petrolia, California in Humboldt County ( 23 parcels ) where the Petrolia, California vault cost estimate was between $3,000,000 and $5,000,000 million dollars, according to Humboldt County chief building inspector Todd Sobolik, plus an 8,000 square foot ‘caretaker quarters’ 3-bedroom house – nicknamed “The Bunker” – with an estimated construction cost of $300,000 dollars contained closed-circuit TV ( CCTV ) monitoring cameras ( in almost every room ) with intrusion alarm systems throughout. BRANT ELECTRIC ( Arcata, California ) handled construction electrical work on the residence with steel stud wall supports on a concrete floor atop concrete piers standing 20-feet tall above the ground beneath. The entire facility first ( 1st ) tunnel consisted of pouring 16,000 square yards of concrete, plus a second ( 2nd ) tunnel. The CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY twenty-three ( 23 ) parcel compound had the Humboldt County tax assessor value the entire property at only $1,190,000 million including $510,000 in improvements that for 11-years ( 1990 – 2001 ) only saw a Humboldt County tax bill of only $18,488 dollars. The facility is atop Walker Mountain just west of the Pacific Ocean;

1998 – Finally, ABC News publicly reveals that buried deep within the Trementina, New Mexico vault facility with steel-lined tunnels ( designed to survive a nuclear blast ) were thousands of metal ( ‘stainless steel’ and ‘gold bullion’ ) records ( contained within heat resistant titanium boxes ) that a solar-powered turntable would playback the beliefs of L. Ron Hubbard.

That didn’t stop CHURCH OF SPIRITUAL TECHNOLOGY ( CST ) [ Los Angeles, California ] that just went on, buying:

1. ‘Even more remote real estate properties’;

2. ‘Even more construction’ for ‘even more lavish residences’ as ‘caretaker houses’ thereon; plus,

3. ‘Even more exotic vaults’.

2008 – Sweeney Canyon, Wyoming / Rock Springs;

– Twin Peaks, California;


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Paul Collin

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