[ Searles Valley ( background ) on NWS China Lake property (Courtesy: Kentron Intellect Research ) ]

Current Earthquakes ‘Arena In Circus’ Outcomes

by, Paul Collin

Los Angeles – July 8, 2019 – Online for computers, smartphones there are ‘software applications’ ( aka ) ‘Apps’ used by computers and smartphones, and now within ‘social media’ at ‘Twitter’ there appears to be an Artificial Intelligence ( aka ) ‘A.I.’ “Robot” ‘account-holder’ identified as “LA QuakeBot” ( ” @earthquakesLA ” ) with a ‘printed introductory statement’, read as: “I am a ‘Robot’ that tells you about earthquakes in Los Angeles as they happen.” Apparently, it is only ‘built by’ – or more accurately, ‘manipulated by’ (” @BillSnitzer “) extrapolating ‘data feed information’ out-of the ‘actual producer’, that is the U.S..Geological Survey ( USGS ) automated system.

What remains hidden from the public however, where moreover and foremostly exists ‘raw data’ instantly captured from a variety of both ground-based, sea-based plus ‘space-based’ platforms utilizing a variety of different ‘seismic sensor signals’ fed at extraordinarily fast ‘data transmission speeds’ to a ‘U.S. National Security Agency ( N.S.A. ) federal contractor client / vendor ‘Data Fusion Center’ network linked by a ‘Teaming Division’ management system’ simultaneously controlled-by oversight via Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) for predetermined “Decisionmakers” and predetermined “Destined Notifiers” manipulating a ‘classified host’ of U.S. National Security interest-keeping bodies.

Research Reference –


This report saw its creator screaming to himself, “I am a ‘Human’ who tells ‘Robots’ even-more about earthquakes than only Signals Intelligence ( SI ) sensors do, and those advancements are ‘not yet programmed from certain analytical minds of humans’, which are based more accurately upon ‘human observation predictive analytics’ calculating both ‘geological seismic reaction measurements ( supplied by U.S.G.S., NASA, et. al. ) plus, ‘human visual’ / ‘optical geological surface terrain ‘obstacles’ and ‘thoroughfares’ to determine ‘patternings’ of earthquake “Swarm” ‘navigation’ ( ‘ headings ‘ ). In essence, providing ‘Advanced Public ( ‘ government ‘ ) Private ( ‘ population ‘ ) Alert’ ( ” APPA ” ) ‘Watches’ and ‘Warnings’.

Eliminating perceived skepticisms, an exemplified set of event occurrences are provided for your review ( below ):

From Acorns Of Observations Trees May Grow Acres Of Knowledgeability –

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[ WARNING NOTICE AND DISCLAIMER: The following private conversation, between this report ( herein ) ‘Author’ ( Paul Collin ) identified as ” ME ” ( below ) is “Intellectual Copy-Righted” material co-owned jointly and severally by and between ‘he’ the ‘Author’ ( Paul Collin ) and ‘his Agents and / or Assigns, ‘his Publisher only’ ( ” Kerry Cassidy ” ), ‘his Anonymous co-conversant’ ( ” CIRCUS MAN ” ) and ‘his co-conversant Agents and / or Assigns’ of whom ‘only aforesaid named or implied by virtue of their so-named herein anonymities as authorizeds’ may by ‘express permission or denial’ to any other individual or entity provide ‘any’ and or ‘all’ portions either ‘in-whole’ or ‘in-part’ of the ‘following text body contents ( below )’ may neither be ‘reproduced for unauthorized further distribution’ except by those named-so herein either by their ‘true names’ or ‘aliases’ nor ‘in-whole’ or ‘in-part’ for ‘republishing’ without their ‘express permission in-writing or by verbal first-hand personal consent’, unless ‘mutually agreed-upon modification in-writing by all parties named or referred-to by pointed reference within this ‘Disclaimer’. ]

… [ EDITED-OUT FOR ADVANCED RESEARCH PURPOSES, See, i.e. “ADVANCED RESEARCH ( OTHER )” at bottom of this report ( herein ) ] …

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:28 p.m.: “HUGE EARTHQUAKE HERE ALL OVER GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, and YES, I’m still here. Friday night, cars on packed freeways slowing.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 8:28 p.m.: “Oh no! What magnitude?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:28 p.m.: “Happened about 8:25 p.m. ( PST ). No info yet.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 8:30 p.m.: “Roger that, be safe bro.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:38 p.m.: “Thank you, Sir, it was by-far much-much stronger than yesterday [ 04JUL19 ]. Still no info as to epicenter location being released to public, but it was a 7.1 Magnitude earthquake. Up and down, and side to side shaking for 20 to 30-seconds in duration. Las Vegas, Nevada also felt it. Worse than the 1994 Northridge earthquake in Sylmar, California just north of Los Angeles. This evening’s [ 05JUL19 ] also came with Power Outages in Fillmore, California plus, a 1,000 Firefighters were called-in.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 8:42 p.m.: “Darn. Any idea on damage or casualties?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:43 p.m.: “News very very slow and I’m tuned-in so, this is odd … Okay, just now downgraded to a 6.9 M earthquake with no aftershocks YET. Ridgecrest ( China Lake Naval Weapons Station Warfare Center ) hit AGAIN [ 04JUL19 and now 05JUL19 ], and ‘that’ is from my insider in San Diego via Ham Radio.

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 8:46 p.m.: “Wow”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:43 p.m.: The 6.4 M yesterday [ 04JUL19 ] was a “FORESHOCK” to today’s [ 05JUL18 ] 6.9 M, and Cal-Tech Lucy Jones just reported that. In 1968, my neighbor’s friend worked at the China Lake Naval Weapons construction site where he was a ‘structural steel ironworker’. A secret leaked to me, was that facility ( he worked-on to build ) was an eight ( 8 ) story subterranean iron steel girdered building structure. FYI.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 8:53 p.m.: “Yes, and the MUFON community is all wound up about hieroglyphics there, the Navy even lets people see them.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 05JUL19 at 8:43 p.m.: “The fact that we have NOT had any AFTERSHOCKS tells me there IS more to come. At Chapman University in 1979, I took a special earthquake class, with only 24 foreign family kids therein, learned a lot.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 05JUL19 at 9:27 p.m.: “Roger, thanks, something is up; more than meets the eyes.

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 12:50 a.m.: “STATUS:

1.: Residents of Ridgecrest, CA and Trona, CA left their homes and rather than leaving are now living and sleeping in ‘their cars’;

2.: Sacramento, CA in northern California and Las Vegas felt the China Lake quake that was upgraded to 7.1 Mag;

3.: Since yesterday’s China Lake / Ridgecrest quake it has had 2,000 + earthquakes plus 100 + earthquakes in past 2-1/2 hrs.;

4.: The Fault Line has ripped open with ground fissures for 11-miles and expected to extend up-to 35-miles North toward China Lake;

5.: Officials at CAL-TECH Seismology Laboratory said ground motion has NOT STOPPED MOVING AND IS MOVING SO MUCH AND TOO FAST that even computerized instruments CANNOT CALCULATE THE TOTAL NUMBER OF QUAKES IN PAST 2-1/2 HOURS;

6.: Officials have confirmed Water Main breakage / leaks, Electricity Power outages in Fillmore and Trona, CA at China Lake Naval Weapons Station; and,

7.: Road ( Highway 78 ) between Trona and China Lake has collapsed and was Closed to Public. National Guard Bureau has dispatched 200 National Guard troops, plus U.S. Air Force, and this and more is now being tasked in The Pentagon just now; and,

8.: USGS confirmed at 12:06 a.m. ( PST ) on July 6, 2019 that ‘ALL recent earthquake Epicenters’ occurred at ‘remote location’ underneath the “China Lake Base” [ U.S. Naval Warfare ] military site property.

9.; Furthermore, at 12:10 a.m. ( PST ) 06JUL19, military advised “It’s only going to get worse over the next 2-weeks” so, WTF does ‘that’ mean?;

10. Furthermore, the military is now utilizing an “Ammonia Gas Cloud” release in the China Lake U.S. Navy weapons / warfare center military facility that may likely precipitate evacuations of the surrounding local area populations;

11.: Eight ( 8 ) Landslides, Ground Fissures Opening up for 11 to 35-miles long, 1 Sink Hole, Gas Lines leaking, Fires, Water Main leaks, People living in cars now;

12.: City of Trona, California is totally devastated, buildings collapsed, mobile home parks on fire, total electricity black-outs, plus many-many earthquakes continually as of 12:50 a.m. [ 06JUL19 ] this Saturday morning; as of the time I’ve posted this comment here.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 4:20  p.m.: “Wow stay safe and start thinking about leaving Cali. Thank you for the excellent updates under bad conditions. I understand, just stay safe, and note that I am expecting another major quake in the next 24-78 hours, though I hope not, and it won’t be at China Lake.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 4:22 p.m.: “That’ll be our “Oh, s-h-i-t moment.” Where, New Madrid?”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 4:23 p.m.:  “No. San Andreas makes sense, but I am convinced it is coming and will be the trigger for the San Andreas to release.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 5:05 p.m.: “Okay, I just looked at the map and that ‘swarm line’ already just reached the box canyon dead end ( just east of Little Lake, CA ), and when it did ( around 4:30 p.m. 06JUL19 ), I saw it stop and then revert to shooting out-of China Lake NWS in a bee-line swarm headed NorthEast toward “Telescope Peak” ( Pantamint Mountain Range ) whereupon, it will either blow the top off ‘it’, or quickly return to China Lake and shoot SouthEast for the San Andreas Fault Line around nightfall ( 8:00 p.m. ). It’s 5:05 p.m. here, now.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 5:10 p.m.: “Why don’t you get out bro!?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 5:10 p.m.: “Uh-oh, just now returned to Ridgecrest where it’s trying to make up its mind … Argh! Durn quake must be a readin’ muh text … lol”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 5:10 p.m.: “Why don’t you get out bro!?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 5:11 p.m.: “Flat broke, or I’d have left for Tucson yesterday.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 5:10 p.m.: “There have been over 1000 aftershocks according to USGS as of yesterday [ 04JUL19 ]. If so I agree. Or, do you mean after today’s [ 05JUL19 ] quake?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 7:52 p.m.: “No aftershocks from current quake. Yesterday’s [ 04JUL19 ] quake had a 5.1 aftershock. Nothing on current [ 05JUL19 ] quake so, am girding myself up. Lots of freeway crashes and some closures ( The number ’60 Freeway’ route was closed )”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 7:52 p.m.: “Roger. So do you think China Lake is the epicenter?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 7:52 p.m.: Definitely, Searles Valley area ‘adjacent China Lake NWS’.

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 7:56 p.m.: “If I am right there will be a spider webbing connecting multiple faults and stress fractures which will release soon. Think dominoes with stress fractures and aided by hydraulics. Fractal fracturing. Spider web. Water levels and even heat effect local geology as does vibration including ultrasonics. There will be more I am afraid.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 7:59 p.m.: “[ your ] ‘Spider web’ my ‘Snowflake’ patterning same. This current dotted earthquake line is only 1-hour old, and I can safely predict Barstow, California is in the path of the line of quakes now ripping Southward. It’s headed for the San Andreas, my friend, just like you earlier indicated. There is news from what I just looked-at on the quake map, the shaker [ aftershock ] I ‘just now [ 05Jul19 ] felt’, was one of several [ earthquakes ] now in a line headed down to Interstate 15 on a DIRECT BEE LINE FOR BARSTOW where at I-15 and I-40 junction we have a military air facility [ Fort Irwin flight-line ] that Google began covering-up with its paste-in ‘green crop circles’ covering up what’s parked on that flight-line. I remember seeing Tilt-Rotor military planes and helicopters there before, but cannot see [ satellite cover-up ] jack-diddley-dog-poop [ on flight-line there ] nowadays.”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 8:06 p.m.: “Something about Barstow is ringing a bell in my head. Can’t think of what it is though.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 8:10 p.m.: “I-15 is the only Eastern route out-of Los Angeles to Las Vegas. If it hits I-15 at Barstow, all trucking from the East into L.A. will be cut-off; as will all residents to leave L.A. going East. It IS the proverbial CHOKEHOLD !”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 8:10 p.m.: “Yep and I remember what’s in Barstow, besides a large rail yard it’s home of Marine Logistics.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 8:10 p.m.: “FYI Not ALL quakes are being allowed to be fed-through my App, which for YEARS is the best one available BTW because USGS is THAT “Chokehold’.

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 06JUL19 at 8:13 p.m.: “They are likely overwhelmed but I get the feeling ‘someone is managing or editing dissemination of information’. There also seems to be some forehand knowledge by the powers to be that concerns me. Yes, that’s why at the least you need to think of where you can get-to where people are not.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 06JUL19 at 8:20 p.m.: “Indeed, because when I texted that [ above ], I was [ then ] being shakened in my parked van, and NOTHING has yet registered [ on my App indications ] THAT SIGNIFICANT a magnitude to be able to do-so ‘here’ [ where I am ], based on my field experiences. Wait, THERE IS MORE SHAKING NOW STILL AT THIS MOMENT where I am now. I am in the heart of gangland Zombies, my friend, and it would take me 1-1/2 hours to get to the I-15, 30-miles south of the San Andreas. Am flat broke.”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 07JUL19 at 9:51 p.m.: “Ridgecrest / Trona, California ( 6.4 M & 7.1 M ) China Lake earthquakes now see four ( 4 ) finger-like line swarms of quakes aiming toward the huge San Andreas Fault Zone line intersecting three ( 3 ) key critical infrastructure highway potential areas of interest:

1ST, at: Palmdale, CA ( Interstate 5 area ) to Santa Barbara, CA;

2ND, at: Gorman, CA / Grapevine, CA ( Interstate 5 at Tejon Pass area ) to Ventura, CA;

3RD  San Bernardino, CA ( Interstate 15 at Cajon Pass area ) to Palm Springs, CA down to Calexico, CA ( Interstate 10 area of Salton Sea down to Northern Bay area of Baja California, MEXICO ).

The aforementioned, latter of which currently ( Sunday 07JUL19 ) extended SouthWest just past the military installation at Fort Irwin, CA  to Barstow, CA where at 07:56 a 2.1 M earthquake occurred today; which my ( Paul Collin ) predictive analytics noted yesterday, Saturday 06JUL19.

ALERT: 4 potential earthquake strike areas, along the San Andreas Fault line, intersecting 3 major highways in Southern California.

That is all.

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 07JUL19 at 9:53 a.m.:  “Excellent summary and it is as I suspected would play out. Hang on !”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 07JUL19 at 2:29 p.m.: “Any shaking going on?”

ME ( to Circus Man ) on 07JUL19 at 2:32 p.m.:  “Haven’t ‘felt’ any [ yet ) … The entire ‘Greater Los Angeles Area’ – and even Santa Catalina island ( Avalon, CA ) offshore ( 30-miles away-from me ) – plus Orange County too, are all having earthquakes today … Hang on [ checking updates ] …

About 25 earthquakes down here now:

1.: Two ( 2 ) at my predicted ‘Tejon Pass area’ ( near Gorman / Grapevine, CA );

2. Several in San Bernardino County of which 1 was just South of San Andreas at the base of the Crestline, CA Big Bear mountain near my predicted ‘Cajon Pass area’ ); and,

3. Two ( 2 ) at Pearblossom, CA & Vincent, CA just South of my predicted ‘Palmdale, CA’ “Buldge” near the ‘San Andreas Fault’. I’d say, that puts my earlier predictive analytics pretty-much SPOT-ON !”

CIRCUS MAN ( to me ) on 07JUL19 at 2:46 p.m.: “Well, I was the one who mentioned the ‘San Andreas’ lol But, yes, that coincides with ‘both of our predictions’.

You should be publishing these updates. It’s  good publicity for you; the reporter on the ground.

Some news agencies might even pay you.

Moreover, you might save some lives; just a thought.”


– –

The aforementioned non-fiction accounting, supplied with Research References ( below ), although certainly lengthy, provides a ‘documented example for general public audience review’ demonstrating how people might wish to perceive another arena of ‘earthquake predictive analytics’ extrapolated from a ‘gathered perspective’ as-to how ‘Human Intelligence ( HUMINT ) may uniquely assimilate ‘Electronic Intelligence’ ( ELINT ) producing ‘collective interpretative outcomes’ benefiting everyone’s healthier tomorrows.

I suppose there may likely be a flip side to that aforementioned perspective coming soon from Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) cognitive reasoning studies; unlike ‘Spock’, suggesting an ‘electronic mind-meld’ – instead.

How late might this report have come too late to a population’s attention?

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earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/map/#%7B“autoUpdate”%3A%5B%5D%2C”basemap”%3A”satellite”%2C”feed”%3A”1day_all”%2C”listFormat”%3A”default”%2C”mapposition”%3A%5B%5B28.497660832963472%2C-126.91406249999999%5D%2C%5B44.933696389694674%2C-111.09374999999999%5D%5D%2C”overlays”%3A%5B”faults”%5D%2C”restrictListToMap”%3A%5B”restrictListToMap”%5D%2C”search”%3A%7B”id”%3A”ci38457511″%2C”isSearch”%3Atrue%2C”name”%3A”Search Results”%2C”params”%3A%7B”endtime”%3A”2019-07-27T03%3A19%3A52.820Z”%2C”latitude”%3A35.7664986%2C”longitude”%3A-117.6047974%2C”maxradiuskm”%3A250%2C”minmagnitude”%3A4%2C”starttime”%3A”2019-06-15T03%3A19%3A52.820Z”%7D%7D%2C”sort”%3A”newest”%2C”timezone”%3A”local”%2C”viewModes”%3A%5B”map”%5D%2C”event”%3Anull%7D



www: www.scsn.org



SOURCE: Defense Industry Daily – Globe At War

July 5, 2019 / 04:00


“September 21/18: Conversion contract –

The Navy is ordering more Advanced Anti-Radiation Guided Missile ( AARGM ) [ www.defenseindustrydaily.com/italoamerican-agm88e-aargm-missile-no-place-to-hide-down-there-01852/ ] for itself and the government of Italy.

Northrop Grumman will convert 32 [ of the ] AGM-88B [ missiles ] into AGM-88E [ missiles ] at a cost of $22 million. Of those converted missiles 29 will be delivered to Italy and three [ 3 ] to the US Navy.

The AARGM [  ] is a medium range, supersonic, air-launched tactical missile whose primary job is to ‘attack and kill enemy radars’.

The Italian Air Force is expected to buy up-to [ two hundred fifty ] 250 of these ‘new [ AGM-88E ] missiles’.

Work, will be performed at various national and international locations, including:

– Ridgecrest, California [ i.e. China Lake Naval Weapons Station ];

– Northridge, California; and,

– Sanguinetto, Italy.

The [ AGM-88E ] missiles’ delivery is expected, by: March 2020.”

Reference –

www.globeatwar.com/aggregator/sources/1http%3A//www.globeatwar.com/aggregator/sources/www.timescolonist.com/business/Viking shot military/7402202/www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2012-09-0/www.navy.mil/navydata/www.nationaldefensemagazine.org/blog/Lists/Posts/defense-update.com/raytheon.mediaroom.com/www.public.navy.mil/bupers-npc/reference/messages/Documents/NAVADMINS/NAV2012/www.france24.com/en/www.abs-cbnnews.com/nation/06/20/12/www.raf.mod.uk/news/archive/theaviationist.com/2013/10/18/www.reuters.com/article/2012/11/26/www.defenseindustrydaily.com/m/stuck-in-sichuan-pakistani-jf17-program-grounded-02984/www.eurasiareview.com/30072012-indonesia-singapore-submarine-rescue-pact-promoting-southeast-asian-naval-cooperation-analysis/www.arabianaerospace.aero/”/japan-to-begin-missile-defense-development-with-us-0648/?www.army.mil/-news/2010/04/29/38236-army-surpasses-1-million-unmanned-flight-hours/index.html?ref=home-headline-title2


[ NOTE: The following ‘archived website webpage’ requires these ‘special viewing instructions’, as follows: Upon clicking the link ( immediately below ) ‘wait for a blank webpage to appear’ ( first ), and ‘then proceed by tapping’ one’s keyboard or smartphone “Back” button to ‘then reveal an otherwise hidden webpage’, entitled: “DEFENSE INTELLIGENCE” ( surrounding a limited independent article surrounding ‘China Lake’ U.S. Navy facility ( NWS / NWC ) area-wide activities: ]


[ NOTE: The following archived website download from Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, USA is an ADOBE Acrobat Reader ‘electronic format .PDF file’ Download image document surrounding, amongst other matters, the U.S. military AFSB 407TH, EXEMPLIFYING ONLY ‘THAT SPECIFIC COMMAND’, which was deployed and responsible for providing transportation for ‘200 military troops’, ‘highly specialized equipment’ and ‘air cargo’ support, plus more for the successful July 5, 2019 ‘removal’ and ‘evacuation’ of certain classified ‘materials’, ‘devices’, systems’, ‘equipment’ and ‘personnel’ away-from the ‘Naval Warfare Center’ ( NWC ) and ‘Naval Weapons Storage’ ( NWS ) China Lake U.S. Navy base “Range Test Site” ( ” RTS ” ) ‘facilities’ located both ‘above ground’ and ‘below ground’, all of-which remains intact as an ‘SCI classified operation’ to-date authorized directly by The Pentagon ( immediately below ): ]


Subterranean Submarine Events:










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