by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – June 17, 2019 – U.S. Navy 5th Fleet Commander Joshua Frey indicated military forces based in Bahrain received two ( 2 ) separate distress calls, one ( 1 ) at 06:12 a.m. local time and a second ( 2nd ) at 07:00 a.m. on Wednesday morning June 13, 2019.

Islamic Republic of Iran Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif indicated a Japan ship was attacked in the Gulf of Oman while Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was meeting with the Islamic Republic of Iran Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei.

Two ships were attacked, the Altair and the Kokuka Courageous. 

..”The Norwegian Maritime Authority said three explosions were Thursday reported on board the Norwegian-owned tanker Front Altair after it was “attacked” along with the Singapore-owned ship Kokuka Courageous.”–NDTV

One ( 1 ) area of attack took place in the Persian Gulf of the Strait of Hormuz, a major strategic waterway where 1/3rd to 1/5th of petroleum ( oil ) passes from Middle East producers to foreign nations – not America – while other attacks struck facilities elsewhere nearby.

A few weeks prior to that, on May 12, 2019, United Arab Emirates ( U.A.E. ) territorial waters saw four ( 4 ) oil tankers, including a Norway ship named the ‘Front Altair’ struck by what some believed, was a torpedo ( offshore Fujairah, United Arab Emirates / U.A.E. ), in addition to five ( 5 ) cargo ships struck, plus other facilities set ablaze too. 

EDITOR’S NOTE:  We need to look more closely at the prior attacks in May to see who conducted those attacks on the 9 ships in order to expose those involved in the attacks on the Altair and Kokuka in June!  IN ADDITION:  This must be related…There is a DRONE WAR going on between Saudi Arabia, the U.S. and the Yemeni Houthis!  link to Jerusalem Post article here. 

Reference –

UFO Versions Of Lockheed and BOEING Besides 2018 MQ-25 Offshoots –

Is America beginning a brand new type of high-technology warfaring in the Middle East? My high-level active intelligence sources indicated months ago to me that the ‘quad pulsating blue-lit triangle crafts’ recently ( just a very few short months ago) ‘spotted and displayed only on a few YouTube.Com video uploads’ are indeed ‘secret American warcraft’ and ‘not’ E.T. flying them.

Research References –

[ UPI SPECIAL NOTE: The actual quad blue center pulsating light triangle craft was seen within only one ( 1 ) SecureTeam10 ( early 2019 ) video carrying other featured mentions, and ‘that’ particular video clip was unable to be found in time for this report. It does, however, hold the characteristics of the Paris UFO video clip without the ‘green lens filter’, bearing four ( 4 ) ‘blue lights’ where one ( 1 ) in the center of the craft pulsates like the Paris triangle UFO. ]

During the Persian Gulf War of the late 1980s and early 1990s were U.S. Navy warship military sailors whom spotted and photographed a particularly large triangle craft flying with U.S. Air Force ( USAF ) military escort fighter-bomber aircraft from a secret location in Turkey ovee the border of Iraq and Kuwait.

Research Reference –

In 2019, will the World behold a scaled-down new reality version of the American film ‘War of the Worlds’ in the Middle East?

Recent official foreign UFO reports released overseas were just suppressed by America’s mainstream news media, which this report documents and quite vividly shows the World they can now finally be the judge of sole discernment once and for all.

In essence, America’s enemies are currently unprepared to comprehend warfighting in any theatre of war against what will be perceived as re-engineered alien technology American UFOs primarily because such in and of itself is a psychological mind blower; not only to ‘all enemy combatants worldwide’ but to those whom have never ‘war planned’ for something so unfathomable. Hence, a Psychological Operations to end all PsyOps drawing-board conceptualizations too.

UFO Citings Officially Confirmed In Gulf Of Oman –

Was ‘it’ a super fast very silent fully autonomous UCAV (battle drone), new guided munition, or American UFO secret?

Japan company Kokuka Sangyo oil tanker ‘Kokuka Courageous’ saw its president Yutaka Katada indicate their crew members spotted “Unidentified Flying Objects” (UFO) that ‘flew over their ship’ in the Gulf of Oman.

Those UFO citings occurred prior to the attack, which appears to contradict the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Navy ( USN ), Naval Support Group inside the U.S. National Security Agency ( NSA ) and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) public storylines of that vessel having sustained damages attributable to a limpet mine attached to its underbelly hull by Iranian Guard special forces.

In a perfectly defendable World of America, it believes it can win any war the Islamic Republic of Iran could mount against opposing military forces.

Boeing having won the 2018 contest to supply the U.S. military with its new MQ-25 mid-air refueling drone supporting the U.S. military F-18 fighter bombers in the Middle East region of the Strait of Hormuz is clearly a preplanned strategic move having occurred at least 2-years earlier.

Reference –

World Of America Appeased By Propaganda?

Already, mainstream media has twisted the Gulf of Oman UFO citings into nothing more than ‘big’ “bullets” so, America’s defense establishment disinformation campaign has already begun hitting the airwaves.

President Trump Secret Area-Wide Multi-Strike Shock ‘N Awe Capabilities?

Other reports point to a joint Western intelligence operation spearheading a missioning of Saudi Arabia, Israel (Mossad), and the United Kingdom surgically preparing the Middle East war theatre because of unreleasable secret exigent circumstances surrounding Russia having tipped the Islamic Republic of Iran to secretly press forwarded with a ‘first strike plan’, which America decidedly sped-up with their own Western timetable instead, thereby catching Iran swiftly undefendable for a variety of reasons.

Mainstream News Presses On –

While initial mainstream news reports indicate the ‘Kokuka Courageous’ oil tanker was hit twice [ 2 x ] on ‘opposite sides’; 1st, near its engine room, and 2nd, on its starboard side – both points of which the ship sustained damages were ‘above its water-line’ might not have been so, had an ‘underwater limpet mine’ been used that some say was. being ‘removed by Iran’ off-of one ( 1 ) side of one ( 1 ) ship; a video of which America claims demonstrates ‘Iran planting a mine on the side of one ( 1 ) ship.

Reference –

Real Secret Livestream Video Broadcast Segment Removed Off YouTube –

While conflicting mainstrean news media reports abound, there may indeed be yet ‘another more plausible explanation’ based on ‘an entirely different video’ later secretized.

That secret video was earlier viewed, just 2-hours after the two ( 2 ) ships in the Gulf of Oman were attacked, by Project Camelot Productions guest columnist Paul Collin.

On June 13, 2019 at approximately 08:59 a.m. ( PST ), Collin contacted his producer Kerry Cassidy ( of Project Camelot ), and described what he witnessed at 07:45 a.m. ( PST ) after the Gulf of Oman attacks on those two ( 2 ) ships occurred. At that time, the earliest news report in America had just come in 15-minutes earlier, spurring Collin to further task that story for more details, which he was in the middle of performing when he stumbled upon a livestream video broadcast on the internet YouTube website platforming a foreign news show production company named ‘Al Mayadeen News’.

Collin texted Cassidy that he had just witnessed on his old smartphone a live feed internet broadcast from ‘Al Mayadeen News providing an ‘extremely high-resolution I-R (Infra-Red) video camera footage’ focused on only one ( 1 ) of two ( 2 ) Gulf of Oman area ship strikes earlier that same morning.

Collin’s prior service as a full-time active employee as a C.I.A. attache involved fifty-two ( 52 ) intelligence tradecrafts he never fully revealed to the public.

Although Collin started out in the U.S. Air Force, he received his Intelligence Operations Specialist training certificate from a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander whereupon the intelligence school combined U.S. Air Force intelligence personnel operating alongside U.S. Navy intelligence personnel plus others.

One of Collin’s intelligence specialties was that of what the U.S. Navy specialized in, which was satellite and aerial ‘Photo Intelligence’ / ‘Photo Interpretation’ surrounding highly specialized tell-tale signs related to ‘ships’, ‘ports’ and ‘waterways’ during the Viet Nam War.

When Collin viewed this particular livestream news video, he knew ‘precisely what he was looking at’ in addition to ‘what specific details to focus his attention on’.

Collin noticed, from that live videostream, all of the following he describes ( below ):

1. Extremely High-Resolution Infra-Red Video Clarity’;

2. Camera was definitely ‘affixed’ to a structure;

3. Camera was equipped with a sophisticated long-range telephoto lens; and,

4. Video showed close-up motion video of ‘two ( 2 ) distinctly different explosions’ positioned ‘side-by-side’ one another;

5. First ( 1st ) ‘initial explosion’ involved an ‘underwater launched projectile impact’ punching a hole ‘inward’ and ‘just above sea-level’ on the hull whereupon ‘when ‘flames ensued’, ‘that area only appeared in full-color’ – ‘not black and white’ ( as Infra-Red does nor did it create a ‘white-out’ / ‘flash’ ) – and did-so ‘automatically turn into full color’ but ‘only in the specific area where the hole had been punched-in’, and did-so ‘simultaneously leaving the ‘secondary explosion remain in Infra-Red ( I-R ) video ‘black and white’; and

6. Second ( 2nd ) hull breach occurred alongside to the ‘right’ of the first ( 1st ) hole punched on the ‘left’, whereupon provided for view was a “quadruple-sized’ ( by comparison to the projectile punched hole explosion ) circularly positioned hand-pasted very wide tape’ that was ‘heat activated, with an extremely fast, high-temperature incendiary burn’ ( a ‘halo cutter’ ) from ‘inside the hull burning outward’ like an ‘extremely wide cutting-torch sized patterned ringed-edge hole cut straight through the steel hull continuing to remain in ‘Infra-Red black and white viewing while right alongside the punched hole flames remaining in full color simultaneously’.

Collin was frustrated with his old smartphone being incapable of ‘capturing and saving a livestream internet broadcast news feed’ so, he searched ‘Al Mayadeen News’ for a shortened version of their live broadcast that could have otherwise provided him with a ‘video research reference link’ so that everyone could view what Collin saw, but that video was nowhere to be found again.

All he could find was an ‘extremely poor quality’ “U.S. Navy” highly-edited Infra-Red ( I-R ) video, which The Wall Street Journal ( WSJ ) media was handed by the U.S. government, which unfortunately was ‘not the same video Collin had earlier viewed” on the Al Mayadeen News live videostream broadcast.

Collin searched the internet for the Al Mayadeen News broadcast video clip but found it to have been taping for many many hours.

Research References –

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