by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy at Project Camelot )


LOS ANGELES – June 12, 2019 ( Update – Original June 1, 2019 ) – A rare behind the scenes look into high-risk global financial business intelligence operations; how they’re conducted but only from the standpoint of one ( lone ) foreign national Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) U.S. government Intelligence Community ( IC ) global information asset.

In 1968, as only a junior in high school, Paul Collin began studying concepts of ‘offshore solar energy platforms’ for the purposes of ‘national security economic independence’.

A Berkeley, California office of two ( 2 ) Jesuit researchers pointed Collin in the direction of an ultra-pure mineral with refined enhancements making its offshoot product known as “Copper 101” that upon immersion in salt water oceans resists corrosion.

In 1971, during the Viet Nam War, Collin joined the U.S. Air Force as a Weapons Control Systems Electronics Specialist and was personally offered sponsorship in-to the Air Force Academy Preparatory School.

Collin accepted a recommendation to change his Air Force Specialty Code to Intelligence Operations.

In 1976, he became the assistant campaign manager for a retired C.I.A. case officer who was vieing for a California State Senatorial position, and sponsored Collin into the Southern California Counter-Intelligence Corps Association ( Los Angeles Chapter ).

In 1976, Collin began working as the Director of Manufacturing for Microcomputers Technology Inc. whereupon shortly thereafter began as a “Freelancer” assisting a C.I.A. office ( Hawthorne, California ) on high-tech computers being sent to Soviet K.G.B. agents in Tahiti.

After various other high-risk in-field intelligence assignments in Western Europe and Eastern Europe, Collin returned to America where he continued his curious status as a USA CIA DOJ FBI Squad Six NOC ‘asset’ from 2002 through 2007.

From early 2011 until early 2012, Collin was an ‘asset’ for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), Immigration and Customs Enforcement ( ICE ), Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ) whereupon within 90-days referred fourteen ( 14 ) foreign “bad operators” plus two ( 2 ) ‘terrorist networks’; all of whom, were enmeshed with international “financial engineering’, ‘trade financing’, ‘bank fraud’, ‘business fraud’ and ‘money laundering’.

In 2012, Collin began volunteering as a researcher and report writer guest columnist for the Alternative Media organization Project Camelot.

In 2014, Collin discovered that some “bad operators,” he tasked back in 2002, were springboarding themelves – along with their co-operative like-mindeds – whom began entrenching themselves in Alternative Media platforms where one ( 1 ) interview unfortunately began breaking in-to where Collin began volunteering.

Collin then discovered a different type of Alternative Media platform, The Critical Post Chicago, differentiating itself as being highly outspoken against the same “bad operators” infiltrating certain Alternative Media platforms, which Collin knew about.

In late 2014, Collin immediately contacted Scott Pollack, producer of The Critical Post Chicago, and started comparing notes surrounding the legacy “bad operators” and ‘like-minded bad operator supporters’ whom were growing audience financial support based on new tactical fraud schemes from within Alternative Media platforms.

Understanding the surreptitious motives of ‘not all’ but ‘certain global clandestine bad operators infiltrating several Alternative Media platforms’, Collin decidedly called a meeting with Kerry Cassidy ( owner, producer and investigative journalist of Project Camelot ) who he was already volunteering for plus, a U.S. Army counter-intelligence interrogator retiree Scott Pollack ( of The Critical Post Chicago ) whom together agreed to convene a private round table discussion surrounding the problematic situation facing all Alternative Media platforms whom Collin – only because of his government global intelligence missionings – was acutely familiar with.

Collin not only familiarized both Alternative Media producers for their own personal even-clearer knowledgeabilities, and how such threats traversed beyond the scope of both audience groups into moreover, Alternative Media platformed audiences around the world.

From 2014 into 2015, a six ( 6 ) month private intelligence and research operation ensued supported by a series of video podcast interviews as Collin began being aired over the internet in an effort to curb Alternative Media ‘guest public speaker clandestine information fraud foundations’ being ‘clandestinely laid on the internet as ‘material frauds’ damaging to ‘belief systems of audiences’ inflicted by ‘economic harm’.

Collin worked for years with the U.S. government Intelligence Community to curb “terrorist financing” operations conducted via ‘global financial business investment banking and trading frauds’ and ‘international money-laundering’, and when he discovered such was being ‘clandestinely promoted to terrorist sudatives and their terrorist networks’ by multi-national Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) government intelligence agents, operatives and assets, Collin already knew years ‘before’ the ‘backgrounds of some key NOCs involved’.

Collin, knew far more than the U.S. government Intelligence Community ‘Supervisory Special Agents’ whom were supposed to be ‘overseeing NOC operations’.

Collin knew the NOCs were global fraudsters whom for ‘decades habitually defrauded thousands of innocent individual investors’ whom they defrauded huge sums of cash out-of solely for the purpose of ‘self-enrichment’.

The problem Collin saw was the NOCs were ‘still operating the same way’, by ‘continuing to prey on the innocents’ – many of whom were ‘collectively grouped’ via “pooled investment groups” ( in “Private Placement Programs” ) collecting-up ‘hundreds of millions in ‘fraudulent investment commission fees’ that the ‘NOCs were surreptitiously obtaining behind the back of the U.S. government positively providing sanctioned “immunity” away-from any ‘negative media’, ‘civil litigation’ and / or ‘criminal prosecutions’ ) to globally operate on behalf of the U.S. government ‘primary justified budget’ global operations mission on the “War On Terror.”

Did ‘thousands of innocent lives ( Americans and foreigners ) need to be destroyed’ just to ‘eliminate terrorist sudatives and their networks of terrorists’?

Collin vehemently disagreed with C.I.A. guidelines the Deputy Chief was presented with, by Deep State operations, he was forced to follow. Hence, Collin was labelled “… Not a Team Player,” which caused Collin to leave after 4-years of high-risk domestic and foreign field operations.

Quite simply, Collin had experienced enough, and was not about to let these same “bad actor NOCs” enrich themselves any more than they had already done, by ‘infiltrating Alternative Media platforms’ and preying on their new audience as yet ‘another financial honey pot’.

As far as Collin was concerned, as a volunteer for Alternative Media Project Camelot and The Critical Post Chicago, he held them both in high regard as some of the last bastions that audiences could come to know more about matters occuring in the background; more-so, than anywhere within Mainstream Media.

Such, became Collin’s last stand.

Here now ( below ) is that series of interviews detailing what went occurred during the course of several global intelligence affairs involving private individuals, operatives and assets of government organizations:

SOURCE: The Critical Post Chicago ( Chicago, IL, USA )

SECTION: The Goldwater Report

DATES: November 17, 2014 – April 20, 2015

In RE: Clandestine Government Clandestine Intelligence Investment Information Fraud Semantical Operation Assets Manipulating Alternative Media Platform Audiences.

SPECIFIC VIDEO PODCAST MENTIONS ( Government Organization NOCs, Individuals, Entities, and Events ):


– U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the U.S. Currency;

– U.S. Department of the Treasury;

– U.S. Federal Reserve Board ( Central Banks );.

– U.S. Department of Homeland Security Immigration Customs Enforcement Office of Special Investigations ( DHS ICE OSI );

– U.S. Secret Service Foreign Branch ( USS – FB ),

– U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA );

– U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations, Squad Six ( DOJ – FBI – S6 ).

Government Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) Intelligence Handlers, Operatives, and Assets ( below ):

Paul Hiram Chappell ( now deceased – Richmond, Virginia USA CIA NOC ‘handler’ ) [ ] for ‘both’:

William S. Sass ( USA CIA NOC ‘asset’ ); and,

Robert Earl Palm ( Metchosin, Vancouver, British California, Canada – USA CIA NOC ) [ AND AND ];

Gabriel Francis MacEnroe ( Republic of Ireland; Essex, United Kingdom; and, Sangt Gallen, Schweiz / St. Gallen, Switzerland – USA CIA – DOJ – FBI – S6 NOC ‘direct Special Agent asset’ ) [ AND ];

Neil Benjamin Gibson ( Northern Ireland – USA DHS OSI NOC ‘direct Special Agent asset’) [ AND ];

William Michael McKnight Sr. ( Baytown, Texas USA CIA NOC ‘handler’ ) for ‘both’:

Keith Francis Scott ( Australia – USA CIA NOC ) [ ]; and,

Ray Chaat Dam ( Kyrgyzstan / Kyrgyz Republic, Cambodia, Viet Nam – USA CIA NOC ) [ ];

Howard Edward Wales ( USA CIA NOC ‘handler’ ) [ ] for:

Neil Francis Keenan ( Republic of Ireland – USA CIA – DOJ – FBI – S6 NOC ‘asset’ ) [ AND ];

Paul Collin (aka) “Charlie” ( Republic of Ireland – USA CIA – DOJ – FBI – S6 NOC ‘direct Supervisory Special Agent In Charge asset’; and, USA FED DHS ICE OSI ‘direct Special Agent asset’ ) [ ]; and,

Miscellaneous NOC Others [ AND ].


Thomas James Perkins ( first owner of the ‘Maltese Falcon’, an ‘all 3M carbon fiber stealth yacht’ valued new at: $250,000,000 U.S. dollars ), and the now-late senior partner of Kleiner Perkins Caufield and Beyers ( KPMG ) putting Google, Fisker, and others through ‘venture capital’ and ‘other means’ on-to world markets;

Hill AFB ( U.S. Air Force Base in Utah ), Chapel ( one of America’s ‘ceremonial sites’ for ‘The Sovereign Military Order of the Temple Of Jerusalem’ ( OSJ ) also known as The Knights of Malta ( KoJ );

Thomas Edgar Sawyer ( OSJ );

Alan Cockburn – Smith ( UK );

Craig Leonard Hubner ( Australia );

Keith Francis Scott ( Australia );

The Office of International Treasury Control ( ITC );

First International Bank Of Grenada Ltd.;

Walter Wellman Mining Company ( Montana gold reserves – Utah & Palm Springs, CA, USA );

William Michael ( “Mike” ) McKnight Sr. ( Baja California, Mexico gold reserves – post Ejido Law – Baytown, Texas, USA );


Chiasso, Italy / Switzerland ( trans-border smuggling of privately templated and manufactured Treaty of Versailles ( TOV ) era Federal Reserve Note coupon-type bonds with a face-value total, of: $134,500,000,000 Billion ), involving:

Turkey ( Intelligence and Business Banking in Bulgaria );

Bulgaria DUMA Deputy ( Sonja Keenan ( subsequent subject of an attempted assassination in Bulgaria );

Bulgaria Secret Police ( Sonja Keenan brother – a bodyguard );

Daniel Dal Bosco;

Alessandro Santi ( Italy – Republic of the Philippines restaurant and bar owner );

Group K Ltd.;

Michael Henry Dunn;

Benjamin Fulford;

Eugene ( “Gene” ) Charles Valentine;

Drake Bailey;

David Wilcock;


Premier Networks Coast To Coast AM Radio;

George Noorey; plus,

Others …

SUBJECT: Information And Material Fraud

TITLE: Wilcock – Keenan Internet Fraud Feedback Loop

BACKGROUND ( November 17, 2014 and November 19, 2014 ), below:


PREFACE ( December 1, 2014 – Announcement of WhistleBlower “Charlie” – also known as – The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy / UPI Guy and / or Paul Collin ):

INTRODUCTION ( December 9, 2014 – Interview with WhistleBlower “Charlie” ):

PART 1 ( January 23, 2015 ), below:

PART 2 ( February 7, 2015 ), below:

Part 3 ( April 18, 2015 ), below:

Part 4 ( April 20, 2015 ), below:

While I have never fabricated information within any of my more than 40-years of research reports, I can say that if ‘anything’ I have always ‘toned-down’ and even ‘sanitized information’ by purposely not releasing everything; including many of the details I provided to a wide variety of government organizations, and a parallel global private intelligence network organization ( larger than my own mini-intelligence network ).

I still retain dossiers on all of this and more, including copies of the now-late Howard Hughes secure building property vaults having once held legacy global financial business files of many individuals and institutions, which I still have copies of today within my private intelligence files.

Nothing is going to be reversed by me in any of my research reports however, my reports routinely provide additional “Research Reference(s)” via online links to specific websites, webpages and downloadable further information, and as in ‘this particular report’, a few “Special Research References” have been additionally provided for research academics and globally astute intelligence professionals provided with case situation examples.

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( UPI Guy ) reports provide rare inside global perceptions surrounding private intelligence operations additionally revealing documentary information support, and takes readers behind the scenes of true crime drama intelligence semantical operations to varying degrees worldwide that I have personally experienced working as a professional for many years.

In essence, viewers are reading a series of non-fiction material event circumstances, which the motion picture industry typically embellishes upon to captivate audience attentions so, for the record I submit there is no room for substituting any further high-risk than what has yet to be revealed surrounding my day and night taskings over several decades.

Special Research References –

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Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

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