by, Paul Collin

More about the attacks on Mark Richards, Jo Ann Richards and Kerry Cassidy…

LOS ANGELES – May 18, 2019 – Just when people thought they knew almost everything about other people of ill repute is being handled nicely by government, I noticed only a few – out-of many – that did not remain so unknown; until having written this complex report.

What ‘It’ All Means – Not Being A ‘Pre-Cognitive’ Person –

Why can’t ‘it’ ( case situations ) ever be easy? To reveal what exists as being ‘complex’, until all that ‘it’ really ‘is’ can be sorted-out, remains ‘extremely difficult’

What you are about to review ( below ), ‘is’ indeed that “sorting;” for a host of many people – not just perpetrators nor their victims – but law enforcement too.

And, ‘it’ ( in it’s entirety ) is being left up to the “public to judge’ because no Court, Jury, Executioner, or Government Bureaucracy really wants to ‘go public’; not even ‘Anonymously’ – nor to accomplish such revelations were such to ever be to-date.

What Constitutes ‘Foreign Media Criminality In America’ Today –

Beginning with the instant case of offensive character behavioral disorder as exhibitions documented by ‘motion picture filming’ by Kevin D. Moore, much of what is publicly aired over “his YouTube channel’ surrounds what he calls his “documentary” and hid claims involving a series of ‘multiple transnational border crossings from greater territorial areas of his native land United Kingdom to those of mine and your’s in America.

Exploits, under curious ( at best ) auspices, used the U.S. Department of State foreign Visitor Waiver Program ( VWP ) ‘officially issued’ Kevin Daniel Moore his guerrilla activist tools, i.e. Electronic System for Travel Authorization ( also known as ) an ‘ESTA’ Visa  permitting his entrance into the United States of America to publicly defend lewd and lascivious acts involving under-aged minor children; male boys – ‘teenagers’.

Such acts brought three people’s lives to an abrupt halt where one ( 1 ) was murdered, a wealthy bisexual pedophilia stalker, plus two ( 2 ) of his distinctively different sexual persuasion perpetrators whom landed criminal sentences of life in prison without any possibility of parole back into society’s territory of freedom within America.

What makes this entire case situation so complex is that while only one (1) lone perpetrator who is the only one who actually committed ferociously violent act of the 1982 murder of Richard Baldwin, Crossan Hoover still remains in existence; behind steel bars, cement prison walls, choked by stainless steel concertina flat ribbon wire – for now what is almost 40-years.

What complicates matters even more, is that another one ( 1 ) of the criminals involved in that same murder case knew ahead of time about the murder and did nothing to prevent it. Richard Campbell was never charged nor sentenced to serve any prison time at all.

For the crimes of “Misprison Of A Felony” act of ‘murder’, he was convinced by the State of California’s County of Marin Sheriff’s homicide team, to testify in Superior Court against his two ( 2 ) otherwise co-defendants.

Andrew Campbell was then freed and absolved of any and all crimes he committed in association with the primary act of murder.

Andrew Campbell was the ‘point man’ ( look-out ) “robber’ of Richard Baldwin’s residence, and ‘co-disposer of the murdered body of Richard Baldwin.

Andrew Campbell has been living the life of a free man for almost 40-years while his two ( 2 ) former ‘friends’ have been languishing prisoners locked-up for the exact same amount of time.

And, last but not least, leaves the leading complex criminal court defendant, Mark Richards; known more publicly today as ‘Captain Mark Richards’ who has remained imprisoned for almost 40-years for the crime of what local officials charged him as the ‘Kingpin’ who “Masterminded” the whole murder operation.

To local officials, in California, it does not matter that “both Parents’ of Captain Mark Richards attested to their facts that their Son ( Mark Richards ) had physically been with them at the same time Richard Baldwin was being murdered by Crossan Hoover who was helped by Richard Campbell dump the murdered corpse of Richard Baldwin.

Much of this State of California murder case documented evidence was purposefully held under ‘Seal’ by Order of the local County of Marin Superior Court, which years later was later brought before several federal U.S. District Courts, one on behalf of Crossan Hoover and the other Federal Court by Mark Richards by their respective legal counsels ( lawyers ).

Two ( 2 ) people reviewed various Court records, Kevin Daniel Moore focusing on ‘limited’ County of Marin Court records, and Paul Collin ( author of the current report – 1 of 3 ) who recently ( latter 2018 ) reviewed both County of Marin Court records in-addition to Federal Court records of two ( 2 ) U.S. District Courts plus, even more.

While Kevin Daniel Moore began his “documentary” mission – financed by others – on behalf of the now-late ( murdered ) wealthy bisexual pedophile ( Richard Baldwin ).

It wasn’t until months later when Paul Collin began looking into ‘both’ the ‘true business background proclivities’ of Kevin Daniel Moore in-addition to the ‘true predatory pedophilia homosexual proclivities plus wickedly sinister ‘premeditated stalking behaviors’ of Richard Baldwin.

It was then, only after considerably by-far more research of a substantially greater amount of ‘both’ Court plus numerous Psychiatric and Psychologist records whereupon a ‘certain patterning of individual mutual ( Moore’s and Baldwin’s ) behaviors began to emerge for Collin whose keen eye to review and comprehend ‘both’ legal, medical, psychological plus law enforcement and political underpinned salient points that were all sorted out within Collin’s analytical mind so, that is why a total of three ( 3 ) reports were publicly written by Collin who publicly provided more as what became even further evidenced.

Am I honored to be so privileged to share more publicly? No. In-fact, I stuck my integrity and popularity out on a limb by even delving in-to this entire matter I would dearly enjoy seeing laid to rest for ‘more publicly beneficial reasons’ specifically to enhance people’s even-better knowledgeability of what surrounds us all from which there is no possible escape but through ‘Disclosure’.

Disclosing that which the mind of man may neither conceive and believe, upon their own individual accords, but rather be apart of assisting in the Disclosure process of that which has been clandestinely achieved – on their behalf – by what has remained hidden until Project Camelot host, producer and investigative journalist Kerry Cassidy originally began exposing The Secret Space Program that millions of people are talking about.

One thing about the World’s number one leading and most controversial ‘grapevine’ that public-private partnerships with government past, present and future Whistleblowers hold within the labyrinthian lagrange points continually stretched to the breaking point of Alternative Media whereby and through public creationisms perceiving off-the-grid to off-the-wall Science up-to and including ‘seemingly fictional’ Interdimensional Realities; perhaps, too much of an information challengeable feat – even for hybrid bioengineered cognitive reasoning abilities within Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ).

Back To Nuts ‘N Bolts On-Planet ( Earth ) Reality –

Ahhh! Who said, “Ignorance is Peace !”? That which appears Orwellian “Doublespeak,” is what most intellectual academics, top ‘logic-sticians’ ( Mathematics Logic ), Geoastrophysicists, Biosynthetic Engineers, plus all other ‘smart people’ whom exist in a ‘power curve’ far beyond my mundane understandings of perceived threats to human existence; that minuscule of ‘life’, which we all collectively hope to enjoy unfettered by anyone threatening our livelihoods.

By virtue of Kevin Daniel Moore’s own video taped publicly distributed “personal” admissions, he decidedly filmed himself ‘disguised’ prior to his ‘clandestine stalking and harassment operation’ committed against a woman ( Jo Ann Richards, the ‘wife’ of ‘Captain Mark Richards’ whose remained imprisoned for almost 40-years ), as well as ‘during’ his clandestine stalking and harassment operation against the same woman while his now-alienated “Documentary Producer” ( Geoffrey B. Reid ) filmed Moore’s ‘mission’ ( to ‘nowhere’ ) he suddenly exploded with his eruption of outbursts disrupting a private audience seated within a ‘public venue’ Forum ‘speaking event’ in America during the latter portion of 2018.

May 2019, Kevin Daniel Moore published his narrated documentary with s film segment showing his affliction for personally.piloting ( without ‘registering’ as such )’ a very specific ‘Drone’ he decidedly filmed flying through ‘official America restricted airspace for drones along a particular private portion of the Malibu, California coastline.

Moore’s affliction for clandestine spying while violative of personally private lives of people, did not conclude in southern California’s Malibu during 2019, nor his 2018 San Anselmo, California  drone overflights, as he later confessed.

From 2018 through 2019, a period of two ( 2 ) calendar years, Kevin Daniel Moore’s ‘personal pursuits’ using his high-tech drone captured the flavor of his narrated videos publicly by his referencing what he believed were residences of ‘two ( 2 ) women’ ( i.e. Kerry Cassidy and Jo Ann Richards ) involving his ‘multiple’, ‘self-filmed’, ‘self published’ and ‘self distributed to the public’ several “video episode Pre-Quels’ of his own fully-animated wild displays of self-exhibitionism ‘engaging physically’ his ‘verbally abusive nature” topped with his very own multiple ‘demon’-strations filming his harassment, incessant telephone calling, violently pounding on residential doors, other acts of boisterousness ( talking real loud ), ‘contacting residential neighbors’ plus, ( pardon the pun ) ‘more’.

This wildman crossed-over multiple lines of professionalism.

In what appears to ‘not’ necessarily be Kevin Daniel Moore’s final ‘public filming’ produced online ‘YouTube platformed channel shows’, the private ‘Birth Certificate’ of Kerry Cassidy, which ‘without any prior authority’ decidedly filmed from American soil’.

Were such commissions, submissions, admissions and exhibitions purposefully borderline quasi-criminal entertainment stunts to capture more audience members of the public or, more sinister auspices.

Could such have been or is such an ongoing co-partnered ‘contract for hire’ surrounding these same two ( 2 ) female victims of his dangerously suspicious activities?

After Kevin Daniel Moore provided his own British-based bonifides including filmed original certificates related to his education in journalism, television, and early radio shows albeit for only a very short time period,  his ‘internet show’ ‘The Kevin Moore Show’ appears to cover all of the scandalous aforementioned, which he freely admits to having committed on his self-produced and self-directed narrated motion picture film shorts he self-publicizes too.

Kevin Moore publicly self-sanctioned, by his own authority, ‘criminally suspicious conduct’ against multiple people for a duration of two ( 2 ) calendar years; 2018 and again during 2019.

An ESTA Visa is ‘only valid for up-to 2-years’ unless otherwise revoked or canceled by the U.S. Department of State in America.

Where INTERPOL ‘Stop And Detain’ Orders Originate –

American And Other Nation’s National Security Rely On INTERPOL Plus More –

Hopefully, the AmEmb ( American Embassy ) ‘British Mission’ handles Kevin Daniel Moore the rest of the way Ministries Of Foreign Affairs react to ‘Foreigner Conduct’ -unbecoming – so-as to Alert foreign Nations as-to what may occur with such ‘Transnational Threats to Public Safety’. By “initiating all necessary precautions to protect citizens worldwide’, this is precisely ‘why’ the “No Fly List” was instituted globally by America in the first place.

Department Of Homeland Security Intelligence ( DHS-HSI ) –

HSI Office of Investigations investigates, amongst other matters, more than 400 crimes enforced by related activities under its own jurisdictions in-addition to those under other federal agencies ( e.g. U.S. Department of State, FBI, ICE, Customs Border Protection, etc. ).

Visa Security Program ( VSP ) –

DHS HSI is just one of America’s key elements of security within information vetting foreigners involved with the U.S. Department of State ( DOS ) Voluntary Waiver Program ( VWP ) with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization ( ESTA ) Visa program.

DHS-HSI involves ‘background information collection and analysis’ for U.S. Department of State ‘Visa adjudication’ wherein DHS and its relative components became promulgated within new policy guideline processes designed for “closer scrutinization of specific categories of foreign entrants’.

You must be a citizen or national of certain ( specifically listed ) countries to be eligible to travel to the United States under the VWP.

Pertinently subject, to this report, is a British citizen named Kevin Daniel Moore.

To be eligible to travel under the U.S. Department of State ( DOS ) Voluntary Waiver Program ( VWP ) with an Electronic System for Travel Authorization ( ESTA ) Visa, British citizens ( only ) must have the unrestricted right of permanent abode in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.

Beginning online with all such foreign applicants is their “personal application information’ wherein the background is an ‘Enterprising’ Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ) process conducted instantaneously whereby information collection, perspectives and analysis ranges from sourced databases, open sources, and other information offerings ( Tips’ ), including, but not limited to:

– Public reporting of suspected criminal activity on more than four-hundred ( 400 ) crimes enforced by related activities under the jurisdiction of DHS and other agencies of law enforcement.

In the final process, subsequent information is derived from foreign applicants if their age ranges between 14 – 79 years of age ) during the officially conducted ‘personal interview process’.

What occurs in the background, is publicly riveting information as ‘this report’ ( herein ) continues ( below ).

DHS HSI Investigations –

– Screens 100% of non-immigrant Visa foreign applications at the earliest point of the Visa process “before’ the U.S. State Department ( DOS );

– Vets foreign applications with derogatory information, using law enforcement, and open source data;

– Provides a unified Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) recommendation to  the U.S. State Department ( DOS ) on a foreign subjects Visa eligibility; plus,

– More …

The Visa Security Program ( VSP ) prevents criminals, terrorists and ‘others’ who would “exploit the legal Visa process to enter the United States of America.

Foreign Journalist Exploits –

You may travel to the United States on a Media Visa to work in your profession as a foreign media representative, and as part of the trip, take a vacation while in the United States.

Nothing wrong with ‘that’, unless a foreign journalist decidedly exploits their ‘very limited ESTA Visa’ by exhibiting ‘violative conduct’ contrary to U.S. Department of State Visa regulations covering a ‘Foreign Media Visa’ entrant.

“Foreign Media’ Visa –

Within strict guidelines, of the U.S. Department of State, “Foreign Media” journalists – as a general rule should realize their ‘limits of conduct’ wherein America.

Applicable to any foreign information media or an Independent Production Company having a ‘credential’ issued by another Country’s professional journalistic association ‘engaged in filming a news event or documentary’ is another matter.

Foreign Visitor’s ‘ESTA Visas’ –

According to U.S. Department of State rules promulgated by its Administrative Review Board ( ARB ), the following is made publicly clear:

“Representatives of the foreign media ‘who will work in their profession as media or journalists while in the United States’ cannot travel on the Visa Waiver Program [ ESTA Visa ].”

Travel Purposes For Which A ‘Visitor Visa’ [ VWP ESTA Visa ] Can Be Used Instead Of A ‘Foreign Media Visa’



– Guest speak, lecture, or engage in an academic activity for which you will receive an honorarium from an institution of higher education, a related or affiliated non-profit entity, a non-profit research organization, or a governmental research organization. The speaking activity must not last longer than 9-days at a single institution, and you must ‘NOT HAVE RECEIVED PAYMENT from more than 5 institutions or organizations for such activities in the last 6-months;

– Take a vacation, as long as you will ‘NOT BE WORKING OR REPORTING DURING YOUR TRIP’;

Citizens of Visa Waiver Program [ VWP – ESTA Visa ] participating countries may be able to travel to attend a conference, lecture or take a vacation on the Visa Waiver Program instead of a visitor (B) visa;

– Undertake independent research;


The single ( 1 ) U.S. Department of State regulated rule, which Kevin Daniel Moore did in-fact ‘violate’, was ‘against this specific guideline for ‘Foreign Citizen ESTA Visa holders’:

#1. ” Take ‘STILL PHOTOGRAPHS’ ” whereupon Kevin Daniel Moore ‘Took Motion Picture Films’ ( in Near-Real-Time ) for such “workings” on his “documentary” while ‘exploiting visitation rules and regulations’ governed by the U.S. Department of State’.

Furthermore, such work performed within Kevin Daniel Moore’s ‘credentialed abilities to successfully perform such ‘Foreign Media’ productions, for which ‘he received money’ for, involved:

His ‘acceptance of monies’ ( 15,000 British Pounds Sterling ), according to Kevin Daniel Moore publicly, was admitted personally by him, as a “Loan.”

Even further, Kevin Daniel Moore obtained that “loan” from then now-retired SHELL [ OIL ] RESEARCH B.V. ( The Netherlands – Holland ) chemist Julian Salt ( Canterbury, UK ) who paid Kevin Daniel Moore to ‘perform in the fashion of conduct he did” whilst creatively exercising ‘guerrilla journalism and broadcasting tactics’.

So, a British financier supported the suspicious criminal activity conduct within America by Kevin Daniel Moore against Kerry Cassidy who directs the America business known as “Project Camelot” with an audience viewership of nearly 63,000,000 people, with 250,000 registered subscribers plus, hundreds of donation investment monies.

All of the well-documented aforementioned information appears to be ‘personal attacks against at-least two ( 2 ) women’ for ‘other than altruistic intents and purposes’ strictly for the sadistic enjoyment of ‘causing harm to multiple people’ for the sake of Kevin Daniel Moore’s ‘business financial gains’ albeit “forward-looking to investors’ or ‘otherwise’; that latter supposition being, a ‘Foreign Contract’ for-hire “Murder In Camelot” – that Kevin Daniel Moore exclusively entitled his ‘documentary’ according to his own “Pre-Release Documentary” video he published at YouTube.Com

Research Video References –

[ SPECIAL NOTE: Multiple videos found listed at the conclusion of the report entitled ‘Moment Of Truth’ [ Part 3 of 3 ] by, Paul Collin, February 6, 2019, Project Camelot Productions LLC ]


U.S. Visa Exploitation Punishments –

Depending on the nature of U.S. offense(s), intent, and number of violations committed, it officially appears defined blanketedly:

“(A) In General.

– Any alien who a consular officer or the Attorney General knows, or has reasonable ground to believe, seeks to enter the United States to engage solely, principally, or incidentally in:


(ii) Any other unlawful activity” …


In the absence of ‘malice’, the issue of ‘intent’ reigns supreme, and therefore exclusions may apply, upon review.

While ‘certain ( very specific ) work conduct activities’ clearly qualify applicably for the ‘Foreign Media Visa’ ( since they are informational and news gathering ), there is however, an official caveat, those being ‘Others’ requiring an official “Temporary Worker’ petition-based type of Visa, e.g. the H Visa, O Visa, or P Visa.

What defines a foreigner’s ‘intent’ to perform any act albeit “overt’ or covert’ is primarily their exercising ‘conduct’ while visiting within borders of what geo-politically bylaw defines the “United States of America’.

Foreign Visitors Exhibiting ‘Unbecoming Conduct’ In America –

A few ‘seemingly normal’ foreign visitors may not ‘really’ be what they ‘seem’, and therein rests a hidden yet nevertheless existential U.S. National Security transnational issue when it comes to a wide variety of different types of characters within foreigners connected to “Foreign Media’ venues circumnavigating our entire World.

America stands for freedom and liberty wherein ‘free speech’ is only guaranteed by ‘The United States Constitution’ and ‘Bill Of Rights’ unto ‘U.S. Citizens’ so, as for Foreign Visitors situated within U.S. boundaries ‘certain human behaviors from all walks of life are permitted as being understood’; if such behaviors ‘do not instill fear amongst any member of America’s population’.

Human cannibals may be excluded; if immediately exiting their native land territory. Although, there may even be exclusions within rare instances, however, I digress.

Typically, there are ‘no Warnings’ per-se other than rules, regulations and laws governing exercises of commonly understood principles of ‘good conduct’ by Foreign Visitors within America.

Foreigners Exercising Common Sense Behavioral Restraints –

The most melodramatic example of ‘instilling fear within people ( more than 1 individual ) would be anyone screaming “FIRE !” inside a crowded darkened movie theatre or other ‘closed-door environment where a group of people are gathered’.

Counter-Terrrorist Measures Purposely Designed But Dismissed Against Public Safety Dismissed For Decades In America –

As an aside, to-date I am unaware of any ‘audio decibel regulated sensing detector’ that could ‘automatically trigger’ electrical lights to instantly turn ‘On’ simultaneously while shutting ‘Off’ motion picture film projectors thereby instantly ‘halting audio-visual output’,  which could be reviewed as being a wise Public Safety ‘counter-terrorist measure’ in-lieu-of ‘sporadic shooter incidents’ that ‘instilling fear’ simultaneously with ‘physical harm’ directed upon large groups of people whom get trampled to death while trying to escape’ such incidents within movie theaters nationwide.

I believe such brilliance will come however, my personally typed letter ( at 16-years old in Junior High School ) in 1968 to the General Motors Corporation ( GM ) for ‘a similar device system’ to be created and installed as Public Safety mandate on all ‘automobiles’ to ‘alert drivers and passengers’ of ‘speedily approaching emergency vehicles’ apparently fell on Big Corporate America’s deaf ears. ]

Individual instances of ‘instilling fear’ can be a person issuing ‘unspecified threats’ ( e

g. ‘I’m going to see you taken down’, ‘You’re going to pay’, ‘You’re going to get it’, etc. ) or ‘other messaged types of conduct’ ( e.g. harranging continuing telephone calls, internet-based e-mails, public videos, podcasts and message board posts, notes left on doors, windshields, etc. ).

The aforementioned examples are for foreigners who do not comprehend how to conduct themselves outside their native homeland.

Most people, ‘over the age of reason’, know when their conduct is unbecoming in most countries; whereas a rule, ‘most men do not verbally threaten nor incessantly attack women’ – as a matter of ‘common sense’. There is quite simply ‘no grey area’ of confusion about exercising sensible behavior, decency and conveying one’s opinion to anyone otherwise, and that is precisely wherein society draws its line in the sand for all not to cross beyond.

DHS HSI International Intelligence Unit –

The International Operations Unit is the focal point of HSI headquarters intelligence support to HSI attaché offices. The unit satisfies any requests for information related to illicit trade, illicit travel, illicit finance and national security issues. Support is available at the tactical, operational, and strategic level. The unit completes case analysis and other in-depth research as well as provides forward-deployed analytical support.

Collections –

The Collections Division identifies information gaps and shares time-sensitive information with various partners. The division seeks to reduce strategic surprise while strengthening information sharing capabilities, and enhancing support to the agencys operational posture.

Intelligence Enterprise Service Division –

Intelligence Enterprise Service Division is responsible for coordinating HSI-Intel programmatic planning efforts and engagement with ICE field offices and the DHS Intelligence Enterprise. The division is comprised of two units that proactively coordinate with ICE offices and external partners to provide a full spectrum of support: budget, hiring, project management, training and professional development, classified data connectivity, and subject matter experts who assist the SAC Intelligence Program (SIP) offices with navigating and enforcing intelligence and administrative policies, directives and intelligence business processes.

Becoming ‘Locally Pro-Active’ Against Threats By Protecting U.S. National Security –

The HSI Tip Line Unit ( TLU ) [ +1 (866) 347-2423 ] serves as a conduit for the public to report suspected criminal activity of foreigners in America or coming to America, and other mutual member countries of the VWP ESTA Visa program.

Research References –

Cordially submitted for revew and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy, at Project Camelot

E-MAIL: [email protected]


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