by Paul Collin

     [ Photo Courtesy: John Lenard Walson ]

by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy at Project Camelot )

LOS ANGELES – May 9, 2019 – This ‘first listed’ professional video production ( approximate 45 minutes – below ), entitled ‘Shadow Operations’, has been viewed more than 327,000 times since 2007; surrounding multiple factors within what is blanketedly being referred to online as “The Secret Space Program” interalia “SSP.”

The aforementioned documentary full length professional film, together with hosts of other documents, reports and witnesses, are ‘key critical components for general public audience comprehension’ of what became known as “The Secret Space Program” ( SSP) through a global variety of both now living and past dead Whistleblowers whom provided the foundational information for this topic.

Whistleblowers Are Typically Disbelieved Just As Some Still Are Today –

Whistleblowers, as a rule, publicly come forward providing their understandings and experiences within a wide range of both ‘on- Planet’ and ‘off-World’ case situations as perceived by them, of which many revelations are extremely controversial topics seen online through online Alternative Media spanning anywhere from the most incredibly mundane legends to the most unbelievable exotic out of this world stories whereupon – usually somewhere in-between – rests shreds or wholesome chunks of truth no matter how bizarre or ridiculous some may seem. And, at those distant points of the Alternative Media spectrum is precisely where the secret fly in the ointment was planted and hatched into what we are witnessing take place today online.

Did Clandestine Psychological Operations Infiltrate Alternative Media Too ?

What grew from numerous publicized acclaims into opinions left for public discernment, is now what appears fraught today with everything from ‘civil accusations of deceptions’ up-to and including ‘allegations of fraud’ bordering on criminality.

Private ‘Handlers’ Funding Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) Media Operatives –

The latter of which, some say, were purposefully enforced by third-party actors hired by cut-outs ( private wealthy entrepreneurs ) as handlers on behalf of government intelligence authorities secretly sanctioning psychological entrainment operations focused particularly on Alternative Media public audiences having strayed away-from Mainstream Media in favor of what was initially nicknamed “Conspiracy Theories” found elsewhere. Consequently, and primarily because Mainstream Media began losing billions in revenues from advertisers, audience viewership plummeted along with cable television network ratings too. Hence, a growing new general public audience culture threatened big corporate conglomerates whose stockholders began losing returns on their investment monies that began vanishing.

Government ‘Targeted Individuals’ Hosting Alternative Media Platforms Online –

The ‘longer duration’ that an Alternative Media producer, broadcaster, show host, investigative journalist, reporter or Whistleblower has been operating online over the internet or otherwise, it’s a sure bet they have been or are in the process of – in some way, shape or form – either being threatened, attacked or killed.

An example of such, I can personally attest to today regarding far more than just my own share of having experienced ‘hate mail’, ‘death threats’, three ( 3 ) ‘contracts for my eventual demise’, ‘slander’, ‘defamation of character’, ‘physical beatings’, ‘pistol whippings’, ‘armed robberies’, ‘strong-arm robberies’, ‘vehicular burglaries’, and too numerous to list ‘vehicular vandalism’, ‘shotgun blasts’, ‘vehicular fire bombings’, and ‘sniper shots’. How long have ‘I’ been in this ‘global information ‘Whistleblower’ business’? Almost 40-years. I worked on behalf of government organizations, and while simultaneously doing so, encountered physical attacks and more from yet ‘other government organizations’. People wonder why I ‘no longer work for any government organizations’. And, now you know my answer ‘why not’. Books reference me as-do several major newspaper stories. Am I proud? No!

So, living on the streets of major cities as a vehicular homeless, handicapped, veteran of foreign wars for the past 13-years, the last 7-years of which I dedicated to volunteering a few of my skillsets to Project Camelot for better audience knowledgeability, is the only life I have known. I’m not bragging or complaining.

What I do seek is peace away-from the ancillary insanity surrounding my environment in America. That’s all, which ain’t much, except to be able to stay alive long enough to finish my work here on Earth on behalf of ‘people’. Anyone who tries stopping ‘that’ objective and hell shall have no fury as my principle scorned. I have come to live by a set of golden rules from which I will never waiver away-from.

Secret government programs purposefully designed to harm innocents, in my book, include ‘clandestine entrainment of public audience thinking’ just to shore-up big corporate financial empires where Mainstream Media giant conglomerate networks foster ’embedding’ ( secretly training ) of ‘certain’ investigative reporters and broadcasters whom may have gained the respect, attention and ‘confidence’ of general public audiences of all walks of life whom waned in their opinions and consequently moved to less costly Alternative Media platforms. Hence, government and corporate viewpoints are of the ‘socio-economic opinions’ that, without ‘government guidance’ a threat to National Security exists interalia a ‘threat to their financial gains interests’.

The only way for government to steer audiences away-from Alternative Media was to steer private funding sources to direct certain key individuals into clandestine operations designed to disrupt audiences through sequences of ‘online dramatic turmoil’ to psychologically return people to Mainstream Media embedded programming and programmer sources of public broadcasting.

‘The System’ Is Rigged Against Most People In America –

The devious treacheries of government organizations and big corporate empires never cease, and they’re counting on wearing down the hard-working little people whom dutifully pay homage by paying taxes for services never received as politicians and the law promises.

Foreigners and youth need to realize, before trying to invade America, ‘all that once glittered is no longer gold’ quite simply because America is ‘not what your forefathers once witnessed’. Those times of yesteryear were changed while most people fell asleep watching, listening and reading storylines from global Mainstream Media networks.

New Government Deep-State ‘Justice Democrat Movement’ Sheep Dipping Young Brains –

As people awaken to becoming more aware through greater knowledgeability, it becomes obvious who will remain slave-like people to only potentate dunderheads who appear today to be dominating Mainstream Media news. They call them “Justice Democrats” whom consist of alternative Republicans, Democrats, Independents and other familiar political party names, but whom like ‘Antifa’ are so asleep at the switch in local politics they do not really know who is leading them nor where they are leading people so, laws enacted in the future will remove the very civil liberties and human rights you thought you had.



Research References –





Where is Congressional Oversight Subcommittees on Intelligence practices today? How do United States citizens take back their country away-from dunderhead politicians whom are ‘not representative’ of people’s common sense with any historical knowledge or equipped with any foresight?

Where are the ‘real threats’ to America’s National Security for citizens festering such fosterings solely under control by current representatives holding ‘locally elected positions within the U.S. federal government bureaucracy today’?

We hear publicized statements that ‘The System’ is “rigged.” When a ship no longer steers a straight course, either ‘riggings’ are replaced or new systems installed; but, not with ‘weak ropes’ or ‘faulty computer brains’.

So, as most people saw Mainstream Media sail off-course, it’s important to see Alternative Media maintain its ‘independence’ fostering everyone’s rights to ‘free speech’ in America rather than Orwellian censorship as we saw first being exercised in 2018 over Google’s YouTube.

Folks need to stand up for more traditional values to set America back on course, and the first bastion where such can more easily begin is with Alternative Media reporting what people use to be allowed to freely report; their own ‘personal opinions’ – unfettered and without any interference from government or their Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) intelligence operative assets and / or ‘federally contracted’ “business agreement” agents thereof.

I’ve ‘been there’, ‘done that’, and know by-far more about how such operations inflict desired casualties, and I know just how to counter them into a variety of curtailments too.

When it comes down to organizations destroying the minds of American citizenry youth, then as the expression says, ‘Katie bar the door !” for an unrelenting war to protect the innocents in America may come to pass.

Creating Perfect Government Storms –

From acclaims surrounding Whistleblower testimonies beginning with ‘communicating with now dead living souls’ to ‘time travel’, ‘interdimensional portal jump-rooms’, ‘multiverse experiencers’ ( the ’20 And Back’ programs ), ‘non-terrestrial officers’, and nearly anything the mind of people can conceive and believe appears achievable.

Is this “Possibility Thinking” or “Dreaming?”

Could both be so inextricably intertwined within our universal matrix hiding a download mix of similar realities laid out upon a vaster plane than we can comprehend because of genetically altered encodes within us preventing such comprehensions to surface within our biologically living active brains on Earth today?

What if we have yet to be able to separate and divide from our illusory realities? Might Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ) have been secretly instituted to determine such probabilities or redevelopmentally possibilities?

Solely dependent upon one’s comprehension, research and experiences does a thirst for greater knowledgeability expand global societies. From Stone Age hunter gatherers to Modern Man, we continue evolving beyond yesteryear through today on-to tomorrow’s offspring for even greater knowledgeability.


Recalling From Where One Originates –

Of foremost importance is being able to even comprehend today that we may be no smarter than apes were by comparison to where our evolutionary knowledgeability takes us in the future where a caveat sees us lucky enough to survive this World’s timeline into the next without us destroying each other any more than we already have.

The following research references ( further below ) are a few examples of The Secret Space Program evolutionary understandings and progressions, which for many people still remains unfathomable.

Dumbing Down Societies Like Sheep –

I would hope that progressive thought is not stymied by witch-hunt competitive charlatans affixing themselves like anchors around everyone’s neck in order to deconstruct revolutionary new concepts leading to developments for the advancement of all human-kind.

My humble suggestion is to ‘not burn books simply because they may be unclear to us today’.

Destroying a fellow human being’s ability to learn may result in more damages inflicted in the long run of human race timelines.

The sanctity of life provides a civil right unto all human beings entitled to their own opinions.

Without being able to exercise such inalienable rights we shall surely lose our humanity.

Important for a race of beings whom strive for betterment, and not doom, be left unfettered by control freaks seeking to shove everyone into a mold that those elite on-high see more profitability therefrom.



Shadow Operations ( viewed total: 327,000 times:


Montauk, Other Jump-Rooms, Mars And Beyond:



20 And Back Programs:


Indigo Child Boriska On Mars And Beyond:


Bigelow Aerospace $22 Million In Alien Artifacts On CBS 60 Minutes:




Documenting Today’s Secret Space Program AUTEC Portals, Tic-TAC, More:


Documenting Today’s Secret Space Program AUTEC Portals, Tic-TAC, More


Multiverse Telecommunications And Teleportations:


Multiverse Telecommunications And Teleportations


Emerging Stealth Anti-Gravity Crafts DIY ( Do It Yourself ):


Emerging Stealth Anti-Gravity Crafts DIY ( Do It Yourself )



As A Noteworthy Aside –


I ran across another world yesterday where educational concepts were so unique that in just a few minutes I realized how far off track ‘we’ – as a part of the human race in America – have ‘devolved’ – away-from our truer purpose in life on this planet ( Earth ):


Reference –


And, Finally, In Conclusion –


I thought it only fitting to address people with the ‘rest of my life story’, making me out not to be such a “mystery man” as my U.S. federal government intelligence handlers  ( all, Special Agents, and Supervisory Special Agents ) so nicknamed me within the Intelligence Community since 1971.

I thought for a moment how ironic it personally reverberated inside of me when I heard Project Camelot producer, host and investigative journalist Kerry Cassidy introduce me with her quip as my being “somewhat of a mystery man” as she began interviewing me.

I recalled briefly near the end of her show having quipped something to the effect of how there was so much more I had hoped to discuss on her show, once I realized that show was concluding.

Reference –


Audiences Never Get To Know ”The Rest Of The Story’ –

I often wonder, “Do people really care to know more?” Or, “Is ‘enough’, really ‘enough’ said?”

Perhaps, therein rests the ‘mystery’ of life for others to ‘learn more on their own’. I cannot help but want to help more people with more information. That has always been my quest. Some say, “That is the life of a fool !” Well? I beg to differ.

My Salutations To This Stellar Audience As You All Have Been –

I, for one, greatly appreciate the Project Camelot audience and visitors very much for expressing their interests in the variety of what all I have researched, written, and so wonderfully had published and re-published by Kerry Cassidy on Project Camelot in my UPI Guy column since 2012. The secret is, what you’ve reviewed is only a fraction of 1% of what I hold within my nearly 16,000,000 page files, which would take many years to digest; more years than I have left to live – unfortunately.

Thank you for all your support and donations seeing me survive life to-date based upon my highly unusual personal circumstances and increased predicaments threatening my existence that people on Project Camelot ‘only know a small portion’ about.

As Kerry Cassidy said, during her interview ( with me ), “There’s a lot here [ my UPI Guy writings ( to digest ) ],” and so, while people can only digest ( consume ) so much ( at one sitting ), I know only too well, the sword that cuts both ways ( on 2 sides ) where Project Camelot strives for masses of people by “Getting The Truth Out, One Whistleblower At A Time.” The only question is, the ‘matter of time’ ( itself ) where reaching people – within their timeline during their lifetime – remains problematic for both audiences and their online information providers. So many providers. So little time.

There is a bit more ( below ) providing a chronology of taskings unlike anything ever released.

There is also ‘more news and information’ ( immediately below ):

First ( 1st ):

No More PayPal Donations Delivered To The Homeless UPI Guy –

Through PayPal donations, I have been slowly overcoming a variety of personal hardships surrounding my extreme difficulty in obtaining basic ‘Stay Alive Money’ ( S.A.M. ). People know what it takes to live on Earth in today’s society ‘without any luxuries’.

To donate to Paul Collin click below.

What I Consider To Be A ‘Luxury’ –

I have not been able to afford ‘eating at any standard ordinary restaurants’ or ‘attending any theatres’ for several decades now. I have ‘never in my entire lifetime’ been on what most all people consider as a ‘vacation’. Think about that for a while, and then the following information ( below ), which for many – in the ‘online community’ – will come as somewhat ‘Breaking News’.

Who Are The New American Terrorists’ ?

Have Too Many Foreign Terrorists Entered America ?

Why Is The U.S. Government Cracking Down On PayPal ?

Why Is PayPal Cracking Down On Homeless Americans ?

PayPal Now ‘Verifying Only U.S. Citizen Identity Papers’ –

According to PayPal new policy directives, many Americans will be wondering if ‘they are subtly being labeled as such. In ‘my particularly unusual case situation’, please allow me to explain just ‘how this is actually and currently being rolled out by PayPal’ before May 7, 2019 when I – as well as other Americans – will see ‘PayPal closing accounts’ involuntarily of PayPal’s ‘customer intent to keep open their PayPal account’.

For me to ‘survive monthly’ depends on ‘public donations through my PayPal account’.

PayPal has now recently adopted their ‘new identity compliance policies’ that clearly appear ‘invidiously’ and ‘discriminatory’ whereby accordingly American’s must disclose their personal identity information to PayPal’.

Like more and more online cryptocurrency outlets, the busiest businesses of such are being forced into linking up with U.S. government laws where federally funded contractor ‘data fusion centers’ spread out all across America provides the ability demanding under U.S. law for ‘businesses doing business and services with and for Americans’ – like Bitcoin, PayPal and many others – to “come into compliance with a United States government law surrounding “U.S. Consumer Protection,” which these businesses have been forced to cite only to ‘Americans’ in a selective and simultaneously removal of their ( U.S. Citizen’s only ) ‘U.S. Constitutional protection right to ‘Privacy’ interalia what today is referred to as ‘anonymity’; to be anonymously protected away-from the prying eyes of government or anyone else’s surveillance.

For only U.S. citizens, ‘PayPal new policies now demand photo proof of identification cards’, ‘utility bills’ plus ‘more’.

If you are not a lawyer, or ‘if you do not read PayPal policies very carefully’ you will never comprehend the new over-reaching policy demands placed on American account-holders of PayPal. [ SEE BELOW ]






“Policy Updates –




We are ‘updating the PayPal Account User Agreement for U.S. customers’.


These changes will go into effect on MAY 7, 2019.


If you agree to these changes, you don’t have to do anything.


If you don’t agree with these changes, you may close your account. If you close your account before May 7, 2019, the changes will not apply to you.”




“Amendments to the PayPal User Agreement for Personal PayPal Accounts


As a result of a new regulation issued by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in Washington, D.C., coming into effect on April 1, 2019, we are making some changes that WILL AFFECT CONSUMERS WHO WANT TO HOLD AND USE BALANCE WITH PayPal.”




“For all other consumer PayPal account holders, if you want to hold and use balance, IN ADDITION TO ‘VERIFYING YOUR IDENTITY WITH PayPal’, you will need set up a balance account which will be linked to your current PayPal account.”




If you are ‘an existing personal PayPal account holder’, and [ IF ] we have already VERIFIED YOUR IDENTITY’, we will establish and automatically link a PayPal Cash Plus account to your current PayPal account.”




Reference –


PayPal Policies To Homeless Accountholders –


Since homeless people do not live in structured housing supplied with “utilities” ( e.g. electricity, natural gas or water ), how does a ‘homeless person’ – who is an accountholder of PayPal – obtain a ‘photo’ of their “Utility Bill” or any other “identity” documents that homeless do not have nor possess and cannot provide to PayPal ?


RESEARCH REFERENCE – 2019 – PayPal Community Members Witnessing Unsolvable New Policy Problems:


Decades ago, while U.S. astronauts were on their mission in outer-space whereupon encountering a problem, their “Mission Control” office ( down on Earth in Texas, USA ) was contacted. Millions of people around the world heard their cry for help:


“Houston ? We have a problem !”


Everyone on Earth ‘then realized’ how ‘life-threatening their problem really was’.


PayPal Killed Donations For Homeless “UPI Guy’ ( Me ) –


For just some type of a roof over my head, my van has been my home-office from which I live ( eat and sleep ), do my research reports ( using an old tiny display screen smartphone ), and use as transportation to pick up food and medicine. That has been the only life I have lived or known since I began volunteering exclusively for Project Camelot in late 2012 ( 7-years ).


Before Project Camelot, I lived vehicular homeless for 6-years, from early 2012 back to late 2006 when I returned from my Eastern European assignment for 4-years, from late 2006 back to 2002.


Before leaving America in 2002, I was forced to abandoned my 2-bedroom 1-bathroom home where I lived and ran my computer service, sales and consultancy business from until September 11, 2001 ( 9/11 ) when my business crashed because of ‘nationwide consumer spending fright’ due to the 9/11 disaster ruining my business I started ‘there’ ( near Louisville, Kentucky ) in 2000.


In 2000, 1-week before my wife and her two children died in our northern New Mexico country home ( along the Rio Grande River just south of Taos, New Mexico where we lived since 1998 ) my wife was painting for her art gallery while I ran my computer business there too. I was called away on two ( 2 ) service assignments for a couple of former clients of mine ( U.S. federal foreign surveillance interdiction Special Agents, the chief pilot and mission control specialist ), and when I returned home I was shocked to find everything I had worked so hard to build after 38-years was burnt-down to the ground along with my small family whom I tragically lost forever. As far as I was concerned, any life I once knew was finished.


From 1998 back to 1996, I worked for the MICROSOFT CORPORATION as a worldwide user support analyst in addition to working for the INTUIT CORPORATION ( makers of Quick Books & Quicken – accounting software ), I purchased a small 1-acre ranch near Tucson, Arizona where I met my wife.


From 1996 back to 1993, I ran my own computer peripheral business I turned into the first retail consumer store for HITACHI computer products in Irvine, California establishing my corporate headquarters in Costa Mesa, California.


From 1993 back to 1991, I became general manager over a small courier business, I built-up through one ( 1 ) client, into a multi-million dollar courier business for its owner.


Simultaneously, in 1991, I opened an antique store ( in the old historic district of Orange, California ) where I lived in a Victorian-era home with my previous wife, after 1986 when I returned from my Western European assignment on a U.S. N.A.T.O. intelligence operation in Italy.


In 1988, I fought for the lives and souls of children immersed by staff members of officials pointing them into cult and occult organizations for various types of abuse including electronic audio tonal brainwashings. I assisted one of the directors of The Adam Walsh Foundation, gained a letter of support from the commissioner of the County of Orange Juvenile Justice Commission, Chief of Police for the City of Orange, and was asked to be interviewed on the now-legacy American TV series ‘Inside Edition’, which a lawyer warned me, “Don’t do that TV interview or you’ll never see your daughter again” after I was spotlighted in a Los Angeles Times newspaper story when I was simultaneously fighting for my own daughter’s life and soul having been immersed in previous occult rituals and later in a cult posing as a faith-based alternative church ‘promoting teenage inter-racial marriages of children’ plus ‘fostering child rebellions against adult parents’ in family settings ( absent of parental abuse ) and ‘normal parental child guidance’, plus much more that occurred after my divorce when I was actively full-time employed by the U.S. Department of Defense as a C.I.A. attache ( 1971 – 1972 ) and again while on a Western Europe intelligence mission in 1986.


In 1983, I worked under the direct supervision of U.S. Navy Admiral Charles R. Robinson; 8th man under the U.S. Surgeon General of the United States of America.


Civilian Intelligence Asset Operations –


In 1981, I worked for various and sundry high-tech computer companies in Southern California back to 1975 when I began secretly assisting two ( 2 ) U.S. C.I.A. agents ( El Segundo, California ) on a foreign intelligence operation involving Russia Soviet KGB agents in America obtaining custom built ( ‘tweaked’ ) high-technology microcomputers manufactured, tested and then shipped overseas; in-particular, to Club Med ( Papetee, Tahiti – a French Polynesia island Protectorate – popular worldwide for vacationers ) where different KGB agents would simply pick them up under cover as being ‘prepaid in America purchases’ obtained through Club Med’s tourist ‘gift shop’ that received those orders from a company ( Microcomputer Technology Inc. – Santa Ana, California ) where I worked as Director of Manufacturing alongside a Director of Engineering who obtained a stolen copy of the U.S. Trident nuclear submarine telemetry electronics manual with schematics; an official blue book stolen out-of the U.S. Army Intelligence Library ( Ft. Huachuca, Arizona ) – I recovered on behalf of a branch Office of Naval Intelligence ( ONI ) secretly located within the ‘El Toro U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter Station ( Tustin, CA ).


In 1979, I was employed as a ‘bounty hunter’ for a licensed bail bond firm ( insured by the corrupt Cotton Belt Insurance company ) for California criminal motorcycle gangs supported by a County of Orange Superior Court judge, and I was the assistant campaign manager for a retired C.I.A. case officer running for a State of California senatorial position in Tustin, California from where he ( John Lynch ) sponsored my secret membership within the Los Angeles chapter of the highly secretive low-profile organization named the ‘Southern California Counter-Intelligence Corps Association ( SCCICA )’ that ‘no outsiders knew existed or anything about it either.


In 1976, I became employed full-time as a ‘tactical driving instructor’ for a C.I.A. federal contractor ( Academy Of Defensive Driving – AODD ) that taught CIA, FBI and other federal agents ‘advanced pursuit driving’ in addition to ‘executive driving’ for foreign dignitary chauffeurs on how-to run road blocks, throw grenades from moving vehicles, and more.


From 1989 back to 1974, I have been noted in southern California newspapers ( several times ) as having worked for the U.S. Treasury Department, State Department of Justice and FBI Civil Rights Division fighting ‘against’ the ‘chief law enforcement officer’ ( Sheriff & Coroner ) ‘operating organized corruption under color of authority’ ( leaders of local law enforcement running big business crimes and corruption ) within the wealthiest County ( County of Orange ) in America where I worked as a domestic ‘political intelligence operative’ and was noted as such and named throughout the ‘First-Edition’ copy of the book entitled, ‘The Twisted Badge’; especially, in the chapter labelled ‘The Professor’.


In 1974, I worked for many lawyers as a case law research clerk, investigator ( under the license of a private investigator ), and I worked for several attorney services performing court document research, filings and served legal papers in court cases.


Much of the aforementioned is ‘not provided’ within my LinkedIn.Com profile online.


So, there you have ‘only a portion’ of my work background.


Your donations are truly more life-saving than many people realize, especially for a handicapped former U.S. veteran of a foreign war where I am now at 67-years old still having to fight another war domestically while stuck within America’s borders.


I did not ever expect to be forced to live out my twilight-years as I’ve been doing vehicular homeless on the streets of Los Angeles as the ultimate American intelligence castaway.


Odd, how life turns out for people, in the end.


My. How life goes by in a blink.


I retain my inner integrity while hiding from others whom would rather I not help the masses by providing information for humanity’s even-better knowledgeability.


My purpose in life was always to care for the safety and security of humanity, my fellow human beings, by -protecting them away-from adversarials of life’ on Earth.


Much of my background was never released by me because of threats against me involving two ( 2 ) sniper incidents ( 1 against my then-infant daughter, plus another into the front door of my former residence ), a car bombing ( outside my former home ), and threats against members of my family whom are now dead.


I made several ultimate sacrifices for the sake of the greater good of humanity; more-so than society will ever know – while I’m alive.


The ‘aforementioned’, like I said before ( above ) are ‘only portions of my life’.


I’d like to live out the rest of my life – maybe a few more years – as peacefully joyous as possible. I have no interest in fame nor fortune; instead, just a little normalcy with peace and safety where I should lay my weary bones to rest.


Thank you for being a perceptive intuit audience of people whom against all odds – realizing Big Brother and Corporate America are against us – have stepped-up to the plate to support me on Project Camelot in the fight to bring more detailed information to the forefront of humanity where your type of heartbeat is truly a rare commodity amongst humanity today.


Complicating Donations To The Homeless ( The UPI Guy – Paul Collin )


Should anyone wish to ever make a donation to me, they may only do such securely through ‘their own bank’s online application’ or in-person at ‘their bank counter window’ by their own Bank-To-Bank Wire Transfer conveniences requiring ‘my specific bank instruction coordinates’ to accomplish this ( See Below ):









TEL: +1 (951) 681-8258 ( BRANCH OFFICE )


TEL: +1 (951) 360-4860 ( BOFA BRANCH OFFICE )










ACCOUNT NUMBER: 002632577170 ( SAVINGS )


ABA / ROUTING NUMBER ( WIRE ): 026009593

Please contact me by e-mail ( See Below ) to notify me of your donation so, I can confirm my receipt of such back to you by e-mail.

Thank you for your continued support and donations, which PayPal just made impossible for me to receive. Hence, bank-to-bank is now the only means left for me to survive.

Many blessings upon you and your”s.

Sincerely with my deepest respects,

Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]












WWW: Publicity Intelligence/documents












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