by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy at Project Camelot )

TUCSON – March 19, 2011 – Nebraska is part of America’s heartland where less than fifty ( 50 ) people are ‘officially designated’ – by the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) – to analyze the pulsebeat of ‘doom and gloom’ through ‘scientific terms’ calculated within a new ‘strategic center’ using the latest ultra high-tech computer system, software application program modules and networking capabilities for what ‘global government national infrastructures’ expect based on what the National Aeronautic Space Administration ( NASA ) warned would impact Earth during the [ then ] current ”Solar Maximum” ( Cycle 24 ) sending a ‘significant’ “Solar Energetic Particle Event” ( SEPE ) [ ] to Earth that “we all need to be concerned about.”

What possibly could go wrong?

We’re all protected, aren’t we?

Contrary to popular belief, people are quite simply ‘not protected against naturally hazardous events’ because there is ‘little’ to ‘no control’ over that which overwhelms.

Government officials, however, claim to be doing their very best to “monitor activities,” which is one ( 1 ) reason ‘why’ the United States Air Force ( USAF ) ‘subordinate organization’ known as its Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) analyzes significant amounts of scientific data from horizons above and below the Earth.

Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) searches for clues to ‘naturally significant events’ ( i.e. Solar Energetic Particle Event ( SEPE ), continental plate tectonic shifts, rifts, earthquakes, tsunamis, magnetic anomalies, pole shifts, planetary revolution slowings, climate change, or other dramatic phenomena occurrences.

The sole “Mission” of the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) is tasked as the only U.S. government Agency ‘officially designated to analyze’ incredible amounts of scientific doom and gloom information, which is so bizarre that the public might consider such having originated from some ‘doomsday prophet(s)’ foreseeing mega-scale Earth calamities about to occur.

– –

Preface –

Long before the Spring of 2011 before the now-popular Ben Davidson ( creator of ‘Suspicious0bservers’ ) began uploading videos onto his channel ( at YouTube ), I had been publishing my own research reports for years on what have now become my legacy of websites about factually scientific, advanced and emerging technology Programs, Projects and ‘other topics’ of primary interest to federally funded government contractors not widely broadcasted to general public audiences over the internet ( 1998 – 2007 ).

In my humble opinion, Mr. Davidson has performed an eloquently professional job of carrying much information, I use to play around with researching when buried in rabbitholes of several notable public and private institutional and organizational sponsoring scientific and geoastrophysical databases, however the quality of my reports  ( moreover, what some consider, “data dumps” ) were totally unlike Mr. Davidson’s professional, polished and entertaining productions purposely designed to capture more members of general public audiences. Hence, Mr. Davidson should be applauded for awakening many because of his diligent work plus ‘getting it right most of the time’.

In-particular, amongst his daily epistiles I have reviewed for years, what really caught my attention recently was a ten ( 10 ) part series Mr. Davidson identified as a recently ( 2016 ) ‘somewhat declassified’ ( whole pages missing, redaction black-outs missing, and curious data inserts, etc. ) by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) spotlight on a vintage ( 1966 ) ‘book’ entitled “The Adam And Eve Story” Davidson points-to as being a defacto or dejure “Next End Of The World” CIA classified mishap where he goes on to relate portions of ‘three ( 3 ) authorships’ to this book, derivitives thereof, including The Holy Bible with ‘current signs of Earth times’ involving both ‘on planet’ and ‘off planet’ anomalies such as Sun – Earth magnetic connectivity, pole shifts, Earth rotational speeds slowing, and more that began riveting even ‘me’ just a little too hard, and were I not conditioned by my occupational training and experiences to comprehend ‘certain types of complexities involving a wider variety of reasons as-to how and why classifications occur within the Intelligence Community, which Mr. Davidson chose to publicly single out and herald only ‘one’ ( 1 ) possible reason why such a book was ever classified; alluding to ‘some of the book being predicated on scientific fact’.

And, if that’s not enough, for the faint of heart, there’s even more catastrophic videos where Suspicious0bservers decidedly ushers in ‘numerology overtones’ as factors predicting a solar micro-nova backed-up by glass samples from our Moonhaving been collected by astronauts whereafter such is pointed-to as somehow being “scary” according to narrated implications from Mr. Davidson so, there is ‘no shortage’ of sensationalism driven curiosities on what was once “the facts, and only the facts” now turned alternatively perhaps, more profitable where what I’m witnessing today outshines even the cleverist swami of all.

Reference –

Well, to each of us – blessed with their own opinion – there actually ‘are’ more reasons than what Mr. Davidson’s narrated video depictions and analogies that audiences find striking fear into not only the business of global machination decision-makers of industry but all the way down the ladder to the time-clock punching public workers, and so as not to be sidetracked by any further Tom or Ben fooleries …

My incredibly unattractive sandpaper stylized reports primarily focus more on ‘what the public likely needs to know’ – in case of natural emergencies – rather than other ‘colorfully drafted details driving community panic into a state of suspended chaos from which none may return to a Big Mac and order of fries any time soon.

Personally? I’ll stick to what I know, which according to all the rocket-scientists ( currently surrounding me ) whom are desperately trying to stuff me onboard the next supply shuttlecraft bound for somewhere beyond the International Space Station ( ISS ), the simple fact, is:

No one ‘really’ lives forever except perhaps, for the transhumanist ( if there are any already living amongst us ), I encourage all to please enjoy my report ( below ); especially, the part about “the really scary stuff” – ‘ah-choo’ < sneeze > !

Important to keep in mind is, that what’s being discussed in this report is ‘not science-fiction’.

Demonstrating ‘science facts’ are provisions ( herein ) of Research Reference links supplied for curiosity seekers of the truth.

The real scary stuff no official wants publicly discussed is always of interest. An axample, within the UFO community, is the U.S. government coining of such interesting ‘words’ and / or ‘terms’, such as:

– Unreferenceable; and / or,

– NonReferenceable.

Words and terms of which there are now ( today ) many more, and for most people such says absolutely ‘nothing’ except for perhaps a few enquiring minds.

– –

Space Weather Forecasting –

Current official information ( received 24-hours a day and 365-days a year ) by the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) and its host Directorate of Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) group of ‘solar observatories’, ‘satellites’ / ‘spacecraft’ detectors and ‘ground-based telescope obseevatory sensors with a wide array of ‘cameras’ as well as ‘human observers’ continuing to report enough worrisome information that would scare many of us, but – ‘officially’ – the public will never know ‘what’ is about to befall them or even ‘when’ such a natural event will occur.

After a considerable amount of research into this subject, the U.S. Air Force was caught ‘publicly admitting’ they are only able to “know within minutes” as to ‘what significant Earth Event is coming’ and just ‘when it will arrive’ – anywhere between a few hours up-to days in-advance’ – the public will never be informed. Why?

Doom & Gloom or Fantasy Island?

Undoubtedly, classified ( in the ‘interest of national security’ ), would be the officially given reason to the public. Some might ask, “But, for ‘whose’ “security?” People, for the most part, are ‘not secure’ – especially when facing a pending injurious consequence resulting in ruination of life as they may have come to know their’s – and most gravitate toward wanting to “be with family” ( or “loved ones” ) as any pending cataclysmic Earth Event draws nearer to them all. The U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ), however realizes that being occupants of planet Earth is ‘not the same thing as’ “Fantasy Island” or a trip to “McFantasyIsland” as the rest of the public at-large has come to know ‘their version’ of what planet Earth is for ‘them’ and their children.


What may even be more interesting to the public is to review official U.S. data surrounding what U.S. Air Force commands ‘are already preparing for’, what ‘they already have set in-place’ for ‘everyone living in the Continental United States ( CONUS )’, and ‘how they are going to accomplish’ their secret-sensitive “Mission” on ‘people’ throughout the United States. This is ‘definitely not’ a ‘science fiction movie’ or ‘Orwellian Theory’ within this report, but strictly what the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency and another U.S. Air Force ‘subordinate organization’, the Air and Space Operations ( ASO ), Director of Weather ( USAF Deputy Chief of Staff ) has ‘recently laid-out publicly’, but for the ‘public’ to decipher ‘all of what was so officially presented’ many were lost in the government psychobabble resulting in no impact on the public as to the ‘seriousness’ for what they need to ‘begin preparing for’.

Television Commercial ‘Official Advertisement’ Already Warned Public!

Recently ( 2010 and 2011 ), the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency ( FEMA ) began advertising its own advertising commercial on American television. The FEMA TV ad commercial ’warns the public to prepare’ for an “unexpected Event” that “can suddenly turn your life – and those around you – ‘upside down’.”

FEMA’s TV commercial advertisement ( see video clip – below ) is easily recalled by those who watch / watched it – depicting a ‘family inside a home’ where all of a sudden everything inside the home’ begins floating up in the air; as though ‘gravity was somehow suddeny lost’. This ‘professionally produced television commercial advertisement’ from FEMA ‘stylishly warns people to prepare for any unexpected natural disaster Earth Event, however FEMA did not describe ‘what type of event strike for people to expect’.

Reference –

The sadest part about this is that the U.S. government actually considers this television commercial advertisement an “official public warning to prepare for a national disaster” while simultaneously the U.S. government hopes the commercial will ‘not’ create ‘panic’ or ‘chaos’ in the streets that would disrupt ‘skyrocketing profits’ received by ‘global elite’ and/or ‘big business’ through their stock market portfolios. In short, this alluding to a national disaster is nothing short of being the ‘Biggest Show On Earth’ continuing profits from basic living expenses saddling the ‘little people’, ‘worthless eaters’, and ‘consumers of “blue gold” ( water ) the global elite predict will rise – more-so than precious metals – after such an Earth Disaster Event ( EDE ).

Survival By Chance or Circumstance

One of the most worrisome concerns, after reviewing this report ( filled with official U.S. government information’ ), is: ‘What’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ U.S. government ‘decision-makers’ react to their ‘official alert’. Many will undoubtedly and instantly gather with ‘their families’, however ‘what about the rest of us’ gathering with ‘our families? We will not be provided the same ‘early alert’ to even know – until after it ( significant Earth Event ) already takes place! Is this ‘fair’? Is this ‘just’? Is this ‘humane’? Or, is this pure and unadulterated ‘elitist selfishness’ that government affords for only a ‘select few’ lucky souls fortunate enough to be provided with sufficient warning in-advance and additionally told were to go and what to do in order to escape the wrath of such a cataclysmic Earth Event? Few people realize that those ‘decision-makers’ have already been instructed in-advance as to ‘what’ they need to do and ‘when’ they need to do it.

AFWA Notifies 350 Military Installations About Earth Disaster Event

Even more frightening is, ‘what’ the U.S. military has ‘already been commanded’ as to ‘how to accomplish’ their “Mission” based on a highly-classified U.S. Presidential Executive Order ( EO ) turning the U.S. population over to U.S. military control. The U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) was also ‘officially designated’ as the “Agency” ‘controlling internet ( cyberspace ) shutdown’, according to the report ( below ) and further researching the capabilities of its ‘subordinate organization’ ( un-named ) “Strategic Center.”

Current Reporting Revelations

This report contains ‘no old news’ but ‘new official U.S. government revelations’, which cause the public to re-think where they are and what is coming. The only information this report does ‘not’ provide publicly are the ‘names’, ‘addresses, ‘phone numbers’, and ‘photographs’ of those ‘key individuals’ whom are ‘already designated’ as those ‘ready’, ‘willing’ and ‘able’ to ‘perform as ordered on-command’ – even if that command is ‘unable to be given’ after a cataclysmic Earth Event!

Reviewers Need To Know –

There are only two ( 2 ) ‘official U.S. government reports’ provided ( below ) in this report, which contains internet links to more ‘official information’ on this subject.

Knowing the public at-large, and hot it predominantly enjoys ‘entertaining flowery written articles’ – they never bother to  ‘research’ anything further about’ – this report was purposely kept ‘short and sweet’ ( no flowers – no frills ). It includes an ‘official government article’ that was converted into a ‘very simple outline’, and that is followed-up with yet another ‘official government article’ left as-is. Hopefully, some may consume this report far-easier than others at this website so its point on this subject may be even-better publicly received.

The first ( 1st ) report ( included immediately below ) was ‘thoroughly analyzed’ in its ‘original format’, and then – based on ‘even more detailed official information’ discovered – was ‘re-formatted into an even-more proper perspective’, and – for the sake of making this report far-more easily comprehendible for public review – it was finally ‘converted into a simple outline format’ but only because of the fashion by-which government complicated the original public information release’; saying everything but not saying it very well for the public to easily understand.

The second ( 2nd ) report ( further below ) was left in its ‘original format’ because anyone reviewing it can quickly understand the nature of the ‘true problems’ surrounding what we all are going to be facing soon enough.

You be the judge, as to ‘what’ you will do, to ‘prepare’ for the ‘officially expected’ Earth Event. Enjoy the report ( below ) and be sure to click on the embedded links to learn more about ‘what effects’ are ‘coming’ and ‘what’ the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) is preparing for.

Tell a friend about what you review ( below ) and your reply may be, “You can’t trust what you read on the internet.” If anyone does ‘not trust’ this report ( below ) – or anything else on this website – they should click on the ‘official government website links’ ( provided at the bottom of this report, and other links found herein ) – if they are equipped with an ‘attention-span’ ( longer than a bug ) or ‘not easily distracted’ by something as simple as a ‘horn honk’ – then they can ‘research it all’ for themselves and try to prove this information and you are incorrect.

Many will be amazed at how much these official government revelations will help them to prepare for more than ‘entertainment’.

– –

SOURCE: United States Air Force ( USAF ) Weather Agency ( AFWA )

Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA )

106 Peacekeeper Drive, Suite 2

Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska 68113-4039


TEL: +1 (402) 232-8166 ( Public Affairs )

TEL: 272-8166 ( DSN )


United States Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – aka – Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) claims heritage extrapolated back to World War I, when the U.S. Army ( USA ) ‘subordinate organization’ Signal Corps ( ASC ) ‘subordinate organization’ “Meteorological Service” ( SCMC ) provided ‘weather support’ for U.S. Army defense aircraft pilots.

Amidst the legacy of the U.S. Secretary of War, ( known ‘today’ as ) U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ), it – having realized its ‘subordinate organization’ U.S. Army had ‘increasing military personnel numbers’ due to an ‘increasing defense stockpile inventory’ of U.S. Army ‘militarized aircraft’ – created a ‘then-new subordinate organization’ known as the U.S. Army ( USA ) Air Corps ( AAC ) that became well-known as the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ).

On July 1, 1937 the U.S. Secretary of War ‘reorganized’ the U.S. Army ‘subordinate organization’ Signal Corps ( ASC ) ‘subordinate organization’ Metereological Service ( MS ) ‘out-of’ the Signal Corps ( SC ) and ‘in-to’ the U.S. Army ( USA ) ‘subordinate organization’ Air Corps ( ASC ) as its ‘then-new subordinate organization’ Meteorological Service ( ACMS ).

On April 14, 1943 the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ) ‘subordinate organization’ Meteorological Service ( MS ) was ‘renamed’ “Weather Wing” ( WW ) and ‘physically moved’ to an Asheville, North Carolina location – where ‘today’ the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) has its 14th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS ) located.

In 1945, the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ) Weather Wing ( ACWW ) was ‘renamed’ the U.S. Army Air Corps “Weather Service” ( ACWS ).

In early 1946, the U.S. Army Air Corps Weather Service ( ACWS ) was ‘physically moved’ from Asheville, North Carolina to the U.S. Army Air Corps Langley Field Station – where ‘today’ Langley Air Force Base ( LAFB ) is located.

On March 13, 1946 the U.S. Army Air Corps Weather Service ( ACWS ) was ‘reorganized’ under the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ) ‘new subordinate organization’ Air Transport Command ( ATC ) where its ‘then-new subordinate organization’ “Weather Service” ( ACWS ) was ‘renamed’ “Air Weather Service” ( AWS ).

Later-on, in 1946, the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ) Air Transport Command ( ATC ) Air Weather Service ( AWS ) was ‘physically moved’ to Gravelly Point, Virginia.

In 1947, the U.S. Army Air Corps ( USAAC ) was ‘renamed’ United States Air Force ( USAF ) whereupon the “Air Weather Service” ( AWS ) became ‘directly under it’ and assumed ‘sole responsibility’ over ‘all global weather reporting’ and ‘all global weather forecasting’ for ‘both’ the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army.

In 1948, the USAF ‘newly activated’ Military Air Transport Service ( MATS ) – ( known ‘today’ as ) Military Airlift Command ( MAC ) – then-received its ‘newly-transferred subordinate organization’ Air Weather Service ( AWS ) that was ‘removed from being directly under’ USAF ‘headquarters’. USAF Military Air Transport Service ( MATS ) ‘subordinate organization’ Air Weather Service ( AWS ) was then ‘physically moved’ to Andrews Air Force Base ( AAFB ) in Maryland.

In 1958, the USAF Military Airlift Command ( MAC ) ‘subordinate organization’ Air Weather Service ( AWS ) was then ‘physically moved’ to Scott Air Force Base ( SAFB ) in Illinois where – for almost 40-years – it remained.

In 1991, the USAF Military Airlift Command ( MAC ) ‘subordinate organization’ Air Weather Service ( AWS ) was ‘redesignated’ as a “field operating agency” and then ‘reorganized’ directly back under USAF ‘headquarters’.

On October 15, 1997 the USAF Air Weather Service ( AWS ) was ‘redesignated’ as the “Air Force Weather Agency” ( AFWA ) and ‘physically moved’ to Offutt Air Force Base ( OAFB ) in Nebraska where it remains ‘today’ – at least for the moment.

– –

United States Air Force ( USAF ) Weather Agency ( USAFWA )


$183,000,000 million U.S. dollars ( annually ) includes $98,000,000 million dollars for ‘Operations’ and ‘Maintenance’.

ESTABLISHED: October 15, 1997.

LOCATION: Offutt Air Force Base ( OAFB ) in Nebraska ( USA ).

REPORTING: USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ), Director of Weather ( DOW ), Deputy Chief of Staff ( DCS ).


Enable U.S. decision makers’ exploitation of all ‘resources’ based-on ‘relevant’ Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) for a ‘global spectrum of military warfare’ by ‘maximizing U.S. power, over:

– Land;

– Air;

– Space; and,

– Internet ( CyberSpace ).

PERSONNEL: 1,400 + manned, by:

– Military ( active-duty and reserve );

– Contractors ( government contracts ); and,

– Civilians.


– ? ( # ) Agencies ( staff );

– Two ( 2 ) Weather Groups ( WXG – Coordinators );

– Fourteen + ( 14 + ) Weather Squadrons ( OWS – Directorates );

– Five ( 5 ) Observatories ( solar ); and,

– One ( 1 ) Strategic Operation Systems Center ( Unknown – ‘subordinate organization’ ).

– –


Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI )


Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) data is ‘collected’ from a variety of ‘information monitoring sources’ ( Earth based and space based locations ) providing a variety of ‘data feed streams’ of information from a computer operated system network out-of a ‘Strategic Center’ processing indications detecting almost any ‘significant natural negative impact’ that ‘could occur’ on ‘people’ and ‘national infractures’ throughout ‘global geographic regions’ and in ‘outerspace’.


GEI data is provided by, many sources, amongst-which, its ( subordinate ) Strategic Center processes data through its Computer Operation Systems Network that receives ‘channeled data streams’ from ‘encoded data telemetry’ sent from ‘ground-base sourced’ and ‘space-based sourced’ detection monitors comprised, of:

– Ground Sensors ( infra-red, spectral and sonic );;

– Submerged Sensors ( infra-red, spectral and sonic );;

– Space-based Sensors ( lightwave, spectral and sonic );

– Long-Range Telescopes ( radio-frequency wave, optical lightwave and sonic );

– Imaging Cameras ( lightwave, spectral and sonic ); and,

– Human Observers ( various means ).



The U.S. Air Force ( USAF ) Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Communications Directorate ( ” A6 ” ) ‘provides’ the ‘policy oversight’ and ‘planning  oversight’ of Command, Control, and Communication Intelligence ( C3I ) for the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ).

USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Communications Directorate ( A6 ) also ‘provides support’ over ‘daily operations’, ‘contingency actions’, and ‘general’ Command, Control, Communication and Computer Intelligence ( C4I ) for the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ).

– –


Weather Groups ( WXD ) –

Weather Groups ( WXD ) are specifically designated to, coordinate:

– Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ); and,

– Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ).

– –


Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) –


A ‘minimum’ of fourteen ( 14 ) Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) are on-station ( active ) 24 hours per day 7 days per week 365 weeks per year to mitigate ( handle ) Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) issues.

Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) – also known as – Weather Squadrons ( WS ) are ‘designated’, to:

– ‘Process’ Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) data; and,

– ‘Provisionally Distribute’ Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) data.

Operational Weather Squadron Global Environmental Intelligence ( OWS GEI )

2nd Weather Group ( WXD ) –



– 2nd ( Strategic Computing Network Center ) Systems Operations Squadron ( SOS ) – Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska;

– 2nd Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS ) – Offutt Air Force Base, Nebraska; and,

– 14th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS ) – Asheville, North Carolina.

2ND WXD Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI )


– U.S. Agency ‘decision-makers’;

– U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ) ‘decision-makers’;

– U.S. Allied Foreign Nation ‘decision-makers’; and,

– U.S. Joint Operations ‘Warfighters’.



USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘develops’ and ‘maintains’ the ‘concepts of operations’ for how U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) supports “most weather sensitive” areas of ‘joint capabilities’.


– Timely;

– Relevant; and,

– Specialized.


Solar Observatories ( Detachments – Det. ), four ( 4 ):

Det. 1 ( 2ND WXG SO Detachment 1 – Learmonth, Australia );

Det. 2 ( 2ND WXG SO Detachment 2 – Sagamore Hill, Massachusetts );

Det. 4 ( 2ND WXG SO Detachment 3 – Holloman Air Force Base – New Mexico ); and,

Det. 5 ( 2ND WXG SO Detachment 4 – Palehua, Hawaii ).



USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘works in conjunction with’ MAJCOM ‘functional counterpart users’ of products, data and services supplied from U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ).

USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) is ‘one ( 1 ) agent’ of the ‘lead Command’ for ‘gathering operational requirements’.


– Planning – Military Operation Missions ( global spectrum ); and,

– Executing – Military Operation Missions ( global spectrum ).



USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘coordinates’ U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) policy issues.


Four ( 4 ) Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) ‘specifically conduct’ Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ):

– Warnings ( 24-hours / 7-days a week / 365-weeks a year );

– Military Mission Briefings ( 24-hours / 7-days a week / 365-weeks a year )

– Forecasts ( 24-hours / 7-days a week / 365-weeks a year ); and,

– Analysis ( 24-hours / 7-days a week / 365-weeks a year ).


Strategic Center ( cost: $277,000,000 million dollars ) ‘subordinate organization’, provides:

– Computer System Complex;

– Computer System Network Productions;

– Computer System Applications;

– Computer System Operations;

– Computer System Sustainment; and,

– Computer System Maintenance.

Air Force Weather Enterprise ( AFWE ) is a ‘computer system’ of the U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ).

AFWE computer system access is ‘restricted’ to members of the:

– United States military ( Active Duty, National Guard, or Reserve Forces );

– U.S. Government; or,

– U.S. Government Contractors that ‘do business with the U.S. government’ AND ‘require’ “weather information.”



The U.S. Air Force ( USAF ) Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Strategic Plans and Programs Directorate ( ” A8 ” ) ‘directs’ the ‘planning’, ‘programming’, ‘budgeting’, ‘development’, ‘acquisition’, ‘engineering’, ‘configuration management’, ‘modification’, ‘installation’, ‘integration’, ‘logistics’ and ‘life cycle maintenance support’ over ‘all’ of the ‘computer processing equipment’ and over ‘all’ of the ‘standard weather systems’.

– –


1st Weather Group ( 1ST WXG ) Directorate


Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI )


The USAF Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) 1st Weather Group ( 1ST WXG ) Directorate uses ‘four’ ( 4 ) Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) ready 24-hours a day 7-days a week 365-days a year to provide its Global Environmental Intelligence ( GEI ) notification distributions to U.S. ‘military forces’ ( see military branches below ) at 350 ‘specific installations’ located in ‘five’ ( 5 ) Continental United States ( CONUS ) Regions.



9th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS )

Shaw Air Force Base

South Carolina

9TH OWS – Notifies:

– U.S. Air Force;

– U.S. Air Force Reserve;

– U.S. Air Force National Guard;

– U.S. Army;

– U.S. Army Reserve; and,

– U.S. Army National Guard.




15th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS )

Scott Air Force Base, Illinois

15TH OWS – Notifies ( Both Regions ):

– U.S. Air Force;

– U.S. Air Force Reserve;

– U.S. Air Force National Guard;

– U.S. Army;

– U.S. Army Reserve; and,

– U.S. Army National Guard.


25th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS )

Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, Arizona

25TH OWS – Notifies:

– U.S. Air Force;

– U.S. Air Force Reserve;

– U.S. Air Force National Guard;

– U.S. Army;

– U.S. Army Reserve; and,

– U.S. Army National Guard.


26th Operational Weather Squadron ( OWS )

Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

26TH OWS – Notifies:

– U.S. Air Force;

– U.S. Air Force Reserve;

– U.S. Air Force National Guard;

– U.S. Army;

– U.S. Army Reserve; and,

– U.S. Army National Guard.



USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘works with’ USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) staff to integrate U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) Continental Operations ( CONOPS ) with U.S. Air Force ‘Plans’ and ‘Programs’.

USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘assists’ in the ‘exploitation of weather information’ for ‘warfighting operations’.

– –

The aforementioned four ( 4 ) Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) additionally, provide:

– USAF Weather Agency officer ‘upgrade’ training; and,

– Apprentice forecaster ‘initial’ qualification.

– –

USAFWA Manpower & Personnel Directorate ( A1 ) ‘provides’ the global spectrum, of:

– Manpower;

– Organization;

– Personnel; and,

– Training.



USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘oversees’ and ‘executes’ U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) Standardization and Evaluation Program for ‘Weather Operations’.

U.S. Air Force ( USAF ) Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) Plans and Requirements Directorate ( PRD ) – also known as – ( ” A3 ” and ” A5 ” ) ‘assists’ the USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) staff with managing U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) the ‘process’ of ‘career field-training’ by ‘obtaining training’ and ‘implementing training’ to meet ‘career field-training requirements’.

– –


Air Force Combat Weather Center ( USAFCWC – aka – AFCWC )

USAF Combat Weather Center ( at Hurlburt Field, Florida ) ‘develops’, ‘evaluates’, ‘exploits’ and ‘implements’ a variety of ‘new tactics’, ‘new techniques’, ‘new procedures’ and ‘New Technologies’ across U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) – also known as – Air Force Weather ( AFW ) ‘enhancing effectiveness’ for U.S. military force branches, of the:

U.S. Special Forces;

U.S. Joint Operations;

U.S. Combined Operations;

U.S. Air Force; and,

U.S. Army.

– –

SOURCE: Global Security



Space Weather Team Readies For Upcoming Solar Max

by, Ryan Hansen ( 55th Wing Public Affairs )

February 25, 2011

NEBRASKA, Offutt Air Force Base – February 25, 2011 – Solar Maximum may sound like the name of a super hero, but it’s certainly no comic book or 3-D movie.

Solar Maximum is actually the name for the Sun’s most active period in the solar cycle, consistently producing solar emissions, solar flares and sun spots.

For a little background on the sun’s activities, the star [ our Sun ] goes through roughly 11-year cycles of where it is very active and also relatively calm.

The Sun’s last Solar Maximum occurred in 2000 and it is expected to awaken from its current solar minimum and get more active this year [ 2011 ].

According to the members of the 2nd Weather Squadron ( WS ), an active Sun can cause all sorts of problems for us.

“Solar weather [ Space Weather ] plays a huge part in the warfighter’s mission,” said Staff Sgt. Matthew Money, a forecaster with the space weather flight.

“Impacts from solar weather can cause radio blackouts, satellite communication failure, satellite orbit changes, satellite [ spacecraft ] ‘surface charging’ or ‘short circuits’ and ‘radar clutter’.”

That is why the [ Air Force Weather ] Squadron worldwide Space Weather team of roughly fifty ( 50 ) ‘active duty’ members ( ‘civilians’ and ‘government contractors’ ) continually analyze, forecast, and

Provide Alert Notifications, for the:

– ‘Entire U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD )’; plus,

– A slew of ‘other government agencies’.

“When ‘Space Weather’ causes impacts to Earth that meet or exceed warning thresholds our end users are informed within minutes,” said Staff Sgt. Jonathan Lash, space weather flight forecaster.

We send out warning bulletins through a computerized distribution system, [ and ] we have ‘other graphical products that show what happened in the past 6-hours around the globe’, as well as ‘what we expect to happen in the upcoming 6-hours’,” he said.

Members of the 2nd Weather Squadron [ OWS ] rely on five ( 5 ) ground-based Solar Observatories, as well as a network of satellites orbiting the Earth, to accomplish their mission.

“There aren’t too many opportunities to be the Air Force sole provider of something,” said Lieutenant Colonel Jim Jones, 2nd Weather Squadron [ OWS ] Commander. “In this case, the mission is unique to the entire DoD [ Department of Defense ].”

‘Solar Observatories’ are ‘strategically placed’ around the globe in such places, as:

– New Mexico;

– Massachusetts;

– Hawaii;

– Australia; and,

– Italy.

They [ the above listed ] include both ‘optical telescopes’ and ‘radio telescopes’ ensuring the Weather Squadron always has one eye, or ear on the Sun.

“The ‘optical telescope network monitors solar surface features’,” said Master Sgt. Shane McIntire, the Space Weather flight Chief. “It automatically tracks the Sun and directs light to the instruments that collect data and are controlled by computers. It ‘scans specific regions” at a rate of at-least ‘twice per minute’.”

Through filtered lenses, space weather analysts are able to perform flare patrol and view sunspots to determine the magnetic complexity of the [ Sun’s ] region.

“The telescope has special filters that ‘isolate a single optical wavelength’,” said Master Sgt. Shane Siebert, who leads ‘Detachment 4 solar observatory’ for the ‘2nd Weather Squadron at Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico’.

This wavelength ( 6563 angstroms ) is called ‘hydrogen alpha’ ( H-Alpha ) where the majority of solar activity occurs,” he said, “Analysts monitor this wavelength from Sunrise to Sunset, and are looking for specific signatures that may lead to ‘solar flares’ and ‘other adverse activity’.”

But not all of the Sun’s activities can be captured using optical telescopes.

‘Some events have a unique radio-frequency signature’ that can also be measured.

Using a mixture of technology from the 1970s to the present day, ‘radio telescope observatories’ are able to monitor frequencies in the 25 MhZ to 180 MegaHertz range, as well as ‘eight ( 8 ) other discrete frequencies’.

Their digitized output is collected by a computer and then processed and analyzed for solar activity.

“We actually are able to detect the specific strength at a given radio frequency,” said Major Bradley Harbaugh, who commands ‘Detachment 5 solar observatory’ for the 2nd Weather Squadron [ OWS ] at Palehua, Hawaii’.

What we detect are ‘energetic solar emissions’ in [ specific ] frequency bands or ranges. When detected, we [ are able to describe ] the start time, duration, intensity and type of solar emission.This helps describe the potential impacts by identifying the characteristics of what may impact Earth,” he said.

Identifying these solar emissions is crucial to warfighter communication abilities.

“If there is solar energy that increases on your frequency, you can try to talk into your radio, but the noise from the Sun will be stronger than your transmission, therefore drowning-out what you are saying,”

Major Harbaugh said, “As an operator, you can increase your radio power to try and ‘out-broadcast’ the Sun, but you are also now broadcasting over a much larger area, making your transmission more susceptible to enemy detection. Therefore, the Sun’s impact must be a consideration when planning a mission.”

The Weather Squadron network of satellites, includes those owned and operated by the:

– U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD );

– National Aeronautic and Space Administration ( NASA ); and,

– National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ).

Those [ above ] include a combination of systems dedicated solely to Space Weather as well as a few utilizing ‘Space Weather sensors’.

“We gather a significant amount of data from satellites,” Sergeant McIntire said.

“Imagery from [ spacecraft / satellites ] can augment the ground-based network, providing real-time monitoring of solar features at wavelengths that cannot be seen from the ground.”

Data from all of these sources combined, are continually pushed to the Space Weather Operations Center at the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ).

With this information in hand, the Weather Squadron can produce the most reliable Space Weather Forecast possible, however even with all of this data, producing a space weather forecast is still much more difficult than creating one for terrestrial weather.

“Space Weather is a terribly difficult science and it takes a lot of training and experience,” Colonel Jones said.

“Space weather forecasting is very reactive,” Sergeant Money said.

“The ‘knowledge and tools are not quite up to par in order to do accurate forecasting’ like we do here on Earth.”

It is also important to note that today the world is ‘much more reliant on space-based assets’ than they were during the last Solar Maximum, officials said.

With cellphones, portable navigation devices [ GPS ] and satellite television receivers, all part of our daily lives, a huge Solar Weather Event  [ SEPE ] could wreak havoc on quite a few different platforms.

“The impact of a solar storm in 2000 was probably not as great, due to the lower density of space technology, and the limited number of consumers utilizing the data,”

Major Harbaugh said, “However, the ripple from a ‘major solar event now will more likely be felt across a much broader consumer base’ [ the public ] since there are many more assets and many more users of space data.”

However, with improved technology and an increased knowledge of the Sun’s activities, the Weather Squadron ( WS ) is more prepared than ever for the ‘upcoming Solar Maximum’, Colonel Jones said.

“Since the last solar maximum, we’ve upgraded most of our numerical models in terms of both their basic science and the data they ingest,” he said.

“That’s a direct result of the advances in sensors and the technology that enables rapid data transfer. We can ‘react faster’ and ‘see farther’ [ UPI NOTE: “see”? ‘further’, where? ‘inside’ the Sun? ] than ever before.”

“We already have members within the ‘Unit’ [ ? ] developing forecast techniques based on signatures we see on the sensors,” Sergeant Money said.

So it’s a safe bet, that ‘the next 2-years’ will be ‘hectic’ for the 2nd Weather Squadron [ OWS ].

Their mission, to provide ‘situational awareness to key decision-makers’ will certainly keep ‘them’ busy.

“In the last 30-days alone ( February 2011 ), we’ve had [ more than 30 ] reportable [ solar ] energy events [ SEPE ],” Major Harbaugh said.

“The workload has ‘already increased’ and ‘will continue to do so’ for probably ‘the next 1-year’ or ’2-years’.”

“About 1-year ago, it was not uncommon for an analyst to only have one ( 1 ) very small Solar Region of the Sun to monitor,” Sergeant Siebert said.

“Today, it is normal for analysts to keep fairly busy monitoring 4 Solar Regions to 6 Solar Regions.

Studies, of the last Solar Maximum, show that typically 1-day included twenty-two ( 22 ) active Solar Regions – almost 4 times [ more than ] our current workload,” he added.

Regardless, Weather Squadron [ OWS ] ‘Space Weather’ analysts, forecasters and technicians globally are ready for the ‘upcoming solar fury’, Colonel Jones said.

– –

The U.S. Air Force obviously needs ‘far-more’:

– More personnel for U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( USAFWA ) Weather Group ( WXD ) Operational Weather Squadrons ( OWS ) effortings;

– Independent ’governing board’ or ‘blue ribbon watchdog committee’ overseeing an ‘independent monitoring agency’ placing the U.S. Air Force Weather Agency ( AFWA ) and its USAF Air and Space Operations ( ASO ) under an independent ‘microscope’; and,

– Public Transparency notifications, would also be nice, but then …

– –


Huge Solar Flare’s Magnetic Storm May Disrupt Satellites, Power Grids

by, By Denise Chow

March 7, 2012 06:51:42 p.m. ( EST )

A massive solar flare that erupted from the Sun late Tuesday ( March 6, 2012 ) is unleashing one of the most powerful solar storms in more than 5-years, ‘a solar tempest that may potentially interfere with satellites in orbit and power grids when it reaches Earth’.

“Space weather has gotten very interesting over the last 24 hours,” Joseph Kunches, a space weather scientist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ), told reporters today ( March 7, 2012 ). “This was quite the Super Tuesday — you bet.”

Several NASA spacecraft caught videos of the solar flare as it hurled a wave of solar plasma and charged particles, called a Coronal mass Ejection ( CME ), into space. The CME is not expected to hit Earth directly, but the cloud of charged particles could deliver a glancing blow to the planet.

Early predictions estimate that the Coronal Mass Ejections ( CMEs ) will reach Earth tomorrow ( March 8, 2012 ) at 07:00 a.m. Eastern Standard Time ( EST ), with the ‘effects likely lasting for 24-hours and possibly lingering into Friday ( March 9, 2012 )’, Kunches said.

The solar eruptions occurred late Tuesday night ( March 6, 2012 ) when the sun let loose two ( 2 ) huge X-Class solar flares that ‘ranked among the strongest type’ of sun storms. The biggest of those 2 flares registered as an X Class Category 5.4 solar flare geomagnetic storm on the space weather scale, making it ‘the strongest sun eruption so far this year’.

Typically, Coronal Mass Ejections ( CMEs ) contain 10,000,000,000 billion tons of solar plasma and material, and the CME triggered by last night’s ( March 6, 2012 ) X-Class Category 5.4 solar flare is ‘the one’ that could disrupt satellite operations, Kunches said.

“When the shock arrives, the expectation is for heightened geomagnetic storm activity and the potential for heightened solar radiation,” Kunches said.

This heightened geomagnetic activity and increase in solar radiation could impact satellites in space and ‘power grids on the ground’.

Some high-precision GPS ( Global Positioning Satellite ) users could also be affected, he said.

“There is the potential for ‘induced currents in power grids’,” Kunches said. “‘Power grid operators have all been alerted’. It could start to ’cause some unwanted induced currents’.”

Airplanes that fly over the polar caps could also experience communications issues during this time, and some commercial airliners have already taken precautionary actions, Kunches said.

Powerful solar storms can also be hazardous to astronauts in space, and NOAA is working close with NASA’s Johnson Space Center to determine if the six ( 6 ) spacecraft residents of the International Space Station ( ISS ) need to take shelter in more protected areas of the orbiting laboratory, he added.

The flurry of recent space weather events could also supercharge aurora displays ( also known as the Northern Lights and Southern Lights ) for sky-watchers at high latitudes.

“Auroras are probably the treat that we get when the sun erupts,” Kunches said.

Over the next couple days, Kunches estimates that brightened auroras could potentially be seen as far south as the southern Great Lakes region, provided the skies are clear.

Yesterday’s ( March 6, 2012 ) solar flares erupted from the giant active sunspot AR1429, which spewed an earlier X Class Category 1.1 solar flare on Sunday ( March 4, 2012 ). The CME from that one ( 1 ) outburst mostly missed Earth, passing Earth by last night ( March 6, 2012 ) at around 11 p.m. EST, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center ( SWPC ), which is jointly managed by NOAA and the National Weather Service ( NWS ).

This means that the planet ( Earth ) is ‘already experiencing heightened geomagnetic and radiation effects in-advance’ of the next oncoming ( March 8, 2012 thru March 9, 2012 ) Coronal Mass Ejection ( CME ).

“We’ve got ‘a whole series of things going off’, and ‘they take different times to arrive’, so they’re ‘all piling on top of each other’,” Harlan Spence, an astrophysicist at the University of New Hampshire, told “It ‘complicates the forecasting and predicting’ because ‘there are always inherent uncertainties with any single event’ but now ‘with multiple events piling on top of one another’, that ‘uncertainty grows’.”

Scientists are closely monitoring the situation, particularly because ‘the AR1429 sunspot region remains potent’. “We think ‘there will be more coming’,” Kunches said. “The ‘potential for more activity’ still looms.”

As the Sun rotates, ‘the AR1429 region is shifting closer to the central meridian of the solar disk where flares and associated Coronal Mass Ejections ( CMEs ) may ‘pack more a punch’ because ‘they are more directly pointed at Earth’.

“The Sun is waking-up at a time in the month when ‘Earth is coming into harms way’,” Spence said. “Think of these ‘CMEs somewhat like a bullet that is shot from the sun in more or less a straight line’. ‘When the sunspot is right in the middle of the sun’, something ‘launched from there is more or less directed right at Earth’. It’s kind of like how getting sideswiped by a car is different than ‘a head-on collision’. Even still, being ‘sideswiped by a big CME can be quite dramatic’.” Spence estimates that ‘sunspot region AR 1429 will rotate past the central meridian in about 1-week’.

The sun’s activity ebbs and flows on an 11-year cycle. The sun is in the midst of Solar Maximum Cycle 24, and activity is expected to ramp up toward the height of the Solar Maximum in 2013.

Reference –

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