by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – April 16, 2019 – My research surrounding a certain insect whose wings demonstrate a naturally invisible magneto force shield simultaneous coupling instantaneous reactive propulsion caught me absolutely riveted with curiosity.

Magnification of the underside of each wing revealed naturally charged cilli ( hair-like follicles ) sprouting from multiple hexagonal designed green-colored dome-shaped arrays resonating Electro-Magnetic Frequency ( EMF ) waves providing certain degrees of levitation and violently quick repulsions.

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My research discovered many hoax videos hiding thinly stretched nylon cloth, magnetic objects, electrically charged devices, etc. so, to bring only the factually scientific data to light was not easy.

Eventually, I discovered the name of the specific winged beetle as the “Callipogon Relictus;” a species of ‘long-horned beetle’ found primarily in North Korea, China and Russia’s southern Far East; the latter of where this biogravitic winged beetle grows up-to 4.3 inches long – most general public audiences only view much smaller versions of such insects.


Fascinating video ( Russian language only – below ):

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