Project Camelot 2019 Interview Of ‘Paul Collin’ Mentioned “3-Million Files” – Here’s His Back-Story …

3 Million Files Led To Howard Hughes Vault Files

by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – April 15, 2019 – It all began in 2002 until 2005 when I received word it was already too late to stop so, I couldn’t tell anyone anything.

I was playing with fire as shocking new details inside clandestine terrorist activities from where seemingly innocent support mechanism nations, banks and businesses just grew the next terrorist threat-level, up-to:

Tactical Nuclear Jihad

In 2008, I cast caution to the wind and began privately researching, writing and self-publishing ‘multiple versions of specific intelligence missionings I personally worked-on’ for 18 to 22 hours a day, 7-days a week, 365-days a year for 5-years.

Kings Of The Nuclear Jungle

by, Unwanted Publicity

April 15, 2008


If this report begins to sound like something out of a James Bond super thriller, hold-on because not even Ian Fleming could fathom what had actually been occurring right under the noses of British and U.S. intelligence; rivals of Russia that saw part of play too.

And why not? Wherever there is gold, there will be spies lurking about – a case situation of trillions so pay close attention.

Clandestinely fueling Ukraine natural gas for GAZPROM money-laundering through a chain of foreign banks, Russia and Serbia defended an Iran secret war-machine stuffed with U-238 and U-235 from Kazakhstan having supplied nuclear raw minerals; “yellow cake,” out-of the Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ) – from where Russia’s Soviet-era government ‘Mother Of All Bombs [ MOAB ] was originally mined too.

Instead of it having a U.S. global strategy, it is believed guided by Syria; a close ally of Russia for over 30-years.


[ NOTE: See, e.g. “REPORT RESEARCH REFERENCES” ( near bottom of this report ) ]

– – – –

In 2002, I became a non-official cover ( NOC ) U.S. intelligence global asset; a freelancer, stationed in Eastern Europe, performing in-addition to my primary targets – an unrelated secondary discovery in 2004.

In 2004, from my Eastern European desk, I pointed a computer-scanned full-color high resolution image document FAX bearing detailed information about my secondary discovery, which upon my personal instructions, was passed back to a trusted inside America for presentation directly to C.I.A. ( Washington D.C. Metroplex Area ); whereupon later, a long-time private intelligence associate indicated his surprise over the fact of what Agency indicated – “No Interest.”

As Time Goes By, Study Hard –

Stupidly perhaps, assuming our Intelligence Community knew paths better, I continued on assignment overseas until late 2006 when I returned to America only to discover in 2007 that ‘mission objectives changed’ for Squad Six.

While that 2004 unanswered FAX determination rolled around in my head, it was not until 2008 that I privately began my own research surrounding the FAX intelligence information until I saw the patterns.

In 2008, ‘several versions of ‘main themed reports’ were self-written and self-published, utilizing only a few of my internet monikers ( aliases ), which there were more of, than just:

OffshoreInformant ( also known as );

OI I2I ( aka );

OI Eye 2 Eye ( aka );

ShoreLines ( aka );

ECONIC ( aka ); and,

Unwanted Publicity.

The aforementioned reports surrounded my ‘primary assignment’; targets, from 2002 through 2006 in Serbia and Uganda trailing in-to Sudan ( New Sudan interalia Southern Sudan ) and Democratic Republic of the Congo ( DRC ) along with relative 2nd and 3rd party interests in South Africa, Kazakhstan, Russia and America; where the latter ( C.I.A. ) held lead interest over-all.

WikiLeaks ‘No Quick Death’ For Me –

It wasn’t until many years, after I left my Eastern European assignment desk in 2006, later I discovered what kind of trouble my prolific report writing and self-publishing would net me.

In 2007, a C.I.A. Deputy Chief identified me, in a Wash8ngton, D.C. private meeting with my CIA-DOJ Squad Six handler, as “Not A Team Player,” which on October 1, 2007 was incomprehensible.

WIKILEAKS publicly released their “Global Intelligence Files,” where for my particular case situation identified “STRATFOR e-mails” mentioning portions of my published reports.

It wasn’t until 2014, that 2007 smoke from C.I.A. mirrors began to disappear for me, and I instantly realized my goose was overcooked before feeling the heat I generated for others. In other words, my life sentence would be homelessness struggles until death.


Secret Epitaphs –

In 2006, while still in Eastern Europe, my initial thoughts, were:

I was already on two ( 2 ) of Agency’s radar screens. In Serbia, where ‘one ( 1 ) portion of Agency’ knew I was engaged in their America-based adjunct ( Squad Six ) assignment since 2002 however, ‘another portion of Agency’ then-based out-of Belgrade, Serbia attempted ear-marking me for ‘another subsequent assignment’ in Bosnia.

What I did ‘not realize’, was that my work for CIA-DOJ Squad Six would not end until 1-year after I left Eastern Europe and returned to America where I remained in an ‘intelligence bubble’ state of suspended animation.

Internal CIA conflicts ensued in addition to other conflicts between other intergovernmental departments too where I was tagged insignificant; a  bug they decidedly squished – rightfully so because I didn’t roll over on command and stop barking online.

Fact is, except for a healthy-sized injection of ‘CIA intimidation’ that some might refer-to as ‘the awakening’ just now beginning to blur just before term limits expire.

In the meantime, please try excusing my apparently ‘hurried’ reports ( typographical errors, etc. appearing within my UPI Guy column guest blog at Project Camelot. At my age, and in my current condition, I rightfully don’t know from which report to the next may be my last penning.

During my interview by Kerry Cassidy ( of Project Camelot ), I secretly felt I was providing a defacto or dejure ‘dying declaration’ of sorts but hopefully ‘not’ so, this report may stand as an Addenda thereto.

For the sake of posterity for all mankind, I’d like folks to know who I was, what I did and even more-so review what surrounded my sole purpose of working for nearly 50-years on global intelligence operations just to get to the bottom all the flotsam generated by mainstream news media working continuously on behalf of multinational syndicates employing highly paid ‘security guards’, i.e. the global Intelligence Community military-industrial complex.

My Now-Late Private Client ( 2002 – 2005 ) May Have Been Another CIA NOC –

I wrote a report January 14, 2019 on what I discovered were yesteryear factors involved with the highly classified ‘Secret Space Program’ where I named only a very few individuals, one of whom was a Swiss Irishman named Gabriel Francis MacEnroe, a Non-Official Cover ( NOC ) foreign national employed by CIA-DOJ Squad Six who from 2002 – 2007 I did not realize worked for the same CIA-DOJ Squad Six I was a global information asset for in Eastern Europe.

Research –

In 2002, once I realized my private client had been entrapped by MacEnroe, I did not realize I would be working a few short months later for the exact same intelligence organization MacEnroe, and consequently never told my client because he and I had an agreement that if I ever caught him lying to me about any of his global business financial investment and trading affairs that I would technically bury him with “unwanted publicity intelligence” the likes of which would make mainstream media news networks appear like ‘his next of kin’ by comparison to ‘me’ so, I held that ‘hole card’ of mine ‘close to my vest’, which I never had to use while he was alive.

My assignment in Serbia ended in 2005 when ‘my private client’ (Gilbert Allen Ziegler, who became later known as Van Arthur Brink) was returned to America by CIA-DOJ Squad Six Special Agents, 1-year after which he mysteriously died while under ‘house arrest ( in Oregon ) in his family’s home’ while pending his federal trial attendance.

Interestingly, I was approved by ‘my client’s federal criminal defense attorney’ to be the ‘secret lead global investigator and global case law researcher for all six ( 6 ) federal criminal defense attornies of which ‘my client’s attorney was the lead attorney for all six federal criminal defendants’. How did ‘that’ happen? Very long story; too long to put in this report – for now – but I was not only ‘secretly and mutually assisting all the defense attornies but CIA-DOJ Squad Six in their apprehension of Gabriel Francis MacEnroe’ who had ‘gone rogue’ after my prolific writing details about MacEnroe global financial crimes involved additional crimes against the U.S. National Security Agency involving MacEnroe’s personal quest gaining a ‘gold transmutation process’ ( ‘growing gold’ ) plus his criminal misrepresentations to individual investors ( including Middle East Royal Family relatives ) buying into the NSA private business of TELEDESIC HOLDINGS LTD. led by a former NSA employee named Craig McCaw in the United Kingdom ( UK ), plus more so, the CIA saw MacEnroe as a more important ‘fish to fry’; more-so, than my private client and his five ( 5 ) federal criminal co-defendants of whom and in-essence had all been entrapped by MacEnroe in the first place when he earlier secreted-out the most easily liquidated global financial instrument assets of my client’s offshore bank ( FIBG ).

That, is the ‘short story’ of my latter-most involvement secrets.

Dead Men Tell No Tales –

My client died on a Sunday after I called him on the Friday before with news of how I could ‘legally’ ring-fence MacEnroe into ‘testifying overseas’ at a certain Embassy or Consulate where all defense attorneys would be able to obtain his testimony ‘without MacEnroe being arrested and extradited back to America’ however ( and, apparently ), the C.I.A. wanted blood plus MacEnroe delivered back to America.

My client was thrilled with my news and instructed me to begin FAXing ‘all my investigative documentation together with all my federal case law points and authorities over to his attorney’, which I did and completed on Saturday. The following day later my client was dead. He was found on Monday by his family. He was fully dressed and laying on his bed peacefully with blue colored skin on his fingers and thumbs, ‘dead’.

Subsequently, my then-deceased client’s lead attorney called a meeting where all defense attornies met with the chief federal prosecuting U.S. Attorney who was presented with my evidentiary documentation and global case law.

Shortly thereafter, the U.S. Attorney presented all remaining federal defendant attornies with a ‘plea deal’ if they all pled “Guilty,” which they all ( 5 ) agreed and did as a matter of Court records prove.

Why did they all plead ‘guilty’?

A Motion on behalf of the U.S. government to ‘reduce all 5 federal defendant’s federal prison sentences’ so that none would have any more federal prison sentence time remaining to serve, equated to no more than 18-months further and the cases were closed.

A point of interest was, my deceased client ( alone ) was facing a maximum federal prison sentence on all charges totaling 1,250 years. His federal case was totally “Dismissed” upon a Motion filed in U.S. District Federal Court by the chief prosecuting U.S. Attorney; courts simply cannot prosecute defendants who die before trial.

As a somewhat novel aside, my last private client expressed privately to me his having “carefully chosen his new life’s name” with his middle name based upon his own inner resonations with King Arthur of Camelot.

The Primary Mission Assignment Brief –

In 1994, Van Arthur Brink had become a Bureau ( FBI ) ‘person of interest’ ( POI ) when he joined a Georgia based group seeking to replace America’s fractional reserve system of debt-based financing for fiat currency by introducing ‘gold backed banking’, which ired the U.S. Department of the Treasury seeing the U.S. Comptroller of the U.S. Currency become a client of the U.S. Department of Justice ( DOJ ) Federal Bureau of Investigations ( FBI ) after he was mistakenly identified by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ( DEA ) as a Caribbean ‘financial mastermind of an international business company ( IBC ), which just happened to ‘hold the same business-name initials’ as Van Arthur Brink’s ‘re-insurance company’ in the general geographic vicinity offshore.

Spies Spying On Overlapping Business Interests –

It comes as no surprise to me just how intelligence over-sight (mistakes) occur so easily amidst foreign intelligence operations when they’re all piled-in on-top-of each other’s ‘separate intelligence operations’ within the same ‘geographical Regional theaters’.

Reviewers of this report ( herein ) have no concept of the complexities in trying to comprehend what one ( 1 ) Nation’s intelligence agencies have operating globally, regionally and locally.

The safest most accurate confidence found within any mainstream media news ‘stories’, whereby that word ( alone ) is more fantasia than anything else, people should run ( not walk ) upon reading mentions of yet another word “intelligence” within their articles simply because ‘truth’ rests ‘not’ within either ‘first’ ( 1st ) nor ‘second ( 2nd ) choice observations’. ‘Third choice observations’ (“truth”) is quite simply never revealed publicly by any network organizational entities because their employees don’t know.

The Family Of John and Jane Q. Public –

Defective government intelligence information pegged my client as supposedly operating a business out-of the island of Antigua where U.S. Customs Service ( now under U.S. Department of Homeland Security – DHS ) alerted the C.I.A. Caribbean Station Chief, and then as my client moved from ‘Hawaii’ to the island of ‘Grenada’ he became a new Grenada resident founder of an offshore bank, i.e. First International Bank of Grenada Ltd. ( FIBG ).

Amongst his FIBG foreign depositors were members of the U.S. Intelligence Community ( U.S. National Security Agency, etc. ) right alongside businessmen from Russia later presumed by the C.I.A. to have connections to “Russian Red Mafiya” business interests, plus more.

My client’s strategic business advisor, was carefully chosen as a former Statesman of Grenada, who not only ‘knew and had frequent meetings in the Bahamas with the C.I.A. Station Chief for The Caribbean’, my client was also advised by him of this as well in order to provide mutually beneficial 3-way communications to minimalize ‘miscommunications’ and ‘misintentions’.

Howard Hughes Files –

And, that ( in short ) is only part of how my client came to obtain additional business affair nurturings, including the curious summoning to his side of an individual initially identified as having been a “Trustee” for the then-late Howard Hughes’ private business affairs involving certain interests of individuals and entities, and where America’s federal government interest was that meant the SUMMA CORPORATION and certain of its off-shoot GLOMAR entities involving telecommunications in Mexico, plus their ‘relative global interests’ elsewhere.

Had I not secured my client in 2002, been asked to assist in Eastern Europe where in 2005 I was contacted by a man in Nevada, and upon my successful return to America in 2006, I would not have been in a knowledgeable position in 2013 and again in 2014 to obtain the ‘Howard Hughes secure building vault files’.

Back To Primary Missioning –

In 1999, my client went to Uganda fostering a new financial plan to resurrect or erect an “Africa Union Reserve System ( AURS )” after which he was called to Sudan for a meeting with rebel Commanders; one of whom had led a Libya group with C.I.A. backing.

Both case instances were growing in several global directions for ‘my private client’, and such became evident ( at least to me ) even more complex for Agency as well because ‘my private client’ in Luzira, Uganda had the protection of British intelligence through SARACEN KAMPALA LTD. ( a branch office of the British intelligence led SARACEN SECURITY ). SARACEN KAMPALA LTD. was operated by the step-Son ( General Salim Saleh also known as Caleb Akandwanaho ) of then-President ( Museveni ) of Uganda who publicly met with then U.S. President George Bush ( junior ).

CIA Led DOJ ‘Squad Six’ –

Stepping out-of Serbia, after Squad Six extracted my private client by relying on an INTERPOL operation ( extraction point in Luzira, Uganda ) to do their dirty work resulted in shooting and killing the SARACEN KAMPALA LTD. security officer; a very nice family man whose work involved guarding ‘my private client’ from ‘burglars’.

INTERPOL simply took-up positions atop the wall surrounding the residential palace compound and shot the guard without any conversation, which for some equated to murder.

In short, the INTERPOL operation ended in a mess because C.I.A. was not being attentive to my reports because of one ( 1 ) Squad Six agent who I was instrumental in exposing to her supervisor who saw ‘her’ transferred, after which he became my federal handler who was extremely pleased with my complete multi-faceted overseas performances so-much-so he went on to put his career on the line for me in September 2007.

Oversight for Squad Six is performed by one ( 1 ) C.I.A. Deputy Chief who met with my federal handler who was the Supervisory Agent-In-Charge; an FBI CounterIntelligence Special Agent for 15-years who pled ‘my highly unusual personal case situation’ to be granted a ‘contingency operations retirement business plan’, i.e. ‘paid for life’ as an ‘on-call’ “Business Agreement” contractor. Unfortunately ( for me ), the Deputy. Chief’s reply was in-essence that ‘had cleaner circumstances prevailed’ such would have occurred, but instead held ‘me’ out as “not a Team player.” Hence, my federal handler received a “No,” killing my kick-out retirement initial payment of almost $15,000 ( USD ) plus a $1,000 per month stipend for life, plus any and all expenses were I to ever be called to ‘active’ status.

Upon my handler’s return, he became Acting Director of the Portland downtown field office after its Director was pulled from that station assignment.

In 2010, I was cleared by my Squad Six reference to begin assisting U.S. DHS ICE OSI, which in 90-days I successfully obtained, vetted with clear and convincing image documents and communication evidence directing fourteen ( 14 ) foreign persons in addition to a multi-faceted terrorist network; all my workproduct feeds – some of whom were referred-out for USSS Foreign Branch / CIA missionings whereupon during the fourth ( 4th ) month I was informed my 1st of 14 feeds went smooth and I would be paid soon. I never received so much as 1 thin dime for any feeds after having solidly worked 7-days a week for 3-months.

Having witnessed ‘extremely slow foreign operation reaction times’, I tired after expressing numerous concerns for the DHSICEOSI ‘client’ ( Federal Reserve Board ) plus the 14 feeds awaiting foreign contact, plus four ( 4 ) additional POI targets I personally vetted intelligence from.

After witnessing the lackadaisical attitude and disparaging remarks my DHS-ICE-OSI handler personally conveyed to me about his federal government office dissatisfactions, I did precisely what I saw my 2010 – 2011 handler do too many times to me. I walked-away; based on too many broken promises after being stiffed on ‘promise number one’.

In early 2012, I began to research and writing reports for Project Camelot.

In Conclusion –

As for the ‘secondary mission discovery’ FAX I obtained that contained all the intelligence details thereon plus my own field intelligence work providing me with an even better understanding of its global intelligence significance, whatever happened to all ‘that’? Well, it may all be taken to the grave when I likely end-up there too.

Was there ever a published whisper about that FAX or ancillary information discovered?

All I can point to, besides my report ( herein ), would only by my research references ( see further below ). That information, together with careful discernment, remains tiring for most to digest while for others totally boring except for perhaps, a few considerably more patient people; the latter of whom, I’m unaware exist – I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion.

Thoughtfully Spreading Knowledge Through Enlightenment –

If you enjoy my UPI Guy report(s) and research references provided to seriously document my reporting and analysis, please tell a friend or associate. Simply pass The UPI Guy column webpage link ( at Project Camelot ) located immediately beneath my e-mail address ( see link further below ).

Voluntary Donations –

My voluntary research and report writing for Project Camelot audiences over the past 7-years, while simultaneously being financially stranded ‘vehicular homeless’, can bring help, aide and assistance to continue with ‘only your ‘Good Will Donation.directly to me. Simply click my “UPI Guy” PayPal account link to DONATE (  immediately below ):

Thanks for your time reviewing my report.

Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence ( The ‘UPI Guy’, as seen on Project Camelot )

E-MAIL: [email protected]




If you’d like to know a little bit more about my career background, history, or my other online volunteer work to enlighten people for greater than 20-years, you’re cordially welcome to click my LinkedIn.Com Profile webpage link, here:





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