[ IMAGE ( above ): Tau Air-Showers exhibiting Thomson Scatter patterned “Cerenkov” ( Cherenkov ) light radiation whereupon combined with a neutrino “Muon” instantly produces “Multi-Messenger” astroparticles of between Very-High Energy ( VHE ) and Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays ( UHECR ) also known as “Gamma-Ray Bursts” ( GRB ) or “Blazars” push swiftly its “Whole Jet” stream becoming a “Planetary Atmosphere Killer” upon reaching ‘1,000 light-years away-from any outer-space object containing oxygen molecules’ that become instantly vaporized by what has been streaming out of the Blue Galaxy’ of Centaurus A ( CenA ) within the Virgo A constellation of M87. ]  Also known as Micro-Novas (editor note)

Vatican Observatory Intelligence

by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy, now at Project Camelot )

February 25, 2019 ( Updated )

June 8, 2011 ( Research Report Written )

December 11, 2010 ( Research Project Initiated )

LOS ANGELES – February 25, 2019 – Emanating from deep space, appearing through the Hubble Space Telescope ( HST ), CHANDRA and others detect certain galaxies that professionals refer to as ”Blue Galaxies” emitting what only appears to be ‘blue flashes of light’.

Research Reference


Threat Research Reality Disclosure –

The following information is ‘not’ science-fiction although many will initially believe what they’re reviewing is “fear porn,” hard scientific facts prove new scientific realities now for general public audience discernment; the latter of which is moreover importantly supported because numerous ‘Research References’ are additionally provided ( below ) for people’s even-better comprehension.

Initially believed to only be blue-white extremely hot “Cherenkov” ( “Cerenkov” ) ‘radiation’ light emissions containing Ultra High-Energy Cosmic Ray ( UHECR ) also known as Gamma Ray Burst ( GRB ) ‘photons’.


[ IMAGE ( above ): Closer view of the “Cen-A” Ultra-High-Energy ( UHE ) Gamma-Ray Burst of ‘photons’, seen as not only ‘globules of blue-white light’ but also depicting its ‘highly concentrated streaming Blazar of blue-white astroparticles’ leaving the “Centaurus A” region located adjacent to the Galactic Center of our Universe. ]


[ IMAGE ( above ): Multi-sensor composite extragalactic imagery view of the multi-stream Ultra-High-Energy ( UHE ) Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) of Cherenkov Muon multimessenger astroparticles emanating out-of the center of the accretion disk ( Active Galactic Nucleus / AGN ) within the “Centaurus A” ( ” Cen A ” ) Supermassive Black-Hole ( SmBH ) at NGC 5128 within the Virgo A constellation near the Galactic Center of our Universe . It was not until ‘2012’ that such Universal mystery objects were actually ‘combining atomic and sub-atomic astroparticles during their cosmic travel; both in the ‘visable’ light spectrum of ‘photons’ ( ‘atomic’ particles ) along with ‘invisible’ ( to the human naked eye ) ‘sub-atomic’ neutrino “muons” capable of ‘penetrating entire planets and / or suns’ faster than within the blink of a human eye whereby ‘these particular types of astroparticles’ were nick-named “Multi-Messengers” astroparticles were discovered to have merged their travel across our Universe moving possessing “SuperLuminal” ‘motion’ that are ‘multiple times faster than light-speed movement’.


Objects never before seen were only recently detected moving at nearly forty-five ( 45 ) times faster than the speed of light ( lightspeed X 45 ) within a particular type of blazing energy beams that also scatter ( ” Thomson Scatter ” ) pin-prick energies outwardly away-from the primary streaming “Whole Jet” that continues shooting billions of light-years in length this highly excited stream of energetic astroparticle multimessengers that are quite simply “Planetary Atmosphere Killers” of planets whose ‘oxygen molecules’ both ‘above-ground’ and ‘beneath the surface’ – regardless of mountain rock density or waterway ( river, lake and ocean ) liquidity or depth becomes literally and instantly ‘fried’ into non-existence’.

In short, these types of blue-white extremely hot, smaller than a pin-prick size multimessenger astroparticles not only penetrate ‘every natural material barrier’, they continue moving incredibly fast right through the body of entire planets or Suns ( Stars ) without stopping, and ‘still keep right on traveling through our Universe’.

The threat is real, has been kept a secret, and were it not until a series of strange events prompted my intense research, it would not be able to be publicly reviewed by people today.

Threat Range –

The effective threat range to oxygen molecules between the streaming burst outwardly to the very tip of its pin-point fractures is 1 light year away, and while ‘that’ distance may initially appear for some people as being too distant to be worrisome, most fail to consider SuperLuminosity movement traveling at upwards of 45 times faster than light ( itself ).

Back Story –

This ‘particular research project’ began in late 2010 based on a curious tip from my Washington D.C. mentor who called me with very little information to start with. He said, “Something’s coming. My high-level contacts ( in D.C. ) whom have lasted through five ( 5 ) Presidential Administrations, are refusing to even tell ‘me’ what the ‘threat’ is. The only hints they shared was, ‘it ( whatever ‘it’ is ) has been coming to Earth for many-many decades and we’ve been secretly throwing huge sums of money on trying to defend against it’.”

I asked my long-time friend if it might be ‘ExtraTerrestrial’ ( aliens ), rather than World War III coming, and he replied, “I asked, and was told to ‘not ask any more questions’ but that what’s coming ‘is far greater in scope than war’.”

Some suppositions were discussed, given what little was provided by my mentor who passed this bizarre research project on to me. At least we were able to conclude this ‘mystery threat’ was at-least ‘not’ an invasion force of “little green men” from another planet, which also eliminated ‘it’ from simply being a man-made ‘war’.

Having spent 9-months researching to discover the precise “What” it was, and after collecting details, I told my Washington D.C. mentor that I finally had at-least ‘it’ in my purview, which caused him to ask, “When?”

That’s what I’m working on, now, plus I’m studying existing man-made materials to defend against what’s coming, plus ‘alternative breathing systems’.” And, I followed-up with, “No one is going to survive ‘this event’ by going underwater or underground without the appropriately necessary ‘shielding’, plus a means by-which an everlasting man-made source of food, water and environment can be built.

At which point my mentor replied, “So, in other words, life as we know it today will cease to exist.” In hearing ‘his’ dismay, I shot back some ‘alternatives’ I was simultaneously researching further, for him.

There are ‘several’ Programs and Projects along with multiple Sub-Projects of multiple Programs ongoing, much of which has been ‘secretly funded around the world for at-least the past 75-years, and I do believe I now ‘basically know what those limited alternatives are’.

Initially, I thought, it would be one ( 1 ) way to defend Earth, and when I looked deeper I discovered ‘all the alternatives to survive what’s coming are being conducted simultaneously’. Hence, if one ( 1 ) alternate ‘fails’ then perhaps, one ( 1 ) or more of the ‘other alternatives’ will succeed; at-least in saving enough of the population to colonize another suitable planet.

There is this U.S. Presidential Executive Order ( EO ) that was first signed by the former Director of Central Intelligence who later became U.S. President George Bush, Sr. decades ago. And, guess what? Every single U.S. President, that came after Bush Sr., have re-signed his E.O. to see it live on in perpetuity through ‘their Administrations’ too.

While the Program is ‘not’ a secret named, as “Living With A Star” ( LWS ) and / or nick-named “Moon, Mars and Beyond,” what’s being conducted is so globally ‘compartmentalized’ that each minority sub-Project – for the most part – remains ‘unclassified’ prior to having certain portions thereof strategically placed in-to Sub-Projects, Projects and Programs that while ‘are highly classified’ make no mention of their ‘final purposeful deployment’.

Research References –

– Living With A Star:



– Moon, Mars and Beyond:



There are, at the very least, two ( 2 ) examples in Switzerland, Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire ( ” CERN ” ) and ‘Baby CERN’ ( also known as ) the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ( AMS-02 ) that was ‘assembled’ in Switzerland.


While the CERN Large Hadron Collider ( LHC ) is believed by many scientists to actually be increasing its amount of power to create an unfathomable ‘mIcro-Black-Hole’ involving a highly secret plan to transport ‘planet Earth’ into ‘another dimensional’ region of the Universe so-as to escape the Centaurus A ( Cen A ) Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) Cherenkov Muon MultiMessenger ‘planetary atmosphere killer’ beam.

Research References –




AMS-02 will be searching for “parallel dimensional Universes” after it was flown to America where the rocket launch of U.S. Space Shuttle Endeavour mission STS-134 delivers it to the International Space Station ( ISS ) where it waa affixed out-board the ISS as an Early Warning ‘astroparticle detector’ and ‘recorder’.


Meanwhile, the ISS holds ‘on-board’ ( inside ) its ‘Robonaut-2’ serving to assist in manipulating equipment to monitor what eventually occurs on Earth. It’s like something straight out-of a dooms-day science-fiction film however, ‘even more preparations are secretly underway for the inevitable’. But, ‘all that’, is by no means anywhere close to identifying all the other alternative survival of the human race while on-going plans – for the past several decades – only scratches the surface of one ( 1 ) sub-Program Project underway.” I concluded.

Research References –

– CERN LHC micro-Black-hole research report entitled, ‘AntiMatter Technology Problems’ by, Paul Collin, at:


Research References ( Video Clips ) –

– CERN sub-Program nicknamed “Baby CERN” designated as the space-based AMS-02 add-on to ISS watching Earth plus more:

– AMS-02 detector data down-link transmissions for ground-based studies discerning existences of multiple Earth Parallel Universes, plus how and where “Oxygen” molecules came in-to existence ‘after’ the extremely hot Ultra-High-Energy ( UHE ) “Big Bang” believed to have ‘extinguished’ all ‘oxygen molecules’:

‘Robonaut 2’ ( aka ) ‘R2’:

AMS-02 Detecting Sub-Atomic Trace Elemental Properties Within Dark Matter Keys To Proving Multi-Dimensional Parallel Universes:

My mentor exclaimed, “So the age-old adage of ‘Something hidden in plain sight is the best place for a perfect secret’ because it’s already openly in the public purview, right?”

I was told a call, from my mentor, would come to me in a few days, and sure enough when his call came in, I was surprised. “Paul, I have a very close long-time friend who inherited $330,000,000 ( million ), and he wants to know ‘when’ this GRB event will strke Earth, and I will pay you $330,000 if you can determine ‘that’.”

I replied, “Sure, but that ( alone ) is going to take some time for me to calculate because of a couple of issues I’m already battling.”

I continued, “One ( 1 ), is countering a problem known as ‘Extra-Gravitational Lensing’, in order to calculate ‘true distance’ through about ‘five ( 5 ) galaxies’ that create a ‘natural distortion’ between Earth and Centaurus A ( also known as ) CenA.


The ‘other issue is even though I already found a way to input the numbers into a Supercomputer via a University sponsored time-share program, my third ( 3rd ) problem is I need to access a theoretical astrophysicist whose specialty is mathematics.



I’ve already obtained the Infra-Red data translated imagery proving that what’s coming is on a fixed 31-degree upward trajectory direction toward Antarctica ( South Pole ).

Programs and Projects, with a variety of global facilities, which just happen to have installations located on the South Pole or on Earth’s Southern Hemisphere, are receiving their funds openly from the National Science Foundation ( NSF ), which I also discovered was a great way to ‘launder huge amounts of money’ too.

So, I not only know ‘what’ is coming, I know ‘which direction it is coming from’, I know ‘where it will first enter planet Earth’, I know the ‘capabilities’ of it, I know ‘some protective measures’, but have not yet been able to calculate the ‘when date’ of its arrival. I do, however, know a certain another measurement factor that ‘must be calculated in’ ‘after’ the “When Date” is ‘initially calculated without distortion of line-of-sight distance’ ( i.e. without the ‘extra gravitational lensing’ problem caused by 5 galaxies in the former line-of-sight problem ).

I discovered highly secret concerted efforts from the ground up ‘to conceptualize and develop several survival alternatives’ have not only been ongoing for at least 75-years based on ‘all taxpayer hard earned revenues’ sunk into national War and Defense budgets where certain Program and Project ‘technical developments of devices and systems’ thereunder were eventually ‘mothballed’; placed on super secret ‘Tomorrow Shelves’ to be later used as technological enhancements placed for use within one or more of only a few alternatives so the human race will not be extinguished in the blink of an eye as their ‘oxygen molecules’ most assuredly ‘will’ – someday.”

Research References ( Video Clips ) –

– Extra-Gravitational / Gravitational Lensing, light distortion galaxies:

– Antarctica ( South Pole / Southern Hemisphere ):

– National Science Foundation ( NSF ) 2018 announces Neutrino “Muon” within blazar of Multi-Messengers coming out-of “Cen-A” as being the “Source” of “Cosmic Rays” interalia Gamma-Ray Multi-Messenger astroparticles entering our Earth’s Solar System:

In 2011, my research reports publicly provided the same findings more than 7-years before the 2018 National Science Foundation ( NSF ) announcement that spent billions of hard-earned taxpayer people’s monies for 30-years just to come to the same findings I did. How did I know? I researched all publicly available astrophysics databases and performed my own analysis to produce my research reports that clearly go far beyond anything the National Science Foundation  ( NSF ) announced in 2018, and beyond many other Programs and Projects funded by but never mentioned by the NSF.

ExtraGravitational Lensing Distortion Finally Solved –

The aforementioned “Extragravitational Lensing” problem was solved, and although not much was ever publicly broadcasted about that whopping scientific breakthrough, it was only by ‘chance’ or ‘circumstance’ that I became fortunate enough to have even received that information for my purpose of obtaining the venerable “When Date.”

Want To Take A Ride ?  But, Do ‘You’ Have A ‘Ticket’ ?

Interesting to note, is wherein another of my legacy research reports do I briefly describe only but a few of planet Earth population’s survival ‘alternatives’, and although originally published by me years ago ( 2011 ), people were at least able to obtain a little of the background and history listing ‘what’ types of Programs and Projects were funded to protect only a select few individuals, I nicknamed “The Chosen Ones” whom basically had defacto or dejure “Tickets” to survive what is still slated to impact Earth.

Research Reference –

CIA StarShip Speed 1 LightYear In 1 EarthYear

I found it most interesting that even though the ‘global economic meltdown period’ ( 2007 – 2016 ) that these Programs and Projects went uninterrupted but received additionally expansive budget fundings out-of hard earned monies provided by taxpayers all of whom were never told about any of this.

Cherenkov Muon MultiMessenger ‘Planetary Atmosphere Killer’ –

Within the constellation of “Virgo A” cluster of Scorpius-Centaur, Centaurus A ( Cen-A, NGC 5128, PKS 1322-427 ) emits a seriously significant Cherenkov ( Cerenkov ) Muon ( a type of Neutrino ) Multi-Messenger Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) streaming “Blazar” relativistic “Whole Jet” beaming out-of the Active Galactic Nucleus ( AGN ) of a “SuperNovae” created by ‘two ( 2 ) galaxies’ in a rare cataclysmic ‘collision’ formed a “Supernovae” ( a ‘dual’ “Supernova” ) ‘explosion’ followed by an ‘implosion’ forming a “Supermassive Black-Hole” ( SmBH ) created its naturally powerful core engine ( AGN ) weighing heavier than 3,000,000,000 ( billion ) of our Suns but compressed down to as small a diameter as the Solar System of Earth.

Moving Faster Than LightSpeed Are SuperLuminal MultiMessenger Astroparticles –

This Cen-A ( Centaurus A galaxy ) GRB streaming blazar of radiant Ultra High-Energy ( UHE ) streamed out of its AGN ‘optical length’ to a distance far greater than what professional telescopic observations began recording in the year 2000 to 2008 ( alone ) whereupon in just those 8-years its length that ‘was’ originally measured at 5,000 light-years long in 2000 grew to greater than 14,000,000 million light-years long by 2008.

Fact Is, The Kingdoms Don’t Want To Scare All Us ‘Little People’ –

Now, 11-years later, absolutely ‘no information is being made available to people’ so, it’s anyone’s guess as-to just ‘how far away from Earth’s Solar System it is today.

Within only 8-years ( Earth time ) its measured traveling distance increased across the Universe but ‘that’ was only able to be calculated by employing several types of high technology detectors measuring ‘visible light’ from 2000 thru 2008, and this Cen-A blazar ‘still continues traveling through our Universe’ at a then ( 2008 ) estimated minimum ‘motion’ speed of between six ( 6 ) times up-to forty-five ( 45 ) times ‘faster than the speed of light’.

Early ‘Scout Particles’ Began Arriving On Earth –

In July 2012, this Cen-A GRB was discovered to be ‘cloaking its true travel distance length’ because it possessed ‘invisible’ “astroparticles” moving at ‘non-visually detectable distances’ far exceeding the speed of light because within its Cherenkov radiation emission was discovered both ‘atomic’ and ‘subatomic’ particles named “MultiMessengers” travelling with “SuperLuminal” ‘motion’ at about forty-five ( 45 ) times faster than the speed of light ( lightspeed X 45 ).

The Adaman-Sumatra Indonesia area tsunami, which killed about 350,000,000 people, just a few years ago, also resulted in the largest hole being torn through our Earth atmosphere “Ozone” ( Oxygen ) layer were both the resultant effects of the Cen-A Blazar Multi-Messenger astroparticle attack that upset Earth’s molten core creating the offshore earthquake that eventuated that devastating tsunami throughout several nations in just one ( 1 ) day.

Planetary Atmosphere Killer –

This extremely hot bright blue-white Cherenkov beam from Cen-A ( Centaurus A ) is uniquely closer to Earth than anything like it in our galactic universe, and there is a far greater threat than this dangerous ray beam that is known and has been labeled as a “Planetary Atmosphere Killer” easily capable of ‘instantly burning-up all oxygen molecules’ when it reaches 1,000 light-years away from Earth.

The best way to describe the Centaurus A ( CenA ) Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ) is that it originates from a SuperNovae event where two ( 2 ) galaxies collided resulting in forming a Super-massive Black-hole ( SmBh ) where its cataclysmic center “Active Galactic Nuclei” ( AGN ) formed a relativistic ( i.e. moving at a velocity such that there is a significant change in properties, such as mass, in accordance with Albert Einstein’s ‘Theory of Relativity’ ) from where a “Whole Jet” bursts an extremely hot blue-white light of Cherenkov radiation atomic particle photons that merge with neutrino muons forming an intense streaming energy column of brightness ( greater than one-hundred ( 100 ) times more luminosity than our Sun ) that still – after billions of years approaches our Solar System whereupon its pathway ‘Earth’ and ‘all other planets’ are in-essence sitting ducks staring down the barrel of this death ray.

Research Reference ( Video Clip ) –

Astronomer Bruce Balick described the eventual outcome of this reality, as follows:


“Here on Earth, we’ll feel the wind of the ejected gases, sweeping past slowly – at first ( a mere 5-miles per second ) – and then picking up speed as the spasms continue to eventually reach 1,000-miles per second. The remnant Sun will rise as a dot ( no larger than Venus ) of intensely ( more brilliant than 100 present Suns ) hot ( hotter than any welder’s torch ) light colored ‘blue-white’. Light, from this ‘fiendish blue pinprick’, will braise the Earth and ‘tear apart its surface molecules and atoms’. A ‘new but very thin atmosphere’ ( of ‘free electrons’ ) will form, as the Earth’s surface turns to dust.”


[ IMAGE ( above ): AMS-02 space-based monitoring Very-High-Energy ( VHE ) to Ultra-High-Energy ( UHE ) Gamma-Ray photon astroparticles ( “Cosmic Rays” – invisible  to the naked eye ) pulse out-of Blue Galaxies across space as Cerenkov light radiation that are ‘extremely bright hot blue-white pin-pricks of light’ known aa ‘planetary atmosphere killers’ that scatter en route  to a planetary surface like Earth’s. ]

Relativistic Whole Jets are now ( also known as ) named Astrophysical Jets –

Research Reference –


Since researching these subjects, terms for several have changed multiple times, making research and academic collaboration fraught with confusion that additionally serves to hide even more information from the public, collegiate students and professionals as well.


[ IMAGE ( above ): Galactic Center depicting Centaurus A and more. Click on image to enlarge. ]

Looking Through Different Glasses –


Early Vatican Telescopes ( also known as )  “Lookers”

Vatican Observatories

The world’s oldest and largest astrological telescope ( above ) was operated from the Vatican Observatory within the Vatican summer home (  in Castel Gandolfo, Italy – below ) for all Holy Roman Catholic Church Popes.

Earliest Vatican Astrological Observatory –


[ IMAGE ( above ): Color image of earliest Vatican Observatory ( Castel Gandolfo, Italy ) plus black and white image of its Specola Tower section. ]

Current Vatican Astronomical Observatory & LUCIFER Telescope –



Vatican Cosmic Secrets –

The Vatican has several observatory telescopes, the most of which is depicted ( immediately above ), the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) is world renowned for having installed the first “Large binocular telescope near-infrared Utility with camera and Integral Field unit for Extragalactic Research” ( L.U.C.I.F.E.R. / LUCIFER ) mirror prototype in its observatory atop Mt. Graham near Safford, Arizona ( USA ), and interestingly enough, immediately adjacent to the Steward Observatory Telescope housing yet ’another’ “Large binocular telescope near-infrared Utility with camera and Integral Field unit for Extragalactic Research” ( LUCIFER ), a twin red horn-rimmed mirror system believed monitoring a deep-space advanced program secret, believed to be the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer ( AMS-02 ); recently placed permanently outside the International Space Station ( ISS ) in connection with the ground-based CERN project in Switzerland.

Other Questions Begging To Be Asked –

What Deep-Space project could possibly be so important requiring billions in funding amidst a global economic crisis?

Why does a Deep-Space project require so much secrecy surrounding what exactly these observatory telescope mirrors are all working on?

Why are two ( 2 ) observatories, located right next to each other ( on the same mountain top ), looking into the same region of Deep-Space?

Why did the Vatican become so suddenly and secretly involved?

Why did the Vatican use billions in funding taken from its church-going parishioner’s donation monies for astronomical projects using telescope observatories, instead of feeding the poor and homeless around the world, but instead fund a Deep-Space observatory telescope looking into thin air at something we on Earth know nothing about and are helpless to do anything about while poor people are continuing to starve to death around the world? Sound cruel?

Why would the Vatican become attached at its hip to. the U.S. government Steward Observatory in Arizona?

Why use billions of monies to do the same thing the Vatican is doing with its telescope, when poor down-trodden people are living in unsanitary conditions, lack medical necessities and are dying from disease around the world so, just who is feeding whom ‘what’ and ‘why’ ?

For what or whose end purpose is this serving?

The ‘people’s ? God’s ? Alien’s ?

Come on, get real, things like this do ‘not’ occur ‘unless there is an Earth-shattering global reason for doing this’ so, what are people – around the World – ‘not being told about’ ?

Why are ‘both Deep-Space astronomical observatory telescopes’  shrouded in secrecy?

What do they call ‘taking billions in monies from investors without informing shareholders what their money is being used-for’ considered ?

Just What Are The Facts?

[ PHOTO ( above ) : Same position but using ‘optical imaging’ one can still see the Ultra-High-Energy ( UHE ) Gamma-Ray Burst photons streaming out of the Galactic Center of our Universe near Centaurus A ( Cen-A ) so, is this ‘killer of oxygen atmospheres’ headed toward Earth? If so, when will it arrive on Earth? ]

Deep Space Observatory Telescope FACT –

The Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope Array ( CTA ) [ NOTE: begun in 1992, as the HEGRA Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope System ] is designated a large ground-based telescope array for deep space projects detecting ‘blue flashes of Cerenkov radiation’ caused by ‘Ultra-High-Energy’ ( UHE ) ’gamma-ray photons’, that kill planetary atmosphere, from certain distant galaxies.

The Advanced Gamma-ray Imaging System [ AGIS ], U.S. version, was considered too expensive ( more than $400,000,000 million ) so, was America to share the costs and operations of CTA, which was designed to explore a wide variety of particle accelerators in the Universe, from nearby:

– Cluster Galaxies ( CG );

– Gamma Ray Bursts ( Blazars );

– Active Galactic Nuclei ( AGN );

– Stellar Winds;

– Pulsars;

– Supernova; and,

– Micro-Quasars.


[ IMAGE ( above ): Astroparticle Physics, Ultra High Energy ( UHE ), Gamma-Ray Burst ( GRB ), Gravitational Wave, Blazar, Multi-Messenger detector and deflector Cerenkov Telescope Array ( CTA ) Observatories. ]

Research References –




The FACT Project –

In 2010, FACT consisted of a new technology camera mounted at the focus of one ( 1 ) of the former HEGRA telescopes so, the Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope Array ( CTA ) is becoming an Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescope ( IACT ).

G-APDs [ Geiger-mode Avalanche PhotoDiodes ] have more robust efficiency detecting photons coming from galaxies, and the first G-APD [ Geiger-mode Avalanche PhotoDiodes ] Cherenkov Telescope ( FACT ) is a joint effort of two ( 2 ) countries ( e.g. Switzerland and Germany ) with contributions from a variety of institutes, including:

ETH Zürich; TU Dortmund; ISDC ( INTEGRAL Science Data Centre for Astrophysics – Versoix, Switzerland ); EPFL; Humboldt-Universität Berlin; Ruhr-Universität Bochum; Technische Universität Dortmund; Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg; Universität Hamburg; MPI für Kernphysik, Heidelberg; Landessternwarte Heidelberg; MPI für Physik, München; Universität Potsdam; Universität Tübingen; Universität Würzburg; and, Deutsches-Elektronen-Synchrotron ( DESY ) Zeuthen ( Hamburg, Germany ); and, More Deep-Space observations trigger follow-up ‘observations of extragalactic blue flares’ from telescopes with ‘higher sensitivity’, e.g. MAGIC, VERITAS, and HESS.

Research Reference –



[ PHOTO ( above ) : Vatican Observatory (also known as ) Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) near Safford, Arizona, USA. ]


The Holy Roman Catholic Church Vatican placed its U.S. based astronomical observatory telescope – known as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) – near Safford, Arizona high atop Mount Graham off highway State Route 366 ( SR 366 ) in the middle of the desert ( see photo above ). While VATT saw some U.S. controversy, even more questions now are beginning to surface.

Vatican Observatory History –


[ PHOTO ( above ) : Vatican Observatory ( near Castel Gandolfo, Italy – the Summer residence of Popes for decades ). ]

Directed by the Jesuits, the Holy Roman Catholic Church ‘astronomical telescope observatory’ had been ‘headquartered’ near the ‘Summer residence of the Popes’ at Castel Gandolfo, Italy where the Vatican Observatory has remained one of the ‘oldest astronomical research institutions in the World’, however today – according to Vatican officials – it now remains only a “historical point of Vatican astronomical investigation reference.”


[ IMAGE ( above ): Vatican Observatory at Papal Gardens, 1-mile south of Castel Gondolfo, Italy ( click to enlarge ) ]

Vatican Observatory New Headquarters Center –

In 2009, about 1-mile ‘south’ of the Summer residence of the Popes ( Castel Gandolfo, Italy ), the Holy Roman Catholic Church publicly announced its ‘new center’, providing:

– Jesuit community space separate from students and researchers; – Library; – Conference room; and, – More classrooms.

The Papal Gardens ( 1-mile south of Castel Gandolfo, Italy ) is where another Vatican Observatory is located. The dome ( image immediately above – on left ) is where the 26-inch ( 65 centimeters) diameter f/3.7 Schmidt telescope is located, and the other dome ( image immediately above – on right ) is where the Carte du Ciel telescope is located.



[ PHOTO ( above ): ( left to right ) Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) Observatory with L.U.C.I.F.E.R. twin red horn mirrors ( atop Mt. Graham near Safford, Arizona, USA ); and, its neighbor U.S. Steward Observatory dual mirror Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) also positioned adjacently atop Mt. Graham near Safford, Arizona, USA. ]

Research Reference –


Vatican Observatory USA

The Holy Roman Catholic Church Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ), is located in yet another Vatican Observatory and this one is located in the United States desert region near Safford, Arizona atop the wintertime snow-capped peak known as Mount Graham ( Mt. Graham ) whereon it additionally hosts its neighbor the U.S. Steward Observatory.

– –

Source: UA News – University of Arizona ( Tucson, Arizona, USA )

Cardinal Who Oversees The Vatican Observatory Will Visit Tucson by, Lori Stiles ( Office of Communications – University of Arizona )

January 28, 2009

Catholic church Cardinal Lajolo will visit Vatican astronomers at the University of Arizona. His Eminence Giovanni Lajolo – president of the Pontifical Commission for the Vatican State city in Italy – will visit the offices of the Vatican Observatory Research Group ( VORG ) at the University of Arizona ( UA ) Steward Observatory while in Tucson, Arizona next month ( February 2009 ). Being the executive in charge, of day-to-day running of the Vatican City, Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo reports about the Vatican Observatory directly to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

Vatican astronomers announced his ( Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo ) visit, which will occur February 26, 2009 through February 28, 2009. While in Tucson, Cardinal Lajolo is set to visit the University of Arizona ( UA ) on February 26, 2009. Cardinal Lajolo will also attend the Vatican Observatory Foundation Board meeting, annual seminar and awards dinner during his stay, said Vatican astronomers.

Cardinal Lajolo’s visit coincides with the International Year of Astronomy 2009, and “signifies the unique interest which the Holy See has towards its scientific research institute” based in Tucson, Arizona,” Vatican Observatory Director José Funes, S.J. ( Society of Jesus / a Jesuit priest ) and Vatican Observatory Public Relations Coordinator Guy Consolmagno, S.J. ( Society of Jesus / a Jesuit priest ), said in a news announcement.

“We have enjoyed an extremely productive collaboration with the Vatican Observatory in astronomical research and education for almost 30-years,” said Steward Observatory director Peter Strittmatter – professor of astronomy for the University of Arizona Regents.

Peter Strittmatter additionally noted that Steward Observatory University of Arizona faculty members have participated in the Vatican Observatory Summer Schools and that Vatican Observatory astronomers contribute to the University of Arizona astronomy education program. “We are delighted that Cardinal Lajolo will be visiting the UA campus to see for himself the excellent research environment which the Vatican Observatory Research Group ( VORG ) enjoys at Steward Observatory,” Strittmatter said.

In 1582, the era of Pope Gregory who reformed the calendar, the origin of the Vatican Observatory has been traced back that far as ‘one of the oldest astronomical observatories in the world’.

In 1935, the Vatican Observatory was headquartered at all Pope’s summer home in Castel Gandolfo, Italy.

In 1980, the Vatican Observatory opened its ‘dependent research center’ known as the Vatican Observatory Research Group ( VORG ) to take advantage of the world renowned astronomical facilities in southern Arizona ( USA ) where VORG is based at Steward Observatory ( part of the University of Arizona ).

In 1986, the University of Arizona astronomy faculty began helping teach many Vatican Observatory summer schools ( Castel Gandolfo, Italy ).

In 1993, Vatican astronomers inaugurated the Lennon Telescope ( 1.8 meters in diameter ) in southeastern Arizona with the Vatican adjoining Thomas J. Bannan Astrophysics Facility – altogether known as the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) located within the Mount Graham International Observatory ( MGIO ) complex.

The Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) is a major Vatican astronomical tool used to study planetary sciences, stellar astronomy, extragalactic astronomy and cosmology.

The Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory ( Tucson, Arizona ) giant rotating furnace casted and polished ( using ‘stressed lap technology’ ) the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) observatory mirror, that was the ‘L.U.C.I.F.E.R. mirror prototype’ for the Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) as well as other world-class telescopes.

Jesuit priests Jose Funes and Guy Consolmagno said that during the Cardinal Lajolo ( who speaks Italian, German, English and French ) visit to the U.S., he will meet with the University of Arizona ‘technical staff responsible for developing’ the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ), and then will later travel to Washington, D.C. where on March 2, 2009 – at the Apostolic Nunciature – he will attend a reception hosted by the Vatican ambassador ( i.e. Papal Nuncio ) to the United States of America.

The Vatican Observatory ( also known as ) “Specola Vaticana” is organizing special events during the 2009 International Year of Astronomy, and one ( 1 ) event involves several University of Arizona astronomy faculty members in June 2009 for a 1-week long international symposium attracting past participants and alumni of Vatican Observatory summer schools ( Castel Gandolfo, Italy ) to discuss 21st Century roles of astronomers, astronomy and ongoing research projects.

– –


[ PHOTO ( above ): “Large binocular telescope near-infrared Utility with camera and Integral Field unit for Extragalactic Research” ( LUCIFER ) twin-horned mirrors ( Top View ) inside the Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) at Steward Observatory ( click to enlarge ) ]


[ PHOTO ( above ): “Large binocular telescope near-infrared Utility with camera and Integral Field unit for Extragalactic Research” ( LUCIFER ) twin-horned mirrors ( Side View ) for the Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) at Steward Observatory ( click to enlarge ) ]

Mt. Graham LUCIFER Mirrors –

On April 22, 2010 Steward Observatory conducted a ‘press tour’ allowing only a select few people ’inside’ to view the ‘red color twin horn mounted’ high-technology telescope mirrors curiously named, the: ”Large binocular telescope near-infrared Utility with camera and Integral Field unit for Extragalactic Research” ( also known as ) ”LUCIFER” ( also known as ) ”Large Binocular Telescope” ( LBT ).

Upon Steward Observatory press guests being escorted ‘outside’ and up a hill to a key ’observation point’ overlooking a picturesque landscape looking downward just beyond and a little to the left of Steward Observatory ( with LUCIFER inside ), just above tree-top level appears an arch that glistens like silver under Sun whereupon the Steward Observatory guide asked the press group if they had any questions.

One press guest woman asked, “Do you see that archway there?”

The Steward Observatory press guide replied, “That silver thing? ( followed by a short delay ) That’s the Vatican telescope.”

Beginning at approximately 1-minute and 35-seconds into an official Steward Observatory Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) color video clip ( immediately below ) of the aforementioned press tour, the aforementioned question and answer is heard in addition to visual film footage documentation of the location and proximity of the Vatican Observatory in relationship to its LUCIFER mirror LBT information sharing neighbor of the Steward Observatory ( see immediately below ):

[ VIDEO ( above ): Click on image ( above ) to start playing ‘this official color video clip’. ]

Cloaked under the Thomas J. Bannan Astrophysics Facility named ”Mount Graham International Observatory” ( MGIO ), the Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) is a 1.8-meter telescope located inside this Mt. Graham mountain Vatican Observatory near Safford, Arizona.

Distance Time Measurement Light Warp From Objects In Space ‘

Extragravitational Lensing explained by an astrophysicist allows is to comprehend facts that, just because we can visualize an object traveling through space at one point does ‘not’ necessarily mean that it’s distance away from us is accurate when light photons are bent and curved, it means the sighted object is closer to us in all reality. Hence, if someone estimates the distance of an object in outer-space, chances are that it is a ‘lot closer’.

Research Reference –

[ NOTE: See, e.g. ExtraGravitational Lensing color diagrammatic ( further above ). ]

Mount Graham International Observatory ( MGIO ) –

America’s southwest State of Arizona Coronado National Forest Pinaleño Mountains highest peak is known as “Mount Graham” ( also known as ) “High Peak” reaching an elevation of 10,720 feet ( 3,267 meters ) within the County of Graham. Mt. Graham summits are headwaters for numerous perennial streams running through five ( 5 ) major botanical zones.

In 1988, the U.S. Congress authorized construction of astronomical telescope observatories on Mt. Graham where some of the clearest skies in the world exist and precisely where the Mount Graham International Observatory ( MGIO ) exists, e.g. Vatican Observatory – Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ), Steward Observatory – Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT – LUCIFER ) and Large Synoptic Survey Telescope – LSST, Heinrich Hertz Submillimeter Telescope ( HHST ),  and where multiple organizations have also set up large astronomical telescopes in a few separate observatories that were authorized by a U.S. Congress ‘rare peacetime waiver of United States environmental laws’.

Mount Graham International Observatory ( MGIO ) is opposed by environmental groups, including the Sierra Club, because Mt. Graham higher elevations are considered the last remaining habitat for the endangered species known as the Mount Graham Red squirrel. Mt. Graham was biologically isolated for thousands of years with its higher elevation providing refuge for surviving populations of plants and animals with adaptive root strategies dating back to environmental conditions of the Pleistocene Ice Age ( 2,000,000 million years ago ) where today there still exists old-growth forest stands of the oldest conifer trees in the southwest United States as well as associated habitats for threatened and endangered species.

In 1993, at the base of Mt. Graham, St. Paisius Orthodox Monastery was founded.

There has also been an outcry from four ( 4 ) federally recognized Native American indian tribes of the Western Apache Nation and other Native American groups who consider the site of Mt. Graham to be sacred. Mt. Graham is near the northern limit of the Chiricahua Apache Native American homeland and southern margins of Western Apache territory, the range is one of the Western Apache’s four ( 4 ) holiest mountains – considered sacred by all regional Native people. Mt. Graham is located between the southern Rocky Mountain range of America and the Sierra Madre Occidental mountain range of Mexico.

Steward Observatory – Astronomy Observatory Gatekeeper –

Steward Observatory, however, hosts the “Vatican Observatory Research Group” at the University of Arizona ( UofA ), in-addition to other Arizona astronomical observatories that, include:

– Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) at Vatican Observatory ( Arizona, USA ); – Large Binocular Telescope Observatory ( LBT ) at Steward Observatory ( Arizona, USA ); – Large Synoptic Survey Telescope ( LSST ) at Steward Observatory ( Arizona, USA ); – Multiple Mirror Telescope Observatory ( MMT ) at MMT Observatory ( Arizona, USA ); and, – Kitt Peak National Observatory ( Arizona, USA ).

Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope ( VATT ) telescope mirrors were fabricated in Germany based on information supplied from the Steward Observatory Mirror Laboratory in Arizona, USA and elsewhere.

Steward Observatory hosts the ‘twin’ LUCIFER mirrors referred to as the observatory of the World famous Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) consisting of two ( 2 ) 8.4 meter ( 27.6 foot ) diameter mirror telescopes brought into existence by the LARGE BINOCULAR TELESCOPE CORPORATION list of sponsors ( below ):


– Max Planck Institut fur Astronomie ( Heidelberg, GERMANY ); – Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam ( GERMANY );

– Max Planck Institut fur Extraterrestriche Physik ( Munich, GERMANY ); – Max Planck Institut fur Radioastronomie ( Bonn, GERMANY );

– Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica ( ITALY );

– University of Ohio ( Ohio, USA );

– University of Virginia ( Virginia, USA );

– University of Notre Dame ( Indiana, USA );

– University of Minnesota ( Minnesota, USA );

– University of Arizona ( Arizona, USA );

– Arizona State University ( Arizona, USA ); and,

– Northern Arizona University ( Arizona, USA ).

Purpose Of LUCIFER Telescope Mirror Cameras Are For –

– Direct Imaging ( DI ); 

– Long Slit Spectroscopy ( LSS ); and,

– Multi-Object Spectroscopy ( MOS ).

Vatican Observatory LUCIFER Telescope Worries Confused Catholics –

Holy Roman Catholic Church faith may be slowly redefining its position on ’extraterrestrial life forms’ ( alien beings / biological entities ) as God’s children too, according to Jesuit priests studying Vatican Observatory information on the Universe, now surfacing into what has become an international religious controversy.

For centuries, Catholic parishioners – led by priests – were taught that ‘they’ were “God’s only children in the Universe put here on Earth,” however all ‘that’ has now drastically changed since Vatican Papal Authority ( Pope ) recognized that just 10-years ago ( 1999 ) the Universe for some unknown reason is ‘expanding’ and was advised to consider there may be ’other life forms’ such as alien biological beings sprinkled throughout the Universe in addition to Earthling human beings  believed to be from the handy-work of a ‘God’, ‘Creator’, ‘Source’.

Research References ( Video Clips – Below ) –

Vatican Chief Astronomer: Catholic Jesuit Father Jose Gabriel Funes ( below ), in 2008:

Vatican Cardinal: Giovanni Lajolo ( below ), in 2009:

Vatican Curia ( Governing Body ) Monsignor: Corrado Balducci ( below ), in 2010:

Vatican Secret Bishop: H.E. Fr. Malachi Martin ( below ):


Special Research ( 1964 Secret Transfer Of Papal Authority In-To All Bishops ) –

– –

Vatican Official Declares On National Television: Extraterrestrial Contact Is Real by, Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

June 1999

Monsignor Corrado Balducci ( seen in video clip above ), a theologian member of the Vatican Curia ( governing body ), and an insider close to the Pope, has gone on Italy national television five ( 5 ) times, including recent months, to proclaim that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomenon.

Monsignor Balducci provided an analysis of extraterrestrials that he feels is consistent with the Catholic Church understanding of theology, emphasizing that extraterrestrial encounters “are NOT demonic, they are not due to psychological impairment, they are not a case of entity attachment, but these encounters deserve to be studied carefully.”

Since Monsignor Balducci is a demonology expert and consultant to the Vatican, and since the Catholic Church has historically demonized many new phenomena that were poorly understood, Balducci’s stating the Church does not censure these encounters is all the more remarkable.

Corrado Balducci revealed to a visiting professional from America that the Vatican is closely following this phenomenon quietly.

Speculation originally surmised the Vatican was receiving much information about extraterrestrials and their contacts with humans from its Nunciatures ( embassies ) in various countries, however, subsequent information indicates Monsignor Corrado Balducci received his cases from other sources.

Monsignor Balducci is a member of a group acting as consultants to the Vatican on various matters concerning humans in possible contact with supernatural beings, and as such, the matter of extraterrestrial encounters would fall within their purview, and possibly as well the spiritual significance of the emerging general realization of extraterrestrial contact.

Parallel information from National Security Council ( NSC ) scientist Dr. Michael Wolf, a member of the NSC’s SSG subcommittee for managing the UFO phenomenon, as well as from noted author and Vatican expert Father Malachi Martin, suggests the Vatican is concerned it will have a major doctrinal updating situation on its hands when extraterrestrial contact becomes authoritatively announced by world governments over the next several years.

Parenthetically, it can be observed the Vatican Curia member declarations on Italy national television represent technically the first ( 1st ) declaration by an official of a major power government ( Vatican ), even if “speaking as an individual”, that extraterrestrial contact is real and happening – deserves serious study.

Whitley Strieber has just come out with a new book, “Confirmation”, which features an interview, in which Monsignor Balducci makes additional striking comments about the extraterrestrials as probably superior spiritual beings.

– –

According to a recent Steward Observatory ( Safford, Arizona, USA ) film, the Universe was only 10-years ago just discovered to be “expanding” in 1999.

In 1999, Jesuit Priest Malachi Martin, a 30-year Vatican commentator and advisor of three ( 3 ) Popes was interviewed and asked ‘why’ The Holy Roman Catholic Church Vatican built a multi-million dollar astronomy observatory in Arizona – in connection with the University of Arizona ( UofA ). Rev. Fr. Malachi Martin said, “The mentality, amongst those who are at the higher level, of Vatican Administration know that now the knowledge of what’s going on in space – and what’s approaching us – could be of great importance in the next five ( 5 ) to ten ( 10 ) years ( i.e. 2004 to 2010 ).

What was ‘it’ that the Vatican began preparing for 10-years ago in 1999?

Why is much of the Vatican Observatory prohibited from access?

Why is the University of Arizona ( UofA ) being allowed to be used by the Vatican?

Theories abound with speculation over several mysteries. From recent revelations to the public from Jesuit priests speaking about extraterrestrial matters to the relatively new Vatican Observatory information being fed through the Steward Observatory red-colored twin-horned mirrors named LUCIFER atop the same mountain in Arizona where they both are located.

There are more people growing convinced each day, based on new revelations, this all has something to do with an “Earth Event” coming that is being kept quiet from the public by governments. People that are rich and educated to those poor with little education are labeled by governments as being ”conspiracy theorists” and/or “doomsday sayers.”

You be the judge ( color video clip samples below ):

Multiplex Technology – used in the LUCIFER mirrors of the Large Binocular Telescope ( LBT ) inside the Steward Observatory – was ‘developed’ at Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics ( Munich, GERMANY ), and these specially designed mirrors possess an inherent adaptability design feature allowing the mirrors to ‘grow’ even-more technologically advanced than they already are today.

In early 2011, an Adaptive Optic Secondary Mirror System ( AOSMS ) instrument for a 36-inch diameter by ( x ) 1.6-millimeter thick mirror for use on ”diffraction-limited” cases was to be added at Steward Observatory.

New Catholic “Scientific-Religion” or Vatican Style Scientology?

In 1990, the Vatican Observatory ( VO ) together with its 25-year old Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( CTNS ) co-sponsored a series of international research ventures in a Joint Program known as its Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action ( SPDA ) that began engaging relationships with some of the most respected and well-known research on “theology” and “natural sciences,” however the Vatican Observatory and CTNS continued their Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action ( SPDA ) Program mission through another CTNS-VO collaboration project that was ‘moving behind and prior-to’ their already widely discussed problem of theodicy – namely within the context of “moral evil” they now cite as having somehow been “routinely overlooked” so, they are now identifying “natural evil,” as:

– Suffering; – Disease; – Death; – Extinction; and, – More.

The Vatican Observatory ( VO ) and Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( CTNS ) feel ‘these aforementioned problems’ are targeted better at the level of ‘physics’ and ‘cosmology’ where CTNS-VO now cites “natural evil” as being the ‘refiguration-of’ and ‘precondition-for’ being the “moral evil” underlying the structures within the ‘fundamental laws of nature’ they now predict is ‘moving into’ “evolution” and “genetics” as being “biological roots of moral evil.”

“Science” and “Religion” separately no more, according to the Vatican Observatory ( VO ) a “Science-Religion” has been developed by its Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( CTNS ) continually attracting ‘theologians’, ‘religious scholars’, ‘ethicists’, ‘philosophers’, ‘historians’ and ‘natural scientists’ in discussions the Vatican Observatory ( VO ) believes is fostering a ‘new legacy of mutually enriching scholarship’ with the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences ( CTNS ) to continually serve as the ‘foundation’ for a “Science-Religion.”


[ IMAGE ( above ): Galileo Galilei. ]

Galileo Galilei, the 17th-century Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution, scored achievements including improvements to the ‘telescope’ and consequential astronomical observations. Galileo also supported Copernicanism ( Copernicus ).

Galileo was called the “father of modern observational astronomy”, the “father of modern physics”, the “father of science”, and “the father of modern science.” After 1610, however, Galileo began publicly supporting the view of ‘heliocentricism’ – placing the Sun at the center of the Universe – and that met with bitter opposition from members of the Catholic Church clergy who denounced Galileo during the Roman Inquisition in early 1615. In February 1616, the Catholic Church condemned Galileo as being “false and contrary to Scripture.” Galileo defended his heliocentric viewpoint by publishing ( 1632 ) his “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems,” which the Roman Inquisition tried Galileo for. Galileo was found “vehemently suspect of heresy” and Galileo was sentenced to life imprisonment under house arrest.

The new Catholic science-religion appears still shrouded in secrecy, with speculation about its new name or just where it plans on taking the rest of Catholicism. Some suggest the new Catholic identifier may become known as Cathocosmologists, Cathoastrophysicists, but more outcry will surface as Papal authorities lean toward canonizing Saint Galileo.

Some believe the Catholic Church will begin baptizing its ‘New Order’ sect – undoubtedly selected ‘highly-esteemed professional science-religion-ologists’ that will become known as Catho-AstroPhysicists, Catho-BioGeneticists, et al.

The Catholic Church radical departure away from traditional Roman Catholicism is a trend cleverly and subtly designed to lead followers away from their belief that “God is the center of the Universe.”

Many in the world today are eyeing all this very suspiciously and vowing ‘not’ to be caught, as the Vatican Observatory cites, ‘somehow overlooking’ any ‘moral evil’ albeit pontificated by the Vatican or any other global government of decisionmakers.
















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