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ACTUAL BOOK COVER FROM THE MARK RICHARDS 7 VOL SET science fiction fantasy novels:  Entitled “Imperial Marin” which states:

…”Years after the Triskelion Revolution pushed corruption out of the lands protected by the beautiful Mount Tamalpais, a young and vital generation of hero-leaders faces threats that the founders never dreamed about.  Their lives based on passion for the planet and its people, these devoted individuals prove to have the courage to take on the inevitable attacks from every source–but will they survive such overwhelming evil?

IMPERIAL MARIN BOOK ONE brings to life a world where the people have chosen to live in an environmentally sound absolutely democratic and free society.  This is no Utopia–but a wild world where science has introduced uncleansed cultism without sanctuary.  But through it all, the people know that their young hero-kings will guide the new nation to its destiny–to be not only the future on Earth, but also humanity’s political route to the stars.

This is a story written for adult readers who are seeking an epic new myth-saga of political science-fiction/fantasy for the 21st Century.”–Mark Richards

ARTICLE Moment Of Truth in Conclusion by, Paul Collin (The UPI Guy column / blog at Project Camelot Productions)

L9S ANGELES – February 6, 2019 – Subsequent to the initial publishing of the report ( hereinabove “Moment Of Truth” ) a most curious ‘video rebuttal’, publicly ‘aired ( over a particular YouTube channel ) appearing to have been voluntarily produced by one of the report-named individuals ( Kevin Daniel Moore ) who openly admitted that at least one ( 1 ) of his thirty-two ( 32 ) prior foreign businesses involved ‘pornographic adult sex toys’ while his other activities surrounding computer software required his personal residency near Amsterdam because he premeditatedly determined geopolitically suited as ‘the only legitimate ( legal ) place for such business venues, unlike the United Kingdom ( UK ) where prohibitions of minor age children or those who are ‘just 18; limited’ ( prevented by law ) from such ‘engaging activities’.

Preliminary research and references ( below ) are provided to show a brief chronology of two-way exchanges documenting both well-informed research discoveries providing more complete documentations deriving better-comprehended understandings of more facts leading to beliefs in comparison to otherwise maligned misunderstandings confused by unseen hidden truths.

‘Dumb, Dumber And Dumbest’ Or ‘Tres Sick-O Amigos’ ?

Interestingly, the dynamics of all this was initiated by an as yet to be revealed ‘financial angel’ whose previous miscomprehensions of financial management served again to misdirect revenge by later funding a foundationally flawed character obsessed with an insatiable thirst driving his pornographic sex toys business along with drawing board activities of those barely 18-years old by moving from his home in England to near Amsterdam, the porn capital of the World.

And as strange and convoluted as those two ( 2 ) slip-shodding dunderheads demonstrated themselves to actually be when such then became even more ludicrous upon collaborating with and paying an already ‘broke biker’ whose mental health was called into question, not because of a ‘lazy mind’ but rather an ‘over-active imagination’ running at a slower pace whereupon his pension for gluttony will not see him anytime soon reaching his conflicted ‘delusions of grandeur’ claiming the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( CIA ) saw so much value in his skillsets that he later contacted his ‘target’, a professional woman, who he publicly threatened on Facebook in front of a huge audience.

Research References –

September 7, 2018 ( Kevin D. Moore attacks Mark Richards ):

Research Reference –

September 23, 2018 ( Kevin D. Moore attacks Mark Richards ):

Research Reference –

October 26, 2018 ( Kevin D. Moore attacks JoAnn Richards ):

Research Reference –

October 27, 2018 ( Kerry Cassidy provides her observations, discernment, and position regarding Kevin D. Moore & Geoffrey B. Reed ):

Research Reference –


October 30, 2018 ( Kerry Cassidy publishes Paul Collin report ‘Moment Of Truth Part 1 of 2 providing background and research references surrounding Kevin D. Moore ):

Research Reference –

THE RICHARD BALDWIN MURDER CASE: Points To Higher Grounds P1 & P2 by Paul Collin, investigator

November 1, 2018 ( Kerry Cassidy defends JoAnn Richards, Mark Richards & Paul Collin ):

Research Reference –

November 2, 2018 ( Kevin D. Moore, using hard-core profanity, attacks Kerry Cassidy & Paul Collin )

Research Reference –

Other Research Support References –

Murder conviction tossed for man linked to Marin takeover plot


Preliminary Research Notes ( Update ) –

The following few research notes ( below ), while neither comprehensive nor complete, are simply provided as a peek into far greater scandalous activities leading to a criminal court case situation multiply proven to have wrongfully prosecuted and misled an empanelled courtroom Jury away-from clear and convincing evidence verdict of a ‘justifiable homicide’ where a wealthy car collector who was also a ‘homosexual pedophile stalker’ was ‘wrongfully murdered’.

Did Juvenile Insanity Precipitate Justifiable “Homicide’ Or ‘Murder’ ?

In either case, ‘killing’ is ‘wrongful behavior’, unless evidence proves the killer was not emotionally capable of adhering to comprehension between ‘right’ and ‘wrong’

In this instant criminal case, a teenage boy quietly admitted to having been earlier raped, and driven around schools by the “Chicken Hawk’ ( Richard Baldwin – murder victim ) whose homosexual pedophile propensities was in his openly vocalizing his descriptions of ‘certain physical attributes of school-age boys’ he expressed his own personal homosexual interest in.

This outward behavior did nothing more than ire the wrath of this particular teenage boy Defendant who as Baldwin’s passenger secretly mounted his welled-up seething rage thereby later bludgeoning him to death.

Audiences may begin their own path of even-better discernment as they become enlightened with ‘hidden facts’ ring-fencing The Tres Amigos ( Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest ) whom ‘incorrectly discerned for public audiences’ while they continued wildly carrying-on simultaneous public attacks on two ( 2 ) professional women.

Reviewing ‘basic criminal court case facts’, outside public purview, now sees ‘Research References’ supplied for even-better discernment by general public audiences:

Case Research –

SOURCE: United States District Court for the

Northern District of California

CASE FILED: September 7th, 2007



Crossan D. HOOVER Jr,



Thomas L. CAREY, Warden, et. al.



FEDERAL CASE CITATION REFERENCE: 508 Federal Supplemental 2d 775 ( N.D. Cal. 2007 )

Precedential Status: Precedential


“I [ Crossan Hoover ] was just shocked for a minute. He [ Mark Richards ] began telling me, Baldwin [ Richard Baldwin ] was a homosexual; a rapist. Later, when I [ Crossan Hoover ] was driving down the street with Baldwin [ Richard Baldwin ], he [ Baldwin ] was looking at kids. Staring at them. Talking about them. It turned my insides, inside-out. It makes me angry. I don’t like that. I can’t handle those kind of people [ homosexual pedophiles ]. It makes me sick, man. Why the hell do they do that? It made me [ Crossan Hoover ] get more angry at him [ Richard Baldwin ]. And, ‘I [ Crossan Hoover ] didn’t [ did ‘not’ ]  even know him [ Richard Baldwin ].” [5]




“[5] Following his [ Crossan Hoover ] conviction, Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] was referred to the [ State of California, Department of Corrections, Division of Juvenile Justice ] Department of Youth Authority for an evaluation of his amenability to the training and treatment under  [ State of ] California Welfare and Institutions Code § 707.2.

In the course of the interview, for the ‘Social History’ section of the evaluation, Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] was asked about ‘the worst experience he [ Hoover ] had in his life’.

He reported that ‘he [ Crossan Hoover ] was raped at the age of 12 by an older brother of a friend’. This ‘only’ [ ? ] occurred 1 time. ‘He [ Crossan Hoover ] was sodomized’.

And, ‘he [ Crossan Hoover ] did not tell anyone UNTIL he was on Trial’ in the instant offense.”

The record [ Court records can be ‘sealed’ via a secret judicial Order ] does not indicate ‘whom’ [ more than one ] Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] told’ of [ about ] this traumatic event [ i.e. ‘sodomized rape’ ] during the Trial.

The disclosure does not appear in any of the psychological or psychiatric reports [ a Court record ‘sealed’ via a secret judicial Order ] that were prepared at the behest of the parties or the court.

[ UPI NOTE: Investigators, conducting a Criminal Defendant’s Background, interview varieties of people including ‘family members’ / ‘other witmesses’, and often times subsequently conduct briefs by reporting ( verbally and / or via written case report notes ] attornies ( defense counsels and prosecutors ) by their ‘information note conveyances’ ]

Indeed, the reports generally treated Hoover’s [ Crossan Hoover’s ] ‘anti-homosexual feelings’ as, an ‘irrational prejudice” ‘akin-to [ just like ] some of his [ Crossan Hoover’s ] racial attitudes’.

‘Knowledge of ‘his [ Crossan Hoover ] rape’ would have explained both ‘his [ Hoover’s ] visceral reaction to homosexuals’ and the ‘uncontrollable rage’, Richards [ Mark Richards ] was able to exploit by telling Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] that ‘Baldwin was a child molester’.

[6] The above-quoted colloquy suggests that it was Defense Counsel’s ‘convoluted and inarticulate questions’, rather than Dr. Rodriguez’ answers, which ‘gave the Court the mistaken impression’ that there was equivocation on the Witness’ part …”



“Following Hoover’s plea of not guilty by reason of insanity, the state trial court appointed two mental health experts to examine Hoover and report their findings. Neither expert found that Hoover was insane when he committed the murder.[11]”


“This Court concludes that under any applicable standard, the Prosecutor’s withholding of materially favorable information’, from Dr. Buehler, and ‘consequent manipulation of the evidence’ violated longstanding federal precedents from Napue forward. Because ‘there is a reasonable likelihood’, that but for ‘the Prosecutor’s manipulation of Dr. Buehler’s opinion’, Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] would not have been found not guilty by reason of insanity of first degree or even second degree murder; ‘his conviction must be set aside’.”


“The Jury, in the Hoover [ Crossan Hoover ] case, ‘deliberated longer over sanity’ than they did over guilt. They were obviously either divided or uncertain about their decision.


Research References –

– – – –

SOURCE: The California Youth Authority ( CYA ), Southern Reception Center

CYA was first opened in 1943 as a reform school. Today it functions similar to adult state prisons.

In 1996, more than 10,000 individuals [ minor children – under 18 years of age ] were housed [ imprisoned ] at CYA.

At the time, about 8,500 of the individuals were “juveniles’ and 1,500 were ‘young adults’ [ all of whom were minor children – under 18 years of age ].


“The average length of stay [ imprisonment ] for ‘children’, first paroled for serious felonies, were as follows:

94.7 months ( 7.9 years ) for Murder in the 2nd degree;

87.2 months ( 7.2 years ) for Murder [ killing ] in the 1st degree;

51.1 months ( 4.3 years ) for manslaughter [ unintentional killing ];

40.6 months for enhanced robbery;


Research Reference

– –

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The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

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