Geo-Spatial Intelligence – Part 1 of 2

by, Paul Collin

LOS ANGELES – January 29, 2019 – A hidden visual message perhaps, within the overall imagery of what appeared to just be an unusual looking map.

Fascinating research in 1907 uncovered what was acclaimed to have been a “map” greater than 1,000 years old.

More recent information, however, suggests a different story. That, a hidden visual message within the overall imagery of what appeared to just be an unusual looking map may change our understanding of whether we are alone in the multiverse.

As Christopher Columbus sailed into Americana history toward “The New World,” today’s discoveries may in all actuality point more toward ‘The New Worlds’ beyond our own dimensional geographic reality in time and space.

When the U.S. government-led ‘Operation High Jump’ and ‘Operation Paper Clip” to 2018 when Russia concluded its military shipment from the Middle East  archeological dig of what is believed to have been some type of ancient archeo-archaic weapon technology (Ark of Gabriel ) linked to the deaths of men, which Mainstream Media News claimed wherein Mecca over 4,000 men accidentally got trampled and caught in a crane collapse there while trying to Un-Earth what was disguised as a “reconstruction site” beneath the Grand Mosque Temple.

Research References –

Admiral Byrd & Operation High Jump:

Operation Paper Clip:


Secret Map Imagery –

More than just a few brief research references is a unique perspective documenting strange occurrences nearer our reality today perhaps, serving to answer questions surrounding equally ‘multiple afterlife missions on Earth’s geographic multi-dimensional areas exist beyond Antarctica thereby removing any further misconceptions.

SOURCE: The Pacific Commercial Advertise ( Hawaii – newspaper )

Volume XLV / Number 7619 / Page 5

Was This World Map Made Ten Centuries Ago?

January 9, 1907

Stranger almost than the “Manuscript found in a Copper Cylinder” is the copy of a map which came across seas to Honolulu from

a Buddhist Temple in the mountains of central Japan. It is a map of the World made 1,000 years ago.

Dr. Kobayashi, the well-known Japanese physician, and surgeon of Honolulu has received a copy of the map, which he believes to have been made by Chinese priests ten [ 10 ] centuries ago.

The map is drawn on the principle of the Mercator Projection showing the North Pole as the center of a circle, in which arc the

continents of North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

“The map was found by my brother in a Japanese temple in the mountains of Japan,” said Dr. Kobayashi.

“It has been hidden from the Japanese government in modern times just as it was in ancient tunes, for in olden days such a map would have been destroyed by the authorities.

According to a letter, the original map was brought from China by a Buddhist priest and concealed in this temple.

“Ten years ago my brother was a consumptive.

Although I was a physician he did not wish to be treated with medicines. He decided to go into the mountains and attempt a cure by himself.

For ten [ 10 ] years he has remained there and used his will power to effect a cure.

Today he is a well man.

During his stay there he found this map.

He evolved from it, a theory of the flatness of the Earth, despite all modern facts showing it to be a sphere.

This theory has been his one aim in life.

He is an artist and in order to demonstrate his theory, he made beautiful drawings, picturesque and attractive to the eye, in which mechanical, astronomical and engineering methods are shown.

“My brother goes back to the days of Columbus and Amerigo Vespucci who, he says, sailed for a New Country [ <?> ‘World’ <?> ] believing that by sailing directly in one [ 1 ] general direction they would ultimately come to the place.

“We moderns know that a vessel sailing from a port and going continually in an Easterly manner will arrive at the same place. The vessel, of course, goes around the globe.

My brother’s theory is that one sails about a ‘vast plane’ as one would sail around the edges of a bowl.”

The illustrations, accompanying the map, arc beautiful examples of Japanese art.

No more attractive book, of geography, has ever been compiled.

It is a mass of cherry blossoms, Fujiyamas, beautiful blue seas, dotted with the sails of junks and sampans.

There are landscapes and seascapes and bizarre pictures of Japanese women, designed-along old-time styles.

But in every sheet, of such pictures, the engineering lines are brought-out in [ such ] a way that does not mar the picture.

With the text matter explaining each page, the geography should be easily understood.

Dr. Kobayashi now has all the original sheets, scores of them, and these he will return to Japan to his brother, who intends to have them put in the hands of publishers.

It will be one of the most novel publications of the period.

The original map of which a copy drawn by Dr. Kobayashi’ s brother, and of-which the accompanying cut, is a tracing, is worm-eaten, and barely holds together.

The above map ,with all the continents and even the Hawaiian Islands shown, was evidently ‘not made by the priests who traced the original lines’.

Reference –

The aforementioned 1,000 year old “Map,” depicted in 1907, may have more likely been used as a ‘secret guided image’ designed to be worth far more than a thousand words to counter global influence the first Vatican Papal Authority put in motion.

Reference –

Flat Earth Multi-Dimensional Locations On A Singular Horizontal Plane 

Published on October 6, 2017 by TViVO 2, was a TViVO 2 documentary debunking – one by one – the ‘global Earth model’ showing all relevant information on the Flat Earth paradigm seeing each and every traditionally sanctioned by authority scientific law becomes alternatively subverted one-by-one based on a plethora of independent international research material published in the public domain, which I ( myself ) have equally and independently processed just as the TViVO 2 premise used to convey its certain but almost unlimited philosophical perspective narratives conveying that ‘astronomical frauds’ perpetrated on our populations, concluding with a riveting penetration of scientific details blossoming with a political analysis awakening people to a subversive likelihood that ‘globe model Earth’ is, actually something entirely different.

What this calls into question is not our dimensional home, we call “Earth,” but the ‘globe model’ imposed over the past 500-years by authority using its own scientific information frauds.

This information is based on a plethora of independent international research material published in the public domain, which I ( myself ) have equally and independently processed since 2006, just as TViVO 2 did in 2017 exercising its own premises conveying certain but ‘almost unlimited’ philosophical perspective narratives alleging “astronomical frauds” perpetrated on our populations.

While my own independent research concludes with strikingly similar conclusions, ‘only TViVO 2 produced such a riveting video depicting historically significant scientific, mathematical example details followed by a blossoming political analysis awakening people to an officially grander subversive likelihood that ‘globe model Earth’ is actually something entirely different than what most people realize today.

My conclusion by research mutually envisions TViVO 2 depiction of an incredibly larger horizontal planar spanse of multiply shared other dimensional World geographies.

Outer Limits Off Limits –

Factually protected away-from our South Pole region of Antarctica – applying ‘certain combined forces subverting exploration by any unauthorized soulful being’ – recognize the fact of a most curious Treaty signed by only a select cadre of Superpower nations plus a few others declaring in mutual agreement that area is to remain “Off Limits.”

Reference ( Video ):

YouTube Cracks Down On Recommending Conspiracy Videos –

There are those whom either ‘cannot handle the truth’ or ‘are unwilling to handle the truth’ wherever they read or whenever encountering ‘difficult to comprehend theories’ that have a tendency to wreak havoc on their existing understandings.

Rather than unusual information simply being ‘alternative conceptual information’, that some identify as ‘theories’ to ‘conspiracy theories’ they either can or are willing to accept, adopt or reject without too much difficulty adapting to or comprehending such informations albeit too complex or too bizarre to be fathomably imagined, a ‘line in the sand’ ( so-to-speak ) being drawn by YouTube ( owned by Google ) in its global sand box, which many are ‘not interested’ in seeing occur.

People, when it comes to a human being’s freedom to tune in-to or tune out-of anything ( at any time ), is strictly held as one of the basic tenets of exercising one’s own ‘Free Will’ and one’s own civil rights to ‘Free Speech’ as well; basic liberties, with or without justice for all – depending sometimes on ‘who you are’.

“We think this change strikes a balance between maintaining a platform for free speech and living up to our responsibility to users,” the company said.

On January 25, 2019, According to Mainstream News Media source CNN, the internet online video venue YouTube.Com is cracking down on those recommending conspiracy theory videos, including topic subjects mentioning “Flat Earth.” Hence, I am racing to complete at-least Part 1 of 2 reports on the very best theories and mathematical and optical phenomenon subjects on the topic of Flat Earth as well as Inner Earth including certain legacy and private intelligence information, photographs and drawings for Project Camelot audience perusals.


Inner Earth Lava Tube Tunnel Networks – Part 2 of 2

Entrances down in-to “Inner Earth” has been studied by me since 2009, and it is as deep if not deeper than the deepest rabbithole I ever jumped in-to so-as to sort out fact from science-fiction.


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Cordially submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( UPI Guy )

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