I’m Only Saying, Without Saying Too Much …

Hopefully, Project Camelot audience supporters of my volunteer work
will realize by this report ( below ) a little more as-to why they
have not received my reply of thanks chiefly as a result of complex
difficulties I am still living amidst; a ‘plethora of-which
operations’ is ‘still quite fluid’ while homeless as most may
understand because-of a series of personal challenges, which I will
not bore people with again, but only say that ‘some progress is
underway’ but I’m still not up and operating as prior to August 2018;
at-least not yet!

Well, suffice to say, if folks are curious, the following diatribe
describes a little more about what has been occurring in the background
as-to ‘why’ I’m still under delays.


Thank you for your support, and please know I do very much appreciate
all generously thoughtful efforts and offers.

For many, I have been recalcitrant in my typically prompt replies so,
please forgive me if you can. I believe an ‘update’ is in order so, I
will provide what I can.

Rather than simply saying, “I’ve been extremely busy,” I believe that
‘a little better detailed explanation’ is in order, especially when
it comes to folks ( such as ‘you’ ) who have come to deserve more,
and therefore rightfully expect a unique quality of reply from me.
Hence, my ‘update’ ( below ):

For over 1-week, now, I have been involved with some high drama
occurring ‘behind the scenes’ with personages whom many are familiar
with respect to Project Camelot; its friends ( and even foes ) of
its host producer Kerry Cassidy, and her Guests who have been

While I am only a ‘Guest columnist’ of Project Camelot, I have been
voluntarily devoting my full time and attention on behalf of Kerry
Cassidy’s audience.

Only in rare instances, do my private intelligence tradecrafts become
voluntarily activated as ‘certain talents applied in support of the
overall Project Camelot Production Mission, does ‘my own personally
private missionings’ coincidentally cross paths with something or
someone surrounding Kerry Cassidy’s Project Camelot productions.

It is only within the scope of protecting innocent others or certain
innocent others whom I will go out on a limb for to alert about what I
know to be harmful or potentially disruptive in some negative or
threatening manner contrary to or against other good people.

I am neither an ‘inch-high private-eye’ ( investigator ) pissant for
anyone and never have been. I am, so-to-speak, an ordinary ‘Joe; the
boss, of my own private affairs and do not know – other’s private
affairs’. I am, a ‘global researcher’ unlike most researchers because
I ‘was’ ( past tense ) a full-time employee of the U.S. Department of
Defense ( DoD ) within its now-defunct “Department Of Intelligence (
DOI ),” which ‘officially’ was ‘my’ “Office Call-Sign,” and I ‘can
prove all my official bonafides’ clearly evidenced within an official
U.S. government Form DD 214 wherein I was an “Intelligence Operations
Specialist” ( 3ABR20430 ) whose ‘Civilian Related Occupation’
federally provides my official title’ as an “Investigator,” even
though I have no ‘State license’ to perform such.

While I ‘believe’ the U.S. ‘federal government’ supersedes any
individual ‘State government licensing bureacracy’, I could be
wrong, but that’s just my opinion so, out of respect for ‘individual
State laws’ I have ‘never conducted any private investigations on U.S.
soil to-date. When I performed ( past tense – in the past ) such, in
foreign countries, I was ‘technically operating as a ‘spy’, and we all
are familiar with what happens to ‘spies’ if ever captured.

What separates me from most-all private investigators, is my federal
schooling where I ‘was’ secretly Certificated ( I may still have a
copy of that official document too ) having received it in an
‘official secret basement ceremony’ from a U.S. Navy Lieutenant
Commander at a U.S. Air Force Base ( Lowry AFB ) in Colorado.

I was trained by two ( 2 ) instructors, a U.S. Marine Corps colonel
plus a U.S. Air Force man who ‘wore that uniform whereby both caused
me to ‘learn a total of fifty-two ( 52 ) intelligence tradecrafts
during the Viet Nam War, over the course of which, I dare-say no more
than 100 remain in the entire World who became successfully qualified
as I too did by late 1971.

Subsequently, after that full-time employment for the U.S. government
Intelligence Community, I successfully provided clandestine missions
‘for’ or ‘on behalf of’:

U.S. Department of Defense  ( DoD ), U.S. Air Force, 35th Combat
Support Group, Wing Intelligence, Section Chief Colonel Sumner R.

U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ( Hawthorne, California and Washington D.C. );

U.S. Department of Justice ( DOJ ), Federal Bureau of Investigations (
FBI ) in Santa Ana, California and Portland, Oregon );

[ One of my ‘foreign assignments’ was for 4-years in the Republic of
Serbia on behalf of a CIA Deputy Chief led DOJ cadre known ( only
amongst themselves ) as “Squad Six” until October 1, 2007 – but I
digress. ]

U.S. Department of the U.S. Treasury, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco,
Firearms and Explosives ( BATFE ) in Santa Ana, California;

U.S. Central Security Service / N.S.A.;

U.S. Naval Intelligence ( U.S. Marine Corps, Helicopter Station (
Tustin, California / El Toro, California );

N.A.T.O., Intelligence Chief U.S. General Armitage; and,

U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs
Enforcement ( ICE ), Office of Special Investigations ( OSI ).

But, I digressed … Okay, back to my now not being able to release
certain details while performing volunteer work, exclusively for
Project Camelot, which has nothing to do with the U.S. government.

I am obliged by my own integrity, to voluntarily withhold certain
private and business confidentialities’ out-of public purview. Much in
the same way, most people would prefer to have their private business
affairs kept ‘private’, and in the case of ‘business strategics’
conducting ‘only legitimate activities’ ( within the law ) and ‘openly
within the highly competitive ‘information industry’ global market,
such confidentialities must be kept; well understood by all good

In addition to the aforementioned dramas, I am dealing with my own
overwhelming ‘drama’ while having been rendered by government, left
out in the cold, homeless, and crippled so, those – together with much
more – I cannot reveal at this time – are some of the reasons ‘why’ a
‘lot of folks’ have not received replies back from me. My apologies to
them as well as you who I am briefing ( herein ).

Please know, I mean only respect toward everyone ( both, ‘friend and
foe’, as my long-standing rule of thumb goes for all ) and in that
regard if you weren’t already aware of my background insofar as the
spectrum of tradecrafts I exercise on behalf of good people against a
plethora of evil treacheries conducted outside the purview of certain
innocent ( unknowledgeable ), I have been both ‘quietly’ – and in
some case situations ‘vociferously’ fighting these fights whereupon
over the course of greater than 40-years, I have made more than
anyone’s share of ‘foes’; many, whom by clever pretext will do
‘anything’ to ‘kill me’. Hence, I have remained aloof for over 4
decades to even my so-called ‘friends’ too, of whom I am extremely
grateful to and considerate of with all due respect with my utmost
courtesies intact alongside my security and integrity to protect not
just ‘myself’ but that which I hold on behalf of others counting on me
to provide.

To give you a very slim peek into my personal business life, I have
only met in-person one ( lone ) time with Kerry Cassidy ( of Project
Camelot ), and a gentleman by the name of Scott Pollack ( of The
Critical Post Chicago ), and that was when I called a private meeting
at a remote ( 45-miles away from Kerry’s residence and 3,000 miles
away from Scott’s residence ) location whereupon such was performed to
ensure ‘no misunderstandings’ would ever occur in the future for the
sake of both their audiences during behind-the-scenes activities back
in 2015.

It is now 2019, and another case situation came to my attention,
requiring myself to perform ‘highly-specialized intelligence
background research on’ surrounding outsiders who were surreptitiously
conducting a ‘negative targeting campaign against Kerry’ who knew
nothing about.

About 60-days ago, in late 2018, Kerry provided her audience with a
14-minute YouTube video clip edited-out away-from a longer interview
she had with a nice gentleman.

Now, in that ‘short clip version video’ Kerry ever so-briefly mentions
that “someone” alerted ( about a couple / 2 weeks previously ) her
that attacks she saw occurring against her Guest interviewees Mark
Richards, and his ‘wife’ ( an accountant ) Jo Ann Richards, were
‘actually aimed against her’ more-so than Mark and his wife. Kerry
goes on to mention in her shortened video clip that, she dismissed
that ‘alert’ because she couldn’t understand ‘how she ( Project
Camelot ) could be the target’, however she came to later realize ‘she
was indeed the target’ upon the attacks by Kevin Moore and his
producer friend Geoff Reed threatening her on ‘her Facebook page’ for
everyone to see.

That “someone,” who alerted Kerry, was ‘me’, and while she
inadvertently or for whatever reason failed to mention that, she
‘did’, however later mention ‘my name’, and others looking in-to both
Kevin and Geoff who claimed he had been “contracted by the C.I.A.” to
“take her ( Kerry ) down.”

Here ( below ) is that aforementioned video clip short:


All I can say, is ALL of my private voluntary support for Project
Camelot and Kerry is ‘not publicly detailed’, however, I am on rare
occasions mentioned ‘sometimes’ ( Credited, at the conclusion of both
Kerry’s video interviews with William Tompkins for my intelligence
tradecraft work performed in the background with respect to Kerry and
William / Bill, plus there are other brief mentions of me by Kerry
amidst her other videos too.

Any ‘detailed information’, found on Project Camelot ( in the public
domain ), is primarily gleaned by her audiences reviewing my reports on
an extremely wide spectrum of topics, and in conjunction with a
plethora of many ‘subjects’, much of which ‘most ( not all ! )
name-names of certain individuals and entities and certain other
affiliated instruments thereof. Hence, by my providing “Unwanted
Publicity Intelligence” as a publicly open ( online ) reporter and
publisher since 1998, I have consequently become an enemy of the State
( USA ), of ‘other Nations’, of global intelligence organizations, of
their operatives, of businesses, and of a wide spectrum of many
individuals and their affiliates, and by my publicly providing people
with ‘intelligence information’ I do-so as I have for humankind’s
even-better knowledgeability for current and future generations of
people. Hence, ‘this is primarily why my number one survival policy to
not meet with anyone’ exists.

‘Consequently, this is only why I am still alive today’ after having
been “rendered” by my former intelligence communities ( several ) with
a “Burn Notice”, as Kerry states, I have been reduced to being treated
as less than an animal whereby ‘without private donations” I am
reduced to as low as eating out-of rubbish bins, living with no
shelter, and painfully so without medicine, plus even more
deprivations too.

To the contrary, most all poor people are ( at the very least )
afforded either ‘public assistance’ from ‘bureaucracies’ ( government
organizations ) or ‘churches’ ( private organizations ) whereby all
report to government organizations, providing “basic necessities of
life’ to support ‘human existence within society’, of which ‘I do not
qualify to receive anything thereof’.

Hampered, is my life’s existence, having been throttled down by all
three ( 3 ) – as aforementioned – for more than 13-years trying to
survive death, rendering, burned or by whatever term applies has been
my lonely life’s existence after refusing to carry out any further
intelligence missionings for any government having received dedicated
and honorable service from me from 1971 through 2006 for which I do
not even qualify for a pension or overnight cot in any shelter
nationwide requiring basic identification so such can be reported to a
government entity.

I hope delivering the brief liturgy ( above ) of my complex
multi-faceted case situation has not fallen on deaf ears whom seek
even-more from me in the future for benefiting humankind.

Upon Kerry’s requests to publicly interview me, I have recently agreed to do-so.

Continuing to think of everything to support those who exist in the
trenches while unabashedly supporting humanity for their own
even-better enlightenment should be considered more often as
everyone’s goal forward.

Added update:

To make a long story short, I bought a van, and discovered I can’t
drive it until a whole list of many multiple regulatory fees and
penalties the previous owner incurred for having not paid annual
registrations for over 6-years , which created this DMV nightmare,
when I learned that the tag ( on the license plate ) was ‘countetfeit’
so, I wound-up having to face ‘that song and dance’. My alternative,
is to illegally drive it to Arizona, get it checked-out or repaired so
it will at-least pass smog certification ‘there’, license it, and then
get Arizona minimum insurance coverage on it, and then drive it back
to southern California so, I can continue living in it, whereupon
afterward, we’ll do an interview.

Plan A ( worst plan ):

It’s either raise enough money for 5-years of past due annual
‘Commercial Vehicle’ ( the van I bought ) registration at $247 per
year plus the current year registration fees ( totalling nearly $1,500
), plus penalties of $100 times ( X ) 5 equalling $500, plus tax of
$100 ( on the van originally costing me $1,000 ), plus a tougher smog
certification, which IF it passes ‘without repairs’ will be $60 plus
basic insurance coverage of $480 ( $80 per month ); all of which is
going to cost $2,660 that will be next to impossible for me to pay
after donations tapered-off after Christmas ( last year ).

Plan B ( best plan ):

The alternative to ‘that’ is to spend $400 ( round-trip from Los
Angeles to Tucson ), plus $112 for registration, tags, and brand new
license plates, after getting an ‘authorized independent vehicle
inspection for $225, plus a smog certification of only $12, and
of-course basic insurance coverage of $300 for 6-months ( $50 per
month ), which totals $1,050.

So, I need to raise about $700 bucks immediately before I can leave to
go to Tuscon so, then I can get back here ( Los Angeles ) in 1-week.  / end of short update 1/25/19

That ( above ), is my final hurdle, which will take care of me from
freezing to death in the elements.

So, that’s where I stand for now.

Performing ‘what I can’, ‘when I can’ and ‘how often’ depends on
donations to me, here ( below ):


My pledge is, I will never lose sight in you or humanity overall by
being the best I can be as everyone eventually comes to realize on
Project Camelot within my UPI Guy column voluntary work for 7 calendar
years to-date.

Thank you.









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