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The Angel Academy Philosophy

Whereupon from Source ( creator of the heavens ), this
interdimensional planetary spaceship ‘Campus Earth’ – and each
dimension therein – offers proving grounds for all souls encapsulated
within infallable biological bodies provided an ‘ability to learn’
their ‘sole purpose in life’ exemplified by unique first-hand
learnings, feelings and living adventurous  lessons for life whereupon
only after successful completion an eventual graduation takes place
after growing through such experiences becoming capably equipped with
knowledgeability enough to guard – upon our return arrival in-to
another being’s life as their ‘oversoul guardian’ for their life’s
journey as our’s once was. The only caveat being, gaining the
knowledgeability of what our true purpose in life is to help our
fellow soulfilled beings to help others whom ‘do not get it correct on
their first time here’. Hence, it is important to awaken to our
purpose as soon as humanly possible to free our soul so others can be
harvested for other souls likewise. There are hints built in-to
‘certain words that lift our spirits’ ( e.g. ‘freedom’,
‘independence’, ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’ ).

While I ( personally ) will undoubtedly be returning to the Angel
Academy ‘next term’, I have had the soulfully good fortune of meeting
colleagues whom I suspect ‘will graduate’ this ( present ) term’.

While I ‘may be close to graduating’, I likely have miles to go before
I sleep, however ‘anything is possible before my book can be
rightfully closed’.

Isn’t life grand. How close are we to graduating?

Thanks for being there.




The following may serve as an Addenda to my report.

Considering U.S. National Security concerns ( if any ), please know that ALL names I name in my historical intelligence research reports ARE within the “Public Domain,” and ‘still are’, according to


Including, but not limited, to individuals as well as ALL relative historical entities ( organizations ). With regard to and in-particular, matters pertaining to Gabriel MacEnroe continue to publicly exist online ( via PACER, REDDOT and other online sources ) are U.S. federal court records, federal U.S. Bureau of Prison inmate history records, as well as federal U.S. Attorney’s Press Releases and Archives, in-addition to mentions of federal criminal Co-Defendants involved with MacEnroe ( e.g. Joseph Silvestri – tied to the Trafficante Family ).

Amazingly, even federal court transcripts ( from the U.S. Attorney’s Office  Office of Public Information ) quoting portions of the federal U.S. Court’s so-called ‘secret’ “Federal Grand Jury Proceedings” wherein mentioned are the C.I.A., N.S.A., Treasury Department, F.B.I., Federal Reserve Bank, etc. connections with Gabriel MaEnroe involvements in varying ways with such organizations.

Alternative Media publicly witness many other independent Forum message boards ( Offshore Alert, The Diligizer, Redcat’s, Sapphire, and others ) [ even “Paladin” knows of my work and report publishings over the years ] covering portions of my intelligence research work product reports. Mainstream Media News additionally published a rather lengthy interview ( August 8, 2004 ) with Gabriel F. MacEnroe by the “The

Sunday Tribune,” a now-defunct Republic Of Ireland ( ROI ) newspaper partner of “The Irish Times.”

Research References –

SOURCE: Offshore Alert ( Miami, Florida, USA )

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[ NOTE: My now-legacy alias ( Offshore Informant, ShoreLines, ECONIC, etc., etc. ) posts at the OffshoreAlert global business financial investment trading news research website Forum, includes The Sunday Tribune article ( August 8, 2004 ) interview with Gabriel MacEnroe; plus, more information. See webpage Reference link ( immediately below) ]





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Gabriel MacEnroe – U.S. custody – Miami, Florida?

by, The Offshore Informant ( Paul Collin )

Further references are found below this report.


Secret Space Program Legacies ( Dornier, Caroni, Lear, et. al. )

by, Paul Collin ( [email protected] )

January 10, 2019

Secret family industrial financial legends are numerous worldwide so, for the sake of brevity, this already lengthy report serves only as a partial foundational glimpse into portions of history many knew nothing about. And, there’s much more information to come before any truly factual ‘Disclosure’ can ever be fully understood.

Although this report saw research begin in 2002, Part II has yet to be revealed while at the very least two ( 2 ) souls living today could fill in many secret blanks in the full story, it is up to them to step up to the plate and blow their whistles of intelligence so-as to better the knowledgeability of humanity desperately seeking to grow out-of 20th century dark space age secrecies.

Will the offspring of brilliant forefathers step forward? Will these offspring bury their hatchets of revenge over petty differences? History has shown only stubbornly selfish people take secrets to their graves, which seriously diminishes what little good left for humanity.

Soon enough, hopefully before their demise, they begin standing on their own two feet and become accountable to global humanity rather than to a few good old boys whom they’ve been keeping secrets for.

EXCLUSIVE PERMISSION TO PUBLISH INFORMATION: The following information research report ( below ) of Paul Collin, although written, formatted and copyrighted in 2002 by him has never before been published. Hence, exclusive permission has been granted by him directly to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot to publish his material work products albeit in-whole or in-part on the Project Camelot website and elsewhere upon her republishing direction authority.

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence


Secret Defense Industrialist Legacies

by, Paul Collin ( Director, KIR est. 1968 )

November 15, 2002

Dr. Claudio Caroni work history dates back to before World War II for Germany emerging defense tactical military aero-space designs secretly grown globally from a long string of carefully compartmented industrial businesses held by specially talented proxy minions beholding to a legacy corporation in Germany known as DORNIER AG where one of Dornier’s brilliant minions was Herr Doktor Claudio Caroni of Ticino, Switzerland.

Historically, had it not been for Claudius Dornier having mentored Claudio Caroni, the private corporate executive LearJet aircraft business of William Powell Lear would never have occurred in America on behalf of the U.S. government for its global intelligence interests for almost the past 100-years.

As Claudio Caroni sat from his Swiss, northern Italy bordered residency, designing Luftwaffe aircraft, his Swiss-German designs for the Luftwaffe aircraft models Vampire & Venom along with others were being built out of the the primary aircraft manufacturing facilities of DORNIER WERKE GmbH in Germany.

In July 1944 at Bretton Woods, the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( also known as ) IMF.

Under Resolution VI, launching the Allied SAFEHAVEN Program, SAFEHAVENs primary design and purpose was to stifle the resurrection of the Germany military machine.

Germany was laundering its numerous wartime assets into neutral European nations of which, Switzerland was just one, and SAFEHAVEN sought to prevent any further spread of German military financial support with its deposits, transfers and concealments of assets it so ruthlessly gained from occupied Europe.

The U.S. gained U.N. support to establish SAFEHAVEN easily but, the U.S. had to have known first and without a doubt that such establishments of SAFEHAVEN, the WORLD BANK and, the IMF would be justifiably necessary. Also, that enough money could support these programs.

Research Reference –

Economic War Lifes WW-II To WW-III

by, ShoreLines ( Paul Collin )

December 7, 2005


Also found was an international government financial business historical analysis report inside the files of the U.S. Directorate of Central Intelligence (DCI), and that information takes a peek inside offices located down some shadowy hallways about the origin of government special intelligence operations during World War II, which had their names changed and their offices shifted around a bit, but still exist. In fact, the report shows how those special branches, divisions, and units were preparing in the 1940s for their continued existence during peacetime today. And, if one does their research careful they will find where a few of them are today. 

From 1946 when the U.S. government decided to shift responsibilities away from the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Special Intelligence (SI) Branch, U.S. State Department IRIS and its Economic Intelligence Collection Units (ECONIC), the U.S. Department of War [now known as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)] and its Central Intelligence Group (CIG), which was the temporary predecessor of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Army Security Agency and U.S. Navy Military Assistance Advisory Board and Naval Advisory Board, which was merged into the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and other U.S. departments as well. ECONIC, however was so widely disbursed into so many varied other agencies that no one knew precisely just where it all landed and when. Besides the U.S. Treasury Department FinCEN FIU, the U.S. State Department IRIS, the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. National Security Agency, and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency none of the general public really knows where all the pieces of it landed except now, and that seems to be in the private domain of businesses, organizations, and foundations. But even so, one must look and do careful research to locate pieces still operating today. 

After September 11, 2001 the U.S. quietly announced what it saw from meetings held by the Egmont Group at Bretton Woods when “FinCEN” and “Financial Intelligence Units” (FIU) were brought back out of the shadows to prove to the public the U.S. was doing at least ‘something’ with their tax monies to protect them from terrorist attacks. 


Files today, found within the United States Directorate of Central Intelligence (DCI), hold the aforementioned historical analysis report (below): 

The OSS and Project SAFE HAVEN (aka) SAFE-HAVEN (aka) SAFEHAVEN 

By the fall of 1944, it was obvious that the war in Europe was in its final year. In France, British and American forces had broken out of Normandy and were driving toward Paris and the Rhein. In the East, the Soviet Army was expanding its control westward across Europe. All over the Continent, Allied domination of the air was complete, and in the North Atlantic the back of the German U-Bootwaffe was finally broken. 

Policymakers had started to think of the peace. Future stability seemed to depend on taking measures to ensure that Germany would not provoke a third world war. Already the “German problem” was dominating Allied political thinking. 

In the United States, the War Department and the Department of Justice were making plans and drawing up lists for the postwar war crimes trials. At the Department of the Treasury, Secretary Henry Morgenthau had completed his scheme for the wholesale destruction of Germany’s military and industrial power and its re-creation as a feudal, agrarian state. More immediately, in the wartime Foreign Economic Administration (FEA), a small group of policymakers were putting the finishing touches on Project SAFEHAVEN, an operation designed to root out and neutralize German industrial and commercial power wherever it might be found. 

The origins of SAFEHAVEN are to be found in two memorandums sent from the FEA to the Departments of State and Treasury on 5 and 17 May 1944, proposing an interagency program to track down and block German assets in neutral and nonbelligerent countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

The fear was that the German political and economic leadership, sensing defeat, would act to transfer secretly blocs of industrial and fiscal capital to neutral countries, thereby escaping confiscation and the reparations bill. If this happened, German economic and industrial power would be largely intact and would act as a power base from which an unrepentant German leadership could build a resurgent Fourth Reich in 20-years. The military defeat of Germany thus would again be meaningless. 

An Ambitious Program 

The overriding goal of SAFEHAVEN was to make it impossible for Germany to start another war. Its immediate goals were to force those neutrals trading with Nazi Germany into compliance with the regulations imposed by the Allied economic blockade and to identify the points of clandestine German economic penetration. Implementation of SAFEHAVEN depended on action in four ( 4 ) major areas: 

– To restrict German economic penetration outside the borders of the Reich. 

– To prevent Germany from sequestering assets in neutral countries. 

– To ensure that German assets would be available for postwar reparations and the rebuilding of Europe. 

– To prevent the escape of those members of the Nazi ruling elite who had already been marked down for war crimes trials.

In August and September 1944, directives were sent out to American legations throughout Europe and the Americas setting forth the goals of SAFEHAVEN and instructing Embassy officials to take steps to implement them.

It is quite clear that SAFEHAVEN planners had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve, but it also is apparent that they did not have the slightest idea of how to do it. Although it was evident from the outset that SAFEHAVEN would be primarily an intelligence-gathering problem, it does not appear to have occurred to anyone to consult the intelligence services, which were excluded from the planning and implementation of SAFEHAVEN until the end of November 1944.

Bureaucratic rivalries predominated. Indeed, SAFEHAVEN was nearly destroyed by internecine quarrels among the FEA, State, and Treasury, each of which wanted to control the program and to exclude the other two from any participation. 


Lieutenant Casey’s Activities 

By the end of 1944, reporting on the Reich from OSS Bern was being augmented by material from the SI mission in London. 

Dependent on agent reporting from within Germany itself, the intelligence collection by the sources available to SI London of necessity was somewhat problematic until mid-September 1944, when the liberation of Paris and much of France provided new avenues for attacking the German target. 

SI London moved to Paris, where it was designated SI European Theater of Operations (ETO). Its chief was then-Navy Lt. William J. Casey.

[ NOTE: Later, became known as William J. “Bill” Casey, former Director Of Central Intelligence of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ]. The son of a Tammany Hall politician, Bill Casey was a feisty Irishman who lacked the family connections of his counterpart in Bern.


More …



After the War the U.S. finally released its little secret. From within the Office Of Strategic Services (aka) O.S.S. all the while was operating their secret branch, i.e. Economic Intelligence Collection Unit (aka) ECONIC.

Although this O.S.S. later became known as the United States Central Intelligence Agency (aka) C.I.A., it passed on the methodologies of ECONIC to the U.S. Treasury Department. Today under a different name, i.e. FinCEN, which is performing the same tasks as ECONIC, by rounding up al-Qaeda financial support assets. FinCEN is an old C.I.A. global branch network with tentacles of new names.

On June 26, 1945 it was time for the O.S.S. to interrogate Peter Dornier of DORNIER WERKE GmbH along with at least one other man, ( first name ‘still’ Classified ) Lindau [ See, e.g. United States N.A.R.A. file # 29-703-705 ].

At the conclusion of World War II, during the United States defense mechanism round-ups of German war-era scientists and techno-professional assets, Von Dr. Claudio Caroni was viewed to be a very special German aircraft defense designer because of his close relationship with Peter Dornier and the Dornier Werke GmbH connection.

Very shortly after the War, the U.S. Department Of War [ now, U.S. Department Of Defense ] thanked Caroni for turning over German secret defense aircraft plans bringing them even closer earlier to Peter Dornier.

The U.S. mysteriously allowed Caroni an expedited permit to continue working on his defense aircraft designs, amidst the wake of the Treaty of Versailles Agreement(s) and the Allied SAFEHAVEN Program, which came as no mystery for most intelligence professionals.

Caroni was now working secretly for the C.I.A. but not with his contract work to Dornier, as before. Now by all accounts of those only who thought they were in the know, Caroni was said to have mysteriously received his own Dornier-provided company, i.e. Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA. This took place between Dornier, Caroni, and the U.S. establishment of the Caroni-owned FFA firm after the War in 1948.

Caroni’s FAA firm was overseen directly by the C.I.A. under a fellow German who was then C.I.A. Director ( DCI ) U.S. Navy Rear Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter.

Caroni’s FAA complex operated out of the St. Gallen, Switzerland, AltenRhein Airport plant ( close to the 3 country corner of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland ). Very few people knew that earlier, the Dornier aircraft wing designs were originally coming from a secret Caroni contract for German Luftwaffe advanced defense aircraft programs. In fact, it was pre-WW II Germany, which designed their very secret and first flying-wing bomber. The very same  wing design the United States uses today, on its stealth aircraft bomber B2-D Spirit stealth bomber aircrafts. Caroni’s wing design for Dornier – during World War II – came before the U.S. ever built its own so-called “Flying Wing” aircraft.

Dr. Hans L. Studer (Chief Engineer, below left) was a former FFA associate of Caroni who after the War, went to work for the British, ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY (aircraft, aero engine, and automobile) manufacturing firm. Especially built was a Swiss-German 500-mph ( 800-km/h ) turbo-jet fighter-bomber aircraft, i.e. Sapphire (aka) P-16 MK I, which Von Dr. Claudio Caroni designed pod tipped wings increasing aerodynamic stability for its equally brilliant design strength internal wing latticed sub-structures.

The P-16 MK I was released on April 28, 1955 but was destroyed in a crash due to engine failure. Its Chief Pilot was Hans Bardill (below, left right and far right). A few later versions were released but the aircraft was cancelled in the early-1960s. [ NOTE: The P stood for Produkte (English translation: Product) in German. Von Dr. Claudio Caroni around the time of the P-16 was found to be involved with another entity, i.e. Mac-Caroni. No further information is available on this. ( NOTE: No pun used here! ) ]

pastedGraphic.png      pastedGraphic_1.png

(from left to right) Chief Engineer: Hans L. Stuber, Test Pilot: Bill Lear, Chief Pilot: Hans Bardill.


(Above & below) Swiss P-16, Fighter-Bomber aircraft.


The C.I.A. went on to promote its never forgotten Caroni-asset from post-WW II German round up days so, the “Caroni wing design” – shortly after its Swiss P-16 abandonment – was picked up by the American parallel to Germany’s Dornier defense aircraft establishment, i.e. Lockheed, as was seen in their JetStar aircraft. But Caroni’s wing design went all the way up to being used for U.S. Air Force in their F-86 SabreJets.

Senore Von Dr. Claudio Caroni, although primarily maintaining his residency in southern Switzerland – along with his family – (Lugano and elsewhere, near the border of Italy) and, with his business in St. Gallen, Switzerland becoming extremely well known amongst Western defense aircraft contractors it was only a matter of time before private industry picked up on Caroni’s wing design too. Private use corporate royalties would then be realized by Caroni.

Once again the “Caroni wing design” was picked up by yet another, i.e. William “Bill” P. Lear, a U.S. Department Of Defense Air Force Test Pilot (below left center) who later incorporated the “Caroni wing design” into his own manufacturing firm (near Santa Monica, California) of private LearJets., i.e. LearJet 23 and the Swiss American Aircraft Company (aka) SAAC, i.e. SAAC-23. Such “Caroni wing design” versions are in SabreLiners and Aero Commanders as well.

Dornier & Caroni Offspring Companies

From Defense Aircrafts to Ground Transportation Systems

A Chronological History – Dornier Aircrafts To Rail Transportation

[Excerpts, Courtesy of: IG-Park Altenrhein; translations by, K.I.R.]

1926: DORNIER Aircraft AG establishes their Swiss plant’s office address in Friedrichshafen, Germany which is today, an area of Industrial Union Parks.;

1928-1931: DORNIER manufactures 3 large-capacity aircrafts, i.e. DO-x, with capacities of 170 persons (before “seats” were installed).;