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The Angel Academy Philosophy

Whereupon from Source ( creator of the heavens ), this
interdimensional planetary spaceship ‘Campus Earth’ – and each
dimension therein – offers proving grounds for all souls encapsulated
within infallable biological bodies provided an ‘ability to learn’
their ‘sole purpose in life’ exemplified by unique first-hand
learnings, feelings and living adventurous  lessons for life whereupon
only after successful completion an eventual graduation takes place
after growing through such experiences becoming capably equipped with
knowledgeability enough to guard – upon our return arrival in-to
another being’s life as their ‘oversoul guardian’ for their life’s
journey as our’s once was. The only caveat being, gaining the
knowledgeability of what our true purpose in life is to help our
fellow soulfilled beings to help others whom ‘do not get it correct on
their first time here’. Hence, it is important to awaken to our
purpose as soon as humanly possible to free our soul so others can be
harvested for other souls likewise. There are hints built in-to
‘certain words that lift our spirits’ ( e.g. ‘freedom’,
‘independence’, ‘happiness’ and ‘satisfaction’ ).

While I ( personally ) will undoubtedly be returning to the Angel
Academy ‘next term’, I have had the soulfully good fortune of meeting
colleagues whom I suspect ‘will graduate’ this ( present ) term’.

While I ‘may be close to graduating’, I likely have miles to go before
I sleep, however ‘anything is possible before my book can be
rightfully closed’.

Isn’t life grand. How close are we to graduating?

Thanks for being there.




The following may serve as an Addenda to my report.

Considering U.S. National Security concerns ( if any ), please know that ALL names I name in my historical intelligence research reports ARE within the “Public Domain,” and ‘still are’, according to


Including, but not limited, to individuals as well as ALL relative historical entities ( organizations ). With regard to and in-particular, matters pertaining to Gabriel MacEnroe continue to publicly exist online ( via PACER, REDDOT and other online sources ) are U.S. federal court records, federal U.S. Bureau of Prison inmate history records, as well as federal U.S. Attorney’s Press Releases and Archives, in-addition to mentions of federal criminal Co-Defendants involved with MacEnroe ( e.g. Joseph Silvestri – tied to the Trafficante Family ).

Amazingly, even federal court transcripts ( from the U.S. Attorney’s Office  Office of Public Information ) quoting portions of the federal U.S. Court’s so-called ‘secret’ “Federal Grand Jury Proceedings” wherein mentioned are the C.I.A., N.S.A., Treasury Department, F.B.I., Federal Reserve Bank, etc. connections with Gabriel MaEnroe involvements in varying ways with such organizations.

Alternative Media publicly witness many other independent Forum message boards ( Offshore Alert, The Diligizer, Redcat’s, Sapphire, and others ) [ even “Paladin” knows of my work and report publishings over the years ] covering portions of my intelligence research work product reports. Mainstream Media News additionally published a rather lengthy interview ( August 8, 2004 ) with Gabriel F. MacEnroe by the “The

Sunday Tribune,” a now-defunct Republic Of Ireland ( ROI ) newspaper partner of “The Irish Times.”

Research References –

SOURCE: Offshore Alert ( Miami, Florida, USA )

Forum –

[ NOTE: My now-legacy alias ( Offshore Informant, ShoreLines, ECONIC, etc., etc. ) posts at the OffshoreAlert global business financial investment trading news research website Forum, includes The Sunday Tribune article ( August 8, 2004 ) interview with Gabriel MacEnroe; plus, more information. See webpage Reference link ( immediately below) ]





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Money Board’s Repository of Wisdom Archive #30 –

Gabriel MacEnroe – U.S. custody – Miami, Florida?

by, The Offshore Informant ( Paul Collin )

Further references are found below this report.


Secret Space Program Legacies ( Dornier, Caroni, Lear, et. al. )

by, Paul Collin ( unwantedpublicity@gmail.com )

January 10, 2019

Secret family industrial financial legends are numerous worldwide so, for the sake of brevity, this already lengthy report serves only as a partial foundational glimpse into portions of history many knew nothing about. And, there’s much more information to come before any truly factual ‘Disclosure’ can ever be fully understood.

Although this report saw research begin in 2002, Part II has yet to be revealed while at the very least two ( 2 ) souls living today could fill in many secret blanks in the full story, it is up to them to step up to the plate and blow their whistles of intelligence so-as to better the knowledgeability of humanity desperately seeking to grow out-of 20th century dark space age secrecies.

Will the offspring of brilliant forefathers step forward? Will these offspring bury their hatchets of revenge over petty differences? History has shown only stubbornly selfish people take secrets to their graves, which seriously diminishes what little good left for humanity.

Soon enough, hopefully before their demise, they begin standing on their own two feet and become accountable to global humanity rather than to a few good old boys whom they’ve been keeping secrets for.

EXCLUSIVE PERMISSION TO PUBLISH INFORMATION: The following information research report ( below ) of Paul Collin, although written, formatted and copyrighted in 2002 by him has never before been published. Hence, exclusive permission has been granted by him directly to Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot to publish his material work products albeit in-whole or in-part on the Project Camelot website and elsewhere upon her republishing direction authority.

COURTESY: Kentron Intellect Research

SOURCE: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence


Secret Defense Industrialist Legacies

by, Paul Collin ( Director, KIR est. 1968 )

November 15, 2002

Dr. Claudio Caroni work history dates back to before World War II for Germany emerging defense tactical military aero-space designs secretly grown globally from a long string of carefully compartmented industrial businesses held by specially talented proxy minions beholding to a legacy corporation in Germany known as DORNIER AG where one of Dornier’s brilliant minions was Herr Doktor Claudio Caroni of Ticino, Switzerland.

Historically, had it not been for Claudius Dornier having mentored Claudio Caroni, the private corporate executive LearJet aircraft business of William Powell Lear would never have occurred in America on behalf of the U.S. government for its global intelligence interests for almost the past 100-years.

As Claudio Caroni sat from his Swiss, northern Italy bordered residency, designing Luftwaffe aircraft, his Swiss-German designs for the Luftwaffe aircraft models Vampire & Venom along with others were being built out of the the primary aircraft manufacturing facilities of DORNIER WERKE GmbH in Germany.

In July 1944 at Bretton Woods, the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference created the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund ( also known as ) IMF.

Under Resolution VI, launching the Allied SAFEHAVEN Program, SAFEHAVENs primary design and purpose was to stifle the resurrection of the Germany military machine.

Germany was laundering its numerous wartime assets into neutral European nations of which, Switzerland was just one, and SAFEHAVEN sought to prevent any further spread of German military financial support with its deposits, transfers and concealments of assets it so ruthlessly gained from occupied Europe.

The U.S. gained U.N. support to establish SAFEHAVEN easily but, the U.S. had to have known first and without a doubt that such establishments of SAFEHAVEN, the WORLD BANK and, the IMF would be justifiably necessary. Also, that enough money could support these programs.

Research Reference –

Economic War Lifes WW-II To WW-III

by, ShoreLines ( Paul Collin )

December 7, 2005


Also found was an international government financial business historical analysis report inside the files of the U.S. Directorate of Central Intelligence (DCI), and that information takes a peek inside offices located down some shadowy hallways about the origin of government special intelligence operations during World War II, which had their names changed and their offices shifted around a bit, but still exist. In fact, the report shows how those special branches, divisions, and units were preparing in the 1940s for their continued existence during peacetime today. And, if one does their research careful they will find where a few of them are today. 

From 1946 when the U.S. government decided to shift responsibilities away from the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Special Intelligence (SI) Branch, U.S. State Department IRIS and its Economic Intelligence Collection Units (ECONIC), the U.S. Department of War [now known as the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD)] and its Central Intelligence Group (CIG), which was the temporary predecessor of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the U.S. Army Security Agency and U.S. Navy Military Assistance Advisory Board and Naval Advisory Board, which was merged into the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) and other U.S. departments as well. ECONIC, however was so widely disbursed into so many varied other agencies that no one knew precisely just where it all landed and when. Besides the U.S. Treasury Department FinCEN FIU, the U.S. State Department IRIS, the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. National Security Agency, and the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency none of the general public really knows where all the pieces of it landed except now, and that seems to be in the private domain of businesses, organizations, and foundations. But even so, one must look and do careful research to locate pieces still operating today. 

After September 11, 2001 the U.S. quietly announced what it saw from meetings held by the Egmont Group at Bretton Woods when “FinCEN” and “Financial Intelligence Units” (FIU) were brought back out of the shadows to prove to the public the U.S. was doing at least ‘something’ with their tax monies to protect them from terrorist attacks. 


Files today, found within the United States Directorate of Central Intelligence (DCI), hold the aforementioned historical analysis report (below): 

The OSS and Project SAFE HAVEN (aka) SAFE-HAVEN (aka) SAFEHAVEN 

By the fall of 1944, it was obvious that the war in Europe was in its final year. In France, British and American forces had broken out of Normandy and were driving toward Paris and the Rhein. In the East, the Soviet Army was expanding its control westward across Europe. All over the Continent, Allied domination of the air was complete, and in the North Atlantic the back of the German U-Bootwaffe was finally broken. 

Policymakers had started to think of the peace. Future stability seemed to depend on taking measures to ensure that Germany would not provoke a third world war. Already the “German problem” was dominating Allied political thinking. 

In the United States, the War Department and the Department of Justice were making plans and drawing up lists for the postwar war crimes trials. At the Department of the Treasury, Secretary Henry Morgenthau had completed his scheme for the wholesale destruction of Germany’s military and industrial power and its re-creation as a feudal, agrarian state. More immediately, in the wartime Foreign Economic Administration (FEA), a small group of policymakers were putting the finishing touches on Project SAFEHAVEN, an operation designed to root out and neutralize German industrial and commercial power wherever it might be found. 

The origins of SAFEHAVEN are to be found in two memorandums sent from the FEA to the Departments of State and Treasury on 5 and 17 May 1944, proposing an interagency program to track down and block German assets in neutral and nonbelligerent countries throughout Europe and the Americas.

The fear was that the German political and economic leadership, sensing defeat, would act to transfer secretly blocs of industrial and fiscal capital to neutral countries, thereby escaping confiscation and the reparations bill. If this happened, German economic and industrial power would be largely intact and would act as a power base from which an unrepentant German leadership could build a resurgent Fourth Reich in 20-years. The military defeat of Germany thus would again be meaningless. 

An Ambitious Program 

The overriding goal of SAFEHAVEN was to make it impossible for Germany to start another war. Its immediate goals were to force those neutrals trading with Nazi Germany into compliance with the regulations imposed by the Allied economic blockade and to identify the points of clandestine German economic penetration. Implementation of SAFEHAVEN depended on action in four ( 4 ) major areas: 

– To restrict German economic penetration outside the borders of the Reich. 

– To prevent Germany from sequestering assets in neutral countries. 

– To ensure that German assets would be available for postwar reparations and the rebuilding of Europe. 

– To prevent the escape of those members of the Nazi ruling elite who had already been marked down for war crimes trials.

In August and September 1944, directives were sent out to American legations throughout Europe and the Americas setting forth the goals of SAFEHAVEN and instructing Embassy officials to take steps to implement them.

It is quite clear that SAFEHAVEN planners had a good idea of what they wanted to achieve, but it also is apparent that they did not have the slightest idea of how to do it. Although it was evident from the outset that SAFEHAVEN would be primarily an intelligence-gathering problem, it does not appear to have occurred to anyone to consult the intelligence services, which were excluded from the planning and implementation of SAFEHAVEN until the end of November 1944.

Bureaucratic rivalries predominated. Indeed, SAFEHAVEN was nearly destroyed by internecine quarrels among the FEA, State, and Treasury, each of which wanted to control the program and to exclude the other two from any participation. 


Lieutenant Casey’s Activities 

By the end of 1944, reporting on the Reich from OSS Bern was being augmented by material from the SI mission in London. 

Dependent on agent reporting from within Germany itself, the intelligence collection by the sources available to SI London of necessity was somewhat problematic until mid-September 1944, when the liberation of Paris and much of France provided new avenues for attacking the German target. 

SI London moved to Paris, where it was designated SI European Theater of Operations (ETO). Its chief was then-Navy Lt. William J. Casey.

[ NOTE: Later, became known as William J. “Bill” Casey, former Director Of Central Intelligence of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency ]. The son of a Tammany Hall politician, Bill Casey was a feisty Irishman who lacked the family connections of his counterpart in Bern.


More …



After the War the U.S. finally released its little secret. From within the Office Of Strategic Services (aka) O.S.S. all the while was operating their secret branch, i.e. Economic Intelligence Collection Unit (aka) ECONIC.

Although this O.S.S. later became known as the United States Central Intelligence Agency (aka) C.I.A., it passed on the methodologies of ECONIC to the U.S. Treasury Department. Today under a different name, i.e. FinCEN, which is performing the same tasks as ECONIC, by rounding up al-Qaeda financial support assets. FinCEN is an old C.I.A. global branch network with tentacles of new names.

On June 26, 1945 it was time for the O.S.S. to interrogate Peter Dornier of DORNIER WERKE GmbH along with at least one other man, ( first name ‘still’ Classified ) Lindau [ See, e.g. United States N.A.R.A. file # 29-703-705 ].

At the conclusion of World War II, during the United States defense mechanism round-ups of German war-era scientists and techno-professional assets, Von Dr. Claudio Caroni was viewed to be a very special German aircraft defense designer because of his close relationship with Peter Dornier and the Dornier Werke GmbH connection.

Very shortly after the War, the U.S. Department Of War [ now, U.S. Department Of Defense ] thanked Caroni for turning over German secret defense aircraft plans bringing them even closer earlier to Peter Dornier.

The U.S. mysteriously allowed Caroni an expedited permit to continue working on his defense aircraft designs, amidst the wake of the Treaty of Versailles Agreement(s) and the Allied SAFEHAVEN Program, which came as no mystery for most intelligence professionals.

Caroni was now working secretly for the C.I.A. but not with his contract work to Dornier, as before. Now by all accounts of those only who thought they were in the know, Caroni was said to have mysteriously received his own Dornier-provided company, i.e. Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA. This took place between Dornier, Caroni, and the U.S. establishment of the Caroni-owned FFA firm after the War in 1948.

Caroni’s FAA firm was overseen directly by the C.I.A. under a fellow German who was then C.I.A. Director ( DCI ) U.S. Navy Rear Admiral R. H. Hillenkoetter.

Caroni’s FAA complex operated out of the St. Gallen, Switzerland, AltenRhein Airport plant ( close to the 3 country corner of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland ). Very few people knew that earlier, the Dornier aircraft wing designs were originally coming from a secret Caroni contract for German Luftwaffe advanced defense aircraft programs. In fact, it was pre-WW II Germany, which designed their very secret and first flying-wing bomber. The very same  wing design the United States uses today, on its stealth aircraft bomber B2-D Spirit stealth bomber aircrafts. Caroni’s wing design for Dornier – during World War II – came before the U.S. ever built its own so-called “Flying Wing” aircraft.

Dr. Hans L. Studer (Chief Engineer, below left) was a former FFA associate of Caroni who after the War, went to work for the British, ARMSTRONG-SIDDELEY (aircraft, aero engine, and automobile) manufacturing firm. Especially built was a Swiss-German 500-mph ( 800-km/h ) turbo-jet fighter-bomber aircraft, i.e. Sapphire (aka) P-16 MK I, which Von Dr. Claudio Caroni designed pod tipped wings increasing aerodynamic stability for its equally brilliant design strength internal wing latticed sub-structures.

The P-16 MK I was released on April 28, 1955 but was destroyed in a crash due to engine failure. Its Chief Pilot was Hans Bardill (below, left right and far right). A few later versions were released but the aircraft was cancelled in the early-1960s. [ NOTE: The P stood for Produkte (English translation: Product) in German. Von Dr. Claudio Caroni around the time of the P-16 was found to be involved with another entity, i.e. Mac-Caroni. No further information is available on this. ( NOTE: No pun used here! ) ]

pastedGraphic.png      pastedGraphic_1.png

(from left to right) Chief Engineer: Hans L. Stuber, Test Pilot: Bill Lear, Chief Pilot: Hans Bardill.


(Above & below) Swiss P-16, Fighter-Bomber aircraft.


The C.I.A. went on to promote its never forgotten Caroni-asset from post-WW II German round up days so, the “Caroni wing design” – shortly after its Swiss P-16 abandonment – was picked up by the American parallel to Germany’s Dornier defense aircraft establishment, i.e. Lockheed, as was seen in their JetStar aircraft. But Caroni’s wing design went all the way up to being used for U.S. Air Force in their F-86 SabreJets.

Senore Von Dr. Claudio Caroni, although primarily maintaining his residency in southern Switzerland – along with his family – (Lugano and elsewhere, near the border of Italy) and, with his business in St. Gallen, Switzerland becoming extremely well known amongst Western defense aircraft contractors it was only a matter of time before private industry picked up on Caroni’s wing design too. Private use corporate royalties would then be realized by Caroni.

Once again the “Caroni wing design” was picked up by yet another, i.e. William “Bill” P. Lear, a U.S. Department Of Defense Air Force Test Pilot (below left center) who later incorporated the “Caroni wing design” into his own manufacturing firm (near Santa Monica, California) of private LearJets., i.e. LearJet 23 and the Swiss American Aircraft Company (aka) SAAC, i.e. SAAC-23. Such “Caroni wing design” versions are in SabreLiners and Aero Commanders as well.

Dornier & Caroni Offspring Companies

From Defense Aircrafts to Ground Transportation Systems

A Chronological History – Dornier Aircrafts To Rail Transportation

[Excerpts, Courtesy of: IG-Park Altenrhein; translations by, K.I.R.]

1926: DORNIER Aircraft AG establishes their Swiss plant’s office address in Friedrichshafen, Germany which is today, an area of Industrial Union Parks.;

1928-1931: DORNIER manufactures 3 large-capacity aircrafts, i.e. DO-x, with capacities of 170 persons (before “seats” were installed).;


The Dornier “DO-X”

(Above) Dornier World’s largest 170-passenger aircraft on maiden flight – July 12, 1929.

[NOTE: Dornier-design later supplied by CIA for Howard Hughes aircraft, i.e. Spruce Goose.]

1931 – 1947: World War II

1948: DORNIER changes the name of one of its enterprises in St. Gallen, Switzerland to FFA, i.e. Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (English translation: Flight and Vehicle Manufacturing Corporation). [NOTE: See aforementioned, Dornier, Caroni, C.I.A. arrangements.].;

1946-1951: DORNIER begins establishing the formation of its new branches of industry, i.e. manufacturing of vehicles for roads and railways.;

1952-1958: DORNIER claims it has self-developed and manufactured (although FFA performs contracted design work for DORNIER) its “ground-combat engagement” airplane P-16.;

1987: DORNIER acquires the railroad car firm, i.e. Schindler Waggon AG, then sells DORNIER aircraft manufacturing and maintenance division airfield enterprises with surface refinements being transferred to Justus Dornier AG in Zurich, Switzerland.;

1997: Schindler AG begins sales from small series vehicles to the reparation of Stadler AG.;

01.01.1998: Stadler AG separates all what remains of Schindler AG railroad car activities into a newly created Schindler Technology AG.;

01.01.1999:  Stadler AG begins marketing, sales and development of the technologies within Schindler Technology AG and incorporates them into Alusuisse Airex AG.;

01.01.2000: Stadler AG starts with its techniques and manufacturing used with Schindler Technology AG and incorporates them into Alusuisse Road & Rail AG.;

01.02.2000: Stadler AG manufacturing and technologies of Schindler Technology AG and incorporates them into Alusuisse Airex AG.;

01.04.2000: Schindler Technology AG focuses its detail productions for carpenter’s workshops, equipment components, personnel, and account system services incorporating them into Schlegel Swiss AG.;

01.01.2001: Training further centers on Schindler Technology AG, which standards go into Schlegel Swiss AG.

In 1926, DORNIER aircraft plants were based where today’s areas of the Industrial Union Parks are. Dornier aircraft manufacturing came from Claude Dornier airship Zeppelin plants in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The choice of the place was on the old Rhine because, on the one hand the building was essential planned for water airplanes and on the other hand it was in direct proximity a land airfield.

Their production halls developed at that time their most famous modern conception. In these buildings they completed their exciting giant flight boat, i.e. DO-x, manufactured at their Rhein plant, as being ahead of the World’s time and still found today acknowledged by world professionals as such.

The establishment of this large enterprise used metallurgy taken out of a little developed area in east Switzerland [St. Gallen] was at that time also of economical great importance. And in 1927 had already furnished its training workshop. 

In the years 1932 to 1939 among other things the well-known Dornier choice of flight boats was the prototype of the multi-purpose sea-fighter, i.e. Do-22, became the Amphibium, a Do-12 spirit-class level demonstrated bomber aircraft, the DO-y, and the demonstrated sea-bomber Do-20 was internationally sold and partly built from the Dornier Werke GmbH, at the Rhine manufacturing plant. During World War II, work was partly for the Swiss Army. During this time and for the first time, larger series airplanes were built and support training and German front planes were supplied.

After the War, the Dornier Family was not allowed to build airplanes or any other perceived to be potential threatening products as viewed by the Versailles Agreement and other restrictions that had been linked to the German war machine.

FFA (aka) Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG

After the war, in the year 1948, Dornier sold his aircraft company to Claudio Caroni. The enterprise then became, a pure Swiss enterprise with the new name of Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA (English translation: Flight and Vehicle Works Corporation). 

For economic reasons [primarily because of, the Versailles Agreements] one had already begun in the year 1946 to look around for new branches of industry. With the entrance into the construction and production of vehicles for rail and road one found an ideal new market. In the course of the years it became necessary amongst other things for manufacturing to begin in the region of Tramanhaenger where further large series of vehicles of public traffic (trolley buses, light alloy course cars, etc.) for different Swiss transporting enterprises and the Swiss federal courses manufactured. 

Between 1952 and 1958, a modern nozzle-like combat appearing device [see, e.g. Caroni’s “wingtip” design, above on the P-16] was produced onto traditional market airplanes, a device which was applied from past years of rich experience in the successful developments taken from the P-16. From that, the business aircraft, i.e. Learjet, was then developed from that specific wing design attribute.

Acquisitions by Schindler (railroad car) AG

On January 28, 1997 with the conclusion of a Schindler AG contract, it acquired a participation of the majority of Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA [Caroni’s CIA-controlled firm]. The co-operation between Schindler AG and FFA took place providing economic stabilization and an increase of competitive abilities in the railroad car businesses, which contained purchase orders for military technology. Today, Dr. Luciano Caroni [Von Dr. Claudio Caroni’s heir] remains on as Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA Board of Director’s President, and Dr. Luciano Caroni is on the Schindler AG Board of Directors as well.

Schindler AG – at the same time – then sold his aircraft construction, maintenance, airfield enterprise divisions as well as its surface refinements to Justus Dornier AG, Zurich along with its recently acquired Schindler AG existing personnel which then resumed its previous enterprise at the same old Rhein location [i.e., where Peter Dornier had his former Dornier Werke GmbH, building Luftwaffe defense aircraft]. Previously, in 1990, it had been rejected and turned into the airfield for Swissair and the Swiss air traffic school. Aircraft plants of Swissair were part of an east-Swiss consortium under the guidance of a building company, i.e. Gautschi AG. Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA in 2002 is still busy with its civil aircraft revisions amongst other interests. 

Already before the acquisition of Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA, Schindler AG had completed large orders of the Swiss federal courses (e.g. Unit Car IV for the Zurich rapid-transit railway) in consortium with FIAT AG (formerly, SIG AG) rail-mounted vehicles, and in Switzerland with the Daimler Chrysler AG (formerly, BBC) rail system which is now under the operational guidance the Schindler AG Director/Conductor, i.e. Pierino Piffaretti, for the building of railroad cars part of the entire Schindler Group, a comprehensive coordination of the activities and investment introductions in Pratteln and Rhine. The goal was the acquisition of an improved competition position and increases in efficiency, in order to become fair thereby increasing requirements of the market role. For this purpose, a uniform division building of railroad cars with production locations in Pratteln and Rhine – decartelized [un-monopolized] by its other activities – was created. 

Looking forward, the Schindler Group has planned that in 10-years, in the context of its large restructuring of European [railways] courses and role as manufacturer with their activities of building railroad cars it would by or at the end of 1997 have placed itself available to acquire the mega-plus player if it were ever to sell Adtranz [regional transportation corporation], i.e. Daimler Chrysler AG rail systems of Switzerland (formerly, ABB Daimler Benz Transportation AG – Switzerland).

[NOTE: it appears although having taken them more time then they planned, they eventually became successful]

[Excerpts, Courtesy of: IG-Park Altenrhein; translations by, K.I.R.]

The C.I.A.-Caroni Family Business Associates

The Caroni family members are prominent business and social members throughout their local respective areas, i.e. Switzerland, and the World.

Von Dr. Claudio Caroni had his close business working ties with the C.I.A., as aforementioned. Although no public record of this fact exists, nor would it ever be permitted to be easily open and readily available as to what this story now reveals, concerning both Von Dr. Claudio Caroni and his heir apparent, i.e. Dr. Luciano Caroni, both whom have publicly well-documented business history backgrounds that surround mysterious “fortunate circumstances” subsequent to the O.S.S. interrogation of Peter Dornier which only serves to further support and then goes on to document their accumulated wealth, political influences and powerful sequence of event histories that have really never been explained publicly.

The newest generation of Caroni Family members own the firm, i.e. Progetra SA – A. U. Caroni Athos (Viale Stefano Franscini 16, Lugano, Switzerland 6900 and, with offices also at: 14 route de Luxembourg, in Luxembourg). This firm in Lugano was initially capitalized with 100,000 Swiss Francs.;

Dr. Luciano Caroni is listed as an “Entrepreneur”, [quite obvious now in light of all of the aforementioned information] and closely affiliated with the successor to the pre-1945 Swiss-German (military metal parts manufacturer), i.e. Linehard Steelworks, now known now as Lista International (a company that manufacturers metal cabinets; owned by Freddy Linehard), in Switzerland. IG-Park AltenRhein however, lists the heir Caroni as having been involved with his brother’s, i.e. Von Dr. Claudio Caroni’s, FFA business and a transition involving the firm, i.e. Schindler Waggon AG, railroad car firm, as of 1987 up through 1997 with his brother’s Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA, and including Schindler AG and its Daimler-Benz acquisitions and associations through 2002.;

Dr. Luciano Caroni uses as his “personal” internet service provider the Swiss-based ISP, i.e. www.worldcom.ch.; Dr. Luciano Caroni and his wife, make their primary residency in Lusanne, Switzerland, although their offspring are scattered about the same country.;

Dr. Luciano Caroni and his wife, i.e. Gianni Biasca-Caroni, are both members of the Swiss Bridge Federation (aka) FSB. His wife is rated by the FSB as a “national expert” in this card game.;

Gianni, his wife’s daughter, i.e. Daniele Biasca-Caroni, owns a pharmacy & perfume firm, i.e. Farmacia Ascona, (Posta, piazza della, Ascona CH-6612).;

Luciano’s son, i.e. Steffano, owns a consulting & engineering business automation systems & building controls firm, i.e. Steffano Caroni, (Via Cantonale, Manno, CH-6928). 

On May 4th, 2002 Dr. Luciano Caroni was in a Lusanne, Switzerland restaurant, i.e. Restaurant de Dorigny, in the company of the following men, i.e. Gérard Allier, John P. Maier, and Walter Spengler.

The Caroni Family business (beholding to the C.I.A.) owns at least one (1) office building for at least one (1) very interesting firm, i.e. Commercial Capital Finance AG (10 Kornhausstrasse 3, St. Gallen, Switzerland 9001, TEL: +41-071-220-1818), which is owned by a 58-year old red-headed born southern Ireland man, i.e. Gabriel MacEnroe, RES.: #A Feldliststrasse 29, St. Gallen, Switzerland, TEL: +41-071-287-6587).

It should be noted here that, an admission came in 2000 and proffered under a witness’ testimony in an open U.S. court (from, a then current business acquaintance of Gabriel MacEnroe) that MacEnroe had told him in secret that he was working with at least one U.S. intelligence agency as their deep cover agent operative, to as many as at least two (2) more intelligence-related government agencies, which included the United States Treasury Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The U.S. government intelligence working relationships of the MacEnroe Family dates back to Gabriel’s Father who when alive, was a prominent London (UK) barrister (lawyer) after being appointed “personally” by then oil tycoon billionaire, i.e. John Paul Getty (Getty Oil), to act as trustee for the Getty Estate. MacEnroe’’s Father took his position of personal and private trust as a London lawyer and made a separate secret agreement with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) to feed all the inside information he was able to extract from what he had access to on John Paul Getty and his business and personal dealings. So, it seems as though according to court records, The MacEnroe Family, according to inside U.S. government-based intelligence agencies, has this sociological-business defect.

It only is logical then for anyone to to take a closer look at the Gabriel MacEnroe brother, i.e. Geoff MacEnroe (Dublin, Republic Of Ireland; ROI), and the information that is entrusted to him by virtue of his current placement for years in his selected by the European Union Partnership’ for his continued involvements with business and trade development worldwide.

Specifically, an area of current 2002 intelligence begs for anyone to focus much more closely on the Geoff MacEnroe close business relationships in the arena of global “mining” efforts.

At least two (2) and perhaps more have been able to place Gabriel MacEnroe as a “cut-out” U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) global operative who is currently conducting business affairs with the interests of a Bahrain and Kuwati banking person by the name of Shaikh Talal Khalid Al Ahmed Al Subah (linked to the Kuwati Royal Family) who is currently also involved with armament deliveries to terrorists around the globe for years up through and including 2002. In this regard MacEnroe meets with this Kuwati shaikh quite often at his residence in the Greek section of Cyprus. This specific area is infamous for international arms dealings around the globe.

In 2002, Gabriel MacEnroe was found involved (perhaps as an intelligence agent of some nation) with the need of a leader of the Russian Red Mafia to bring to market their own products derived from their armament manufacturing facilities that were recently bought by them. Hence a new supplier/vendor has entered into the picture with the efforts in significant arms traffickings around the globe but, that’s only one (1) link of yet another for MacEnroe.

In the course of Gabriel MacEnroe business affairs he traveled to meet with a man known as “Sonny” Fassoulis of C.I.C., International. There MacEnroe using his Fassoulis connection to obtain heavy military armament, medium-sized fast surface ships and fighter-bomber aircraft is currently looked upon in intelligence circles as a significant breakthrough to having someone on the inside who will be able to detect when large military shipments begin to move across the globe for any possible supplying of additional military might to either Iraq or Iran in 2002-2003.

Meanwhile MacEnroe travels nearly “weekly” (at least since May 2002) between Zurich, Switzerland – using Swiss Air Lines (formerly, SwissAir) – to Heathrow Airport in London (UK) where he stops to visit with his wife, i.e. Tiffany MacEnroe (nee Scales) and his Son, Simon MacEnroe before leaving for Cyprus, Venezuela and the Caribbean Islands.

During one of Gabriel MacEnroe’s earlier adventures though, after leaving his office in St. Gallen, Switzerland he was mysteriously appeared to be floating around St. George’s, Grenada in the Caribbean. Grenada was a most unusual place for a Swiss-businessman arms merchant’s favorite broker to be found, except for only one (1) purpose. After receiving a call, MacEnroe flew to Grenada at the behest of a U.S. government intelligence information source that was already in-place in St. George’s. There was a ripe opportunity for U.S. intelligence to further expand the efforts of Gabriel MacEnroe while he “just happened to be in town” as a former Howard Hughes trustee made it sound in later 1999.

It seemed that an easy target for UK-USA intelligence was for it to send in Gabriel MacEnroe in order to put its final clippings on St. George’s, Grenada largest-ever bank, i.e. First International Bank of Grenada, Ltd. (F.I.B.G., Ltd.), shortly after its first and first-former CEO, i.e. Gilbert Allen Ziegler (aka) Van Arthur Brink, (formerly of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., now in Uganda) had taken on other legitimate business ventures there.

F.I.B.G., Ltd. primarily first found itself in serious jeopardy when a firm, i.e. International Depositors Reinsurance Corporation, came under a curious business assault by the Nevis and St. Kitts Island government. In short I.D.R.C. was normally doing business as International Depositors Insurance Corporation with its Executive Director, i.e. Douglas C. Ferguson. For reasons still unknown to many, I.D.I.C. was targeted by Nevis court order to cease its operations on January 26, 1999. Subsequent Nevis court filings were said to have successfully overturned that ruling but it was too late for F.I.B.G., Ltd. so, something had to be done fast in order to build-up the bank’s hard assets because, without “enough”, it appeared to be operating “on float” as most huge banks do in the normal course of valuing their total asset structure.

While FIBG was reeling from its IDIC disaster closure, and during a period of this bank’s dominoed principal other financial difficulties, Brink (operating as a consultant to his former bank) tried to help his former bank. He obtained a business referral from a distant banking acquaintance, i.e. Michael Gabriel [michael@ciglobal.com], who today is the current Managing Director (since 1996) for the firm, i.e. Concessions International, Ltd. [www.ciglobal.com/biograph.html], an company which also has California operational offices which broker many global governments’ and privately held undeveloped oil reserves in places like Yemen, the Congo of Africa, and others to interested buyers around the world. One of Concessions International, Ltd. sister organizations is, the Petroleum Foundation of America, Inc..

Michael Gabriel history was principally involved in financing new ventures since 1979, when he started out trying to restructure the non-performing assets of a major U.S. savings & loan firm [] in southern California. Michael Gabriel had then been operating his own firm, i.e. International Resources Management, Ltd., where as Director, he claims to have successfully raised several hundred million dollars in the form of equity and debt financing.

Brink was placed in touch through Michael Gabriel with an old friend of his, i.e. William R. Davis (a former Trustee of Howard Hughes).

Davis offered to assist F.I.B.G., Ltd. in their bank problems by resurrecting some of his old European business acquaintances in order to try and bolster the bank with additional opportunities. Davis’ set his consulting expenses fee for FIBG, Ltd. Davis told Brink he needed at least $15,000 (USD) per month to fly to Europe in this regard. Davis was reportedly paid a total sum of $100,000 (USD) by the bank for many of his attempts to assist the bank overseas.

While Davis was in Germany, he claims to have run into an unidentified “old business friend” who went on to supply him with the name of a person associated with the British Royal Family member name, i.e. Rothschild. MacEnroe was also said to have been associated with his business dealings with other international Royal families, many influential and powerful European businesses, individuals, and governments around the globe as well. The name of the man who Davis supplied to Brink was Gabriel MacEnroe.

After Brink had contacted his troubled former bank and spoke to his successor CEO there, i.e. Mark Kennedy, both Kennedy and Brink met later with Gabriel MacEnroe, in St. George’s, Grenada where curiously enough, MacEnroe just happened to be, according to Davis’ remarks to Brink.

During Brink’s introductory stage meeting with MacEnroe, Brink was shortly later insulted to his face by MacEnroe who started accusing Brink of having been involved with a Texas gold swindle.

Now the key to MacEnroe having been acting as a U.S. government intelligence agent who had been purposely placed at F.I.B.G., Ltd. was only one (1) simple fact. MacEnroe’s insulting bigmouth comments on Brink “himself”, should have been a warning sign but it went un-noticed until July 2002.

During the course of F.I.B.G., Ltd. attempting to lay a foundation for itself of solid gold (literally and figuratively speaking) to secure even further hard assets and the prospectus to be able to institute its own gold-based assets through two (2) pilot projects that FIBG was funding. There was a man who had already come in to FIBG. The man was none other than William “Bill” Telander, a former U.S. federal intelligence informant who had contacted the National Security Agency, out of spite to another man who had long been developing a gold transmutation process. 

Telander in 1992 had been a financier of a Texas A&M University scientific project known as “The Philadelphia Project”, which was not the U.S. Navy “Philadelphia Experiment” experimental ship-based stealth program of the 1950s).

While Telander had just sunk about $168,000 dollars of his pledged $200,000 into this University project, another man by the name of Dr. Joe C. Champion was about ready to give a press conference in Mexico on his gold transmutation findings. Telander caught wind of this and he wanted to stop Dr. Champion from exposing what Telander had sincerely hoped to cash in on with experiments already proving the process of turning base rock metals of “lead”, mercury and other elements into high levels of gold, platinum and palladium.

Telander made his call to the U.S. National Security Agency (aka) N.S.A. and told them that during the course of experiments at Texas A&M there were resultant low-level nuclear reaction burns, which had occurred under controlled laboratory environments during the course of a metals experimental processing called “transmutation” there. Telander went on to explain that Dr. Champion was about to let the nuclear secret out of the scientific bag at his press conference in Mexico. However, Telander never mentioned to the NSA that he had only secretly hoped to cash out if he was successful in using the NSA to scramble its U.S. government agent muscle men to quiet Dr. Champion.

Sure enough, the N.S.A. bit hard on Telander’s tactics, which mimic those of Gabriel MacEnroe’s as well on F.I.B.G., Ltd. bank in Grenada because, it worked! Mexico’s federales (federal agents), Interpol, and the FBI all got involved in a flash, and Dr. Champion was dragged away and tossed in a Mexican jail until they turned him over to FBI agents who were waiting for Dr. Champion at the border. From Tucson, Arizona Dr. Champion began writing about his works to the rest of the world but very few were still listening because, his credibility had just been ruined with a prison sentence claiming “theft” instead of attempting to release information previously presented to the U.S. government through two (2) prominent U.S. Congressmen.

Shortly after intelligence officials analyzed the rest of the Telander operation they discovered exactly what he had done. Subsequently Telander began developing U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission legal problems, which landed Telander in federal prison in 1993.

Telander came to FIBG with some interesting news about setting up gold manufacturing if only FIBG would fund his gold manufacturing process in the United States. FIBG sunk about $1-million U.S. dollars into Telander’s tip to at least one such gold project.

It wasn’t until May 2002 when a former U.S. intelligence expert began looking at the world of the U.S. Treasury Department, FinCEN task force, money-laundering and a Syrian arms dealer connected to a bank in Spain who also happened to have just been closed down in Grenada, i.e. Imperium Bank. Also spurring this ex-spook was when he found a FinCEN advertised advisory on the Internet, waving investors away from Grenada in April 2002. The ex-intelligence agent wanted to know more about just what was going on in Grenada and that’s when he discovered the history of a widely rumored bank, i.e. First International Bank of Grenada, Ltd. (FIBG, Ltd.). 

What this man found so odd about FIBG, Ltd. was that it was being hammered and pounded all over the Internet where as Imperium Bank was his original focus. The spook just was absolutely dumbfounded as to how F.I.B.G., Ltd. was getting so much attention, and then he found another lead. That lead took him for an inside look at the secret operations of the U.S. government once again.

It wasn’t in Vietnam or Chile, which he had become familiar with how to totally devastate a country’s financial system, and overthrow a government being financially influenced by the former Soviet Union, back in the 1970s. This time, he found more coming out of a stupid bank story in Grenada, which he only viewed as a sleepy little island in the middle of the Caribbean, not a retirement center for former CIA operatives who went there to hide. Having been close to U.S. government operations in Chile all he could notice was a geographic close proximity of Grenada to being right offshore from Venezuela, which was undergoing financial difficulties and political unrest that seemed like a repeat of Presidente Salvador Allende in Chile. His thorough research, some of which went into this report, came to only one known possibility for him, given his expertise in such matters. Brink had been set up from the very start. The only question remaining was that although he knew “how” he had been set up, he remained puzzled over the “why”, which he believes only he knows.

With F.I.B.G., Ltd. hired consultants but even more specifically, Michael Gabriel (CIA), William R. “Bill” Davis (Howard Hughes), William “Bill” Telander (NSA), and Gabriel MacEnroe (CIA) all being rolled into a masterfully designed intelligence operation, it’s really no big surprise to how as Gabriel MacEnroe himself once said, “That bank and Brink are both going down”. Not standing a snowball’s chance in hell was one thing but, “why”?

With Telander it was easy. All the intelligence community did was verify Telander’s previous cooperation with the NSA. Telander felt cheated and became disgruntled that, F.I.B.G., Ltd. had purchased what Telander has always considered what belonged to him. Telander felt he had the worldwide rights to the synthetic production of gold through “a transmutation formula and process”. Even though FIBG, Ltd. was investing in that endeavor, the greedy Telander reverted, to his old tricks of using an intelligence agency to service his own private agenda, worked when in came MacEnroe.

All Telander did was set off his infamous “national security alarm” with something to the effect that this bank in Grenada (FIBG) had bought for $10,000 a secret formula used in a metals processing technique proven by Professor Dr. John O’M. Bockris (formerly at Texas A& M University’s Philadelphia Project) “was capable of producing low-level nuclear reaction burns” – a reaction that occurs when the excitement of electrons and atoms are influenced by introduced chemicals combined with certain heating systems – the rest was pretty easy for the U.S. intelligence agencies to then get interested in even though FIBG and Brink had their eye on the novelty of producing their own gold out of normal rocks, which had the key lead and mercury elements within them.

There was much more going on here than just a series of rumors about scams, which most people believe, led up to the FIBG, Ltd. bank failure. Outsiders came at FIBG from all directions most of whom all had ties to global intelligence. What the bank and Brink did not know was, those who professed their loyalties the most were only feigning their ulterior motives. Get whatever the bank had that they wanted the most of. It appeared to the intelligence community like a candy store that they decided to have fun with. One may be absolutely certain, Mr. Brink is NOT smiling and neither are the depositors. So, who’s to blame here now? Most everyone in the world likes to point their fingers at Brink but, they really haven’t any clue as to “why” he was targeted in the first place.

Only the CIA and one (1) other person really knows why, and the funny thing about all of this? Not even the intelligence agency so-called experts who act as nothing more than human versions of cruise missiles knows. Not MacEnroe, Telander, Gabriel or, Davis knows but there is a man sitting in a federal prison with a 10-year sentence who knows or should. The rest of the story is only filled with conjecture, rumors, and cleverly designed manufactured lies.

In 1997, the CIA began looking at banks being established on the island of Nauru in the South Pacific and one bank that gave Bank Crozier in Grenada a scare. In 1998 the CIA contacted the FBI to have their informants put out the word through Internet online due diligence message boards and financial news subscription services that, Van A. Brink was a “real bad guy”. The FBI would not reveal anything to these informants early on except to say they needed to look real close in Grenada. The first bank mistakenly contacted by one of the largest financial news subscription services was Bank Crozier. Wrong bank! Or, was it really the “right” bank in another regard? Meanwhile the CIA went on to work closely with putting out alerts to world intelligence centers about Brink, the bank, and anyone connected with either one but they were not done yet until they succeeded in closing IDIC in Nevis Island in early January 1999.

Brink was hailed by most to not be the sharpest knife in the drawer on some little things but when it came to building an organization, high finance and banking he was more than just an Albert Einstein. Who on their own could even begin the process of establishing a stock market, a federal reserve system for an entire country, and manufacturing gold out of rocks that are normally walked around by most all of us?

Was he conning anyone? Was he a threat to national security? Was he an Internet porn fan? Was he considered a mild-mannered, gentle, kind, religious, and nice man by anyone who didn’t know how he really was either personally or in the business world? Was he naughty or nice?

By all the rumors circulating and if not a soul knew better about Brink himself, than we’ would all be leaning on agreeing with everyone, which at the current time, everyone seems to be doing.

Because, of many other hidden issues, Brink’s actually beginning to look more like the latter, not one nor any of the former vicious rumors that have been spread about the man, as much as one would hate to try to go against a lynch mob, someone has to begin listening. Someone who has more than just air between their ears and a burning desire to follow others like sheep in a rumor mill circus, will someday learn the truth about what it’s like to be sacrificed and stoned by the masses.

The greatest thing that this whole entire episode indicates is that the “rumor mill” has served to take the lead away from greedy salesmen who will lie their tails off for a commission, and vetting by intelligence agencies of outside consultants. The funny little rumor mill wound up being more powerful than the sword as it did so effectively cut this man to shreds ruining him forever. Such a punishment is not even “officially” on U.S. law books but somewhere it is secretly acknowledged and used. Van Arthur Brink or Gilbert Allen Ziegler is walking proof to that fact today.

It wasn’’t long after the rumor mill began that the CIA got confirmation that their dirty tricks were beginning to bear fruit for them in bringing down the Brink first, and then the bank.

The U.S. Treasury Department had also been assisting the CIA by investigating everyone connected with the bank in the area of focusing its nose in the direction of other countries regulatory reporting requirements that did business with the United States Federal Reserve Bank, which was every recognized major bank in the world.

Eventually several names popped up because FIBG, Ltd. could not have survived for as long as it did without doing normal business through other outside banks.

The first name that popped up on the U.S. government hit list for FIBG, Ltd. was the Bank Of China through its Hainan Island branch office where on February 16, 1999 two (2) irrevocable bank guarantees in the amount of $25,000,000 totaling $50,000,000 had the FIBG, Ltd. name linked to them.

The U.S. Treasury Department tasked verification of these financial instruments with the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency’ Enforcement and Compliance Division. In an FBI request directed to the CIA to begin targeting FIBG, Ltd. with intelligence agents just prior to May 1999 (about 90-days after the instruments had been negotiated between FIBG, Ltd. and the Bank of China) the report signed by a U.S. National Bank Examiner, i.e. William C. Kerr, indicated in his report dated May 1999 to the FBI that the response they received from the Bank of China that, they had issued no such financial instruments in favor of First International Bank of Grenada, Ltd.

But another report came floating across the CIA’s Canadian Desk on the heels of the April 1999 operation against FIBG, Ltd., when it received a message traffic documenting the following:

Two (2) outside sales commission recipients of FIBG, Ltd. decided to begin getting too greedy with their vision of receiving FIBG, Ltd. commissions, which the bank was trying to bring in as its accumulated other assets. The contract sales agents were, Chad Perry and Don McWilliams who thought it would be a great idea to involve a member of the Board of Directors for FIBG, Ltd., i.e. Richard Downes, into their own scam to receive commissions from FIBG.

Perry and McWilliams described how they found a man by the name of George Pierce who lived in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada who was selling his 114-foot yacht for $5-million dollars, which both Perry and McWilliams had originally arranged a deal to purchase it on behalf of a business entity.

Pierce testified in his complaint – on Perry and McWilliams, which had been taken by R.D. Bishop of the Commercial Crime Section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In short, Pierce felt these 2 outside contract salesmen were scamming him.

The original FBI report sent to the CIA indicated that Perry and McWilliams were representing a firm, i.e. Frasier River Development Corporation, and had gone on to tell Pierce that they would pay $5,000,000 for his yacht as follows:

$400,000 cash (down) and the remaining $4,600,000 Pierce would receive in the form of a Certificate of Deposit issued by F.I.B.G., Ltd. in Grenada, which Richard Downes – then a member of the FIBG. Ltd. Board of Directors would verify for Pierce.

Pierce grew suspicious and his due diligence sent him to the RCMP in Nanaimo, which by that time only served to even further bolster Pierce’s suspicions to have not gone through with his yacht deal.

So, numerous subsequent issues were allowed to fester into one issue after the next very shortly after FIBG, Ltd.’s depositor’s insurance was first targeted in late 1998.

In January 1999, IDIC was closed down by the Nevis Island government, which has been rumored as the CIA operation center for all Caribbean regional islands. But, little did anyone take note, after the initial closure of IDIC on Nevis, FIBG, Ltd. fought and won a court decision in Nevis but by then it was too late.

Now, one of the most important first issues that appears to have been a purposeful targeting of Brink by the CIA was that MacEnroe had already been apprised of Telander’s 1993 gold transmutation, when he let fly by a stupid mistake even such a mention of a “Texas gold scam” by asking Brink point-blank if he had been involved. Brink had not been involved but MacEnroe’s brazen insult in Brink’s face left him off-balance. It could also have been a devise to engage Brink about Telander’s past or, to see if Brink would be easily malleable, which Brink wasn’’t, at least not with an insult to open the conversation.

Brink at the time, had no clue of what MacEnroe was talking about because, Brink was nowhere around Telander to have been involved back in 1993.

What this now means is that Brink had been placed under wrongful suspicions even by the U.S. intelligence community, which continued to let their leaks that Brink was what one agent called, a “a real bad guy” through Internet online due diligence message boards and online due diligence subscription services even before IDIC on Nevis Island was targeted by CIA “efforting packages” (referred to as “dirty tricks”) well before December 1998.

Brink however, “was already” involved with Telander in FIBG, Ltd.’s attempt to establish a gold manufacturing facility near Phoenix, Arizona and in Pahrump, Nevada. So, the CIA had to have been the only agency that had clued MacEnroe in on this, which prompted MacEnroe’s previous insults to Brink when neither he nor Brink had ever met before.

It has now been established in intelligence circles that even Gabriel MacEnroe later began experimenting with his own fixation to conduct experiments in similar gold transmutation processes “himself.”

MacEnroe was briefed already and fully aware of Telander already being involved with FIBG, Ltd. before he met Brink. 

Bill Davis first presented Gabriel MacEnroe to Brink on referral. Then Brink thought MacEnroe would be FIBG, Ltd.’s savior from all its problems but, instead MacEnroe was sent as a U.S. government intelligence agent to sever FIBG, Ltd. by instructing its then CEO, i.e. Mark Kennedy, to see to it that all of the banks’ assets were disposed of right away.

Kennedy engaged the Board of Directors with the MacEnroe FIBG bailout plan to prepare for other assets to come in from MacEnroe’s outside investors. What the rest of the FIBG, Ltd. Board of Directors did not know was what exactly happened when Mark Kennedy flew to St. Gallen, Switzerland to meet with Gabriel MacEnroe.

Arriving in Switzerland MacEnroe told Mark Kennedy what he was going to do to Van Brink “personally” and FIBG, Ltd. that Brink had initially formed as one of its founding fathers.

“Brink is going down”, said MacEnroe continuing, and if you [Kennedy} don’t help me, I’m taking ‘you’ down with him so, here’s what you’re going to do.” At that point MacEnroe revealed to Kennedy his plans to destroy FIBG, Ltd. once and for all.

After the meeting with MacEnroe, Kennedy returned to the FIBG, LTD. Board of Directors, and tried to push the MacEnroe scam operation through but Kennedy detected some resistance from some Board members.

Brink having just stepped outside from a meeting with MacEnroe, received a telephone call from William R. Davis who was in a panic to let Brink know that he was sorry to inform Brink but, that he just found out that Gabriel MacEnroe was “the devil himself” and asked Brink if the bank had concluded any deals yet with FIBG to which brink then said, “No, and I highly doubt that it will now that I’ have been informed of this.”

Brink waved Kennedy off of MacEnroe with red flags at that point but his warnings seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

That being done, Gabriel MacEnroe mysteriously disappeared at the most critical moment for F.I.B.G., Ltd. to get what MacEnroe never intended for it to get except its throat slashed.

The bank nearly collapsed immediately but then another consultant (originally referred by Brink to FIBG), i.e. Michael Gabriel, who had previously run his own firm, i.e. International Resources Management, Ltd.. The interesting thing about this part is that while Michael Gabriel was working as a consultant to FIBG, Ltd. he had been working continuously  (where he still works today) for Concessions International, Ltd., which runs offices today out of two locations in California.

It was this same consultant (Michael Gabriel) who was then still working for FIBG, Ltd. who kept advising the Board on his opinion, which came as a rather bizarre surprise to Brink.

Michael Gabriel advised that the best choice the bank had was to accept the Gabriel MacEnroe buyout deal for new investor placement and for the Board to completely get rid of the banks’ assets in preparation for the claimed buyout.

Was it just a coincidence that two people with the name “Gabriel” supported the same plan, independent of each other? Was it also just a coincidence that the same man, Van Brink, introduced the same two (2) Gabriels to the bank? Gabriel MacEnroe working to destroy the bank, and Michael Gabriel advising the bank to proceed with Gabriel MacEnroe’s bank takeover? That would be incredibly coincidental.

Not many decisions could the Board of Directors make after the Grenada government ordered the bank to stop all operations.

Who lost the most amount of money? At the current time, everyone believes that the depositors fell victim to FIBG, LTD. but they’re already confused as to who’ is at fault here now. As far as the FIBG, Ltd. well over a thousand depositors and investors are concerned it was they and they alone who suffered the most. Certainly no one wants to hear of how much in revenues the Federal Reserve Bank lost of taxpayer’s money in the same regard.

What eventually happened to Gabriel MacEnroe? He flew back to his temporary apartment in St. Gallen, Switzerland and his business office there to continue on with his global arms deals and money shuffling for Russian Red Mafia, of course.

It should be noted however that Gabriel MacEnroe was arrested on October 31, 2000 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina by the FBI either by mistake or by reason of providing yet another harder cover for MacEnroe to continue doing business with the Russian Red Mafia because, of some strange events that occurred very shortly after his arrest by the FBI.

Even though the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s Office in both Florida and South Carolina said outright that MacEnroe was involved with a reputed member of Florida’s Trafficante Mafia Family, i.e. Joseph R. Silvestri, MacEnroe after his arrest with all the millions of dollars that he has all over the world, the U.S. District Court Judge in the South Carolina federal criminal case appointed MacEnroe with a court-appointed attorney. Within a day or so thereafter, MacEnroe’s federal fraud charge bail of $800,000 had been drastically reduced to only $200,000 at which point MacEnroe had the bail posted and was allowed to go free without any federal formal supervision.

In fact, MacEnroe left the United States for not his permanent residency in Egham, Surrey, UK but, back to St. Gallen, Switzerland where his usual office remains still in tact, untouched by either the FBI or the CIA. Now, here’s a few questions that have gone unanswered for too long now:

Did the FBI only use MacEnroe’s arrest as a cover? Or, did the FBI make a mistake when they learned that they had just mistakenly arrested a deep cover CIA operative? Why did the federal court judge appoint MacEnroe with its own criminal lawyer rather than allowing MacEnroe to look one up in the yellow pages of a telephone book? Why was MacEnroe’s bail so quickly reduced from almost $1-million U.S. dollars down to less than what it costs to buy an average middle-income home in the U.S. at that same time? Why didn’t the same federal court judge require that MacEnroe be under the direct supervision of the Federal Probation Department as it had done on MacEnroe’s co-defendants? Why wasn’t MacEnroe’s office searched? Why didn’t the FBI or CIA in Switzerland not even confiscate all his business records in Switzerland? Why weren’t MacEnroe’s bank accounts frozen by the U.S. Treasury Department FinCEN international money laundering task force agents? Why wasn’t MacEnroe ordered by either the federal court or the Federal Probation Department to have MacEnroe’s assets seized at his home in Egham, Surrey, UK by the British government? When the FBI agents knew full well that MacEnroe also lived in Britain and in Switzerland why was he allowed to leave the United States instead of being considered a “flight risk on serious federal charges”?

It doesn’’t take a rocket-scientist to understand that Gabriel MacEnroe works for at least “some” intelligence agency or God Almighty himself. Has to be one or the other.

MacEnroe left FIBG, Ltd. and went merrily along his way returning back to his business firm, i.e. Commercial Capital Finance AG, which is accounted by MacEnroe’s dear friend, i.e. Max Broder, and Broder’s firm, i.e. Asamina Treuhand AG, located at Zwinglistrasse 6, St. Gallen, Switzerland (CH-9000), TEL: +41-071-223-4240, FAX: +41-071-223-4234.

Asamina Treuhand AG (English translation: Asamina Trust AG) conducts its business activities in all areas of what a trust and business organization does, in particular, name revisions, execution of expert assessments and organizational operations for tax, financial and restaurant economics, and establishments, re-organizations and liquidations.

The actual Gabriel MacEnroe office location is in a building owned by the trust of the internationally powerful Claudio Caroni Family at 10 Kornhausstrasse 3, St. Gallen, Switzerland 9001, TEL: +41-071-220-1818, which also happens to be slammed right up next to the rear of the Max Broder home at Redingstrasse 4, St. Gallen, Switzerland, TEL: +41-079-2234211, MOBILE: +41-079-689-3668.

Asamina Treuhand AG is the firm that Gabriel MacEnroe relies on for his financial and business’ control headquarters because of the secrecy it provides and its experience in commercial, financial, technical, tax and liquidation consultancies it provides for various other organizations that do business around the World, namely The Caroni Family Trust’ enterprises.

Asamina, at first glance and on its surface, appears like an ordinary Swiss business and accountancy firm that dabbles in a variety of curiously handy other business products for a very secretive clientele.

Asamina AG Director, i.e. Max Broder, oversaw a good deal of the “more private matters” of the Caroni Family group of firms which included the former Palepo Trading und Consulting AG, Palepo Trading and Consulting, Ltd., and Palepo AG, which was all sold to Gabriel MacEnroe.

One can only guess who Gabriel MacEnroe has managing all his other business affairs located at his other office in Liechtenstein operating under the firm name of, i.e. Commercial Capital Establishment, but one only has to calculate that it too, is perhaps connected to the Caroni Family group of companies for it was this firm run by Gabriel MacEnroe, who hired Ivo George Caytas and his firm, i.e. Ivan George Caytas Associates, of New York with ties to Austria and Monaco, and had attended the University of St. Gallen, in Switzerland.

Ivo G. Caytas advised one of his clients living in Monaco, i.e. Raymond Keith Richards, the multi-millionaire European machinery businessman who controls INSULPAK and sits on a string of Boards of Directors for his music businesses and other interests, to invest $20,000,000 into a scam run by a Palestinian, i.e. Willy Farah, who was born in Israel.

The most hilarious part about anyone listening to Farah was that he worked as a department store manager in the U.S., even The UK Sunday Business Group published its article on April 29, 2001 (written by, Ross Hawkins) that Richards was duped by Farah who passed himself off as being of Saudi Royalty.

One swindle after another, one rip-off after another, and Gabriel MacEnroe’s friend and financial deal maker Ivo George Caytas always seems to slip through the cracks as nicely as MacEnroe too.

Gabriel MacEnroe conducts his business throughout the entire globe, using his C.I.A.-Caroni-front firms, which are covertly operated as Caroni Family Trusts. In short, Gabriel MacEnroe has now been well documented here, as one of the primary global operatives for the Caroni Family and whomever “they” are beholding to.

Gabriel MacEnroe is said to be operating as a defacto or dejure assignee, emissary and/or, business mover and shaker for the Caroni Group for its Progetra firm out of Athens, Greece and some other holdings.

In short, the Gabriel MacEnroe headquarters is operated from the same CIA-Caroni headquarters building not more than a few miles away from the CIA-Caroni aircraft firm, i.e. Flug und Fahrzeugwerke AG (aka) FFA, where it conducts business today as usual from their facility and that of the former SwissAir (now Swiss Air Lines) base at AltenRhein Airport, in Switzerland.

While Gabriel MacEnroe may fly from St. Gallen, Switzerland to Zurich and then on to Heathrow Airport for his Egham, Surrey, UK home to be with his wife, i.e. Tiffany MacEnroe (nee Scales), and their Son, i.e. Simon MacEnroe, in their shared real estate business near London (UK), Gabriel MacEnroe somehow continues to be able to manage his flight itineraries to reach Greece, Cypress, Dubai in the U.A.E. (mid-east), and elsewhere.

MacEnroe dropped in on F.I.B.G., Ltd. in Grenada without it being much of a chore for him since it’s adjacent – in the West Indies – to Venezuela and its heavy investments received from the Caroni Bank, to destroy F.I.B.G., Ltd..

MacEnroe may be re-charging all his energies up from the Caroni Hydroelectric complex source in Venezuela, and for the Trinidad and Tobago wholly owned government firm, i.e. Caroni Limited, with its controlling interest in the Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Company (aka) PLIPDECO there, but that’s only wild speculation.

MacEnroe’s flight itinerary should also make note of at least one U.S. agenda on his list of many. MacEnroe was also linked in his activities from having been involved in another offshore investment scandal with another U.S. intelligence agency-connection.

That scandal led unknowing law enforcement investigators from South Carolina up to another MacEnroe C.I.A. affiliation in Columbus, Ohio where, a U.S. National Security Agency (aka) N.S.A. man, i.e. Vernon Shiflett, was discovered hiding as an undercover insurance and investment consultant (formerly with General Electric Capital Credit having recruited students from the University of Ohio) who had gone on to involve himself as a key player in the South Carolina offshore investment criminal case.

It appears that Gabriel MacEnroe has not been able to formulate an original business thought since he left the employ of an insurance company in the mid-1970s however, when one thinks of the C.I.A., they should think of the Caroni Family, and when they begin to try to understand the goings on of Gabriel MacEnroe, they should be thinking how else could he have been able to so quickly raise his South Carolina bail money – previously set by the court at nearly $1-million dollars ($800,000) – dropped down to $200,000 “without any restrictions”, like a probation department residency-status reporting, having been issued by the court that “knew he was not a U.S. citizen” and would in all likelihood flee from U.S. prosecution. MacEnroe was cut loose anyway.

It is absolutely amazing how Gabriel MacEnroe is always able to have his Red Sea parted wide enough and at just the right time. In the above cases, with reverse-use of already in-place United States intelligence agency back-stop covers, i.e. the Caroni Family Asamina AG, where Max Broder immediately facilitated the sizable bail amount. What occurred here is an a-typical and very classic C.I.A. tactical exercise, i.e. Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. S.E.R.E. (pronounced: seer-eeee) was used for MacEnroe to survive U.S. investor victim wrath, evade his publicity in another U.S. “offshore” scandal, resist U.S. prosecution, and escape confinement, but MacEnroe “won” his freedom instead. Any clues left here?

A recent check of INTERPOL worldwide port authority entry/exit database file indices indicates that under the name, i.e. Gabriel MacEnroe, no watch-flags exist up through January 2004,yet. 

There is no doubt that eventually someday, at least one (1) missed itinerary will exist for at least one (1) of the Gabriel MacEnroe (aka) James Bond, 9-lives.

Conspiracy Theories vs. Facts

It is indicative from the aforementioned outline of historical chronologies where Dornier wound up back where they started from via not just determination and hard work but rather because of secret money laundering and corporate name shuffling tactics they were using during the end of the Third Reich as history proves to be extremely knowledgeable on. It isn’t a new technique used to hide money, create establishments created where close friends and associates were emplaced as their puppets so as to circumvent world laws. However, now the tide has changed a bit. U.S. citizens and others are now being attacked through their private financial market ventures and interests. The major problem is, the United States government is doing nothing to stop them because of their reciprocity agreements, which lay hidden behind locked vaults.

Now offshore banking and investment establishment collapses are not isolated incidents according to world records and accountings of many other individuals and entities who fell similar to that of F.I.B.G., Ltd.

When government representatives operating under the cloak of corporate secrecy agreements as have these individuals and so many like them have done for so many years with impunity, such levels of activities are to be considered as definitely conspiratorial in nature where, from within and without are these scoundrels preying upon other foreign investors in other foreign lands by their sending in mysterious corporate agents-in-place for business-oriented governments to indirectly or directly carry out a variety of schemes causing the collapse of any bank or investment entity, and thereby causing depositors and investors to lose millions of dollars, are nevertheless guilty of a criminal conspiracy themselves.

In fact, even more so than those who the American, Canadian and German governments point their fingers toward, i.e. Gilbert A. Ziegler, et al., there needs to be an incredibly different forum to be placed in operation by which these depositor and investor victims may receive the sums due them. If governments were mandated to insure depositor funds then there would be few offshore opportunities go away swiftly, although in “theory” for some, that might sound pretty good at first glance.

Proof of such innocuous allegations levied against governments and their operatives and then the monumental task of then being even able to bring those “true culprits” (in some, not all instances) before an international economic organization (the World Bank and/or IMF) certainly able to afford to open up another type of division in order to refund to victims (upon satisfactory proof) in not “part” of their losses but, rather the “total remunerations” of their losses, adding measures of punishment to be meted out to those perpetrators and their relative Country governments who in-directly sanctioned such schemes, should be investigated more thoroughly.

Such should be done well in advance of those same sacrificial-lamb depositors and investors getting found as having been taken to the cleaners again and this time by, the whim and orders dictated by firms like Price-Waterhouse-Coopers (aka) PWC and their local office’s Government Presidents – who in most all cases have some things they want PWC and others to insure stay very well hidden, even from the U.S. – only affords these same victims only a cursory amount of work in order to satisfy those who don’t know how much more they could have received from their losses had they not suffered this “double rip-off” coming from those who are allowed by Governments to operate in the shadows in support of MacEnroe type operations.

Those closed bank and investment firm records are NOT easily available to the public for any type of viewing so how would those depositors and investor victim’s private investigators ever really know what happened to their monies? Everything here in this regard, operates in shadowy government agencies and sub-contractors who are beholding to them. PWC does NOT get a percentage of total recoveries “in addition” to their fees so, really now, “where are firms like PWC’s incentive” to help the victims? The only thing PWC and similars receive is “monies for their service time” which is only dependent on “how much time” they can spend working on the closed down perpetrator-named firms of the victims. But, who actually makes the monies from the recovery of traced assets? PWC and others like them. So when you hear from PWC that victims won’t receive hardly any money or no money at all, even though PWC recovered $1.2-million of the victims monies, that figure is being quickly placed into PWC’s pockets as fast as they can because remember, PWC and others like them, get paid FIRST and foremost BEFORE the victims ever receive one thin dime. Now, who really are “all” the crooks here? Enough is enough!

Instead of allowing the “friends of the C.I.A.” to continue to lay waste to depositors and investors hard earned monies lost in offshore banks, something might actually be able to be done about it. 

If one does not have the financial resources to expend “proper” investigative and political pressures in order to recover their losses . . . or, those who don’t realize yet that they’ve been left to face another government front operation, i.e. Price-Waterhouse-Coopers which has a long track record for covering up and altering documents of failed institutions (PWC being left in charge of the documents of the chicken coop which foxy government agencies cause to be taken over.) who serve to hide these missing monies and manufacture documents used in prosecutions, then the only resources left to recover losses may be only three (3) choices remaining to be used as instruments of questionable satisfactions.

  1. Securing the interest of a philanthropically eccentric billionaire to fund such a recovery venture. Most people with good common sense are not going to put good money after bad. People are simply going to “walk away” from it all and concentrate on something more fruitful to the fruit of their hard money and labor rather than any “blue sky” recovery project, after their having learned a hard lesson.;
  1. Create a form of ingeniously coordinated legitimate uncooperativeness against all those close-associates for governments, which annually realize and plan for specific incomes from their industrial utilities and other ventures. Utilizing a few small measures would begin to affect those End Of Year statistics “if” a simple plan was introduced, given much thought first. The institution of such an exercise for this type of mission to be possible could occur without inflicting further damages on already existent depositor and investment victims. In most countries, any activity like this would land anyone who even planned such, in a dungeon for a long time.; and/or,
  1. Exposing each and every operative, one-by-one, from all the four corners of the globe who are indirectly or directly connected with covert operations designed to perform similar damages on others for their own planned future schemes. Such an instrument of implementation would create more cost to those same governments than the billions of dollars it would cost them to re-assign, re-introduce/re-train, replace, and/or retire all agents and assets which had been extremely costly for them to set up over the course of many years in order to legitimize their cloaks.

Any individual involved indirectly or directly that supports the interest empire of let’s say for example the Caroni-Dornier-CIA control over business and/or, real properties owned thereby, are in essence actively supporting the designs of the C.I.A. which groomed and vetted them into these conspiracies and schemes as far back as 1948, as were the proven Caroni Family lifetime legends, which are allowed to continue to this very day. It is a world historical and statistical fact that the United States Central Intelligence Agency has never walked away from any of its “valuable” intelligence assets, which it groomed in the first place. To walk away from a bank account that one has invested billions of dollars in over the course of many decades is simply not even fathomable for anyone in their right mind to do. Why now should the C.I.A. be any different than anyone else? The C.I.A. are not filled with philanthropists that fund “all” of their special circumstance operations although, they still have a few which do, i.e. Howard Hughes, H. Ross Perot, Samuel Walton, Bill Gates, Dr. Luciano Caroni, Sudhir Ruparelia, and others.

If anyone could ever – after all this – want to consider doing business with Gabriel MacEnroe on referral by someone who they “think” they know and trust, i.e. just another CIA-cutout operative, needs to be evaluated for admittance to a Hospital after they’re criminally charged for their own attempted suicide.

In conclusion, for this part, normal open representatives for businesses that are involved with other business consultancy, financial advice, accounting, liquidation, investment and asset management do not operate with this heavy a flavor of secrecy throughout the World. Only those at Gabriel MacEnroe’s point who have something to hide, do and, he already knows it if he’s knocking at your door. Buyers, always beware!



Caroni, Claudio

20.1.1907 Locarno,2.5.1984 Zug, kath., von Rancate. Sohn des Battista, Bankdirektors. Bruder von -> No 1 . Annemarie Jaberg, Tochter des Paul, Präs. der SBG. 1929 Dr. iur., Rechtskonsulent, Anwalt. C. übernahm 1948 die Leitung der nach dem 2. Weltkrieg darnieder liegenden Dornier-Werke in Altenrhein (Kauf 1952) und führte das Unternehmen unter dem Namen “Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein” ( Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein (FFA) ) mit der Herstellung von Flugzeugen (u.a. Entwicklung des Erdkampfflugzeugs P-16, Auftrag 1958 vom Bund zurückgezogen), Schienenfahrzeugen für SBB und Privatbahnen, Autobussen, Seilbahnkabinen und wehrtechn. Produkten zu neuer Blüte. Neben Beteiligungen an andern St. Galler Unternehmen erwarb er 1952 die “Aufzüge AG Schaffhausen”. Versch. Verwaltungsratsmandate (u.a. Kuranstalten von Bad Ragaz).

-NZZ, 11.5.1984
-Die Weltwoche, Nr. 12, 1987 

Peter Müller

Name: Claudio Caroni

Place Of Birth: Locarno, Switzerland

Born: January 20, 1907

Died: May 2, 1984

Place of Death: Zug, Switzerland

(von Bruder) Father was the director of the Battiste (Battista) bank, who was married to Annemarie Jaberg (Mother), the daughter of Paul Jaberg, who was the President of SBG.

In 1929, Claudio obtained a Juris Doctorate degree from the University of Bocconi in Milan, Italy where he became qualified to practice law.

In 1932, Dr. Caroni wrote a 179-page book (published in Locarno) entitled, I buoni di godimento nelle società anonime (The Bonds Of Enjoyment In Joint-Stock Companies)..

In 1948, Dr. Caroni became director of Dornier Werke AG Altenrhein, an aircraft manufacturing facility owned by Claude Dornier at Altenrhein, Switzerland, which during World War II had been licensed to produce aircraft for the Swiss Air Force.

In 1952, as director of Dr. Caroni purchased from Claude Dornier – who already re-named the aircraft facility  known as, Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein (FFA), which was producing various aircraft, including the world famous P-16 (Mk I thru IV), which was the first supersonic ground combat tactical fighter-bomber aircraft. The P-16 wing design was later transferred to a P-16 test pilot, i.e. William Bill Lear, who later began his own aircraft firm, i.e. Lear Jet, in the United States.

In 1952, Dr. Claudio Caroni also purchased the firm “Aufzüge AG Schaffhausen, which produced business and residential elevator cars.

Among other achievements throughout his life, Dr. Caroni was the chairman of the board of directors for Kuranstalten von Bad Ragaz and with the institute for clinical research of bath Ragaz.

In 1958 FFA aircraft production was halted by the Swiss Federation so, the facility began producing trains for SSB (Schindler) and other private railway firms, buses, aerial tram cabs, and military technical products.

Claudio had one (1) brother, Arrigo Caroni (von Rancate) (Silvia Rusca), in Someo on July 1, 1903, and died in Locarno on December 13, 1985.

Studied at the Wirtschaftswiss and the University of Rome, at Turin. Graduation was at Rechtswiss (Luigi a AUDI), Lausanne (Lizenziat in Wirtschaftswiss), Munich, and Oxford.

Afterward he returned to Tessin and later opened a law office in Locarno.

From 1939 thru 1967, he was a representative of the conservative party as a grand council member of the Tessiner where he was President in 1960.

From 1966 thru 1971, he was a member of the national council. Besides it belonged 1944-52 to the local council and 1952-56 the town councilor von Locarno.

He was an expert in questions of water and power, and was also a member of the board of directors of the electricity company for Sopraceneri from 1973-1982.

20,1,1907 Locarno, 2,5,1984 course, kath., of Rancate. Son of the Battista, bank manager. Brother of – > NO 1. Annemarie Jaberg, daughter Paul, Praes. of the SBG. 1929 Dr. iur., solicitor, lawyer. C took over 1948 the line after that of the 2. World war down lying Dornier works in old person Rhine (purchase 1952) and led the enterprise under the name of  “Flug- und Fahrzeugwerke Altenrhein” ( Flugzeugwerke Altenrhein (FFA) ) with the production of airplanes (among other things, development of the ground combat aircraft P-16, order 1958 withdrawn from the Swiss federation), rail-mounted vehicles for SBB and private railway companies, motorbuses, aerial ropeway cabs and military technical. Products to new bloom. Apart from participation in other pc. Galler enterprise it acquired 1952 the “Aufzüge AG Schaffhausen (elevators). Versch. Board of directors mandates (u.a. Kuranstalten von Bad Ragaz; among other things institutes for cure of bath Ragaz). 

#1: Caroni, Arrigo

1.7.1903 Someo,13.12.1985 Locarno, kath., von Rancate. Sohn des Battista, Bankdirektors. Bruder von Claudio ( -> No 2 ). Silvia Rusca. C. studierte Rechts- und Wirtschaftswiss. an den Univ. Rom, Turin (Promotion in Rechtswiss. bei Luigi Einaudi), Lausanne (Lizenziat in Wirtschaftswiss.), München und Oxford. Nach der Rückkehr ins Tessin eröffnete er in Locarno ein Anwaltsbüro. Als Vertreter der konservativen Partei war er 1939-67 Mitglied des Tessiner Grossrats (Präs. 1960) und 1966-71 des Nationalrats. Zudem gehörte er 1944-52 dem Gemeinderat und 1952-56 dem Stadtrat von Locarno an. Als Experte in Fragen der Wasserkraft war er 1973-82 Mitglied des Verwaltungsrates der Elektrizitätsgesellschaft des Sopraceneri.

-Popolo e libertà, 14.12.1985 

Pablo Crivelli/RG

#1: Caroni, Arrigo

1,7,1903 Someo, 13,12,1985 Locarno, kath., of Rancate. Son of the Battista, bank manager. Brother of Claudio (- > NO 2). Silvia Rusca. C studied on the right of and Wirtschaftswiss. to the Univ. Rome, turin (graduation in Rechtswiss. with Luigi a AUDI), Lausanne (Lizenziat in Wirtschaftswiss.), Munich and Oxford. After the return to the Tessin it opened a law office in Locarno. As a representative of the conservative party it was 1939-67 member of the Tessiner of grand council (Praes. 1960) and 1966-71 of the national council. Besides it belonged 1944-52 to the local council and 1952-56 the town councillor von Locarno. As an expert in questions of water power it was 1973-82 member of the board of directors of the electricity company of the Sopraceneri. 

#2: … to be continued.

( End, Part 1 )

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March 20, ‘2007



While I have never fabricated information within any of my more than 40-years of research reports, I can say that if ‘anything’ I have always ‘toned-down’ and even ‘sanitized information’ by purposely not releasing everything; including many of the details I provided to a wide variety of government organizations, and a parallel global private intelligence network organization ( larger than my own mini intelligence network).

I still retain dossiers on all of this and more, including copies of the now-late Howard Hughes secure building property vaults having once held legacy global financial business files of many individuals and institutions, which I still have copies of today within my private intelligence files.

Nothing is going to be reversed by me in any of my research reports; ever. I may, however, decide to provide additional online Research Reference links, a few of which I have done herein, and to accomplish even more details, will presently require a different setting for me to perform such; more-so, than my attempting to do all that from within a tent in the middle of a field near an interstate overpass today.

Here ( immediately below ) are a few of oh-so many Research References

that can be obtained by anyone, which can serve to ‘prove’ ( I hate

being doubted by those who do not do their own research ) the

validity of my historical intelligence research operations report,

which I submitted ( 10JAN19 ) to Project Camelot:

RESEARCH REFERENCES ( just a ‘short list’ ) –

SOURCE: U.S. District Court, Southern District of Florida, Fort

Lauderdale, Florida ( USA )

Case Title: USA v. MacEnroe [ Federal Prison Registration No.: 97155-071 ]

Case No.: 03-CR-60122-KAM [ Judge: Kenneth A. Marra ]

Filed: 06/10/2003

Case Docket No.: 0:03-CR-60122-KAM-1

[ NOTE: Using ‘this latter Case Docket Number’, if you have a PACER /

REDDOT account to extract court record files will provide researchers

much-much more information, including ‘several’ “co-conspirator

Defendant ‘s files, and statements of Witnesses too. ]

. . . [ EDITED-OUT FOR BREVITY ] . . .

11/09/2007 – 68 – PLEA AGREEMENT as to Gabriel MacEnroe. (ir) (

Entered: 11/09/2007 )

. . . [ EDITED-OUT FOR BREVITY ] . . .

Research conducted online via Pacer



SOURCE: U.S. Bureau of Prisons ( Federal Prison System )

Archives –

Inmate –


Register Number: 97155-071

Age: 74

Race: White

Sex: Male

Released On: 09/20/2011



SOURCE: FBI National Press Office

Archives –

FBI’s Top Ten News Stories for the Week Ending November 16, 2007

4. Miami: International Money Launderer Pleads Guilty After Extradition from Switzerland Gabriel MacEnroe pled guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering after being extradited from Switzerland in May, 2007. MacEnroe received $2.8 million through a pyramid scheme from U.S. victims.



SOURCE: Miami Herald ( Florida newspaper )

Archives –

Man Pleads Guilty In $2.8M Pyramid Scheme

by, Sergio R. Bustos ( E-Mail: sbustos@MiamiHerald.com )

Date: November 9, 2007

An Irish citizen who managed financial businesses in Europe, raking in

$2.Million as part of an elaborate pyramid scheme, pleaded guilty in

Federal court in West Palm Beach on Friday to money laundering,

federal authorities said.

Gabriel MacEnroe, 63, collected $2.8 million in ‘2000’ in a pyramid

scheme targeting U.S. victims. He then ‘deposited the funds into his

business bank accounts in Europe’, authorities said.

‘MacEnroe was successfully extradited from Switzerland’ to face …

More …

[ NOTE: Continued, within the complete article, now in archives of

NEWSBANK ‘solicits any interested parties of the public to purchase

the complete article providing a Word Count total, of: 113 words’ ]



pleads guilty in $2.8M pyramid

scheme&p_field_advanced-0=&p_text_advanced-0=(“Man pleads guilty in

$2.8M pyramid scheme”)&xcal_numdocs=20&p_perpage=10&p_sort=YMD_date:D&xcal_useweights=no

Project Camelot initially provided its audience with an introduction proving up a few of my global accolades including credits to a contribution for the cable television show series “American Greed” (via Kurtis Productions Ltd. – Chicago, Illinois ):

About Paul Collin –


That particular CNBC television episode mentioned only the patsy whom

took the fall for Gabriel MacEnroe, and the U.S. government sought

revenge against Mr. MacEnroe having gone “rogue,” primarily because of

trying to adopt an even-more secret side-line interest, which

technically involved his federal criminal case court “Witness” –

Vernon Shifflet who later worked for the N.S.A. within its super

secret ‘gold transmutation arena’. Shifflet worked at the N.S.A.

on-site reclamation ( recycling ) center facility in Ft. George G.

Meade, Maryland ( USA ); and, ‘that’ ( in and of itself ) is yet

another intelligence saga, depicted in one of my many now-legacy (

Archive ) research reports found at one of my now-legacy websites.

To better understand what eventually drove MacEnroe ‘off the

reservation’ and away-from his global intelligence assignments for the

U.S. government, the following report will enlighten people:

Research Reference –

Global Economic Brinkmanship 3

Global PMC Agents & Nuclear Gold Secrets

by, Paul Collin ( The Offshore Informant

April 1, 2003


Project Camelot published some of my research reports where my

research reference links led to historical intelligence research

report information I began providing over a decade ago.

One of many such instances was tucked-away within my “007 Bond Frauds”

research report, at Project Camelot, wherein I provided ‘webpage

links’ to ‘information details’ surrounding Gabriel Francis MacEnroe,

multiple businesses and financial connections, and those of his and

his closest secret allies with the C.I.A., N.S.A., FBI and U.S.


That revelation comes as no surprise for my openly reported and

published research reports wherein I transcribed a reasonable

facsimile “Excerpt” ( verbatim ) from ‘official federal court records’

I located in yet ‘another federal U.S. District Court criminal case’

against Gabriel MacEnroe, and down that rabbithole leading to other

rabbitholes ( where I once worked in secrecy ), such is now publicly

explained as only an ‘information brief’, to wit:

SOURCE: Project Camelot

Guest Blogs –

Uwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy  ( The UPI Guy ) –

007 Bond Frauds

by, The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

LOS ANGELES – December 29, 2014 – For more than a quarter of a century

( 25-years ) United States intelligence cases read like something

straight out of the American motion picture “Mission Impossible” where

only through court cases may Americans ever know or hear much about

such remarkable operations rarely detailed publicly through mainstream

news media.

Hero or Devil – Details















Federal Grand Jury Indictment

[ Excerpt ]


“… 7. It was a further part of the conspiracy that JOSEPH SILVESTRI,


interstate and international telephone calls to the witness, and met

personally with the Witness [ UPI Guy NOTE: The “Witness” was Vernon

Shifflet who secretly worked for the U.S. N.S.A. through G.E. CAPITAL

recruiting Ohio State University students in-to the U.S. Intelligence

Community ( IC ) ], during which they made false and misleading

representations about various proposed investments, their backgrounds

and expertise in sophisticated investment programs, their association

with select international traders who could effectuate participation

in guaranteed High-Yield Investment Programs [ HYIP ], and their

“relationship with and licenses from various governmental agencies


projects which could result in high investment returns’.

Such false statements and misrepresentations included, but were not

limited to the following, that:

– one proposed investment program was a National Security Agency ( NSA

) approved venture involving 52 satellites, which would be audited

during the first three months by the NSA and then certified by the


– the witness’s $60,000,000 investment would be part of a $500,000,000

block of funds, and that the $60,000,000 would quickly rise to


– if the witness wanted the Central Intelligence Agency [ CIA ] to

control his investment, then that could be arranged;

– the witness’s investment would initially earn between 5% and 7% per

week, then subsequently 20% per week, and that it could earn over

1,000% and up to 1,500% per year;

– there would be no risk to the witness’s money, that his money could

be taken out of the bank account at any time, that the account was

very liquid and that the witness must always be in control of his


– Government authorities would approve such investments;

– GABRIEL MACENROE worked with the U.S. Treasury;

– Federal Reserve Bank engages in negotiations with GABRIEL MACENROE

and/or his associates regarding the investments;

– Federal Reserve Bank sets up “mirror accounts” through which

investments can be traded without any risk to the principal


– GABRIEL MACENROE had a license from the NSA;


– GABRIEL MACENROE was an FBI collector and that MACENROE’S father was

also an FBI collector [ CIA Deputy Chief led a select cadre of DOJ

F.B.I. Counter-Intelligence Special Agents involved with international

secret missions of “Squad Six” that both MacEnroes and ‘I’ ( as only

‘foreign nationals were permitted to ) work as “global information

assets.” ];

– GABRIEL MACENROE was “1 of 5 Traders in the world” who handle these

types of investments;


J. RENE JOSEY, U.S. Attorney

DAVID C. STEPHENS, Assistant U.S. Attorney

JAMES R. PAVLOCK, Trial Attorney

Criminal Division

U.S. Department of Justice

Washington, D.C.



Parts A and C of Count 1 of the Indictment are incorporated by

reference as describing the ways, manner and means of executing the

scheme to defraud on or about the dates enumerated below as to each

Count, in the District of South Carolina, and for the purpose of

executing the aforesaid scheme and artifice to defraud and for

obtaining money and property by false and fraudulent pretenses,

representations and promises, the defendants DAVID MORGENSTERN,

GABRIEL MACENROE, and JOSEPH SILVESTRI did, and did aid, abet and

assist one another to, knowingly and willfully transmit and caused to

be transmitted by means of wire and foreign commerce the following

writings, signals and sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme

and artifice, to wit:



US Attorney


Assistant U.S. Attorney


Trial Attorney, Criminal Division U.S. Department of Justice


Those wishing to communicate experiences surrounding individuals along

the lines of Gabriel MacEnroe, Robert Palm, William S. Sass, Paul V.

Morse, Günter Horn, Michael G. Herzog, or others who are believed to

be offering high-value asset instruments claimed for use in supposedly

secret high-yield trading programs, are invited to contact the author

of this information report [ShoreLines], at:

E-Mail: shorelines@bluewin.ch

WWW: www.shorelines.bravehost.com




SOURCE: IndyMedia

Archive –

“Spies Use IMF Fraud Overseas” ( March 17, 2006 ) by, ShoreLines ( Paul Collin )



DOCUMENTS ( downloads )







The ‘point’ of my historical intelligence research report was to

Disclose semi-detailed historical intelligence covering ‘alien

appearing aerial and submersible vehicles’ used by certain foreign

trusteds throughout World War II including ‘defense industrialists’,

spurring others to look closer at more, from long ago up through and

including today.

Such public information releases by me ( since 1998 ) began coming

into more light upon review by Project Camelot audiences so, people

get a glimpse as-to just how complex ‘Black Project’ taxpayer monies

of the public are manipulated secretly for developing such alien

in-nature by design and development, matters hidden away-from public

scrutiny and purview.

While very few researchers went into detail surrounding secret Swiss –

German industrial financing relationships ‘before’, ‘during’ and

‘after’ the Third Reich Luftwaffe Defence Air Ministry used privately

mentored people from decades ago up through and including doctors of

engineering and mathematics such as Dr. eng. Claudio Caroni who was

the chief intellect and lead designer on not just the P-16 supersonic

jet fighter – bomber aircraft for Germany, which William Powell Lear

took a portion of and then incorporated that patented wing structure

and pod wing tip design into development and production of his own

successful business empire of private business LearJet executive

aircraft for considerable profits that were kept from being inherited

by John Lear who has led U.F.O. research and activities initiating

Disclosures including those witnessed through numerous videos and

podcast interviews by Project Camelot, I believe that my paltry

contribution historical intelligence research report depicts portions

of just how Black Project funding has been occurring and being

performed without much variation for over 75-years.

My previously submitted report does not consist of all my private

intelligence file information archives and dossiers, nor is it meant

to be considered comprehensive nor is it complete in any way shape or

form. In essence, it is only a fraction of 1% of the data contained in

my 16,000,000 electronic page files.

Will more details be released by me? Perhaps, before more puzzle

pieces can be assembled I humbly propose that certain individuals

begin working more in collaboration with one another so-as to not just

speed Disclosure but to even-better increase the accuracy of Disclosure by grouping

those whom have done yeoman’s work and who are knowledgeable within

their own arenas.

There are so many people, but so little time left, whom may end-up

taking secrets of humanity to their graves.

I often wonder if any of life’s adventures really matters or not, and

I believe Disclosing information hidden away from the prying eyes of

publicity makes for even-better life adventures for future generations

to become knowledgeable about how humans differ during certain time

periods of life on Earth; in the past, today and for lifetimes to


I would welcome an opportunity to join a panel of like-minded

information experts whom from a position within their own

knowledgeability arenas may assist in accurizing and vetting

information for the betterment of humanity.

As best I genuinely know how, I would be willing to utilize my

information file base and network for such collaborative joint

knowledgeability arenas.

The caveat is, for everyone to realize I am not an expert in

everything needing to be tasked. Hence, I willingly pro-offer my

genuine consult to those demonstrating such a collaborative way

forward for better overall human knowledgeability for future

generations comprehension of the truth surrounding historical

mysteries, which still perplexes many people today.

Thank you for giving thought to publishing my research report information for Project Camelot audiences.





COMMENTS BY JOHN LEAR ON THE ABOVE:  (with permission to publish noted below).

Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Re: Article released by my source concerns your father
Date: January 18, 2019 at 4:45:36 AM PST
To: Kerry Cassidy <kerry@projectcamelot.tv>

Report: Secret Space Program Legacies (excerpt):

“Once again the “Caroni wing design” was picked up by yet another, i.e. William “Bill” P. Lear, a U.S. Department Of Defense Air Force Test Pilot (below left center) who later incorporated the “Caroni wing design” into his own manufacturing firm (near Santa Monica, California) of private LearJets., i.e. LearJet 23 and the Swiss American Aircraft Company (aka) SAAC, i.e. SAAC-23. Such “Caroni wing design” versions are in SabreLiners and Aero Commanders as well.”

Kerry a few comments. My father William P. Lear, Sr. was not a test pilot. My half brother William P. Lear, Jr. was a captain in the USAF but not a test pilot but did fly the F-84 in Germany. My brother flew the P-16 2 or 3 times. My father incorporated the Caroni wing design because it had 8 spars (for greater strength). Neither the Sabreliner or the Jet Commander used the 8 spar version. While all of this was going on and the Learjet 23 being designed in Altenrhein my brother’s nickname for Claudio Caroni was ‘Mac’ (Macaroni!)

Dad no longer had a manufacturing plant in Santa Monica which had been sold to PacAero in 1957 and the larger part of Lear, Inc. was sold to Lear Siegler in 1961. The company became known as Lear Siegler and is currently a very large department of defense contractor. Dad used the money he got from the sale of Lear, Inc. to Siegler Corp. to finance the Learjet 23 (nee SAAC 23).

Lear, Inc. received the contract for anti-grav research and development from the Pentagon in 1952. (That contract was completed in 1956 when the U.S. started producing their own flying saucers.) Lear, Inc. received the contract for the automatic pilot for the Lockheed U-2 in 1955. Lear Siegler received the contract from Lockheed for the automatic flight control system (the L-102C) for the L-1011 Tristar. The Lockheed L-1011 was the first jet transport to receive FAA certification for fully automatic landings in zero/zero conditions (no visibility no ceiling Category 3c). My father had invented what is known as the ‘dual channel ILS monitoring’ which made this possible.

There is a 22 minute video on youtube named ‘the Bahnson Video’ which is a home movie taken in the research lab for field propulsion and shows my father (at the blackboard with my mother standing nearby) T. Townsend Brown and Dr. Bahnson. There is no sound except for some music. Photos of a calendar apparently show the film was shot during 1958-1959.

Thanks for the information.

On January 17, 2019 at 5:05 PM Kerry Cassidy <kerry@projectcamelot.tv> wrote:

Hi John,

I thought you might want to see this report just published on my site written by Paul Collin who is a former CIA financial investigator (NOC) who got a burn notice and lives in his car…. He knows a lot about a lot of things.
This particular report does deal with the beginnings of Learjet and your father and where some of the financing may have come from among other things….
Report: Secret Space Program Legacies (Dornier, Caroni, Lear, et. al.) by Paul Collin

On January 19, 2019 at 6:13 AM Kerry Cassidy <kerry@projectcamelot.tv> wrote:

Hi John,

Thanks for the clarification and fascinating bit of history.  I hope you are turning your many posts on Facebook into a book!  Is it ok to publish this?
Best wishes,
Begin forwarded message:
Subject: Re: Article released by my source concerns your father
Date: January 19, 2019 at 3:22:26 AM PST
To: Kerry Cassidy <kerry@projectcamelot.tv>

Yes, of course its ok. No, I dont have time to turn my comments into a book but thanks anyway.

Love you, John