LOS ANGELES – November 18, 2018 – The rest of the story is a little more involved … Besides still needing donations – for items mentioned earlier [ projectcamelotportal.com/2018/11/15/unwanted-publicity-guy-paul-collin-needs-your-help/ ] – ‘blankets’ were the most important. Details, however, were omitted because it’s a long story; one, of bad luck upon already difficult times. Why bore people with more problems so, simply begging without alot of the sordid details was believed in better taste. Well, not according to one of the early donators to The UPI Guy ( Paul Collin ) who for nearly 6-years now has been volunteering his research and reports in a column / blog found on Project Camelot producer Kerry Cassidy’s website.

Paul was encouraged to basically ‘fill in the blanks’ as-to ‘why’, by a donator who asked about needing ‘blankets’ since he’s in Southern California. Paul explained ‘why’, whereupon the donator’s reply was, “Well, I had no idea things were ‘that’ bad. Why didn’t you lay out the rest of your story? You should explain the gravity of your emergency but keep it short.” So, here’s the rest of this story ( short ):

My primary emergency was to ‘cover my huge windows on my conversion van’ because they were ‘broken’ by rowdy street gang vandals while I was sleeping inside my van just after being released from the hospital after a ‘perineum infection’ surgery around my 67th Birthday.

A few very small donations have come in but nothing totaling what I need to replace $1,000 worth of ‘used glass’ in my van with a lot of “blankets that are not cheap’ these days. Cheap blankets will keep a person in a heated home warm, but not outside throughout cold weather elements at night.

I was just “begging for blankets’ to cover the large window area openings in my van to keep the cold air out and in an attempt to bundle myself up inside to stay a little warm during the evening hours and early morning hours since weather temperatures dipped down and winds picked up speed.

I’m trying to not end-up with pneumonia and back in the hospital again.

The other thing, is without these huge multi-piece windows I have absolutely ‘no protection or security’ so, while I cannot get enough donations – even for enough blankets – matters are potentially a much higher risk for me and the contents of my van with all my personal property ( research files, clothes, paperwork, computer equipment, plus more ).

The glass shops tell me that ‘new glass’ is double ( $2,000 ) what ‘used glass’ ( $1,000 ) is in addition to intensive ‘labor’ charges to specially cut and install 9 panes of glass for only 3 huge window openings on my conversion van that I live in and work out-of doing volunteer work for Project Camelot.

As a temporary measure, I taped-up 3 huge black sheets inside my van window areas to make it look like tinted windows but that’s not fooling anyone; including the Police or street gang vandals – knowing my van cannot be secure.

Just so you know the rest of the story as-to ‘why’ I’m begging.

If anyone can donate, please do-so directly using my PayPal account, here ( below ):


As the Holiday Seasons approach, vandalism, theft and robberies skyrocket in Southern California so, Police are cautioning business owners and residents to be very proactive about their security.

I am homeless. All I have is my van. I am grateful for my van providing me with some means of shelter.

Unfortunately, my shelter is no longer secure unless I can get window glass reinstalled and maybe enough for a vehicle alarm system too.

Please help.

Thank you.


Paul Collin, The UPI Guy at Project Camelot

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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