by, Paul Collin ( UPI Guy )

LOS ANGELES – November 12, 2018 – One of intelligent life’s most defining moments is realizing respect for the relevance of life and the pursuit of all lifeforms amongst all living things.

Whether certain key-critical philosophies, especially those espoused by Dr. Albert Schweitzer, may ever be incorporated as inherently programmed within life-forms bearing Artificial Intelligence ( A.I. ) so-as to maintain the status quo for all life forms on Earth remains unseen.

While certain groups ( e.g. “PAI” ) of cutting-edge industries were recently found studying applications of ‘ethics’ programming in-to AI, they all appear far-away from anything Schweizer incorporated for the sake of ‘all life on Earth insofaras “what it is that all life shares in-common with each other’; an answer that surely may amaze you perhaps, as much as it did me – once I stopped to really consider such purpose.

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A.I. DNA-Like Permanent Jainism Ethical Encodes versus ‘Gene Drives’ On Humanity –

People helping people as well as all other living things on Earth is a uniquely shared natural instinct, the now-late Doctor Albert Schweitzer found so fascinating that it easily guided him to expand helping so many living with their pursuit of freedom – to live as they so chose ‘naturally’; rather than, by power hungry greed-driven ‘socio-economic ethics’ currently considered programming for new man-made life-forms with Artificial Intelligence planning to run the world of all our futures threatened by out-of-control “gene drives.”

What’s being secretly planned for Artificial Intelligence may ‘not really be’ “Jain ethical code” but ‘something else’ of inadherence along the lines of “Gene Drives,” which we as a life species need to be really concerned about if we are to remain ‘relevant’ on Earth so, if we do not encode a DNA for ‘core’ Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) – implanting ‘it’ first – it could ‘plant us permanently’ where the Sun never shines.

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Albert Schweitzer was so fascinated by certain principles of life, which a few people believe contributed to his awakening upon witnessing so many examples of the relevance of life; noting all living things are in likewise natural pursuit of their pursuit of life here on Earth.

That such should always be respected, held in highest regard, and without any interference whatsoever – encouraging the natural purpose of life as it was designed to freely exist.

Another natural freedom and right bestowed on all of us is to be kept informed of what influences threats exist to hasten an end to our natural instinct to pursue life without hindrance.

Verterans Day in America is important from the standpoint of maintaining our natural freedom and rights to life without fear of suppression or repression by any oppressor, potentate, regime, or organization of people ( government ).

All that remains of Dr. Schweitzer’s good acts, words and deeds are examples for our own awakening in the following video, that may ( at first glance ) seem to have nothing to do with any Earth shattering news, however the information provided within it for those whom intelligently review it is filled with news to some more-so than others whom may not be able to grasp any sensible understandings; and, to those whom miss those points to life so goes their purpose in life.

If you do nothing more than review the following short video podcast ( immediately below ) then you will have been gifted at-least the ‘relevance of life toward humanity’ but ‘not all living things around you’.

Quickly you will come to understand what life amongst fellow humans consists-of to enlighten you along your pathway of life:

Coming To Grips With Life Today –

Wanted to touch base with the Project Camelot audience, I wanted to personally let you all know a few new updates.

I was just recently released from the hospital after my birthday encountered a very serious internal medical issue setting me back a great deal, and while such sees me now more-so disabled than I already was ( being a handicapped foreign war veteran struggling on the streets homeless as I have been while volunteering for Project Camelot these past 6-years ) it is important to note I have not given up on Project Camelot or the people of its audience whom I have come to appreciate serving in all the small ways I have and still can.

Recognizing primordial human life having somehow strayed from its natural instincts to have been so convinced by a small group of greed-driven power-thirsty beings driving a socio-economic agenda into a war-like race today, I sometimes come to doubt if we as a race will ever survive our petty differences so we may continue living,.

In my adolescent years I lived in fear of nuclear war, and while some things never change, I did.

Bristling Youthful Adventures Glazing Over The Trees For Their Forest, Until Recently –

Recalling the short video podcast clip of some of the words left us by the now-late Dr. Albert Schweitzer, I can now look back and say with confidence that during my bright-eyed full-of-energy soulful youth I traversed through my early school years with, I wanted to make a better difference for humankind and happier place to live on Earth. Based upon what teachers led me to believe at that time, there were more opportunities for that occurring than numbered the population on Earth, and as my sky became painted within my mind a cheery outlook on life carried me forward in life.

Napoleon Hill once said, “Anything the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve,” and so having that drummed into my head I set out on my own Wide World Adventure to be all that I could be for others and that would make everyone pleased and consequently happier than had I remained seated on my own led asset and not lift so much as one finger to be of service to anyone.

It wasn’t until much later in my life that I discovered a whole culture in America whom believed their purpose in life was to live on the dole ( public assistance ) because they honored taking advantage of public subsidies over any other thing in their life. I could not wrap my mind around such a harmful to self and others such a mindset was; for, a ‘mind is a terrible thing to waste’.

Upon nearing high school graduation, my next door neighbor ( a 22-year seasoned Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations / FBI ) asked me to turn my future toward saving America by entering the U.S. Marines Corps, obtaining a college degree, and then applying with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

I asked FBI S.A. Leonard ( ” Tom ” ) Akright, “What if the C.I.A. doesn’t accept me? What then?” Tom said, “Well, after 22-years in government service, and knowing what I know today, I’d make an excellent ‘Hitman’ so, even after you get out of the Corps ( U.S.M.C. ) there will be a place for you.” At age 17-years old, after hearing my next door neighbor FBI man say that, I thought to myself, “Was he joking?” He wasn’t smiling or chuckling.

FBI Tom also told me about U.S. government security clearances and background checks he performed on a variety of individuals. My curiosity piqued asking him about his most interesting case.

Tom told me of about his special case that took him behind very secure tall gates surrounding a neighborhood of mansions where the ‘Applicant’ he was conducting the background investigation on held a job title of ‘Clerk’, and what amazed him was the ‘type of security clearance’ named “COSMIC,” which he said was a rare security classification level ‘above’ TOP SECRET. Tom, and his fellow Special Agents were told by their ‘Supervisory Agent’ to only refer to ‘that’ classification as “Cosmopolitan” or “Cosmo” but never call it “COSMIC.” Tom said, “What kind of a ‘Clerk’ who ‘owns and lives in a giant mansion’ needs a ‘COSMIC’ security level clearance? This was just one of my most amazing cases.”

And, while I begged Tom to tell me more about the man in the mansion, he told me that he was bound by law to never release anything about that case, telling me: “They could kill me if they knew ‘you knew’ so, I’m swearing you to secrecy on this. Do you understand?”

Well, while FBI S.A. Leonard Thomas Akright and his wife Vivian ( former personal private secretary of the now-late U.S. Vice President Hubert Humphrey ) are dead, at 17-years old I was extremely impressionable.

My high school buddy, Larry Franco, and I planned to join the U.S. Marine Corps under its “Buddy System,” a program designed to keep us together during any military assignments. Soon thereafter our plan, I changed my mind to use my brain not brawn.

So, beginning in 1971 I began Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Trigonometry and Calculus education within my U.S. Air Force training to work with ‘onboard computer systems’ and ‘counter-countermeasures’ within only two ( 2 ) types of military aircraft at that time.

Before that completion, a ‘full bird’ ( military nickname designator ) Colonel offered to sponsor me directly into the U.S. Air Force Academy ( Colorado Springs, CO ) ‘Preparatory School’, a 9-month military officer school before entering a 4-year school plus a 5-year commission as a 2nd Lieutenant, which I opted out of.

Instead, the USAF Colonel decidedly changed my Air Force Specialty Code ( AFSC ) to Intelligence Operations Specialist ( 3ABR20430 ).

Upon entering that rare school, 4-days later I was informed by one ( 1  ) of my two ( 2 ) instructors, a U.S. Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel, that our special training class would be the last class of its kind, that we had automatically become Central Intelligence Agency ( C.I.A. ) Attachés, and were not allowed to leave the United States without special authorization.

I became trained in fifty-two ( 52 ) intelligence tradecraft specialty arenas, and a U.S. Navy Lieutenant Commander handed me my intelligence certificate in a ceremony conducted in the basement of our joint military forces intelligence building located inside Lowry Air Force Base, Colorado.

I excelled at conventional and CBNR ( Chemical Biological Nuclear Radiological ) War Plans Operations, besides Targeting Maps and Charts, Mission Briefings, Production of the daily DIA ( Defense Intelligence Agency ) Bulletin and weekly CIA Bulletin, S.E.R.E. ( Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion ), Administrative Intelligence Electronic Data ( EDP / ADP ) Systems, Base Command Intelligence Reinfrastructuring, plus more. In essence, by only 20-years old I was told by my instructors that I had been trained for insertion into any war scenario where an entire Base Command had been destroyed and was qualified to re-establish war plans operations, re-establish an intelligence library, and run the war plan until a militarized Base Command operation could be re-established.

During the Viet Nam War, all of the aforementioned plus other tradecraft capabilities were my areas of responsibility at 20-years old.

And Then The Government Came Knocking –

Suffrage while in the hands of government began shortly after my full-time employment as a C.I.A. Attaché working within the U.S. Department Of Defense.

In 1974, while attending college to become a Los Angeles Police Department officer, I was recruited by various and sundry U.S. government organizations when at one point I was working simultaneously with eight ( 8 ) law enforcement offices handling, amongst other things, a radical domestic terrorist group stockpiling hand grenades, a group of jet-setting drug smugglers ( “The Brotherhood Of Eternal Love” / BEL ) funding a hit squad within the Hari Krishna organization plotting political assassinations, federal Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organizations ( R.I.C.O ) investigations on the chief of a county law enforcement organization, Organized Crime activities, plus various and other sundry foreign intelligence operations, I finally brought working with to a conclusion in 2011, after contract killers who tried killing me with shotgun blasts, car bombings that then tried sniper shots against members of my family whom federal officials of the U.S. government refused to protect; although, they offered me plenty – I always refused.

In 2012, I changed my career after all the damage was done, by turning my back on government operations, and began volunteering my knowledge for Project Camelot as a rather unique type of Whistleblower in that I never blew ‘my own horn of secrets’ in front of a camera choosing to remain in the background as a defacto or dejure investigative research consultant instead.

Not Quite Jainism Ahinsā But Working On It –

Today, and for the past 6-years, I voluntarily research and write reports on ‘certain subjects affecting humankind’ brought to my attention by a variety of people with similar interests for the good of humanity I instinctively support as an inherent right in furtherance of respecting the sustainment of life for all living things, which is my ‘purpose’ in life and in an odd sort of manner bringing forth truth by shining my light in every dark corner presented to me.

Research –

Project Camelot ‘Fearless Productions’ Of ‘Emerging News’ –

While government-embedded broadcasters of mainstream news media speculate on what may occur, none are actively interviewing hoards of Whistleblower testimonies for benefit of humanity’s better kniwledgeability so-as to even begin to understand what subjects, threats, and hidden encounters face the people of Earth, and it is at that very crossroad where Kerry Cassidy and Project Camelot traverse light-years beyond conventional global televised broadcasting.

While over seven-hundred ( 700 ) video interviews by producer, investigative journalist and reporter Kerry Cassidy has aimed her video camera light in-to far-more dark corners than Mainstream Media and most other Alternative Media shows, Kerry is by-far more pursuit-fixated on getting to the bottomline of the most unique topics ever before witnessed worldwide under one ( 1 ) film production enterprise.

Project Camelot productions touch on dangerous undertakings; enterprising adventures, providing unabashed taboo topics into mysteries no one dares look wherein investigating cases few others tread in fear of their own life.

Although many examples of Kerry Cassidy’s film work interviews and podcasts exist on YouTube, Vimeo and elsewhere, there is one ( 1 ) topic that still reigns supreme.

The Secret Space Program topic whereunder a multitude of subjects such as a wide variety of alien beings exist, exoplanetary colonizations, implants, genetic manipulations, and interstellar spacecrafts have recently surfaced in-to a fevered pitch of controversies today.

My Voluntary Support For Project Camelot –

My recent ‘uncelebrated’ birthday ( now 67-years old ) was just as all my holidays have been for the past 12-years living on the streets as a handicapped foreign war veteran in America where for the past 6-years I have devoted my life as a volunteer researcher and reporter exclusively for the worldwide audience ( 63,000,000 + million people ) of Project Camelot.

Background Tightrope Walking –

Some, not all, of my volunteer work for Project Camelot goes beyond what audiences are aware of, and although I am not going to detail what I rarely perform in the background, please know I ‘do personally contribute other investigative support skillsets for its global mission for the sake of all humankind.

Research References –

THE RICHARD BALDWIN MURDER CASE: Points To Higher Grounds P1 & P2 by Paul Collin, investigator

I exercise my utmost best for everyone while trying to strive to perform even better, and please know that I truly realize how long that never-ending path is for all of us to live onward while performing the best for all living things beside us here on planet Earth.

Please Support My Volunteer Research Work For Project Camelot –

While struggling to even receive basic fundamental necessities of life, which rarely I do while living as I do on the streets for the past 11-years, I desperately need your financial support now.

PLEASE DONATE directly to my PayPal account ( click or tap – link below ):

Please know that whatever donation you can afford to help during my enterprising endeavors for Project Camelot is greatly appreciated by me for your support to help me reintegrate back to my volunteer work after having being hospitalized recently and just released.

I need money for fuel, blankets, laundry, food, medicine, and ancillary expenditures ( smartphone, vehicle insurance, basic vehicle maintenance ).

Remember fallen soldiers whom gave up their life for all of our freedoms. There are far-more battlefield hereos whom never returned to their homes.

Honor them. Happy Veterans Day.

Sincerely your’s

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( UPI Guy )

E-MAIL: [email protected]









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