On Oct 15, 2018, at 11:31 AM, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <[email protected]> wrote:
Hi Eddie,

I read your e-mail ( further below ), which jived ( in-part ) with the

following information I stumbled-across just yesterday evening (

immediately below ):


Now, are we looking at the aftermath of a “Hurricane,” “Weather

Weapon,” or ‘something else’?

Mainstream news media appears having been directed to focus on an area

of the ‘westcoast of Florida’ depicting ground-based widespread

structural damage claimed as somehow being the resultant aftermath of

“Hurricane Michael,” however as the aforementioned private YouTube

video displays only scientific data that quite clearly does ‘not

provide hurricane-force wind speeds’ indicative of a hurricane.

So, is what the public witnessing, across government-controlled

television broadcasts, ‘lies’? Or, are people being shown aftermath

destruction linked to an existing or new type of Directed Energy

Weapon ( DEW )?

Albeit, High-Energy ( H-E ) ‘laser’ or  a DEW Infrasonic Flocculator,

or HAARP Ionospheric Weather Weapon, is what people are being shown

actually ‘something else’ used to create the aftermath damage only

broadcasted as being from a ‘hurricane’?

Research References –

[ Only a few, of many, of my now-legacy reports ( immediately below ) ]










The latter 2011 report ( above ) now makes me wonder whether

government was purposely but surrepticiously seeding mainstream news

media ( MSN’s SLATE ) with such an then-odd broadcast that far back in

time. Was it to cover-up ‘Weather Weapons’, or far more?

Eddie, your e-mail caught my eye so, I wanted to share with you and

your’s what I discovered that may be worthy of further review.

Your e-mail speaks-of others having reported California area rocket

spectacle displays of SpaceX rockets and ‘other rockets’ having been

mistaken for UFOs ( or ‘NonReferenceables’ / ‘UnReferenceables’ ) so,

I explained earlier in great detail what ‘those specific types of

aerial displays’ actually are, within my report ( immediately below ):


My aforementioned report does ‘not’ explain-away UFOs but only ‘serves

to detail what causes those highly specific types of aerial light-show

displays worldwide’, which by no means only attributable to just

SpaceX rockets’ ( alone ) so, if one really wants to know more they

can easily read my report on ‘that particular issue’ ( alone ).

I, for one, am not new to looking up at many different types of

objects, cloud-like formations that appear and disappear within

1-minute, as well as a whole slew of many other mysteries to many I

report about. I am not new to ‘satellite outages’ either, as another

of my legacy websites report, here ( immediately below ):




Thank you for sharing with me as I have been doing – from my own

research providing documented references – for many decades with


Cordially your’s,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy at Project Camelot

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: projectcamelotportal.com/category/guest-blogs/unwanted-publicity-guy/




On 10/13/18, Eddie Page <[email protected]> wrote:

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From: Eddie Page <[email protected]>

Sent: Saturday, October 13, 2018 8:58:56 AM

To: [email protected]; [email protected]; Sherry Kay; Eddie Page

Subject: The final countdown…:o

  Much has been said this week that should have stayed in the closet,

funny, some never let old dogs lay, but I shall give the message as I have

always done in the past, and why should I change for others now? I wont and

some who are going to read this today, might pay close attention to what is

being presented, since I sent you a small wake up call this morning by

curtesy of my brothers, and myself. Tell me how you like that small 2.4, but

then that is only the small one, wait till the bigger one comes to your

doors, if there is a  door.

 I know that there are very few, wait a minute, only three as I know and

you are reading this, no names need to be mentioned, but you think this is

all non-sense? Well I have given so much to others these last few years and

never asked for anything in return, but then I also see the world as it

crumbles farther into the dark abyss, and soon you will not be able to climb

out of it, funny, you shall not be alone. But I have had a dream come true.

Down in Australia, meeting a real angel who is actually helping others for a

better world. Her name shall stay private, she doesn’t need to be bothered

with crap from others, but she is serving mankind and helping others to

prepare and be safe and sound. But we also have many here in this nation

that are doing things also. Oh, I have a hard time sometimes keeping names

hushed, and today I shall mention some names, but the very ones who will

read this, that are surely helping, may love and blessings be yours. But

what a concept idea, helping others instead spreading these ideas of fantasy

that I am going to share today.

 But it saddens me to think that someone says that I don’t know everything,

TRUEEEE? BUT…I know what I need to know and have I not given you the data

first hand, and to think many have seen the badgering or self assuring ideas

that I can be discredited? Others see this and inform me about it and ask

why? Not of me why, but for you why? Why are you ignoring the truth from

what is being shown and proven? Well, only those ones can answer that for

themselves. But even in Australia, many are watching and see these things as

everyone else. Yet, did I not address you again my dear sister in the email

2 days ago, and you have not answer me back yet, but in time, you will and

did I not also tell you, that I knew who you are? AAAH…funny how these

things that are so simple come back around full circle. But I wonder if they

might think this is still non-sense?

 So much B/S on the terrible hurricane that has literally destroyed the

panhandle of Florida. But then there are the few and unknowledge ones who

will still say that this was done by a hurricane weapon, and then the quakes

are being done to send waves out to create earthquakes, and I say it was the

Easter Bunny, he did it, lets all go out and take care of that Wasscally

Wabbit! But fear has reality, love does too. Which is what the dark ones

wish for others to hear and feel. But then, did I not say that Judgement has

been passed? Ah yes, I surely did. But to know that Face Book took my page

off line, but that is ok, I was not using it as I should be, they actually

did me a favor, but then some were reading and talking among themselves. You

can go to the real disclosure or true whistle blower page, Project Aquarius

Official and still talk there among yourselves. But for Face Book, well, you

reap what you sow, I hope they think about this, because the hammer of

judgement is to fall on them also.

 Since all this has taken place, the You Tube videos taken down, the lies

spread like a plague, I have received more emails now, Thursday alone, I had

418 messages from most of you, and some new ones. My lady friend who lives

in Michigan is sending me music videos again, thank you Karen, hope your

polish doesn’t run on your toes again, Funny stuff there. But these ones who

place this fake news like these so called weather weapons and ect, have no

knowledge of how the weather works or don’t wish to know. They are to busy

asking for donations to take care of their own short comings. That is to

include the very ones who think this is all non-sense. Well, how do they

like it now?

 And then Ray Wardle, dear old Ray, he is still alive and doing much better

as I am told. I also see that he still thinks of me today. Come on Miles

Johnston, you don’t have to be afraid of me, It wasn’t you that had the

visit, but I might if you wish. And to think that this was foretold with

non-sense as some would call it. But the proof was given to you and what

have you done in the mean time? But has anyone noticed that several

satellites have once again went down, damn it, I guess I got the codes all

wrong again. I cant help myself with the humor that others say and place in

the basket of data. Yes, the mars probes are down as we speak, the two

telescopes crafts, Chandra and Hubble are down as of October 6 and the 12th,

and more to follow, you heard it first here, well, maybe someone has started

noticing them and made a post. But I can say for sure that there are three

satellites that are not down, the Black Knights are doing grand. And we are

coming here in force as I have said, Lyrians, Pah’tahs, Avion’s, Cyrias, and

the Gai’zuh. Maybe this is why some wish to play ostrich, keeping their

heads stuck in the sand. They might now know this, But then, much of this

was told eons ago and man didn’t listen to well then, he is not paying

attention again, well I have spoken the truth, but then, they might think

this is non-sense?

 Mankind has a bleak future as I see it, and especially those who do not

know or care to know, but I see that many are asking all the correct

questions and I shall give you the exact and correct answers. You deserve

this as one. Why? Simply like my dear lady in Australia, to help those who

are asking. It is called humanity, not some form of deception as we have

seen first hand. Now, the word mentioned that a moon was destroyed in the

Orion belt, is not a true facts, but here is a fact. A neutron star did

explode a few weeks ago, called that of IPTF 14gqr. It was witnessed and

noted by Caltech University, it has been published in the Journal of Science

as I am told, I said, I have some very good people who work on projects for

me and our father. They don’t miss to much if any. But here is what has been

asked in the last 36 hours to me about this deadly hurricane…Why did it get

so strong so fast? The Gulf of Mexico’s water temperatures were at the time

around 86-88 degrees, and the warmer waters intensifies it to the strength

we saw. The upper winds were down and have moved southward, and that created

less wind shear, less wind shear comes stronger winds and power, a rapid

intensification as we saw. It took only 21.4 hours to become a cat 3 and

eventually a noted cat 4, and yet, we can safely say, it actually did make

it to cat 5 status for a brief moment as buys and satellites saw.

 But there are the videos that surely did do discredit to themselves by

saying it was not a hurricane, it was created by weather weapons, but again,

I explain it to you do I not, and then, if it is what the others people say

it is manmade, where is your evidence? No where because you cannot show it,

it doesn’t exist. I guess I shall get some flake for that remark. But I am a

scientist and I stick to the scientific data for the understanding, not what

someone on some You Tube is saying and never showing any way of legit proof.

I will still tell it like it is and show the evidence as it is, and you can

check me out to see if I am correct or not. Yes, it is true, I don’t know

everything, but what I do know is I can prove what I say. We will still be

waiting on the Andros Island information to come forward. It will be

interesting to see what is said on that subject, since it concerns this

Secret space Program. And what I have said in the past to these very ones I

am directing it toward, there is no inconsistencies in what I say, simply

that you have never looked into the facts as we have and know about, so it

might seem odd or strange to you. No harm there I say. I do love the

debating part though.

 Now back to space, the Russian space craft failure three days ago, what

happen there? There are things in space that humankind might not wish to see

at this time. Possibly why it failed, but there is more to come soon. We

also witnessed the Space X rocket reentry the other night over southern

California. But the buzz was they were UFO’s. Come on you guys in

California, learn the difference and you shall be years ahead of the fantasy

people and flat earthers. And you know that this is told to some it is all a

hologram, 3D effects curtesy by who ever. I have to keep a open mind about

these things if not, I would P/O a lot of people, but then, some look for

any excuse to slander others as we have seen first hand have we not? But

maybe it is time I do get serious here and say what been hidden or lied

about for a very long time. What I in store for mankind. Some might think

the non=sense factor is at play here. But it is the final countdown as I

have called it.

 Things are going to magnify greatly in coming months as that of storms,

quakes, volcanos, ocean rising, and winds increasing to record speeds,

warmer seas. Reasoning why is the pole shifts that are being noted, and the

wind/jet streams falling lower in the hemisphere. Society is going to break

down even more than what we see at this time. Energy shifts will come to

those who are good, and to those who are bad, be prepared as I have warned

you. What was once traditional times, are now headed toward the darken times

long past. And it is now time for me to head for that one hour meeting with

our Father.

 It was foretold and the time is now only days away. I will be gone for

sometime, but there are some who will take the reigns of knowledge and be

there for you, do not fear about asking those around you and be ware of the

ones who shall say nasty things about who ever, because we are watched. Stay

close to one another and know that I will return. Then most will be witness

to the extraction, and then the fine people in Vatican City, I shall pay a

visit to you also. And for all those George Soros fans, just think, I am

going to gather all of you also, we shall all witness the things you failed

to explain and the thing’s you were involved with, lets see here now, child

sex trafficking, slave rings, drug running, murders, thievery, stealing the

innocents of others, pedophilia, and causing much we see today that has

never helped anyone but yourselves.  I shall not wish for any explanations

from you, none needed, but you shall answer to the charges that the evidence

shows and knowest about. You might think that is nonsense also, but you

shall not think it once you see what is coming your way.

 The Prophecies are exact and fruitful to the letter. Most know this to be

a fact. I shall continue onward as I have said until the time come for me to

leave. I shall be gone for a short period, but once I return, the

extractions begin more than they are now. And those who wondered, wonder no

more, you shall see it first hand, wonder how that will work out for them? I

shall close for now, and much love to everyone this day. May the wisdom of

our Father be upon all of you and knowing that you are loved. I have been

called many names that are not true, like several others things said that

are not true, but then, I am who I say I am, and some are going to find out

the hard way that what I said, since I don’t know everything, will come to


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