On Aug 23, 2018, at 1:47 AM, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <[email protected]> wrote:

Thank you, Kerry,

Also, thank you for your recent report on Project Camelot with Eddie

Page’s responses.

As my earlier e-mail confessed my unfamiliarity with those involved

with the UFO community dating back to at-least 1993, upon reviewing

that 2008 video clip of what reported was a 1993 ( or so ) set of

circumstances – I was ‘totally unfamiliar with’ – it threw me for a

loop; so much so ( and to a point ) it left me wondering about alot.

Eddie’s response, you published, filled in a lot of blanks, while

unfortunately hiding my e-mail of August 17, 2018 to both he and you

he references in his private e-mail back to you but not me on August

22, 2018. Hence, what you published that he wrote was sqewed without

my e-mail he recently referenced. Hence, to be clear to your audience,

it might be important to update your recently published report along

with my response ( immediately below ) and my e-mail ( See Further

Below ) he pointedly referenced but curiously decided to claim what I

‘did not say’, which was somehow missed in publishing because what he

replied-to were two ( 2 ) of my e-mails – ‘not’ one ( 1 ).

No one likes being painted albeit inadvertently or not to appear

saying something they did not say nor imply to a party claiming such.

Hence, the ‘proof’ is in the pudding ( below ).

Eddie initially appeared to demonstrate a ‘willing openess’ and

came-across very forthright, which surprised me, and by my reading

between his lines of response made me immediately realize one ( 1 )


What took place around 1993 – 1995 was way beyond my scope of

knowledge. Hence, at this time I cannot knowledgeably speak so-as to

confirm or deny what ‘was’ or ‘is’ actually occurring in the video

tape I referenced he and others were mentioned as having

“interrogated” Ray Wardle who was involved in ghe UFO and Alien

Contactee / Abductee community at least aa far back as 1993, which I

found to contain some ‘historically significant events as having

occurred in the background and outside public purview’ so, being how

human nature is, while “enquiring minds want to know” ‘I needed to

know far more’, and here’s why ( below ):

I look at many individuals who catch my eye, especially those in

Alternative Media, just like William Miles Tompkins and others; ‘long

before Eddie Page’.

I research ‘individual claims’ to ascertain degrees of credulity or

not and why their claims appear as they are.

In addition to just the ‘data’ ( information content ) individual’s

publicly express, I also research if any factual accountings are being

mixed in-to fictional claims so-as to legitimaze ‘fiction’, and in

assessing levels of ‘public content deliveries’, I study

micromomentary facial expressions and behavioral ticks, which to

certain professionals trained in such remote observations, allow quite

a bit to be determined about people.

My research ‘does not rest until I can make an ‘unbiased and factual

decisions’ as-to facts regardless of covered ( clandestine ) positions

tradecrafted of ‘pretexts employed on any type of unsuspecting

audience’ ( unknowledgeables ).

Now, when I am wrong’, and there have been those rare occassions, I

‘do’ let such be revealed by my non-forced open apology just as soon

as ‘I’ realize it based on ‘facts’ and ‘not hearsay’.

If I ‘can not prove something is false’, I let it rest ‘until I become

even-more knowledgeable of ‘certain facts and fictions’ ( if any ) and

go on to explain what was revealed to me and how I latter came to

accept such as ‘factual’, and I might even elaborate by showing people

how I was misled away-from the truth. While many people absolutely can

not bring to bear such embarrassing moments on themself, which I call

while singing a part of the song “This Magic Moment” I ‘will always

tell the truth’ or apoligize myself to death because if you have no

integrity for people to rely upon, then I would have absolutely no

audience for the future. Hence, I am very carefull not to be found

‘wrong’ or ‘misspoken’ about whatever the subject-matter is.

If a person who either puts themself into a position of some authority

on one or more topics, or if someone has been inserted by alterior

motive direction, is ‘not being honest’ there are simple ways to

determine this, and I did ‘not detect any behavioral deception’ coming

from Eddie Page, however I ‘did notice other blatancies’ that gave

rise to me looking further in-to some areas of ‘content claims’, and I

openly mentioned what ‘I saw’, which has ‘never been proven incorrect’

so, I stand on that until proven ‘wrong’.

I will ‘not step out on a limb for anyone based on falsehoods’.

I ‘will step out and risk everything based on either truth or

falsehood by letting either be known far and wide just as soon as I

become aware of such being factually proven as evident according to

any given case situation.

If I have ‘nothing concrete’ ( black and white or color hardcopy ), I

will ‘not lie about any claims under any circumstances’ because the

importance of truthful public conveyances in ‘my personal

understanding’ is ‘always to be held in the highest regard’.

Eddie Page’s response surprised me enough to give me pause to

reconsider my ‘cursory only research’ regarding his claims, and I’m

hoping he will pull through with flying colors so, I ‘had not yet

closed my book on him’.

For strictly ‘personal reasons’ I decide whether to pursue cursory

research, set it aside, or kick it up a notch.

When do I ‘personally research an individual’s claims’?

Keep in-mind, I have ‘my own set of extremely frightening personal

experiences’, and here are a few ( immediately below ), which should

indicate what such a statement means to me so that others may be able

to better understand precisely where I’m coming from on this.

From two ( 2 ) up-close and personal experiences with black triangle

UFOs in 1971 and 2011, followed months later by an all out targeted

attack of ‘blinding white-light paralysis beam’ rendering me ‘total

paralyzed’ that struck me ‘unconscious’ to later discover an ‘implant

in my arm, plus two ( 2 ) prior paranormal experiences, I can safely

say that when any individual, especially anyone in Alternative Media,

comes along with certain claims on a ‘plethora of topics’ – ‘some’ of

which neighbor ‘my personal experiences and certain relative

professional working experiences’, “enquiring minds want to know” –

including ‘me’.

Performing ‘cursory-only research’ is entirely different than my

personally performing cursory-only research on any individual’s claims

such would have to echo around in caves of my own personal and or

professional work experiences, and when such triggers both arenas of

mine, yes I am going to closely and carefully review what information

is being claimed by ‘anyone’ so, my personal endeavors are being

professionally undertaken by me because of all of the aforementioned.

Please know, I am only in “discovery mode” and remain there until my

focus shifts otherwise or elsewhere and have never been intimidated

because of exercising my free-will as a human being to ‘research’ nor

do I imply threats, or send remotes of such.

I asked Eddie once if he would be so kind as-to provide ‘geological’

and / or ‘scientific’ only ‘research references’ to his claims, and I

further stated that as an ‘academic’ I would like to review ‘those’

“sources” he already openly named’ as-to “earthquakes” and “volcanoes”

and so, ‘I did not ask Eddie to reveal anything as to “his individual

human sources.” I mentioned to Eddie that not only academics but also

the public at-large would enjoy reviewing ‘research references’ as I

happen to believe in providing within my reports; a ‘good habit’ –

eliminating a lot of ‘hot air claims’.

With ‘absolutely no reply from Eddie’, I am now able to ‘clearly

identify the sum total of his response to you, according to your

report on August 2, 2018, entitled: “Eddie Page re Ray Wardle, CIA and

Disclosure” [ projectcamelotportal.com/2018/08/22/eddie-page-re-ray-wardle-and/

]. Hence, I am now better informed, as-to not only all of the

aforementioned, but hope this serves to unsquew any misunderstandings

that may have been perceived otherwise by anyone.

Research references are not only important for ‘academic review’,

especially if a “Whistleblower” is exposing official technical and

scientific data as a fraud or otherwise, and doesn’t one suppose that

such revelations be available for ‘public review’?

Unless ‘God comes down off His cloud’ and the global populace is

witnessesing the words of a ‘prophet’ – devine or otherwise – I ( for

one ) am a “doubting Thomas” until hands are put in-to the ‘wounds of

forbidden information’ we ( the ‘little people’ ) are somehow supposed

to be awakening to. Unless, the general public is to continue being

suppressed by information black-outs not only from the illustrious

government but by ‘Whistleblowers’ too.

Bottomline, “enquiring minds want to know,” unless they do not care;

the latter of whom fits the criteria of 90% of the global population.

I’m considered an “odd bird,” by my former Intelligence Community pees

when I was active, simply because I did not believe in endangering the

economics or minds of the innocent people of this world.

I broke-away from secret-keeping spooks by ‘personally researching

operations I was assigned-to’, and on the last five ( 5 ) occassions I

took that route of, I discovered I was being lied-to and put in

physical jeopardy as well as thousands of innocent people whom

succumbed to that ‘official secret treachery’ – they were led to

believe was ‘their fault’ – just for the sake of a ‘political game to

protect a crooked spy’ I knew nothing about. Innocent people lost

everything they worked decades for and to preserve; including, but not

limited to, their ‘life’ – suicides and homicides. THAT, is when I

drew my line in the sand and said, “Enough is enough. Never-ever

again, will I be a part of such official operations.

In late September 2007, one ( 1 ) U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (

C.I.A. ) Deputy Director told my foreign operations government handler

( a ‘federal agent’ who worked counterintelligence operations for

15-years ) that even though ‘I was the best human intelligence asset

they had ever seen extract global operational data details in

near-realtime’, the CIA Deputy Chief running “Squad Six” said, I was a

‘non-Team player’, and for ‘that reason’ I was banished and

simultaneously rendered unable to secure any employment or public

assistance. In-essence, I was rendered homeless on the streets, and

placed on the “No Fly List.” In intelligence parlance, what happened

to me was a “bloodless assassination.”

Because I ‘self-terminated operational involvement’, I wholeheartedly

left government foreign intelligence operations because I had a lot of

‘heart for innocent people’, and decidedly took a self-pledged oath to

never-ever stop my crusade to let people know the truth as best as I

can research to discover the facts and report it publicly.

And so, in April 2012 I communicated with Kerry Cassidy for the first

time about writing reports exclusively for the global populace on

Project Camelot, and I made that personal commitment as a ‘volunteer’

since that time.

Was I particular about where and who I was going to be ‘volunteering

my long days and nights’? You betcha! From over several other

Alternative Media broadcast platforms, I chose Kerry Cassidy’s because

I saw her ‘genuiness to get the word out to the global populace’, and

being a well-experienced professional and highly trained observer of

many people from all walks of life, one ( 1 ) primary thing that rang

through to me all the way down into my very essence, was her

‘genuineness’, and over the past 6-years I learned she could be

‘highly trusted’ with whatever I mentioned to her in confidence.

There have been rare occassions where I stepped-up to the plate to

better suss-out some things that ‘initially did not ring true with me’

so, ‘without her full knowledge’ I tool it upon myself to research

more detailed levels of information about a few claims that did not

initially set well with me. Why was such so important to me to do

that? Because, I happen to care an ‘lot’ about where and who I am

volunteering all my full time and attention.

I can safely say that beginning in 2013, there came an instance where

I did in-depth research, field work, and began considering the

arrangement of a full-blown ‘private intelligence operation’ involving

one ( 1 ) high-level military official who I had personally met and

who could beyond the shadow of any doubt quietly verify to me whether

what was conveyed by the Whistleblower of a certain “Project” was

‘true’ or ‘false’, but luckily I did not have to go that far to

discover the ‘truth’. I did, however, personally discover the ‘truth’

by performing intense field work.

And when I discovered the Whistleblower ‘was telling the truth’, I

called Kerry immediately and told her the details of my findings.

As a private person, I look into matters because of my devotion to

suss-out the truth. Everyone is entitled to their ‘opinions’, but when

my senses kick-in my tradcrafts, even professionals can be assured of

my reeling in enough facts to determine truth, half-truths, or

deception, especially when information ( one way or the other ) comes

to the attention of mass public audiences. I believe the scope of the

Project Camelot audience to be ‘factually counted by technical means’

numbering greater than 23,000,000 million people so, ‘yes’ I am

personally protective over far more than this, and I am personally

dedicated to supporting ‘excellent quality information for public


Eddie Page became a question mark for ‘me’, and if what he was

claiming was unimportant, I would have dismissed him as just another

hot-air jabberwocky; but, I did ‘not’. Without telling Kerry or Eddie,

I privately began looking closer in-to his claims because they echoed

in-to my caves of personal knowledgeability that fascinated me, plus

the fact I knew my professional tradecrafts over the past 42-years

could successfully navigate my research fairly well in ‘certain

arenas’ Eddie decidedly began to publicly reveal quite openly; and, I

thought about ‘that’ type of child-like openess – rarely seen

demonstrated by adults. So, initial research turned-up the usual

source suspects of controversy on messageboards, and on one ( 1 )

gleaned something that caught my eye so, I began looking closer.

Shortly after expressing my concerns so-as to discover more, I learned

Eddie had been involved, shortly after his military service, with

making the rounds of the UFO afficianado circuit by performing his own

lectures to audiences so, Eddie has been around for decades doing his

claims, but why hadn’t ‘I’ ever heard of him? I mean, I was watching

Bob Lazar who had seen the aerial craft misspelled as the so-called

“TR3B” when in all actuality it was a U.S. government “Unmanned Aerial

Vehicle” actually known as the “Tier III B.”

So, how did Eddie escape my attention, since 1990 when I became an

afficianado of Coast To Coast AM radio as an avid listener of the

now-late ‘Art Bell’ doing his nightly broadcast interviews until the

break of dawn?

Well, recently, I came across a 2008 video upload on-to YouTube. The

video was one ( 1 ) of several ‘private film footages’ claiming to be

circa 1993 and 1994, and mentioned “Eddie Page” and others. Hence, my

interest for further cursory research to try and determine where Eddie

had fit in-to the UFO community. Was there something untoward about my

behavior to want to know more?

After reviewing Miles Johnston interview Ray Wardle – the latter of

whose name I inadvertently misspelled in a previous communications

with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot – and witnessing the ‘odd

physical behavior’ of the interviewee, I was still left perplexed

as-to whether that video taped interview was a ‘deprogramming

session’, ‘hyponosis’, or ‘truth serum’ event where Ray Wardle claimed

he was interviewed earlier by “Eddie Page” who Wardle claimed was a

C.I.A. alien hybrid and Dr. Jiles Hamilton who I later personally

learned has a unique interest in futureshock ( so-to-speak ) of the

human brain, or has a relative named “Dr. Jiles Hamilton-Fletcher” who

carries on with such. There were other individuals mentioned. In order

to get a better sense of what was occurring in that video, I began

looking further in order to suss-out ‘who all these individual

characters were’, ‘why they were interlaced’, and ‘for what purposes’;

the latter being self-evident because of the myriad of

“interrogations” – as was being claimed, ‘not’ “interviews.” Hence, if

these video taped sessions were “interrogations,” and ‘not’

“interviews,” then I wanted to first know:

1. “Were those, whom were being “interrogated,” actually ‘victims’ of

a ‘drug-induced hypnosis’ to determine ‘their truthfulness’ as-to

‘alien being’ or ‘alien-human hybrid’ exposures interalia “Close

Encounters of the Third Kind” ( “Alient Contactees” )?” or,

2. “Was this video part of a controlled intelligence operation record,

debriefing previously government brainwashed people, inducted into the

UFO community’, either by the U.S. or British government ( or, some

other government ), for clandestine purposes to ‘program sections of a

population’s behavior’ to ‘react a certain way’ after being programmed

through a government-embedded ‘Manchurian Candidate’ like ‘oration

stimulus’ delivered at certain UFO lectures or conferences?” or,

3. “Was this video a partial evidentiary record of a ‘privately

operated government’ to program or deprogram those victims mentioned

in Item #2.?”( immediately above ).

One of my previous tradecrafts was “Indoctrinations To Interrogations”

as a former C.I.A. attache ( myself ) so, my interest was picqued; to

say the ‘least’.

I am an academic who’s knowledgeable in a variety of

intelligence-relateds officially began when I was only 20-years old in

1971 so, over a period of about 42-years, I might know at-least

‘something’ about nternational intelligence and counterintelligence

operations of America, Russia and China.

I have a strong background working at government contracted defense

research and development facilities, only some of which is listed on

my LinkedIn.Com page, here:


I do what’s best ‘for people’ and support those whose ‘works’ support

“Disclosure” ‘for the people’.

My professional philosophy in communicating is: “Don’t snow me, ‘show’

me!” And, “Don’t talk-around” a subject unless you can ‘openly be

forthcoming for increasing people’s knowledgeability’.

If you cannot adhere to claims of helping better increase awareness by

awakening people to the truth by ‘providing verifiable research

references’ so people who want to learn more about where a

Whistleblower’s claims are well-founded, then why waste the public’s

time and energy via ‘fear-porn’ with ‘no facts’.

Either a Whistleblower is ‘genuine’ or not where proof lies in the

pudding they feed.

If a Whistleblower paints theirself into the humble but defined

position as a 21st century “prophet’, then ‘they’ had better work more

miracles than loosely stiched-together claims.

I could be wrong but that’s just my opinion based on experience, and

while I do ‘not know everything’, I ‘do have standards for publicly


Today, I’m only a researcher who publicly reports observations based

on truth, I ‘can prove’.

The question, is: “How important to the world are ‘my personal

experiences’?”  In a word, “Zero ( 0 )” only because I have very

little to no proof of my claims. Hence, I do ‘not’ go on and on by

focusing audiences about those types of personal experiences. If I

‘did’ I would not be crediting my audience as anything more than that

of easily led sheep.

Now, how important are my research reports when I provide my audience

with ‘research references’? Well, on a scale of 1 to 10, at-least a

‘1’. Without anything credible it would instantly drop to ‘0’.

I am neither a prophet or journalist, and leave their jobs up to them.

In biblical terms, God came down in a cloud. Where we herald from is

of no real importance unless we can prove it.

Today, society wants ‘proof’. And, do you know ‘why’ they want

something more than ‘hot air’?

People have been lied to by inaccurate programming since birth, and on

their approach to high school they learned Santa Claus was a ‘lie’ and

babies were not delivered by storks. And, by the time powers of

studies, observations and analysis really kicked-in, people discovered

even-more lies meted-out by ‘officials’ whom people – from high school

to the military – were indoctrinated to ‘trust’.

It isn’t until a case situation occurs close to you or upon you that

you realize all you’ve heard from authorities, from ‘parents’ or

‘official guardians’ to the “Citizen’s Official Protectors” were ‘not

programmed accurately’, and the sad but factual truth of matters are,

neither were ‘we’.

I, as have most all people, traversed across life experiencing that

rude but awakening learning curve.

The 4-hour + length ‘video tape’ entitled, “The Alien Interview” and

its ‘book’, are quite fascinating to review. Many struggle digesting

and / or rejecting it; the latter, primarily based on early childhood

programming as-to a “Supreme Being” – over the Earth and heaven above.

There is “The Mars Project” I initially had a particularly difficult

time trying to swallow what a Whistleblower was claiming until I did

my in-field research making ‘my jaw’ drop in amazement only upon my

independent discovery of certain secrets I personally verified

first-hand so, to ‘me’ – knowing what I now know – ‘that Whistleblower

was absolutely truthful about a certain El Segundo facility (

formerly, The Hughes Building ) being equipped with what he claimed’,

and only ‘that much’ I was very successful at verifying. And, had I

climbed into that “jump-room” and travelled to “Mars,” I would have

found a way to verify ‘that’ so, I could ‘not verify that portion of

that Whistleblower’s additional claims so, I stopped because an awful

lot of my time and energy was already expended; and, for ‘what’? To

tell the world that one ( 1 ) thing the Whistleblower claimed was

actually ‘true’? Who was supporting me so, I could continue? No one. I

was already in the midst of cracking a foreign case of a Whistleblower

fraudster who clipped a grandmother for a 6-digit amount of money.

She, was a ‘believer’ who trusted a man of many claims that the U.S.

government supported because he was a government-embedded

international fraudster, and it is those types of individuals I go

after to publicly expose. And, consequently, the U.S. government hates

what I do. That’s only the government’s hard luck. When government

operations injure 6,000 people, and I discover what happened, who the

victims were, and what injuries befell them, I ‘am’ going to

Whistleblow. That is ‘me’, not ‘them’, and it’s just too bad that

there exists the “Us versus Them mentality,” but those are the

hard-core facts of life I’ve dealt with for over 42-years.

Does that mean Eddie Page is somehow a ‘bad guy’? Well, gee, I really

do ‘not know’ so, I cannot nor will I say anything about him; unless,

I discover otherwise – there ‘is’ a “highly-trusted” of mine that

thinks he’s “the real deal.” Hence, I am ‘not writing this to

disparrage him’ but rather to represent what I represented to him,

i.e. openly share research references publicly for credulity of

at-least your seismic anomaly claim hat a large area of California

land is ‘sinking’, rather than the more well-known geological anomaly

that has geologists, the U.S. Geological Survey ( USGS ), and other

seismic engineers, scientists and physicists baffled in that mystery;

all of whom say the land is ‘rising’ like a ‘rift zone’ that pushes

‘up’ and creates tremendous magnitude seismic disturbances (

earthquakes ). See, e.g. 1800s era, Reelfoot River Rift, in Mid-West

America, making church bells ring as far away as Washington D.C.,

Philadelphia and elsewhere.

I could be wrong, but does anyone think general public audiences

should be given more ‘detailed facts’ than airy claims?

If a futurist, time traveller, or prophet claims something dramatic

creating Noah’s Ark syndrome, or the ‘Chicken Little syndrome’

believing that somehow the ‘sky is falling’, even the prophet Jesus

performed what appeared to be miracles for masses of people more than

2,000 years ago. Does anyone think for one moment that masses of

people are somehow more tolerent and willing to stand waiting for a

sky-fall event? Okay, color me as “doubting Thomas” but ‘please

provide research references’; unless of course a devine prophet is

guiding such claims.

I’m weighing-in to say, I ‘am continuing a cursory review of certain

claims’, and cannot afford to devote my full time and attention on

Eddie Page or anyone else for that matter only because I am amidst an

unrelated research project I have been struggling with to complete for

a few months now and must get another 1 or 2 segments completed before

I can move on to a plethora of other research projects laid to rest in

my ‘tommorrow files’.

Eyeing claims suspiciously is wise so, why not let public buyers of

information beware when ‘geological sinking’ is supposedly afoot.

If the government is inaccurately assessing information or sqewing

data and then putting out public falsehoods where is ‘that proof’ and

why aren’t officials being called up on their cuffs about certain


Didn’t mainstream media broadcasts predict, Hillary Clinton as

America’s new President? It did such a convincing act that a major

American publication was forced to redesign a ‘different public

headline’ that held-up its public print media away-from distribution


Well, that’s how ‘I’ see matters being publicly fed out-of any type of

media broadcast platform ‘with proof’ or ‘with no proof’.

Kerry’s website exhibits a disclaimer, which was designed to be

understood quite clearly so-as to avoid any question in the minds of

Project Camelot’s audience, a defacto letter of her ‘intent of

production’ addressing her audience to make their own assessment of

claims made.

Thank you for allowing my response to be reported.





– –

Re: FW: California Data-New   Cassidy Kerry Camelot  Page Eddie Wolfe

From: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence<[email protected]

Date: Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 2:50 PM

To: Eddie Page <[email protected]>

Bcc: Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]>

Hello, Eddie,

Your e-mail announcement ( further below ) presents notions of

California land mass “sinking” interalua “slipping,” which appears to

contradict the “North American Anomaly” so, I have submitted an

excerpt of my Project Camelot report ( immediately.below ) for review.

Would you be so kind as to provide your ‘research reference official

webpage links’ for further documentation to assist in reviewing the

scientific foundationals of those professionals your e-mail names and

goes on-to claim.

Such precise links would be more helpful to not only other interested

academics; such as myself – as well as the public at large.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to reply.




– – –

SOURCE: Project Camelot ( website )

SECTION: Guest Blogs

North American Anomaly

by, Paul Collin ( The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy )

June 24, 2014 10:42:22 ( PST )

LOS ANGELES – June 24, 2014 – Upon the conclusion of this Three ( 3 )

Part report, you’ll realize why I topped the ‘primary title’ adding

three ( 3 ) different ‘subtitles’, which were rather difficult to

select from; rather than simply naming them: 1. “Surf City USA” 2.

“What Does It All Mean” 3. “The Snowden Assignment.” Filled with

“secrets” I can assure everyone, but, then again, are not ‘secrets’

simply “information” the greater majority of people have yet to

figure-out without being handed the ‘key’ to unlocking a government

puzzle palace?


Time is shrinking faster than you may be realizing.

Nearing the conclusion of my research ( a few short weeks ago ) I

‘immediately spit-out my coffee’ when I heard Russia’s President Putin

( amidst his speaking on the subject of U.S. government foreign

involvement with Ukraine ) when he sharply quipped:

“The United States should tend to its domestic affairs where ‘we (

Asia ) are not amidst’ a ‘geographically unstable region’.”

Seeking answers for what ‘he [ Putin ] meant’ by “geographically

unstable,” Russian Federation ( RF ) President Putin sharply replied:

“Ask the American President [ Barack Obama ],” and then Putin looked away.

That, was when my mouth sprayed coffee all over my news screen.

Later, U.S. government-embedded mainstream news media broadcasted:

“Putin was only whimsically referring to seismic swarms of earthquakes

near Yellowstone National Park.”

Wrong, way wrong!

Putin was actually referring to what prompted two ( 2 ) Russia

military aircraft to escort two ( 2 ) other Russian aircraft where one

( 1 ) plane remained orbiting ( as a aerial data satellite relay

station ) for the ‘other Russia aircraft’ missioned to fly ( within

50-miles offshore the State of California coastal 3-mile limit )

carrying ’emerging technology’ ( presumably, from: China )

component-laden air-to-ground deep thermal radar mapping imaging

sensor system to specifically measure America’s global economy driver

state’s ( “California’s” ) outer rim’ where the “North American Bulge”

provides ‘magnetic activity heat signatures’ beginning ‘inland’; at

approximately Barstow, California.

The U.S. government military ‘publicized response’ came, belting out

from a swashbuckling military general ( missioned in “Alaska” )

telling American news that the June 4, 2014 “four ( 4 ) Russia

military aircraft presence near California” was nothing more than

Russia leadership saber rattling a “bomb test run,” the likes of which

he never saw happen even amidst the Cold War, and that ‘this’ was only

in-response to U.S. ( earlier ) involvement with Ukraine national

stability problematic affairs.

Around October 2013, 9-months ago, Cal-Tech Seismological Laboratory –

at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ( JPL – Pasadena, California )

notified southern California residents over one ( 1 ) single AM radio

frequency band news channel ( “KNX” ) broadcasting the U.S. federal

government ‘official announcement’, that its:

U.S. westcoast regional earthquake center for years’ issued previous

public reports based upon “faulty computer modelling software”

‘reporting inaccurate information to seismologists specifically

regarding ‘Alaska earthquake tsunami potential impacts’ by North

Pacific Ocean tsunami directions to all up and down North America’s

westcoast; specifically “Southern California.”

California Institute of Technology ( Cal-Tech ) Seismology Lab

spokeswoman [ Lucy Jones ] ( from behind dainty horn-rimmed spectacles

supporting a wonderfully short haircut ) apologized ( on behalf of the

U.S. government ) softly cooing:

“Well, we were wrong. There ‘is’ a strong-likelihood that should-ever

a 9.1 ( the word “magnitude” was ‘left-out’ of her cooing ! )

earthquake come along in Alaska, that such could easily create a

‘tsunami’ where ‘our ( the word “California’ was also dropped too! )

northwest facing coastal territories’ would be impacted by flooding,

and so that’s why the signs were put up along the beaches.”

That soft helpful tone of what initially sounded like the kind-hearted

government girl’s [ Lucy Jones’ ] voice, that Southern Californians

have grown old ( now, ‘decades older’ ) and familiar with, which ( by

the way ) almost put me to sleep with her news statement – except for

the first ( 1st ) little thing almost slipped right past me, which

woke me up real fast and made me want to scream into my receiver:

“You sly government girl [ Lucy Jones ( of Cal-Tech ) ] ! Pretty

clever government approach too, but by ‘recalling the actual design of

just how geography really is’ versus ‘what most of us see on a flat

map’, hard-core factual awakening, sees:

The ‘vast majority’ of the ‘entire North American west coast’ is

“northwest-facing” ( not just all of Southern California too ! ),

which actually is in a direct line with the “Aleutian Islands” ( that,

she ‘never bothered mentioning’ either! ) ‘chain’ included with the

State of Alaska ( per-se ). Ah-ha!”

“Ah-Ha!” Moments Continue

Cal-Tech Seismological Lab spokesperson [ Lucy Jones ] additionally

‘confessed’ by ‘revealing even-more shocking revelations’ ( September

2013 – References Below ) weakly pointing to, were:

‘Politically oriented late justifications’ for State of California

‘pride’, heralding in the fact of ‘considerable labor’ having been

applied for the sake of “Public Safety,” but only with one ( 1 ) small


The designing, manufacturing, painting, drilling, installing of all

materials purchased plus ‘transportation’, ‘fuel’ and ‘other ancillary

expenses’ ( like Program plus Project directors, assistant directors

plus Staff and ‘office supplies’ plus ‘telephones’ and ‘government

cars issued’ ) so the entire U.S. westcoast would be able to just

‘quite simply’ “see” ‘tens of thousands of holes drilled plus concrete

poured as “signs” were planted ‘squarely to the ground’ issued, was

the government’s ‘only’ ‘Early Warning’ proclamation; like recalling

something out-of the 1960s that perhaps even Rod Serling ( now

late-host of the American television series “Twilight Zone” ) might

have ‘off-stage’ quipped:

“But, what’s ‘this’; up-ahead – in-the-road?! Why, there’s a ‘sign’,

that reads: “The Tsunami Zone!”

While well-grounded ‘signs’ appeared ‘straight talk’ ( along ‘southern

California beaches ), unfortunately the ‘vast majority of beach-going

residents’ were ( as ’usual’ ) ‘not paying attention to ‘standard text

signs’ before entering any ‘beach’ … makes a person want to turn on

and crank up some ’60s era music … “Signs, signs, everywhere a sign,

blocking up the scenery … – and, ‘yes’, definitely – … blowing ‘their’

minds’, somehow came to justify ‘this all’ having ‘actually been

accomplished’ during the ‘previous year or two’ ( 2011 – 2012 ) when

‘no information was publicly broadcasted’ but instead ‘kept secret’

until ‘late’ the ‘following year’ ( September 2013 ) when Cal-Tech

Labs made their debut announcement [ as aforementioned ].

Astroparticles Excite Earth Core Magmatic High Field Strength Element

( Niobium ) Magnetics Through Volcanic Lava Tubes Upsetting ‘Shakers

Into Wave Makers’

Southern California ( and along the entire westcoast of North America

) may now have a serious problems coming in ‘waves’ if ‘recent swarms

of very powerful earthquakes in Alaska’ [ Aleutian Islands area ] do

‘not settle down’ ( here ):

– Little Sitkin Island, Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands ( Aleutian

Spiral ), Alaska, USA; and,

– Kiska Volcano ( under the Bering Sea – just west of Attu Island and

Little Sitkin Island ).

North America may indeed have a problem because throughout yesterday (

July 23. 2014 ) afternoon, into that evening ( as I write: 9:00 p.m.

PST ), and now ‘again’ “today” ( July 24, 2014 ) swarms of

significantly strong earthquakes ( ‘all epicenters’ registering

approximately 70-miles beneath the surface of the Bering Sea and Kiska

Sea seafloor where this is still ongoing very repetitively even

throughout June 26th and 27th ( today ).

In-lieu of the aforementioned combined research facts, a few more

self-evident ‘U.S. government mysterious activity nationwide’ become

much clearer, now:

… More …


Reference –


Research –


Research ( Other )

Circa: 2017:

Heating, Weakening And Shear Localization In Earthquake Rupture

by, J.R. Rice ( Author information: 1.: School of Engineering and

Applied Science, Harvard University ( Cambridge, MA, USA ) E-MAIL:

[email protected] AND, 2.: Department of Earth and Planetary

Science, Harvard University ( Cambridge, MA, USA ).

“… This paper addresses how frictional heating in rapid slip weakens

faults dramatically, relative to their static frictional strength, and

promotes such intense localization.

Pronounced weakening occurs even on dry rock-on-rock surfaces, due to

flash heating effects, at slip rates above approximately 0.1 m s-1 (

earthquake slip rates are typically of the order of 1 m s-1 ).

But weakening in rapid shear is also predicted theoretically in thick

fault gouge in the presence of fluids ( whether native ground fluids

or volatiles such as H2O or CO2 released by thermal decomposition

reactions ), and the predicted localizations are compatible with such

narrow shear zones as have been observed.

The underlying concepts show how fault zone materials with high static

friction coefficients, approximately 0.6-0.8, can undergo strongly

localized shear at effective dynamic friction coefficients of the

order of 0.1, thus fitting observational constraints, e.g. of

earthquakes producing negligible surface heat outflow and, for shallow

events, only rarely creating extensive melt.

The results to be summarized include those of collaborative research

published with Nicolas Brantut ( University College London ), Eric

Dunham (Leiland Stanford University ), Nadia Lapusta ( Cal-Tech ),

Hiroyuki Noda (JAMSTEC, Japan), John D. Platt ( Carnegie Institution

for Science, now at * gramLabs ), Alan Rempel ( Oregon State

University ) and John W. Rudnicki ( Northwestern University ).

This article is part of the themed issue ‘Faulting, friction and

weakening: from slow to fast motion’.”



– – – –

Thank you.

Submitted for review and commentary by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy at Project Camelot )

E-MAIL: [email protected]

WWW: projectcamelotportal.com/category/guest-blogs/unwanted-publicity-guy/




– –

On 8/22/18, Kerry Cassidy <[email protected]> wrote:

I have now published your email and Eddie’s reply:




Take a look,


On Aug 20, 2018, at 7:07 PM, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence

<[email protected]> wrote:

Hi Kerry,

Okay, sorry for the ‘incomplete e-mail’ I just sent you a few minutes

ago; pushed the ‘Send’ button instead of ‘Save’ button. DOH ! ?

The 1993 interview is terribly weird insofaras complexities

vascillating between activities occuring at a now-legacy ‘UFO meet-up

/ conference’ involving certain cliques / groups’ with a curious

assortment of ‘individual character influences’ bordering around the

‘alien contactee movement’ along with subtle exhibitions of what

appears to be scatterings of ‘cult-like overtones’ too.

The video bounces around a lot so, it takes a while to comprehend what

is occurring, and this adds to a lot of confusion upon review.

I would venture to say that to most people, the video appears to be of

little value, however since I have somewhat the patience of the

biblical character of Job, I stuck to it so, I might be able to better

access whether there was any worthwhile information I might be able to


At about 00:00:24 minutes into the aforementioned subject video (

further below ), the names “Eddie Page” and “Jiles Hamilton” are

mentioned by the interviewee named “Ray Wadle” who appears to be in

some trance-like state while apparently being interviewed by “Miles

Johnston” – a fellow I recall being mentioned in a Project Camelot

video(s) so, my ears perked-up – ‘again’.

I’m not ‘that’ well-versed on all the characters within the UFO, UFO

Experiencers, Alien Contactee Movement groups so, I do not have the

familiarity you do because of your interviews since about 1999 or so

in those arenas plus many more. Hence, it took me a while to try and

sort-out who’s who, etcetra within the subject video.

My two ( 2 ) SMS texts, sent to you earlier this Monday evening (

below ) is evidence of my unfamiliarity plus the fact of my confusion


– –

20AUG18 / 5:22 p.m.

TO: Kerry Cassidy

UPI GUY: Hi Kerry, We’re you aware of connections between Jiles

Hamilton and Eddie Page back in 1993 according to Miles Johnston

claiming Eddie was of Irish descent and a U.S. government agent

connected to MJ-12 that Miles further claimed was “never formed” but

rather a government ‘concocted’ disinformation ruse? I’m still amidst

reviewing a 1993 video tape. Interested? Or, were you aware?

20AUG18 / 5:58 p.m.

TO: Kerry Cassidy

Okay, I learned a little more foundational for this 1993 video tape

I’m still reviewing. Apparently, Miles Johnstone is interviewing this

fellow named Ray Wadle ( wife’s name is Mona Wadle ), and it is Ray

Wadle who claimed that Dr. Jiles Hamilton and Eddie Page had

interrogated him ( Wadle ). Further, that according to Wadle, Eddie

Page works for Uncle Sam. Too, that the ‘name’ “MJ-12” was a ‘made-up

name’ ( code name ) for an organization consisting of far more than

just “12” people, but ‘that organization’ is a ‘privately organized’

“government” ( unto itself ). In essence, apparently this ‘MJ-12’ is

like the “secret parallel government” former USMC colonel Oliver North

referred-to during his Iran-Contra hearing testimony. Weird very long

interview. Scary too!

– –

This is that video:


Sorry to have disturbed you, Kerry.

Keep up the good work!






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