The following notes are an addendum to the previous report linked here:

Update:  The ‘photo’ was key to transitioning from ORMAT geothermal turbines, using NoKo REE, to ORMAT’s VIRIDITY doing battery deals with China. The point of my mentioning Tesla’s Model 3 electric vehicle, was the same for Viridity doing EV batteries with China for China’s already cornering the global market for Electric Vehicles. Information, just released ‘yesterday’ shows TESLA moved its Model 3 EV to be Made in CHINA so, I was spot-on weeks beforehand with that report ‘Update’; see date written! ?

You just did a wonderful job of showing how I’m moving from Hawaii volcano issues where I picked-up ORMAT to ORMAT dumping its geothermal facilities because its ‘insurance’ was dumped, which saw ORMAT’s continuing its NoKo REE products from China, sparking acquisition of VIRIDITY into the REE “ultrapures” used within EV batteries ALL being made out-of NoKo REE in China. AND, Elon Musk (rocket and ‘alien believer’ man) taking his Tesla Model 3 EV into China for NoKo REE ‘ultrapure’ “graphene” batteries. We’re showing the history of progression of NoKo REE from geothermal forward now to EVs, with it leading to usages in new types of “spacecraft” very soon … ☺ Thank you, Kerry. Perfect!

Begin forwarded message:
From: Unwanted Publicity Intelligence <[email protected]>
Subject: UPi Report & Prefaces
Date: July 24, 2018 at 9:07:07 AM PDT


Hi Kerry,

DPRK ( North Korea ) is now dismantling abother key missile test site;

3-hrs. ago – big win for America. Specifically, DPRK is additionally

‘dismantling key parts’ of its “Sohae Satellite Launching Station.”

North Korea has kept its direct promise to Trump, demonstrating, for

perhaps the first time, a ‘real willingness to scale back the key

parts of its missile system’ that could have brought about a major war

with US. Important to understand, is: the ‘real motivation’ behind

this DPRK-US detente – DPRK needs US cooperation in depressurizing

border volcano ( Mt. Paektu ) where China is mining-out REE ‘oxides’

necessary for advanced defense products of U.S. where ORMAT affiliate

facility ‘turbine components’ ( also used by  Westinghouse, General

Electric, et. al. ) in a “legitimate mass exchange program” with China

where ORMAT’s newly acquired brainchild ( VIRIDITY SOLUTIONS ) is

cutting deals for REE ( ‘ultra-pure graphene oxide’ ) placed within

“superconductors” that will supercede any TESLA “battery” technology

for their “Model 3” vehicles. China is already far ahead of U.S. tech

companies for ‘Electric Vehicles’. ORMAT’s VIRIDITY, via RAMOT ( Tel

Aviv University ) R&D studies, are engaging China with key-critical

REE oxides for U.S. defense too. The U.S. has the only ‘satellite tech

capabilities’ and ‘drilling tech equipment’ to relieve Mt. Paektu from

erupting and killing 1,800,000 people while simultaneously curtailing

emerging defense products from DPRK mined REE oxides. It is the single

most secret joint cooperative operation underway, that the rest of

populations know nothing about.

Research References –

– Graphene SuperCapicator over batteries:

ORMAT / VIRIDITY / RAMOT ( Tel Aviv University ):

– Silicon batteries:

– –

The aforementioned can either be part of an Introduction or add-on

Preface for my report ( Segment 1 ), which I attached in my e-mail to

you yesterday. I have also, attached it along with photos again (

hereto this e-mail ) today.

I have a tiny smartphone that does not allow me the luxury of

assembling my often-times complex and lengthy reports, for which I

definitively do apologize for submitting.

Too, because my report complexities cover a variety of facets thereto,

I am limited by this ‘tiny smartphone screen’ from being able to

assemble a ‘report image collage’, which everyone might enjoy. Hence,

I am unfortunately only able to send you piece-meal submissions.

As you, and some people know, I am homeless and provide voluntary

research and reports out-of my vehicle while eating out of ru bish

bins because I do not qualify for public assistan e.

What I need to produce ‘far better research

and  report content’ – from my vehicle – is a specially installed

‘heavy-duty rechargeable battery system’ for my day and night 18-hours

of volunteer work exclusively for Project Camelot audiences.

The cost of such a system installed ( parts, components, marine-grade

battery, plus labor ) is just under $1,000 U.S. dollars.

My volunteer work I place ‘first’ ( 1st ) and forenost, and myself

only second ( 2nd ) because as far as I am concerned ‘other people

come first’ because ‘my purpose in life’ is to ‘serve others’ where I

base that upon my talents of perception I have been blessed with

learning and exercising for now over 50-years.

If you know of anyone, or if someone else can assist in donating for

this improved system to be installed for aiding my volunteer effort (

now, for the past 6-years ) to produce ‘greater information, ‘better

clarity’, and open a new door to my ‘video reports’ I can simjlcast

with my ‘written research reports ( exclusively for Project Camelot

audience reviews’ ) this would help to grow even greater

knowledgeability worldwide..

People can now donate directly to me for this cause:

Thank you, Kerry.

[ See Attachments ]






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