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Note:  (He is researching the volcanic eruption in Hawaii, and situation in North Korea– please help!)–Kerry

I genuinely appreciate assistance, and only ask for help when I am in dire need.  (SEE BELOW)


From the standpoint of U.S. National Security, not enough focus is on the volcano in North Korea ( DPRK ) at the border with China is amidst the area where many Rare Earth Element mineral mines are located.

Because U.S. defense high-tech products utilize these REE minerals from North Korea sold and manufactured by China to U.S. defense contractor specifications, it appears obvious that North Korea needs help because of their geographic money-maker becoming more and moreunstable where 1,600,000 people are inhabited.

China as well has an economic interest stake in REE too.

It comes as no surprise to me as-to the ‘urgency’ we see North Korea capitulation exercises racing toward the West.

Furthermore, the fact that the very recent U.S.C.I.A. director Pompeo, now as U.S. Secretary of State, attended secret meetings with DPRK Supreme Leader Kim Jung Un ‘when Pompeo was still Director of Central Intelligence. Indicative, is the fact that U.S. satellite ground-penetrating radar mapping reconnaissance imagery foretells underground magmatic event occurrence predictives.

U.S. satellites peer ‘inside at Earth’s Sun’ to determine heliospheric activities as molten continents rise to the solar surface, where and when ‘sun spots’ are going to appear, Coronal Mass Ejections (CME )of highly excited electron plasma discharges threatening life on Earth plus far more so, it is not beyond any realm of the imagination that America cannot look at what’s going on under North Korea.

Informing North Korea they are about to lose an economic natural resource attributable to subduction occuring within a predictable natural volcanic event can be used as a mutually beneficial unifying bond with America.

China trade would agree insofaras Rare Earth Element ( REE ) mineral product is concerned, such American government predictive intelligence resources if used in negotiations properly, an end to the Korea Peninsula nuclearization path can be outweighed for economic prosperity of North Korea.

North Korea possesses one of the world’s most incredibly active
geological movement because of where it is uniquely positioned, and the existence of REE minerals numerically proves North Korea as the world’s supermarket for products made from it more-so than any other nation on Earth.

China’s economic stake in North Korea REE mineral products is more than just for ‘lithium’, used in China’s advaned electric vehicle’s program, but also for advanced and emerging technological products derived from combining certain Rare Earth Element minerals and oxides for super materials Americans consider extraterrestrial in nature leading
to new wonderous revelations.

Is there a race of beings behind releasing these secret REE
combinatoric mineral formulas?

The answer to that question and much more is what I have been researching now for over 60-days, and signs of such evidence appears closer to reality than not so, I am hot on this trail.

I need money for establishing an extremely modest base of operations room for rent near Tucson, Arizona.

Any financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.


The stress of living homeless, ages people 4-years to every 1-year
living on the streets so, although I am 66-years old, being homeless
for 11-years now has me calculated at an age-total of 110-years old.
Unless a person has lived, as I have, homeless for more than a decade
most people cannot imagine the inhumane treatment, fear, illness, and
ridicule meted out by so many whom misunderstand this plight.

Now, while my brain and nervous system stress, along with my
neuropathy in both hands, trocanteric bursitis in both hips forcing me
to walk on a cane plus all but 6 teeth left in my mouth to try to chew
food for digestion combined does indeed feel like 110-years old to me.

I fight to bring ‘excellent truth’ out, rather than others claiming
things with no offer of proof, to the public.

I perform ultra-deep research I learned first-hand since 1971 while
working full-time for U.S. government intelligence worldwide as a
‘C.I.A. attache specialist’.

I obtain only ‘credible studies and observation references’ and
‘provable data’ to ‘connect all the dots’ before I write any report in
my column ( UPI Guy ) at Project Camelot.

For more than 60-days now, I have been wholeheartedly focused on a
special research report to be exclusively published upon completion by
Project Camelot.

This special project is challenging my 40-years of intelligence work
experience because it is so multi-faceted and “secret-sensitive” that
the public will never know it exists so, I am going down
multiply-targeted rabbitholes of government secrecies to unveil what
is really going on between a race of alien beings, and why U.S.
negotiations with North Korea is so important, as well as the ‘hidden
truth’ behind why U.S. intelligence has been the stronger on the
Korean Pennisula as it has been secretly for many decades, and how
certain Rare Earth Elements are being ‘combined secretly’ to produce
extraterrestrial technology materials that none of the public is aware

Now, while amidst that special report for Project Camelot, what I am
dealing with externally here in the field is humanly abominable

I fight just to survive each day and night in a dangerous street
environment where roving street gangs travel from their bad
neighborhoods to the good area – I have barely been able to survive in
for the past 11-years because these young thugs vandalize vehicles and
rob people.

My van has been vandalized 5 times, once again just last week, and I
have been robbed 4 times, my van has been burglarized 3 times, and
those incidents have left me broken and down-trodden for 11-years now.

Last week, alone, my van had water leaking out-of my manifold, plus my
battery finally went out, and I had to get my vehicle computer reset
because I was forcing the van to run by high idling it and
power-braking it amidst that high idle just to get it into a shop that
could fix both of those additional 2 problems since I got the leak
fixed with donations.

Now, today, I am totally flat broke after those added expenses so, I
have nothing to keep me alive. Absolutely, ‘nothing’.

In essence, my van runs just fine now but these problems have taken a
serious toll on me.

I am currently sitting in the van feeling very depressed, I have not
eaten anything for the past 3-days, my stomach has been in knots so,
I’m thinking to myself how am I going to survive so, I can at-least
get this special report completed for Project Camelot.

I’m weak with barely any energy left, I am stressed out because of the
24-hour alert status I must remain on where I am with roving street
gang thugs, thieves, and vandals.

And, because of all this presure, I grow extremely depressed every day
with no hope in sight.

Trying to continue my research for this special report and my reports
to follow makes it extremely difficult to concentrate.

That’s where I am at today.

My hope is to get enough money to travel back to Arizona to get a room
for rent for $300 per month plus the deposit of the last month’s $300
rent, plus a $100 security deposit, plus $150 gasoline to get there,
and $100 for food.

I need a total of $950 ( bare minimum ) to get launched into a small,
safe, and sane room for rent with a  off-street parking for my van so
I can work free without such troubling external stress.

7-days a week, I put in 16-hours per day, and it has already taken me
more than 60-days of solid work.

With all the vehicle problems, stress of vehicle vandalization at
night, my physical aches and pains, and not having money for food,
laundry, medicine, gasoline, vehicle insurance, smartphone
telecommunications with internet sees me withering on the vine.

I need help. That is my status today.

Any donation assistance would be appreciated.

Here ( below ) are two ( 2 ) ways that financial assistance can be
done to help me in my hour of need:

– –





TEL: +1 (951) 681-8258 ( BRANCH OFFICE )
TEL: +1 (951) 360-4860 ( BOFA BRANCH OFFICE )






– –

Thank you, for anything that can be done.


Paul Collin
The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy
E-MAIL: [email protected]
WWW: projectcamelotportal.com/category/guest-blogs/unwanted-publicity-guy/

WWW: www.linkedin.com/in/unwantedpublicityintelligence

WWW: kentronintellectresearchvault.wordpess.com

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WWW: web.archive.org/web/20031008172307/http://groups.msn.com:80/AnExCIA/biography.msnw




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