by, Paul Collin ( The UPI Guy )

January 5, 2018 11:00:22 ( PST ) Updated ( Originally Published: November 22, 2010 )

CALIFORNIA, Los Angeles, San Nicolas Island – January 5, 2018 – What the public was never told, is now revealed more about in this report update since originally published in 2010.

More information has now been made available, from UFOs spotted off the coast of California, disavowed missile launches with what appear to be UFO sightings nearby, all the way to ‘recent rocket launches’ firing ‘missiles that glow’ like ‘huge blue bulbs’ in the dark skies too.

Let’s begin with the ‘real’ UFOs, by themself, or rather the ‘fleets’ of UFOs witnessed by thousands of people in southern California.

Depending on how one views them, amongst a small chain of Southern California islands, Santa Catalina Island rests approximately 23-miles off the westcoast of America. This unique deadly channel of the Pacific Ocean is almost as deep as Mount Everest is high, and known as the “Catalina Basin” ( also known as ) the “San Pedro Basin,” extending from depths of 3,750 feet to the San Nicolas Basin and Santa Cruz Basin drop to more than 5,280 feet ( 1-mile + ) deep.

Southern California’s Military Channel Islands –

The U.S. Navy controls San Nicolas Island and San Clemente Island, and has installations elsewhere within this southern California chain of islands.

During World War II, all of southern California’s Channel Islands were put under military control, including the civilian populated Santa Catalina island where tourism was then halted and ‘resident requirement permits’ were established for travel to and from Catalina island to any mainland areas.

San Miguel Island was used as a bombing range, and Santa Barbara Island as an military Early Warning outpost during wartime when presumed threats of an attack from Japan on California existed.

San Clemente Island was used to train the Navy’s first amphibious force to prepare for Pacific combat against Japan during World War II.

San Nicolas Island has been used since 1957 as a ‘launch pad for research rockets’.

San Nicolas was considered one ( 1 ) out of a total eight ( 8 ) possible locations for the “Trinity” nuclear test of the American military.

In 1952, Santa Rosa Island was used as a military base for the U.S. Air Force 669th AC&W Squadron and operated two ( 2 ) Distant Early Warning FPS-10 radars from its hilltop locations.

This Pacific Ocean channel is also the home for the world’s largest Great White shark species population, and ( for decades ) according to some southern California residents Santa Catalina island is suspected of harboring offshore resident extraterrestrial alien entity ( also known as ) ‘non-referenceable’ or ‘unreferenceable’ piloted Unidentified Submersible Object ( USO ), Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO ), and /or Non-Referenceable Object ( NRO ) flying crafts.

Many members of the general public, including commercial fishermen, as well as aircraft and helicopter pilots, have spotted these USOs, UFOs, and / or NROs from the air where they are viewed performing various types of activities from floating just under the surface of the sea, diving in-to and out-of the sea and hovering ( for extended periods of time ) above this Pacific Ocean sea channel passageway where many suspect a hidden deep sea base of operations rests further north; just beyond Malibu, California.


Harvesting Earth’s Extra-Superconductive Magnetic Element Properties –

While there has been no mention of what these extraterrestrial activities relate-to underwater, only very few researchers believe there is a distinct – although remote – possibility they [nonreferenceable biological entities ] pattern where they may be utilizing these Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ) interalia Unidentified Submersible Objects ( USO ) to ‘harvest a planetary natural resource’ originating out-of Earth’s ’super-magnetic core fluidics’; easily removed by ‘them’ ( alien craft ) near certain ultra-deep sea volcanoes or lava tubes where molten mineral extractions somehow ‘harvest-out only the extra-super-conducting magnetic energetic properties hidden within High Field Strength Elements ( HFSE ), afterwhich useless molten mineral materials are jettisoned, which appears consistent with documented reports and film indicating molten material “dripping” from certain unidentified flying objects.

December 25, 2004 provides film footage from a Long Beach Police Department helicopter FLIR ( Foward-Looking Infra-Red ) camera that may support the aforementioned theory of molten lava Niobium material consisting of High Field Strength Element properties harvested, a subject I’ve written extensively about since 2010.


While such information may be too unbelievable, people are urged to pause before making any final determinations until reviewing more evidence.

The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) Ocean Sciences and Technology ( OST ) department experiments, within this ultra-deep sea area below the Pacific Ocean, far west of the California island of Santa Catalina, appears right on-target with what some believe could be biological entities unfamiliar to us today. Could these beings be of ‘terrestrial’ origin ( Earth ) or ‘extraterrestrial’; from the Moon, Mars or beyond?

The 2007 New Zealand American Submarine Ring of Fire ( NZASRoF or NZASRF ) Mariana Trench expedition using the AUV ( Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ) ABE ( Autonomous Benthic Explorer ) was assigned to detail map the ultra-deep sea Brothers volcano, a rhyodacite ( siliceous ) explosive volcano more than 2,600 feet ( 800-meters ) above its surrounding deep-sea floor to its caldera rim located 1-mile ( 1,500 meters ) beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean where it erupted with so much explosive force that it carried carried volatile energy and volume partially emptying its ‘magma chamber’ where its collapsed caldera area measures 1.6 nautical miles ( 3-kilometers ) by ( x ) 2.2 nm ( 4-kilometers ) to a depth of 300 meters below the volcano rim.

Brothers Volcano, however has more to offer out-of the ultra-deep Pacific Ocean where its ‘large magnetic anomalies’ register many hundreds of nano-Teslas, a unit of magnetic field strength amplitudes from its volcanic lava, from nearby just southeast where ‘several volcanic domes’ ( ‘slightly less explosive’ than Brothers major caldera was ) that are ‘younger’ and ‘larger volcanic lava bodies’ associated with ‘greater magnetic anomalies’ expectedly holding a ‘strong magnetic anomaly signature’.

During this expedition, as is the case on many traditional marine geophysical surveys, a Remote Vehicle ( R/V ) Sonne will ‘tow’ ( from the sea surface ) a magnetometer ( dipped into but not far below the surface of the sea where it is dragged along to roughly measure ‘magnetic field amplitudes’ far above buried volcano lava domes revealing ‘magnetic anomaly surveying’ to ‘identify recent lava flows’, however Brothers volcano nearby domes in the southeast Pacific Ocean lay 1,500 to 2,500 meters beneath any surface tow magnetometer that will only provide a ‘very broad kilometer scale’ reading of ‘magnetic anomaly variations’ but not readings like anything positioned near the ‘actual volcanic structure’ so, for a much higher resolution of magnetic anomaly variables, a more precise ‘magnetic anomaly information’ survey can be performed with the Autonomous Benthic Explorer ( ABE ), an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ( AUV ), that can perform a series of ultra-deep sea dives and flights ( 50 meters above the volcano domes ) following parallel lines while collecting ‘magnetic anomaly measurements’ from a mounted onboard ‘fluxgate magnetometer’ ( the size of a hand palm ) performing swath fly-overs collecting ‘bathymetry’, ‘conductivity’, ‘temperature’, and ‘chemical’ measurement instrument readings used to estimate ‘magnetization of the volcano’ correlated with what is seen on bathymetry and ‘volcanic flow unit identification images.

The Brothers Volcano caldera area sees ‘geothermal vents’ of lava spewing a residual ‘high temperature demagnetization fluid’ that ‘alters magnetic chemistry’ of ‘titanomagnetite’, a natural super-magnetic mineral, however after this ‘geothermal alteration’ even titanomagnetite is rendered far less magnetic. This ‘geographic high-temperature demagnetizing fluid alteration’ can be found even within ‘magnetic dead zones’ where both ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ as well as ‘young’ an ‘old’ lava vent sites exist.

On land surfaces, studies of similar collapsed volcano calderas ( depressions ) suggest calderas were filled with formed deposits of a pyroclastic low-density vesicular material.


Who can claim that ‘all intelligent biological entities’, unknown to us, are ‘not of this world’ but ‘only from outer space’ when ‘evidence’ proves otherwise?

We already know the ultra-deep sea holds biological entities foreign to us, however what we ‘do not publicly know’ is, the ‘extent of ultra-deep sea biological entity species’ on Earth.

Does the simple fact ‘we do not know about all biological entities on Earth’ render all ‘aliens’ ( to us ) not from Earth?

What if there are ‘advanced biological entities’ residing somehow ‘within Earth’ or beneath its ultra-deep sea, or in and around Earth’s other dimensional properties where ‘they may only be alien but to what we think’?

Other life-forms have been on Earth long before modern man’s recorded history, which we are learning more and more about daily so, who are we to judge who is an “alien” on Earth today?

What if these creatures were on Earth before us? If any aforementioned scenarios, prove to be the case, then all human beings could very well be planet Earth’s new ’aliens’. Keyword being, ‘new’, just ‘how new’ makes a “new alien” on Earth? 15,000 years old? More?

Archeo-archaic technology devices and systems are secretly but continually being sought by American government intelligence agents worldwide. According to one of my highly regarded Washington D.C. Metro Area intelligence sources, there ‘is’ a ‘certain oriental traditional secrets linked to ancient occupants of planet Earth’. That information is held by only a few within a certain oriental family dynasty claiming human-like biological intelligent entities did in-fact exist on Earth nearly 500,000 years ago.

In 1989, a large Unidentified Submersible Object ( USO ) was discovered floating on the surface of the Pacific Ocean, according to eyewitnesses aboard an ocean going vessel that tracked the UFO / USO underwater on sonar.

This same USO, was witnessed releasing what appeared to be several smaller Unidentified Submersible Objects ( USO ), submerged on a heading southwest beyond Santa Catalina island where it disappeared off sonar tracking. Did this USO travel underwater to the Mariana Trench or, as yet to be identified, another seabase location?

On June 14, 1992 more than two-hundred ( 200 ) Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ) interalia Unidentified Submersible Objects ( USO ) were witnessed by at least twenty-seven ( 27 ) residents of Los Angeles County in southern California, according to MUFON ( Los Angeles, California ) chapter UFO / USO researcher Preston Dennett. These UFO / USO Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ), however were not ’hovering in the sky’ but ‘rising-up out-of the Pacific Ocean channel near Santa Catalina island’ west of Santa Monica, California, according to resident witnesses positioned less than 10-miles east in the foothills of Los Angeles. That incident came to be known as the “Topanga Canyon” UFO sighting where reports of approximately two-hundred ( 200 ) UFO / USO crafts came out-of the Santa Catalina island channel of the Pacific Ocean in several waves of launches from beneath the sea off the coastline of California headed west into the air. They appeared ti gather into several cluster formations before each set of crafts shot-off upward like missiles into southwest sky beyond southern California’s Santa Catalina island.

Were these two-hundred ( 200 ) Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ) all headed southwest ( by air ) in the same direction as the Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, or were they travelling further beyond and upward out-of Earth’s atmosphere?

Worried local residents – including those from the Santa Monica Mountains down to Malibu, California and as far south as Venice, California – eyewitnesses filed and called in UFO / USO reports according to switchboard operators of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department ( LASO ), Santa Monica Police Department ( SMPD ) as well as with other officials.

One ( 1 ) caller, who was recorded by a law enforcement operator, sounded hesitant perhaps, embarrassed, but nevertheless concerned enough to report the unidentifiable objects he had just witnessed.

The wealth of these southern California local resident’s eyewitnessed report descriptions were eventually fed by local officials to United States government officials, amongst which included the U.S. Coast Guard ( USCG ) that reportedly refused to honor a request to search the Pacific Ocean area of the Catalina basin channel for any trace remnant discharges the two-hundred ( 200 ) UFOs / USOs may have left or jettisoned behind them.

During July 2009 from the Venice and Malibu beaches to the Santa Monica Mountains of southern California another UFO / USO – resembling the same UFO / USO encounter with the Long Beach Police Department helicopter ( video above ) – were filmed in color from the coastal City of Santa Monica just off the westcoast Pacific Ocean channel near Santa Catalina island, however a recent internet search provides no more evidence of this except a Boy Scout and his troop that were visiting Santa Catalina island and the interview ( immediately below ), is ‘not even the full interview’ nor is it a ‘continuous interview’ either:


As far as UFO / USO craft dripping what appears to be a molten metallic substance, which I believe is by-products left over from Niobium element properties used by these crafts as an alternative energy harvested from ultra-deep sea volcanoes, the documentation on those types of reports are disappearing quickly.

[ NOTE: 2009 – 2012: Some news reports of Venice beach and Santa Monica mountains UFO sightings by numerous people were recently found DELETED / ERASED from both YouTube video clips of interviews and DELETED / ERASED accountings from newspaper reports once documented on the internet. ]


In 2017, it was recently reported that back in 1980, U.S. Army personnel stationed near Rendlesham in Suffolk, United Kingdom saw a strange metallic triangle ( UFO ) that appeared to be ‘dripping molten metal’.


Then a slew of what mainstream news began reporting as “mystery missiles” began publicly appearing.

On November 8, 2010 another Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO ) was sighted adjacent to a “mystery missile” that appeared to have been fired from just off the southern California coastline near the Santa Catalina Channel Islands area, and it was filmed in color by a Los Angeles, California television ( KCAL TV ) news station helicopter ( Sky2 ) cameraman / reporter.


The UFO filmed ( above ) by the Los Angeles area Channel 2 KCAL television news station helicopter was ‘denied’ as being either a ‘UFO’ or a ‘missile’ by ‘all’ accounts, which tied into what official United States federal government agencies were claiming they “had no knowledge of” and failed to mention anything about the ‘secondary’ Unidentified Flying Object ( UFO ) sighted by the helicopter news cameraman / reporter that was ‘originally shown publicly on film’ but later edited-out.


Interestingly, after U.S. federal officials interviewed the KCAL TV news station helicopter cameraman / reporter, the same reporter was was then either ‘re-interviewed’ or what he’said earlier was edited-out so much that those shortened film clips later appeared to ‘disavow what he earlier reported’ or were ‘edited so drastically that it then failed to mention what he previously reported’, which ‘then consequently appeared to agree more in keeping with what U.S. federal officials later claimed’; not what the news cameraman had earlier reported as seen in the ‘original KCAL TV film footage’.

Later, other news reporters claimed what was earlier seen on the KCAL TV film footage was nothing more than just “ice crystals” glistening from the Sun’s reflection off an airplane’s “con-trail” ( condensation / vapor trail ) that was travelling across the horizon during sunset in southern California. One American TV reporter had a so-called guest “expert” interviewed who claimed what was seen in the sky was “shrimp” from the ocean and that these objects filmed were illusions that were simply “PhotoShopped” to amuse the general public.

Did the KCAL-TV news cameraman / reporter Leyvas undergo U.S. federal government official “embedding” to cover up his earlier report? Why, otherwise, would the KCAL-TV news reporter change what he previously reported to the greater southern California Los Angeles news area public? Was it done so he could appear like some fool? What ever happened to him ‘after that incident’?

Listen carefully to precisely what the news helicopter cameraman / reporter describes ( below ) in the most ‘general of terms’. Channel 2 KCAL cameraman Gil Leyvas, a helicopter news reporter said his original film footage showed an object shooting across the sky and leaving a large contrail, or vapor trail, over the Pacific Ocean, and:

“Whatever it was, it was spinning up into the sky like a spiral,” and “it was easy to distinguish from condensation trails from jets,” Leyvas said. “It was quite a sight to see. It was spectacular.”

Was the KCAL TV Sky news helicopter video ‘interrupted’ or ‘earlier replaced’ by ‘decoy film footage’ to ‘disguise what was really being witnessed’ to ‘match only general descriptions’ later reported by the KCAL Sky 2 helicopter news reporter Gil Leyvas as well as its CBS News affiliate news channels across America too?


Watch what former U.S. federal government Department of Defense ( DoD ) military officials had to say, whom with decades of experience, weighed-in with their comments as-to what they believe was sighted off the coast of Los Angeles, California near the Santa Catalina area of Channel Islands ( below ):


Now compare, what these civilian reporters say, agreeing with ‘official U.S. government cover storylines’, reported here ( below ):


If both the ‘missile’ and ‘UFO’ video clip film footages were edited or switched, what cpuld be realized by splicing all the film clips back together? Well, that is what I had to round-up for my report ‘update’ ( herein ) since ‘many video clips were erased off the internet’. Hence, multiple references are used ( herein ).

Publicly Blistering W-T-F Missile Moments –

According to the super secret U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ( NGA ), what was originally reported to the public as a “mystery missile” and “UFO” was actually a ‘ballistic missile’, even though it was ‘continually denied’ by NORAD, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ), U.S. Department of Defense ( DoD ), The Pentagon, Department of the Navy, the Federal Aviation Administration ( FAA ) and other U.S. federal government organizations.

National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ( NGA ) officially warned “Mariners” – through one of their ‘bulletins’ – of a series of ‘test missile firings’ during the “week of November 6, 2010 through November 13, 2010” when provided was official TELEX communications that provided ‘geographic reference ( georef ) coordinates’ and ‘frequencies’ to be officially used in their planned operations including notations of ‘variabilities’ for such launches and flights where at-least one ( 1 ) appears to have originated from near another southern California island, San Nicolas island, near Los Angeles, California ( see video below ):


The secrecy surrounding the U.S. National Geospatial Intelligence Agency ( NGIA ), was well documented in my earlier 2017 report written, here:


No longer does speculation exist as-to what has been witnessed coming out-of the Pacific Ocean near Santa Catalina island in November 2010, however the only item not being discussed is the ‘secondary object’ ( displayed in a couple of the video clips above, resembling a small cigar shaped UFO that more likely resembled the HTV-2 or X-37 ‘close-range surveillance spacecraft’ that still remains a U.S. classified secret today. A ‘mission’ suit “patch,” however exists, and displays the same ‘short cigar shaped’ unidentified flying object ( HTV-2 or X-37 ) positioned off the ‘right side’ of the rocket that left the surface in an upward spiral plume of smoke; both objects ( if viewed closely ) were indeed caught within the KCAL TV news ‘original film footages including close-ups’ during November 2010.


Those objects could be better explained by the U.S. Office of National Reconnaissance ( NRO ), however those officials are not disclosing anything publicly.

Rare Secrets Within Dying Declarations –

The ‘now rare’ video clip, originally included in my November 22, 2010 report on NonReferenceable Objects provides in-depth glimpses into U.S. government secrecy surrounding the rarely heard about A.C.I.O., N.R.O., their missions surrounding U.F.O.s and ‘more’, which were explained by several individuals; many of whom either went incommunicado, disappeared, or are now dead.


Daniel Salter, et. al.:

Lieutenant Colonel Robert Salas:

Lieutenant Philip James Corso:

The U.S. National Reconnaissance Office ( NRO ) may have a more purposeful misnomer secretly embedded within its initials. Historical research proves the U.S. federal government entity charged with who “owns the night” refers to Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFO ) as being ‘objects’ of “Unreferenceable” or Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ). What if the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office ( NRO ) actually stands for the U.S. Non-Referenceables Office ( NRO ) charged with reconnaissance over Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ) whose motto is “We Rule The Night.”

Blue Bulb Rocket Sprays Nighttime Skies Are ‘Not’ All ‘Space X’ / ‘Falcon’ Rockets’ –

Recently, NASA and mainstream news confused the public into believing the U.S. government storyline ( below ):


During December 2017, and to-datw, what was ‘never explained by the mainstream media’ was, what the huge blue bulb missile sprays and small pinwheel rocket sprays were that lit-up dark skies.

Primarily, Trimethyl-Aluminum ( TMA ) firing releases are Oxygen-Reactive that colorize the atmosphere and are used to record by particle reactions according to high-altitude wind-shear speed displays, which the public has been witnessing around the world, and these missile displays are ‘not exclusive’ in America.

Within the list of 2010 through 2017 video clips of certain TMA blue bulb type missile launches ( listed further below ), within only a very few are seen what appear to be lit up pinwheel rocket displays within the lighted blue bulb missile glow used to measure high-altitude wind-shear speeds clocked at nearly 200 miles per hour. The illuminated displays are known as “TMA”  ( Trimethyl-Aluminum ) ‘firing’ releases.


Come to find out, the reason ‘why’ mainstream news did not publicly release any factual information about TMA was because it relates to “chem-trails,” which has been an extremely touchy subject between governments and environmentalists. Government would prefer growing their populations like ‘mushrooms’; keeping people in the dark and shovelling plenty of mainstream news media fertilizer over the top of everyone – afterall, what people don’t know …

More To Missiles And The N.R.O. –

While the NRO L-79 launch mission ( video clip – below ) may only ‘initially appear boring’, will upon further review display what mainstream news media has been announcing publicly as “Space-X” rocket launches at night, having ‘huge blue light plumes’ displays over America’s westcoast and eastcoast too.

NROL-79 ( Vandenberg AFB, California ) hears mission control announce “TMA” release as being “successful” and an ‘artist rendition’ is displayed in the following video clip:

The fact is, there were to be a grand total of seventy-five ( 75 ) of these specific types of blue bulb missile spray displays, but ‘not’ all come from “SpaceX,” unless the National Reconnaissance Office is using them, and using them in China and Russia too. The fact is, more huge ‘blue bulb rocket spray’ displays have been appearing since 2010, and ‘not just from America’ and the U.S. Office of National Reconnaissance ( NRO ).

China, was the first ( 1st ) to publicly display their huge bright blue bulbous rocket sprays coming from missiles at night, followed by Russia in 2011 with their similar huge blue bulb shaped missile display sprays of blue-white light at night too.

The fact is, these types of blue bulb missile displays have been going on all over the world now for nearly 6-1/2 years now.

These so-called ‘new night displays’ of ‘these kinds of missiles’ are more likely those of a ‘specific new type of missile rocket, boosters and encapsulated payload technology’ deployment exercised from at-least ‘three ( 3 ) major Superpower nations’ to-date.

In 2010, China’s anti-ship and anti-missile “hypersonic missile” rocket boosters, affixed with optional nuclear warheads, presented ( NATO / Pentagon designation ) models: DF-21, DF-41, WU-14, DZ-ZF, including ‘other code designators’.


What we could, in all likelihood, be witnessing are new types of ‘nuclear missile combat test exercises’, which China began displaying in 2010, Russia displayed in 2011, 2012 and 2017, and the U.S. finally began displaying in 2015 and 2017.


‘California’ in 2015:

AND, Florida on September 2, 2015:

AND, ‘California’ in 2017:

AND, Kazakhstan of Russian launch on July 28, 2017:

AND, Kazakhstan of Russia launch in 2015:

AND, Russia ( 2012 ):

AND, Russia ( 2011 ):

AND, ‘seen’ over ‘Hangzhou, China’ in 2010:


Superpowers Preparing For Different Invasions?

Now, if those following this report are ‘thoroughly convinced’ and ‘absolutely sure’ that what is being discussed here may be something less than factual, the following ( below ) serious speach given by the recently deceased former Minister of Defense for Canada may come to some as a rather shocking surprise:

The following five ( 5 ) color video mini-series ( below ) introduces Unidentified Submersible Objects ( USO ) also known as Non-Referenceable Objects ( NRO ):

The Truth Is Out There – Amidst The Abyss Below?

Far west of southern California islands, in the Pacific Ocean, lays the Marianna Trench where on May 24, 2009 an ultra-deep sea discovery project [ ] documented videos of ’self-illuminating ultra-deep sea creatures’ using no ’artificial light’ but a ‘natural bioluminescent process’ known as ‘counterillumination’, which is really something one needs to ’see to believe’ ( below ):

While the 2009 video ( above ) provides documented factual understandings of evidence for what truly exists ( i.e. bioluminescent sea creatures ) in the ultra-deep sea, another video clip ( below ) that was filmed twenty ( 20 ) years earlier, in 1988, E.T. alien-like “bioluminescent” creatures – within the ‘ultra-deep’ sea – were displayed in the American science-fiction motion picture film “The Abyss.” Perhaps, in another 20-years ( more or less ), this insight may allow the public to even better fathom and understand what lies within many more mysteries of the ‘ultra-deep sea’ ( below):

Now equipped with a new set of eyes, one wishing to go even deeper might research before consulting government as-to NonReferenceable Objects ( NRO ) claimed nonexistent for public knowledge.

If you enjoy my UPI Guy column reports, volunteered for Project Camelot over the past 5-years, please consider donating directly to me for support in continuing my research and report writing, here: If you do not use PayPal, simply e-mail me ( see below ) direct for alternative donation methods.

Thank you.

Submitted for your review and commentaries by,

Paul Collin

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( The UPI Guy )

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