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LOS ANGELES – October 7, 2017 – Antifa and other crowds, seeking to disrupt America metropolitan cities, currently face a national secret ‘October Surprise’.

Leaf Sniffing Tree Huggers Blinded

While George Soros, and others, only ‘fund’ the power curve steering global disruption specifically targeting national groups of people where ideological belief systems ‘strongly differ’, socio-economic war-cries once believed motivated by ‘political opposition’ saw movements led by hidden agendas actually pointing people into new ‘splinter groups’ of a new ‘pro-transhumanism movement’, rather than just the opposite fighting against the andriodization of human beings backed by powerfully rich tycoons ( Bill Gates, Ray Kurzwiel, et. al. ).

Long-Range Acoustic Device ( LRAD ) Weapon Systems

November 4, 2017 begins a nationwide mass of civil unrest ( amidst “protests” ) promised by a civilian unrest group nicknamed “ANTIFA” is only one ( 1 ) example of what the U.S. Department Of Homeland Security ( DHS ) HSI AUDINT has already prepared ( years ago ) to purposefully steer crowds of angry people away-from ‘commercial business districts’ ( within certain ‘downtown metropolitan areas’ ) and other ‘key-critical infrastructure locales’ by employing a variety of defense protection. Permanent ‘automatic electric-charged base supported ‘Ground-Based Array Towers’ that emit ‘extremely long-range’ painful audio frequencies, ‘Mobile AUDINT Units’ that perform similarly by steering civil unrest crowds, and three ( 3 ) ‘Unmanned AUDINT Vehicles’ ( portable, mobile, and aerial ).

Hailed, by some ( unknowledgeables ), as a ‘non-lethal’ security measure, it only ‘appears’ as ‘the least violent defense’ mitigating metropolitan problematic crowds exercising civil unrest.

U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) ‘ultrasonic weapon tower arrays’ emitting audible pain that creates headaches, short-term blindness, and possible long-term color-blindness.

Also, this is an effective security means enforcing mandatory ‘curfew’ laws for ‘traversing certain city streets’ with proximities to ‘commercial building businesses’.

Global Gotchas

France has been using them mounted atop tanks and police cars since the mid-1970s.

In 1974, I built two ( 2 ) systems for personal protectiom and my home.

Relatively simple construction. Box, mounted with 8 piezo-electric tweeters, hooked to a staircase generator ( oscillates the ear-piercing tonal frequencies ).

Built a few device and system styles. Portable desk-top version and hand-helds.

Spies Cooking From Afar

In 1975, interests moved to magneto microwaves focused down a conical-shaped accoustic waveguide that blew high-energy microwaves out-of what looked like a hand-held hair-dryer; hooked to a cumbersome power supply stuffed into an outdoor back-pack.

They’ve been used as warehouse secret ‘anti-intrusion’ devices and systems for years. Few know about them.

Federal Law Enforcement Assistance Administration ( LEAA ) grant monies to New York City spent millions erecting them, placed them under their “Metropolitan Transit Authority,” last month.

So, now you know a little more.

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