by, Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

Note:  this report is still as important today as it was when originally published.  Please read below this re-post of this report.–editor

LOS ANGELES – August 18, 2015 – Secret forward movement, is fast afoot, between what is going on inside the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) with other official agencies, departments, divisions, offices, in-conjunction with ‘key critical infrastructure’ entities and organizations’ throughout America; including, its Western Region.

From what I recently learned, I believe certain phases of activities are occurring ‘nationwide’, and ‘not just limited’ to only the ‘Western Region’ of America.

Corporate-led government officials, and mainstream news media outlets, are unwilling to release current information and updates to America population centers surrounding a certain U.S. National Emergency Act threat; albeit ‘natural’ or ‘man-made’ upcoming event circumstances.

More Than ‘Bad Weather Storm Warnings’ Halted By Law

People are no longer told about events impacting the entire globe ( as a ‘whole’ ) simply because America laws have been changed; halting any and all impending U.S. national “grave danger” warnings to the public.

People have been forced to begin gathering their own bits and pieces of information, they may ( hopefully ) be able to assemble, eventually making some sense-of while ‘attempting to prepare to survive’ an ‘extent unknown’ life-threatening ‘national or international disastrous event’.

Publicly-elected officials, government employees, and federal contractors are now ordered to keep quiet on these types of national secrets too.

Away-from most all citizens of America, people should be ‘very concerned’ when they hear some say:

“The government can ‘not’ keep secrets!”

Beware, such ludicrous statements are purposely designed to lull people into believing ‘they will be informed or somehow alerted by government warnings ahead of events’, which is simply untrue; according to U.S. federal laws prohibiting public knowledgeability of such national emergency events where there exists an extremely high probability or impending “grave danger” event expecting mass human casualties.

You Will ‘Know Absolutely Nothing’!

If you’re lucky, you ‘might’ be one of those few fortunates tipped with information beforehand, however, do not rely on such ever occurring.

Delusional Voting

Discerning fact from fiction is not so easy because, it is ‘easier for most people to believe lies rather than believe they have been lied-to’.

For the sake of your own life and those of your loved one’s, who or whom do you trust to make well-informed decisions on your behalf’?

Politicians, ‘you have elected, secretly adopt U.S. Congressional ‘mandates’ placing U.S. Presidential Executive Orders into federal laws controlling your ability to be warned and informed.

Forget about ‘your own survivability and those of your loved ones’ whom will never-ever be warned or alerted.

The smartest bet to survival is to begin preparing by seriously paying attention to certain Alternative Media information outlets.

If you want to put ‘yourself in-charge of your life and those of your loved ones’, that may be the way you feel today, but remember that is ‘not how you actually ‘voted’ according to law because being informed is ‘no longer a right of American citizens’.

You might want to remember these facts, if there ever comes a ‘next time’ for ‘you’ to ‘vote’ to do anything about ‘changing the way politicians control lives today’.

Re-Evaluating Information Sources

Factual information, or ‘tips’, are not easy to locate because ‘good quality in-depth analytical research reports’ only come after many years of experience, otherwise such consumes too much ‘time’, which not only costs huge sums of money, and is both something that many people have far too little of remaining.

The quandary of everyone obtaining excellently researched factual information is not going to happen any time soon so, it is most important to keep eyes and ears wide-open because ‘you might just learn something’ that many other people may not.

Here ( below ), within my typical ‘data dump’ are factual first-hand ( personal ) ‘official bits and pieces of information’ you might just want to thoroughly research for yourself and your loved ones too.

Included, is:

Intelligence information I recommend your taking very close to heart because I personally witnessed some if it occurring as it was directly but limitedly and officially presented to me ( below ):

State of California ( CAL ) Office of Emergency Services ( OES ) –

August 18, 2015 / 11:43:57

California “Dangerous Drone” Activity Being Reported

Californians are now being asked to report ‘independent drone operators’ to police viewing them now as ‘operating threats to public safety’.

Telephone tips to officials are coming with their new HOTLINE, being:

1 ( 844) DRONE11 or

1 (844) 376-6311



The Emergency Alert System ( EAS ), is:

A national ( ‘federal’ ) public warning system requiring broadcasters, cable television systems, wireless cable systems, Satellite Digital Audio Radio Service ( SDARS ) providers, and Direct Broadcast Satellite ( DBS ) providers to ‘provide communications capability’ to the U.S. President for addressing the American public during a ‘National Emergency’.

EAS may also be used by both State and Local authorities to deliver important emergency information, such as ‘weather information’ ( targeted to specific areas ) in-addition to AMBER alerts.

Regional Communication Plans

There are a host of EAS plans in-place throughout states, only one ( 1 ) of which is the Los Angeles County ( CA ) EAS Plan “COMMUNICATIONS OPERATIONS ORDER ( CA-LA 1 )” Monitoring Plan; download it for review, here:

Situational Awareness From DHS To CAL-OES

August 17, 2015 / 15:00

California Office of Emergency Service ( CALOES ) Public Safety assistant director Karen Wong recently conducted an emergency communication teleconferencing ‘telephone call’ with all State of California Public Safety Communications ( PSC ) personnel, ordering them all to ‘submit individual physical clothing size measurements’ online to a [ secret ] company for the purpose of ‘obtaining within 2-weeks’ an OES insignia ‘Emergency Use Uniform’; consisting of a pull-over 3 button short-sleeve styled golf-shirt ( black ) and khaki ( beige ) trousers.

[ Research Note: This style and color uniform for CAL OES PSC now matches the U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) Civil Support Team ( CST ) uniform. ]


The U.S. Department of Homeland Security ( DHS ) Science and Technology Directorate ( S&T ) and the State of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services ( CALOES ) formed a strategic partnership to collaborate on advancing public safety information sharing, plus more.

Collaborative Geospatial Intelligence Sharing

DHS Geospatial Information Infrastructure System ( DHS GIIS ) is additionally being shared with CALOES for locating and responding to ‘incidents normally hidden within remote non-metropolitan rural areas’.

The DHS CALOES collaboration has been officially termed “CAL COP” ( California Common Operating Platform ) and includes the Next-Generation Incident Command System ( NICS ), which will incorporate FirstNET.


Introduction To “FirstNet”

The newly mandated official national public safety broadband communication network, secretly established under the U.S. National Emergency Act, is called “FirstNET.”

U.S. Regional meetings, now underway, include the State of:






Oregon; and,


[ Why not “Alaska”? ]

State of California ( CAL ) Office of Emergency Services ( OES ) Public Safety Communications ( PSC ) Assistant Director Karen Wong coordinates communications between:

– Public Utility Companies ( e.g. Electricity, Water, Liquid Fuels, Natural Gas, etc. );

– Emergency Management Services ( EMS );

– Law Enforcement ( LE ) Public Safety;

– First Responders ( Paramedics / Fire );

– Tribal Governments ( BIA / Bureau Of Indian Affairs ) Native Americans; and,

– Other Departmental Agencies ( e.g. Transportation, Communications, Wastewater, Air Quality, Health, Correctional, etc. ) from various States, Counties and Cities.


While I sincerely do not wish to see another wide-scale national or international disaster emergency resulting in untold numbers of loss of human life, it is my duty ) as a member of humankind ) to make as many people aware of facts.

As-to ‘threats’, both big and small, I alert people far and wide so-as to ‘mitigate losses of human life’, rather than simply sitting back on my lead assets and simply doing nothing by ignoring potential dangers few are keenly aware-of.

There is undoubtedly something ‘significant’ coming our way because officials have been curiously requisitioning and repositioning key critical infrastructure resources away-from coastal waterways.

Whether the ‘secret event circumstance’ has anything to do with a singular or multiple disastrous Planetary Hazardous Object ( PHO ) anomaly, e.g. starborne extragalactic gravity wave, multi-messenger neutrino gamma-ray burst bombardment, dark planet, comet, asteroid or meteor collision, solar flare ( e.g. Earth-directed CME ), continental plate tectonic rift, inner planetary magnetic pole shift, tsunami, or man-made event circumstance I cannot say now ( for-sure ) ‘what’ or ‘when’ such may befall people.

September 23, 2015 appears growing globally popular, a ‘when date’ that I can neither confirm or deny.

Many have been asking themself, “What should we do?”

Personally? I would plan a trip away-from any densely populated metropolitan, suburb or urban metropolitan reliant area near any large waterway ( oceans, gulfs, lakes, rivers ).

Unfortunately, most all dense population centers are positioned along coastal areas throughout the Continental United States ( CONUS ), Alaska ( Aleutian Islands ), Hawaii, and U.S. Protectorate  ( Puerto Rico, Guam, etc. ) islands.

Unfortunately, in my own case instance, I’m stuck ( Los Angeles, California ) desperately needing vehicular repairs, fuel and food to get myself, intelligence files and my mobile van home-office far-enough ‘inland’ ( about 1,100 miles ) and then ‘north’ ( almost to the border of Canada ) to a certain safe-haven, which I cannot reach properly without donations to continue providing people around the world with my UPI Guy reports. A September vacation appears in order, for some, however we all now know I’m stuck. How about you?

Thank you for your faithful readership, feedback, and what ever support you may decide to donate directly for me.

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Submitted for review and commentary by,

The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy ( Paul Collin )

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