Why Help is Needed

My ‘savings account’ ( where all donations go ) has about $7 in it
while, unfortunately my ‘checking account’ – used primarily for
vehicular maintenance and insurance – has a ‘negative’ overdrawn
balance ( including bank fees compounded with standard and extended
overdraft fees, withdrawl fees, monthly fees, etc. ) of ‘minus’ –
$440.  To make matters worse ( for me ), my bank sent me an e-mail
describing their ‘new policy changes’ requiring me to ‘maintain a
daily balance of $300′ also.

My intentions, are as follows:

Save my bank accounts, which keep me alive, and since I have an
expired driver’s license ( even though I paid $660 to the State of
Virginia for ‘reinstating my license’ with a good record within the
Nationwide Drivers License database system for all states ), I cannot
open-up another bank account elsewhere; not only because, of the
‘good’ although ‘expired’ drivers license ‘no longer being an
acceptable form of identification’ but also because I have ‘no street
address’ with which to obtain a new bank account nor another drivers
license – my eyes are so bad now from using a smartphone for that ‘I
now need prescription eyeglasses’ because I have been rendered
‘near-sighted’ and cannot pass any drivers license exam without

Because I ate soup for 4-years, donated to me years ago, I became
‘malnourished’ to such a degree that doctors have told me my
‘trochanteric bursistis ( in both hips ) can ‘never be healed after a
dual operation’ because ‘my body has lost too much muscle mass’ and
will never heal after such a medical operation ( if such were to be
performed ). Doctors further told me that I could ‘not recuperate
while living in my vehicle’.

I need to undergo multiple visits at a Veterans Hospital for a
‘physical exam’ so, ‘only then’ such will ‘qualify me to obtain a
refill of Nitrostat ( nitro glycerin tablets ) for my failing heart;
I’ve had 9 heart attacks to-date.

I use to have pefect teeth, however from years of malnutrition and
eating food out-of rubbish bins – my teeth have rotted away and are in
multiple stages of abcess and because ‘I do not qualify for dental
treatment at any hospital in America’ they also ‘deny antibiotics’,
which kills the infections’; leaving me in extreme pain with severe
headaches too. I have no money for any private ‘Urgent Care’ facility
where I could obtain a prescription for antibiotics, together of which
would cost $300 ( doctor’s assessment, prescription and antibiotics
for only 10-days ).

I need to obtain some ‘base of operations’ to perform my computer
internet database research studies out-of that will provide me with a
safe and proper address where I could then also establish my own
Paypal account for donations.

I cannot go to the Veterans Hospital for ‘multiple physical exams’
because sometimes I cannot finish them ‘before sunset’ and since I
cannot afford to get my ‘vehicle headlight system wiring’ fixed (
between $300 and $1,200 ), I cannot drive my vehicle at night without
the headlight system working for only 4-minutes ( maximum ) as is my
current situation.

I am currently in an ’emergency financial and health rut’ without
donations coming in.

I have so many files and reports to release to Project Camelot that
exist on my laptop that was donated to me 4-years ago, but ‘I have no
ability to use an electrical outlet for extended hours day and night’.
I ‘do have a DC power cable that will operate my laptop off my
‘vehicle battery’ but ‘that battery is too old, underpowered, and
already beginning to fail, and I do not have $160 to replace my

In essence, I have much to give Project Camelot and its audience but
do not have a safe base of operations to work out-of ‘where my vehicle
will not be vandalized’, which has kept me financially broken.

I am ‘vehicular homeless’ with ‘no physical address’ living on the
streets of Los Angeles where ‘I do not qualify for any public
assistance whatsoever’, and this has been going on now since 2006 (
11-years ).

It has been a continual fight for me to survive life and still bring
reports to Project Camelot for the past 5-years now.

I hope enough donators come along to ease my pain and suffering so I
can eventually get my head above water before I die of despair.

I will do everything in my power to continue volunteering my ‘new
cache of research reports and documentation’ for Project Camelot

Can someone out there please assist me?

Thank you.

For detailed information on how to currently donate, please contact me
directly, at:

[email protected]

Please type “HELP OFFER” within the ‘Subject’ line on e-mails to me.

Or, simply refer to this report for how to donate directly to me:


Thank you.


Paul Collin
The Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Guy

E-MAIL: [email protected]
WWW: projectcamelotportal.com/category/guest-blogs/unwanted-publicity-guy/
WWW: www.linkedin.com/in/unwantedpublicityintelligence
WWW: kentronintellectresearchvault.wordpress.com/
WWW: unwantedpublicityintelligence.blogspot.com/
WWW: groups.msn.com:80/AnExCIA/biography.msnw
WWW: web.archive.org/web/20021024093324/http://xciafiles.tripod.com:80/
WWW: totseans.com/totse/en/politics/police/ruleone170543.html
WWW: web.archive.org/web/20031123201756/offshoreinformant.tripod.com/offshoreintelligence/id115.html
WWW: www.indymedia.org.uk/en/regions/world/2008/06/400387.html
WWW: totseans.com/totse/en/politics/the_world_beyond_the_usa/forwantofanucl173464.html




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